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8 Best Kids Bunk Beds For A Good Night’s Sleep 8 Best Kids Bunk Beds For A Good Night’s Sleep

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8 Best Kids Bunk Beds For A Good Night’s Sleep

Written by: Sophie Thompson

Dig into these 8 best bunk beds which are guaranteed to give your kids a refreshing sleep. See how it makes bedtime for your kids more exciting!

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Looking for a space-saving piece of furniture in your kid’s room due to the treasure trove of toys, books, and what not your little ones have? Any child’s room can use a bit of extra space. For this reason, bunk beds are fast becoming a trend in most modern homes. They would also be excited to go to bed earlier due to the bunk beds. The novelty these beds offer to your kids make them an ideal fixture in your kids’ room.


There are more benefits to these bunk beds. They help in increasing the play area in the room, making it the perfect bed frame for households that want to grow their families even further. Secondly, these are quite economical. And with more modern designs entering the market, they are becoming a must for enhancing the look and feel of a room.


There are different types of bunk beds available online and at your local furniture store. You’ll come across simple bunk beds with two beds, one atop another. There are also bunks with space for three kids, wherein the lower bed is a bit wider. Loft beds with desk underneath are great space savers since you can utilize the space under the bed for various purposes.


Without further ado, here are eight of the best bunk beds that you can get for your children:



8 Best Kids Bunk Beds For A Good Night’s Sleep - Infographics



1. MERITLINE White Bunk Bed


meritline white bunk bed

This bunk bed by MERITLINE is an excellent space saver & beautiful decor piece in the kid’s room. It has elegant built-in shelves that will come in handy for placing bedside essentials and toys. This bunk bed has been brilliantly designed with safety measures in mind. It can withstand a good amount of weight and has a smooth finishing.


It is highly durable as it’s built with tough wood. The ladder features thin steps which is the only negative compared to the broad steps on other bunk beds you’ll find on this list. Its simple yet clean white finish gives it an elegant look that’s suitable for both boys and girls. This bed can last for years until your kids grow up to want separate rooms of their own.


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2. Merlot-Finished Mission Twin Staircase Bunk Bed 

merlot twin bed

Photo from Amazon

This bunk bed by Discovery World Furniture features a double bed at the bottom and a single bed on the top. With a beautiful dark finish, it blends in well with most wall colors and house decors. The twin over full bunk bed also has a solid build so you can use it not only for kids but also for adults.


These bunk beds are crafted from high-quality rubberwood, poplar veneers, and medium-density fiberboard. It is smartly engineered to be a tough piece of furniture that will last in your home for a long time. And with enough space for three, you’ll have more room compared to conventional bunk beds.


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3. Max & Lily Solid Wood Triple Bunk Bed

Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin Over Full Bunk Trundle Bed

Photo from Amazon

One of the best bunk beds you can get for your kids, this one is made of pinewood and will considerably level up your kids’ room in terms of looks and function. It features one big drawer that can serve as storage space for toys, bedding, and other stuff they want to be kept. It can help three people fall into a comfortable night’s sleep for the cost of a usual bunk bed. Another great asset of this product from Max & Lily is that you can choose from two size options.


The best part about this bunk bed is that it comes in a range of colors, twenty-five to be exact. You can choose vibrant shades like pink or green or go for the normal browns and blacks. The mattresses are fire-resistant, and the paint it coated with is harmless for children.


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4. DHP Tiffany Storage Loft Bed 


tiffany bunk bed

DHP Tiffany brings one of the best loft beds you could get if you need a bunk bed for your single child. It comes with four shelves that help provide extra storage and play space for your kid’s room.


It has strong guardrails to ensure your kids won’t get into an accident while they’re asleep. You can also feel free to add a play or study area underneath the bed to maximize the space provided by this fantastic bed frame. The durable steel frame adds strength to the bed, and you can rest assured that this bed will last in your child’s room for years to come.


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5. Dorel Living Denver Loft Bed

dorel loft bed

Photo from Amazon

This bed is a great bunk bed frame that can be an amazing gift for your child. Constructed with solid pine and a neutral white finish, it can blend in with most interiors. The solid pinewood slats give enough support and room for the mattress on top. Meanwhile, the bottom portion of the bunk can be used for storage or converted into a dedicated studying nook for your child.


The desk underneath the bed is a removable one. So in case you need extra space, you can remove it and you are good to go. It supports a single ladder on the right that is easy to climb on. It is simply one of the best bunk bed ideas that you can get online.


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6. Windermere Midsleeper Stylish Bed

Windermere Midsleeper

Photo from Amazon

For better utilization of space in your kids’ room, this classy midsleeper bunk bed by Windermere is the best option that you can purchase. It’s a super saver because it has a bunk bed,  drawers for additional storage, and a desk that creates a nice studying corner. The base is slated to conveniently support the mattress. Despite its weight, it is easy to shift thanks to the castor support that the loft bed is built with.


If you are looking up to brighten the decor of your little one’s space, this bed is an awesome option to go with. The three-drawer chest and two-shelf bookcase offer plenty of room for your kid to store books, toys, clothes, and other items that are important to them. All you need is a matching chair to pair up with the study desk attached to make it a complete space for your kid’s needs.

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7. South Shore Twin Loft Bed with Storage

South Shore Imagine Collection Twin Loft Bed with Storage

Photo from Amazon

Enjoy tons of storage space with this twin loft bed by South Shore. It has a three-drawer chest and two storage cabinets that can store clothes, toys, and bedside essentials. Great attention has been paid to this loft bed’s detailing, and the satin nickel metal handles are just one example of the craftsmanship given to this bed frame. The white finish looks chic and is easy to maintain compared to other bed frames.


It is suggested that you leave the space under the bed vacant for the kid to have their own cozy nook. You can place this loft bunk bed in any room, small or large, and it will only enhance its beauty and utility.


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8. Discovery World All in One Loft Bed

Discovery World All in One Loft Bed

Photo from Amazon

Master of all bunk beds, this piece by Discover World has everything you will need for your kids’ room. By all in one, we do mean that you’ll get multiple features in a single chunk of furniture. It is studded with a bed, four-drawer chests, a pullout desk, and four media drawers. But you’ll be glad to know that this feature-packed bunk bed has twin beds.


One bed is on the top, the other is cozily hidden at the bottom end. You can tuck in one bed during the day to provide much-needed space for the room. The ladder is placed at the left end and consumes little to no space. Needless to say that the finish makes it look like an expensive piece of furniture.


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It’s important to plan for the future well in advance. Investing in bunk beds provide you the opportunity to be flexible with your space at home as your kids grow up. So now that you know of the best bunk beds that you can buy online, choose the one that fits your family’s needs. We assure you that you won’t regret the decision!

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