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12 Brilliant Dresser Alternatives That Really Work 12 Brilliant Dresser Alternatives That Really Work

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12 Brilliant Dresser Alternatives That Really Work

Written by: Oliver Mitchell

Instantly create extra storage space without using a dresser! These alternatives are cool, stylish and work just as well.

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Are you thinking about buying dresser alternatives? Well, you have come to the right place! Dressers are one of the most popular and common pieces of bedroom furniture. But this wasn’t the case until the first chest (known as a coffer) was invented in medieval Europe. Outdated, you say? Quite the opposite, actually: dresser alternatives are coming back to trend with all might.



Why should you consider alternatives to dresser?

bed with drawers


Dressers take up a lot of space. Getting rid of the dressers will help you make your bedroom more spacious. Hence, it is better to consider other clothes storage ideas, especially if you are short on space.



Moreover, dresser tops act as a magnet to clutter and junk. You will find it hard to keep this space organized if your belongings keep piling up, which in turn affects the overall aesthetics of your room. In fact, the drawers themselves may get filled with clothes if not properly managed, and you may find it difficult to open and close them. So, if you are struggling with this issue, dresser alternatives like closets may help.



To make it easy for you, we have narrowed down some popular clothes storage ideas that will work for anyone. Here are 12 brilliant dresser alternatives to store your clothes!



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If you prefer a more elegant or distinctive look, go for armoires: they are essentially tall and stately furniture perfect for usage in bedrooms. Usually, an armoire consists of two components: an upper cabinet and a set of drawers.



These wardrobes provide an ample amount of space for hanging your clothes, thereby effectively keeping them from getting wrinkled. You can use the drawers for shirt, undergarment, or even shoe storage. If you don’t like your clothes to be displayed, this clothes storage idea will definitely work for you. 




As you may already know, trunks are basically boxes with lids that are used for storage. Trunks come in a wide range of colors and designs. You can arrange them in a variety of ways to utilize your available space in the best possible way.  Since they are built for travel, they come with functional handles, making them easier to move compared to other storage options.



Trunks give you plenty of space to stack folded clothing, especially when you don’t have a regular dresser to stow your clothes away in. The wooden ones can serve as pieces of decor as well to beautify the space as well.



Chests are another no-closet solution for your clothes. Typically, they are set at the foot of a bed and add to the room decor. Apart from being visually appealing, they are 100% functional as well: they can double as seats when the situation calls for it. This might be very useful for certain situations, like when you’re getting dressed or putting on your shoes.




If you don’t have enough floor space for a traditional dresser, get one of these dresser alternatives. A bed with drawers is one of the best no-closet solutions for storing your clothes – it is especially ideal for bedrooms with limited space. These spacious drawers provide ample storage and conveniently slide out from your bed. Beds with drawers come in all sizes, so you can get a bed that fits in your space and also double up as storage. Furthermore, they come in a variety of different designs (from traditional to contemporary) so you’re sure to find one that you like.




These are boxes and baskets inside a cubicle for shirt storage and other clothing. They’re very easy to use: just pull them out to retrieve any items inside. The best thing about this organizer is that it’s more than just storage: you can use it to add character to any room. For instance, if you’re going for a classic or traditional look, choose black bins or ones in neutral shades. If you’re using it for a kid’s room, opt for more brightly-colored cubicles.



These organizers are easily available in stores. You can also create your own cubicles if you are up for the task! Once you have your cubicles, find the perfect baskets to slide into the slots. Baskets are also available in many different materials and colors, so choose one that suits your room.





This is another favorite dresser alternative that’s loved for its convenience. You can simply hang your garments on a rack. No folding required! And since it is open,  you can pick up your clothes or hang them on the go without much effort. 



However, make sure you get a rack that suits your room and requirement. Find one that is simple and small, if you have small space. Go for a bigger, elaborate one if you have more space.  With this, you can not only store clothes but shoes, hats and other accessories also. If you aren’t keen on having your clothes on display, hide them with a cover. The cover comes in different colors, so you don’t have to worry about spoiling the look of your bedroom.




Who needs a dresser when you have a closet that can organize more than clothes?



Closet organizers are one of the most popular ways to organize your clothing. There are a number of different ways to design closet organizers. It is not difficult to get the perfect fit for your wardrobe and closet, with so many options available. Organizers can be hanging space, shelves, cubbies and drawers all in one.




Many bedrooms have ample wall space above the head of the board. Make use of this space by hanging shelves that act as dresser alternatives. The benefit of having such units above the bed is that it not only provides storage but also adds to the aesthetics of your room. These are the best clothes storage ideas for small bedrooms. Especially where a dresser would only cramp the space. Choose a storage unit or design your own to create the perfect look for your bedroom.




These are another great no closet solution to store clothing. They come in plastic or sturdy cardboard material. Moreover, You can easily stack them. The main benefit of such boxes  is that can add to them as you need more storage space. Further, these bins help to make use of the vertical space. What’s more? Since they are either transparent or have peek in windows, you’ll know exactly is inside. That means you don’t have to open and toss everything else to find what you need.




These are eye-candies! So you not just get dresser alternatives but striking pieces of furniture as well. Step cabinets are basically drawers or chests stacked in a way that resembles steps of stairs. Also, it helps to utilize space as they are built upwards, hence making use of otherwise wasted vertical space. Though available in different finishes, they are mostly made of wood. And thus gives a majestic grandeur. 




If you are one of those who like rustic furniture, you are sure to love this piece of art. These are storage unit that resembles a locker and functions as a dresser. These lockers will help to add a vintage element to your room. Moreover, it provides ample space for apparel storage and more. The best thing about Lockers is that you can lock your storage. This will ensure that your folded clothes are in place. Extremely handy if you have kids!




These are small and thin chests as compared to dressers. They are great ways to add some extra storage. Because of their sizes, they will fit into even narrow spaces and corners. Hence they help in space  optimization. Moreover, these chests help to keep the small clothing like lingerie and baby dresses organized. They usually come with 4 to 6 drawers. You can find these chests in a variety of models to suit both contemporary and traditional bedrooms.




Laundry baskets are not just for dirty clothes. They can function as an alternative to a dresser for your bedroom. Its design allows you to slide laundry baskets in and out. They act as a crafty, multi-layered drawer-like unit. It doesn’t take much effort to build this dresser alternative drawer from basic laundry baskets.  

Moreover, it gives you plenty of space to pack a decent amount of clothes and other items you would have wanted to store in a dresser.




Now that you know all about the different alternatives to dressers, we know that you wouldn’t want to wait anymore to bring one home. Just keep in mind the size and style of the unit should fit your space. And you are good to go!


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