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25 Splendid DIY Bedroom Storage Ideas For Your Kid’s Room 25 Splendid DIY Bedroom Storage Ideas For Your Kid’s Room

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25 Splendid DIY Bedroom Storage Ideas For Your Kid’s Room

Written by: Benjamin Parker

Here are some splendid DIY bedroom storage ideas for your kids room to always have plenty of space. Execute these soon and let your kids have super fun!

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No matter how much space you have in your kid’s room, you will always fall short of storage. Apart from that, the chances of losing stuff are more when there are plenty of things to take care of. However, with an easy storage solution, there are multiple ways to keep your child’s room clean.



Not only that, but you must also train your child to tidy up his room whenever he isn’t playing. This way, he will be able to keep track of his belongings very easily. This article features some of the best ideas that will help you bring more storage units in your child’s bedroom, especially clever storage ideas for small houses. Take his/her help and be open to all the suggestions!



10 Best DIY Bedroom Storage Ideas For Your Kid’s Room


Here are some of the easiest DIY bedroom storage ideas for your kid’s room! Let’s get started!



1. DIY Bedroom Storage Chest



Storage chests are great additions to a room. You must have seen these in almost every house. In addition to being a beautiful decorative piece, these come handy for multipurpose uses. It is great storage for small bedrooms without closet. Here you can store your child’s big fluffy toys which otherwise take a lot of space.



Materials Required



  1. To make the perfect DIY bedroom storage, you will first have to measure a wooden board and cut it into a rectangular shape for the base. 
  2. Now take a few wooden planks to build the sides as well as the top. Make sure you measure them properly before setting together.



Tip: If you aren’t able to find wooden planks, just make some on your own. Take another wooden board and cut pieces from it, and you are good to go!



  1. Attach the sides to the base and fix them with nails. 
  2. Join the hinges to the top part of the chest, which will act as the cover. 
  3. Now, attach the cover to the upper side of the chest. 
  4. Attach metal handles to the sides of the chest, which will make it easier for you to reposition it.
  5. Finish off with varnishing the chest. Let it dry.



Paint it with some other colors and make it look super pretty for your child’s room.  



2. Wrap An Old Sweater Around A Carton

Wrap An Old Sweater Around A Carton



You will find many cartons at your home, lying around. These can easily be converted into one of the small storage units. Cover it up with an old sweater and make it look like a part of your child’s room. 



Materials To Collect:




  1. Take a carton. If it has flaps, use a scissor and get rid of them.
  2. With the help of scissors, carefully make room for woolen handles on either side. 
  3. You must have an old sweater at home. Well, now is the time to put it to use. Cut small pieces from the sweater and attach them to the carton. Let it dry completely.



For this step, you can choose different sweaters, turning the storage box into something more bright and colorful.



  1. Cut a few pieces of the yarn and braid them together to make a sturdy handle. Repeat the step. 



You can also use some long cut pieces of the sweater and turn them into the handles.



  1. Attach the handles to the sides of the carton. Make sure they are secure.
  2. Now take a fabric and line it at the inner part of the carton.



Voila! Your DIY Sweater Storage Box is ready!



3. Turn A Carton Into A DIY Bedroom Storage

Turn A Carton Into A DIY Bedroom Storage



Cartons can be found anywhere in your home. Take a look in the basement, and there you go! Not only are these spacious, but these are also capable of blending in with ease if you turn them all pretty and colorful. Here’s how to make a DIY bedroom storage for your child.



What Will You Need?



  • One large carton
  • Cardboard
  • Scissor
  • Linen fabric
  • Adhesive
  • Scale
  • Glue



  1. Take a large carton and cut the flaps from the upper portion.

We don’t need any messy additions!

  1. Make sure it is smooth on the edges. Now, with a pair of scissors, make space for handles. 
  2. Measure the carton and cut pieces from the cardboard to make the lid for the DIY bedroom storage box.
  3. Join them together with the glue. Secure the lid by applying adhesive towards the inner side. 
  4. Now take a linen fabric and paste it on the outer side of the carton. 



Tip: You can also use glace paper for the same purpose. Mix and match with different colors. Make it more decorative by adding shiny sequences and cut-outs of animals!



4. A Bed-Side Hanging Storage To The Rescue

A Bed-Side Hanging Storage To The Rescue



Bed-side hanging storage makes life so much better, and hey, it is super easy to make! You can add different pockets of various sizes and help your child store all his cars and small toys in one place. You can also build these hanging storage pouches and hang them behind the door. With this on the door, your child will be able to store the different games as well.




  • A colored cotton fabric (choose the length of the fabric according to the requirement)
  • Scissor
  • A handy sewing machine 
  • Needle and thread (if you don’t have a sewing machine)



  1. Cut the fabric according to the size of the storage bag you require. Dedicate it as the main part where you will further attach the large and small pockets.
  2. Make small and large pockets out of the fabric. 



Tip: Try using different shapes like a boat or a cloud and add more creativity.



  1. Now attach the pockets to the main part carefully. 



You can experiment as much as you want, and cute bed-side storage is ready!



5. Putting An Old Wicker Basket To Use

Putting An Old Wicker Basket To Use



An old wicker basket or picnic basket is an easy storage solution for so many reasons. It is lightweight and also very easy to incorporate in a DIY. You just need a linen fabric and a pair of scissors! This can be deemed as a cute bedroom storage furniture. 



Things To Collect

  1. Take an old wicker basket and measure the dimensions with a measuring tape. 
  2. Carefully cut the linen fabric according to the measurement.
  3. The next step is to sew the pieces of the fabric together. The final outcome should be a wide bag.
  4. Place this bag on the wicker basket just like it is shown in the image. 



The best thing about this DIY idea is that the cover can easily be washed when it is dirty.



Pro Tip: If you have some other wicker baskets that are much smaller, you can turn them into small storage units. Cover them, in the same way, using crochet or knitted covers.



6. Use Hammock As A Hanging Storage

Use Hammock As A Hanging Storage



If you have a hammock at home and you haven’t been able to use it now is the time. Apart from using it for resting, you can place the toys on it when – yes, the perfect hanging storage.



All You Need

  • A hammock

Let’s put it to use!



Every household has a hammock stored somewhere in the corner of a basement. You can put it to use in your child’s room. Trust me; it is a perfect source of entertainment. Apart from your child swinging on it, the hammock can be used to store his stuffed animals. Yes, it is as simple!



7. Make A DIY Crate Storage

Make A DIY Crate Storage



A crate can be used as an easy storage solution for your child’s toys. Apart from being a multipurpose storage option, the chances of finding one right in your home are many. The steps involved are super easy, which makes it one of the easiest DIY bedroom storage ideas.



Things You Will Require: 

  1. Use sandpaper to clean a crate properly and make it smooth all over the edges as well.



Look for nails that might hurt your child and remove them with a claw hammer.

  1. With a drilling machine, make holes on either side of the crate.
  2. Take a paintbrush and apply varnish to the crate. Let it dry.
  3. Once it is dry, braid a few strands of yarn and attach it to the sides. The crate is one of the perfect small storage units for your child’s bedroom.



8. Upgrade An Old Drawer For Storage

Upgrade An Old Drawer For Storage



An old drawer can also be turned into one of the small storage units in your child’s room. Add wheels and a handle to the drawer and see your little one take over the whole house. Store teddies or blocks and make sure everything remains in one place. Let’s get started!



Items Needed

  • A drawer 
  • Varnish/Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Yarn 
  • Wheels
  • Drilling Machine
  • Sandpaper
  • Claw hammer
  1. Take an old drawer. Make it smooth by carefully rubbing the sandpaper all over the drawer. 
  2. Now look for little nails or hinges and carefully take them out with a claw hammer.
  3. Once the drawer is all dry, use a drilling machine, and make holes on the bottom of the drawer. Make one more hole on the side as well. 
  4. With a paintbrush and a varnish turn the drawer into a new one.



You can also paint it in different colors.

  1. Let it dry for a while.
  2. Attach wheels to the bottom of the drawer. 
  3. Take the yarn and cut a few strands. Make a braid out of the strands and attach it to the moving drawer.



Whew! The drawer is ready to go places!



9. Build A DIY Toy Shelf From Scratch

Build A DIY Toy Shelf From Scratch



A shelf is one of the most important components of a room. Use it to keep your toddler’s favorite books or the small teddies. You can also stack it with his toy cars. However, you need to make sure that the shelves are attached to the wall at a point where your child is able to reach easily.



What To Use

  • Wooden board
  • Adhesive
  • Paint (any color)
  • Drilling machine
  • Electric saw
  • Nails
  • Paintbrush
  • Hammer
  1. Cut two pieces from a wooden board with the help of an electric saw. One needs to be a little narrower than the other.



Make use of gloves while you are at it. We don’t want any injuries!

  1. Attach them together with an adhesive or glue so that it forms an L-shaped figure. 
  2. Secure it with nails.
  3. Paint the shelf with any color of your child’s wish.
  4. Let it dry properly.
  5. Take a drilling machine and fix the toy shelf on the wall. 



You can place your child’s favorite books on the shelf as well.



10. It’s Time To Use The Spare Laundry Bags 

It’s Time To Use The Spare Laundry Bags 



Every house has a spare laundry bag that doesn’t get used very often. Do not keep hoarding them and bring them into use. You can place two or three different laundry bags in your child’s room in the corner. Dedicate each one of them for different purposes. Like you can keep the smaller one for blocks and lego. Store your little girl’s Barbie dolls in one of them or your boy’s “heavy-duty” trucks! In a much bigger laundry bag, you can store the large teddy bears.


11. Use An Old Tyre To Store Small Cars

Old Tyre



You may have seen people using old tires for DIY ideas. It can be added to the garden or yard for a perfect flower bed. However, the idea of adding them to your children’s room is somewhat new! Hang it on the wall and make it the perfect DIY wall hanging.




You only require one old tire and a few wooden slabs. Screw the tire to the wall and make sure it is secure. Now take three wooden slabs and fix them to the wall to make shelves for small toys. Add a little color that matches the theme of your child’s room to blend it with the surroundings, and you are done!



12. Stitch a Drawstring Storage Bag for Lego





Children love playing with legos, and the moment they get bored, you’d find these legos everywhere. To avoid this, we have a perfect storage solution that will help you clean all the clutter right after your child is done playing. This project is easy and makes up for a great storage option. 



Things Required

  • Two pieces of fabric in coordinating colors
  • Another piece of fabric
  • Thread
  • Paracord in coordinating colors
  • Tools
  • Sewing Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Sewing Machine




  1. Take around two pieces of fabric and cut them into two circles of equal dimensions.
  2. Cut the strips of the other fabric. Make sure they are 40″ long and 3″ thick. 
  3. Sew it together to form a long tube. 
  4. Take one of the circular fabrics and pin the long piece of cloth right around the edges. Now, sew it to the circular fabric. 
  5. Stitch the two circle-shaped fabrics together and leave a gap right between the edges of the fabric tube. 
  6. Turn it inside out so that the tube is shifted towards the outer side. 
  7. Close the gap by stitching it.
  8. It’s time to make the rope of the bag with a long piece of cloth. Once it is done, thread it through the tube to reach the other end. 
  9. Make sure to knot the ends so that the rope doesn’t go into the tube. 



13. Build A Door Hanger To Store Small Toys

Door Hanging



The vertical space behind the door can be used while you think of extra space to store your children’s toys. This DIY project is easy to make and requires very little supplies. Moreover, you can also store craft supplies that keep lying all across the floor. Here is how you can make it.




Material To Be Used

  • Two same-sized large pieces of cloth 
  • Measuring tape
  • Stitching essentials
  • Scissors




  1. Take one of the pieces of cloth and cut it according to the dimension of the door. Make sure it covers the whole area; therefore, you will be able to store maximum stuff in the pockets.
  2. Stitch the edges together to make it look neat. 
  3. Now, take the other piece and cut out a few pockets. You can choose the size of the pockets as per your requirement.
  4. Stitch these to the main larger cloth, and your job here is done.
  5. To make sure it hangs properly. Take a long piece of fabric and attach it to the top of the hanger right from the edges. 
  6. Drill a screw on the upper side of the door and hang the storage organizer. 



14. DIY Stationery Organizer With Box And Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

Empty toilet paper



If you think empty toilet paper rolls cannot be utilized, think again! There must be plenty of them at your home, and finding a cardboard box also isn’t that difficult. This simple DIY project will take just a couple of minutes and give you the best place to store the stationary. 




Material Required

  • A large cardboard box
  • Empty toilet paper rolls (only the ones that fit vertically)
  • Glue
  • Water/poster color
  • Brushes




  1. Take the cardboard box and paint it on the outer side with a very soft shade.
  2. Paint the toilet paper rolls as well. Make sure to add variety.
  3. Take the toilet paper rolls and glue them to the cardboard one by one. 
  4. You will see different compartments which will help you organize the stationary in your child’s room.



15. DIY Reading Nook From Wooden Slats

Wooden Slat



Your child’s room should be the most vibrant space in your house. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you have to add extra effort to make it up to the mark. One of the things you can add to his/her room is this DIY reading nook. Not only will it be a perfect place to read, but it will also act as a bookstand. 



What Will You Need?

  • Wooden slats
  • Electric saw
  • Drilling machine
  • Foam
  • Upholstery fabric




  1. First up, you need to build a frame of this reading nook. Take a wooden board and keep it as the base. 
  2. Now cut two same sized planks for the side and fix them towards the end. 
  3. Add the top shelf so that the lower rectangular frame is ready. 
  4. Repeat the second step and add two more planks on the upper side. 
  5. Fix two planks at an obtuse angle to the sides so that you have a sitting area. 
  6. Wrap upholstery fabric around the foam to make the sitting area more comfortable. 




Your DIY reading nook is now ready!



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16. Use Kitchen Storage Shelves As Toy Baskets

Kitchen Shelf



If you have spare kitchen storage shelves, you can fix them inside your child’s room and utilize them to store their toys. It acts as the perfect deal since it is spacious and takes just a couple of minutes to get installed. Apart from that, installing kitchen storage shelves will also ensure maximum cleanliness all around the floor. 



17. Install A Pegboard





A pegboard usually comes handy when you need to maximize the garage storage. However, you can also install it above your child’s desk or on a wall to easy the trouble of organizing his stuff. Paint it in the brightest colors and make his room the brightest place in your house. 



18. Fix Net In The Corner For Toy Storage





The corners of a room are never really utilized properly. Therefore, we have the most innovative way to use it for storage in your child’s room. The fun part is that it only requires three pieces of net and a drilling machine. The net should be in the shape of a triangle and make sure each piece is bigger in size than the other. Keep the smallest piece on the top and screw it to the wall, just like in the picture. Repeat the process with the other two net pieces, and you have a minimalist storage option for your kid’s bedroom. Store all the bulky toys in the bigger piece and move up with the smaller ones. 



19. Make Wine Cork Baskets

Making baskets from wine corks is a cakewalk! You just have to be a little careful when it comes to placing them. It can be used to hold stuffed toys or even the big colorful block. Apart from that, you can also use these baskets to store your children’s clothes and keep all the clutter away. 



Material Required 

  • Wine corks 
  • Adhesive/Glue
  • Watercolor
  • Paint brushed
  • Durable cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Pencil




  1. Take the cardboard and mark a large circle with a pencil.
  2. Cut out the marked area.
  3. Along the edges of this piece of cardboard stick, the wine corks.
  4. Repeat the process until the pieces meet at a certain point to complete a circle. 
  5. Keeping it as the base, add another layer of wine corks. 




Glue the corks together in such a way that there is no room for anything to fall off.




  1. Repeat the same process until you have a hollow basket in front of you.
  2. Decorate it using watercolors or points. 




You can also add lace just like in the picture and make a cute little DIY basket from wine corks. 



20. Hanging Soft Toys Using Cloth Clips

Cloth Clips



Another way you can hang stuffed toys in your child’s room while making them accessible is by using cloth clips. These clips are used to hang clothes outside to dry and can be found at a low price from any general store. This DIY is yet another innovative way to add more color and grace to your child’s room. It handles the clutter, just like any other storage idea. Follow the steps below.



Things Needed

  • Cloth clips 
  • Long sleek fabric
  • Drilling machine




  1. Take a sleek fabric that is around 3-4 feet long.
  2. The ends of a clip have an opening, thread the fabric from that end, and tie a knot. 
  3. Leave a little gap and repeat the second step. 
  4. You will have multiple clips on the fabric which can be used to hang lightweight stuffed toys from their ears and tails. 
  5. Depending on the number of toys in your child’s room, you can use various fabrics with clips. 
  6. Once it is done, hang these along the wall or in the corner.



21. Use a Stuffable Bean Bag





A stuffable bean bag can be twice as beneficial as a normal bean bag. You can easily stuff it with all the soft toys which are all over your child’s room. Apart from that, you can also keep all the mini blankets inside the bag. The fabric is comfortable and hypoallergenic to ensure you get maximum benefit. 



22. Use Milk Jug To Make Toy Scoops

Toy Jar



Unused and empty milk jars can help you organize your child’s room and toys. Apart from being very spacious, these are lightweight as well. Therefore, your child will be able to carry it around wherever they like. You just have to cut a large opening on the top of the jug. However, keep the handle in place. You can even decorate these jugs in various colors and keep them on the toy rack. 



23. Build A Honeycomb Storage Space With Buckets And Zip Ties

Zip ties



Here is another cool way to ensure maximum space inside your child’s room. Grab ten small buckets and a couple of zip ties, and you are all set to go! Take a look at what you require and follow the steps accordingly.




Things To Use

  • 10 Buckets(same size)
  • Zip Ties
  • Drilling machine




  1. Take four buckets and lay them on the ground adjacent to each other. 
  2. Drill a hole on the sides and attach them together using zip ties. 
  3. Now, take three buckets and repeat the second step. Stack it on top of the lower layer and attach them using zip ties. 
  4. Repeat the same process until there is just one bucket on the top.




Your honeycomb bedroom storage idea is now ready!



24. Fix Magnet Strips On The Wall





To keep your child’s car collection in an orderly manner, try this DIY idea. Fix a magnet strip on the wall where you can keep the miniature toy cars. Apart from being the perfect decluttering idea, it will also enhance the whole vibe of your child’s room, especially if you have boys!



25. Build A Storage/Seating Bench





A storage seating bench is a perfect addition to your child’s bedroom. You can easily build this bench using wooden planks and foam for cushions. The cubicles underneath have a lot of storage space; therefore, you can add books and toys to make it look more organized. 




Things To Collect

  • Wooden slats
  • Upholstery fabric
  • Foam
  • Electric saw
  • Drilling machine




  1. To make the bench use a wooden slat as the base. 
  2. Add two side slats and fix it to the base. 
  3. Cover the top using a long wooden slat so that you have a proper rectangular frame.
  4. Separate the compartments by adding these slat vertically. 
  5. To make the bench more comfortable, add foam covered with upholstery fabric. 




Voila! An easy DIY storage bench for your kid’s room is ready!




A house that has kids is surely a scary place to enter—just kidding! Well, children sure do make a lot of mess and mommies just can’t find more places to fit the toys. Trust me, every inch of the room can be put to use, and if space is less, you can make use of DIY storage ideas. From using empty carton boxes to a hammock, the above-mentioned ideas will surely blow your mind. All this time, you may have wondered where to store the toys now you have all the answers in the world! Good luck!

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