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DIY Storage Container: 45 Quick And Easy Ideas DIY Storage Container: 45 Quick And Easy Ideas

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DIY Storage Container: 45 Quick And Easy Ideas

Written by: Olivia Parker

Quickly learn to custom make a pretty DIY storage container for your home! These storage ideas are cheap and 100% effective.

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DIY storage containers are effective, safe, and easy, and make  excellent alternatives to store-bought options. Not only do you get to channel your creative energy into making them, you’re sure to pick up new skills along the way as well. Here, we share with you 45 best storage container ideas that are guaranteed to blow your mind. If you’re looking for something more general, these storage ideas will make a positive difference to your house.



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Benefits of Having a DIY Storage Container

The market is teeming with different storage items that offer versatility, functionality, and durability. However, the truth is, we don’t always get the best of both worlds. For the most part, we often find ourselves wanting more. Here are a few reasons why having DIY containers will benefit you in the long run.




Building your storage containers will save you on costs. Although the actual process may be time-consuming, a DIY storage container is in fact an excellent long-term investment. You may have seen all sorts of attractive bins, containers, and boxes online while shopping or simply browsing the internet.



However, you might have discovered that these cost way too much more than the actual items you want to put in them. Thus, getting the right materials that are affordable to create your own will be a wise decision.




When you customize your own storage, you get to decide the outcome and how it fits into a particular space. Hence, you create a cohesive environment while de-cluttering your space.



Customized storage means you get to choose what materials you use to make your storage. You get to manage your own expectations in terms of quality and design. This gives you the freedom to execute your blueprint and the direction you want to create your chosen storage.




You make things easier for yourself when you build DIY storage containers. Unlike conventional products in the market, you get to decide how your items function for you. You can be assertive when it comes to the benefits you expect to feel from your DIY storage container.




Putting items into specific storage containers with intent allows you to retrieve these items quickly. Thus, you can continue on with everyday life rather than having to spend time finding misplaced items.



DIY storage helps you organize areas in the house. Organization and customization work hand in hand: the more purpose-specific your storage items are, the easier it’ll be for to you navigate the de-cluttering process. DIY storage is an aid to keep your belongings in one place and allows you to manage your schedule with ease. 



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Types Of  Storage Containers You Can DIY

Here are a few DIY storage ideas you can follow at home. While you’re stuck at home during this quarantine period, you can choose to make use of your precious time in a productive manner.



1. Recycled DIY Fan Mail Holder 


DIY fan mail holder



Materials Used:




Make a desktop mail-holder from an old repurposed fan. How? First, using a cutting tool, you will need to cut one half of the fan’s front frame. You can replace the screws to reattach half of the frame into the mechanism. Finally, go ahead and use spray paint to customize it in your favorite shade. Lastly, allow the frame to dry.



2. Make DIY Floating Shelves Storage Out of Old Suitcases


Vintage Suitcase Shelves, DIY Storage Boxes

Photo by DoubleDecker Vintage from Etsy



Materials Used:




Whether it be a suitcase or a briefcase, you can always restore an old case and transform it so that it appears as though it were new. All you need is a couple of leather cleaners. Just stick in a couple of dividers here and there, and voila. Finally, when you’re through, mount it to the wall.


3. Create Cube Shelves with a Couple of Crates


DIY cube shelves



Materials used:




Firstly, get a few crates you can repurpose online. Secondly, you can put some good ol’ bins to store in each individual crate. Then, you can mount these to the wall to mimic the appearance of floating shelves.


4.  Hanging Storage Bins


bathroom hanging storage bin



Materials used:




Hanging storage is a proven space-saver. The best ones you can find are bin storage containers because they can fit easily into any room in the household. In fact, you can find them useful even in the bathroom. Make sure to perforate plastic bins before installing them to allow water to seep through.


5. Create A DIY Desktop Caddie Storage Container Using Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet Paper Rolls, DIY Caddy Toilet Paper Rolls

Photo by Lilyshop



Materials Used:




This is the perfect organizer for your desk.  Firstly, create one using a couple of toilet paper cardboard rolls. Then, you can either paint these or wrap them with shiny foil paper. Following that, stick them together with double-sided adhesive to bundle them. Don’t forget to put a cardboard base beneath it. Afterwards, you can use them to keep your pens, paper clips, paintbrushes, markers, or even your thumb-tacks.



6. Create Cubby Holes Within A Shelf


DIY cubby holes







Cubby holes are great for storing packaged goods. Apart from those, you can use them for items that come in box-like containers. At the same time, you can also use the wooden rack to hang anything from scarves to mittens.



7. Label Plastic Bins and Drawers for Under Storage


Under The Sink Storage, Labels, Storage Container Labels

Photo by Time With Thea



Materials used:




Under the shelf storage can come in the form of labeled plastic bins and drawers. This will certainly tame the mess underneath the sink that is in constant disarray.


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8. Use Wire Shelves and Bins To Organize Your Closet


DIY Storage Bins, DIY Boxes, DIY Containers

Photo by Creatively Homespun



Wire shelves and bins help you to organize your closet space. Indeed, these individual containers keep out moisture and dust because they are airy and divide the closet area.



9. Woven Reed Baskets DIY Storage Container


DIY Woven Storage Baskets, DIY Baskets, Reed Baskets

Photo by DIY-Is-Fun.com



Materials used:




Woven reed baskets are the perfect do-it-yourself containers. They are versatile and quick to assemble. Also, it’s easy to find the materials to make them!



10. Cereal Boxes Make The Perfect Desk Organizers


cereal box desk organizer



Materials Used:




Cereal boxes are very versatile as you can use them to store almost anything. It’s quite easy to design them. One way for you to do this is to cut out printed felt paper and wrap it. After that, you can place cardboard dividers within them to make individual compartments.



11. Embroidered Baskets Are Decorative As They Are Functional


Embroidered Baskets, DIY Storage Basket, Yarn Baskets

Photo by DesignImprovised.com







You can be more creative with your storage containers and design them with embroidery. It’s a quick and fun way to spruce up your storage.



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12. Use A Wooden Block for DIY Knife Storage


DIY knife storage



It may not seem like an obvious DIY storage option, but wooden blocks are the perfect storage solution for your knives. Go ahead and use them to store your Japanese sushi knifes or kitchen shears.


13. Be Organized in the Great Outdoors with this DIY Box


DIY outdoor storage box



Materials used:




Want to enjoy the outdoors as you relax on a bench but can’t stand the clutter? No worries! You can always customize ready-made supply boxes so that they double as outdoor benches as well.



14. A Pegboard Drawer Organizer is Quick and Fun To Make


Pegboard Drawer Organizer, Pegboard Organizer, DIY Pegboard

Photo by Rachel Lyn from queenbeeofhoneydos.com



Materials used:




Pegboard organizers are quick and easy to make. First, you’re going to need a ½” cabinet grade plywood. Then, use a pegboard as a guide to bore holes into the board. Make sure that screw threads go into dowels and the machine threads go into the pegboard.



15. No More Accessories Going Astray with DIY Jean Wall Organizer


DIY jean wall organizer



Do you have a couple of old skinny jeans that no longer fit? You can reuse the back pocket fabric of those pants and sew them at the seams to create this beautiful denim organizer. 



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16. Say Goodbye To Fluffy Lint with a Special Wall Mounted Bin


Mounted Bin, Flint Organizer, Flint Storage Container

Photo by A Prudent Life



Materials used:




A specialized storage container for lint keeps the crafts room tidy. All you need are a couple of bins and a few materials to mount it to your wall.


17. Old Coffee Creamer Containers Can Store Seeds, Spices, and Other Ingredients


coffee creamer containers that have been reused

Photo from pinterest



Don’t let old creamer storage bottles go to waste. A couple of these items can be great to store minuscule items. 



18. Sniffles No More: This DIY Tissue Box Organizer Is Great For Your Desk


Tissue Box Containers, Desk Box Organizer

Photo by Time With Thea



Who would’ve thought that the sniffles could bring your home to order? Meanwhile, these tissue boxes are the perfect remedy to drawer space clutter. So when you’re cured of the flu, and all the tissues are gone, you can still make use of this box for storage.



19. Mason Jars Are Great for Liquid Soap Storage


mason jars filled with soap

Photo from myfrugaladventures.com



You might just have empty mason jars lying around the house. What’s great is that you can keep almost anything in them. Moreover, they are perfect for liquid soap if you don’t have a plastic dispenser handy.



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20. A DIY Storage Container Wall Hanger Will Keep Kids Books In Order


Book Wall Organizer, Hanging Book Organizer

Photo by Table + Hearth



Nowadays, it’s not just kids’ toys that need packing away. Books can certainly get in the way on the kids’ room floor if you let it. A DIY wall hanger will clear away the mess, it’s easy to make and will get the books from the floor to the wall in seconds.



21. Use A Candlestick and Plates To Create A DIY Nightstand Jewelry Holder


Candlestick Jewelry Organizer, Jewelry Holder

Photo by What’s Ur Home Story?



Can’t find any use for those mini china plates you’ve got? These heirlooms can hold even the fanciest of earrings when fashioned into a jewelry organizer. In addition, you can keep a couple of other accessories in there too.



22. Keep Those Annoying Lego Pieces Away From Your Feet with This DIY Lego Head


Lego Kids Storage, Lego Jar Head, Lego Organizer, Lego Container

Photo by Meatloaf and Melodrama



Your child might be well into Legos these days. However, those Lego pieces that your kids love may be annoying to accidentally step on. Clear them away from the floor with this Lego head organizer. So both of you can enjoy your child’s favorite toy.



23. This DIY Storage Container Copper and Wood Rack Will Keep Your Magazines In Check


Magazine Stand, Magazine Organizer, Magazine DIY Container

Photo by Table and Hearth



Do you find yourself surrounded by a mountain of magazine spreads? Not to worry, this easy DIY copper and wood rack will clear you away out of your periodical woes.


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24. Transform A Wooden Plank Into A Cloth Holder


Wooden Plank Organizer, Wooden Towel Organizer, Wooden Blanket Organizer, Wooden Storage, Wooden Container

Photo by Table + Hearth



A wooden plank wouldn’t be the first thing on your mind when you think of a towel holder. However, it’s quite convenient to attach hooks into it. Then, you can start hanging those fabrics lying around.



25. Make A Tucked Away Toiletry Shelf Using One Wooden Board

Wooden Toiletries Organizer, Wooden Block Storage, Wooden Block Container

Photo by Pretty Handy Girl



You can make a wooden box special for your toiletries. While you keep your bathroom situation a peaceful one, you can clear away those hard to find items while you’re at it. You no longer have to scavenge hunt for your razor heads, shaving cream, wipes, or cotton swabs as you’ll find them all in one place.



26. Cut Up Snack Boxes Are Good for Paper Storage


Cut Out DIY Snack BOxes, Snack Box Container, Snack Box Storage

Photo by Vintage, Paint and More



Snack boxes are perfect to reuse when emptied. This applies to when you have pieces of scratch paper, receipts, or notes on your desk you want out of the way.



27. Glue Some Knobs on Top of Your DIY Container Lids for Crafts or Makeup Items


Glue Knobs, Makeup Container Knobs, Crafts Organizer

Photo by Tastefully Frugal



So you don’t want to keep your makeup in your vanity? Here’s an unconventional way to maximize storage, add knobs to glass jars to quickly lift them open. Now you can easily access your, lipsticks, lash glue, and travel size mascara.



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28. Keep Pantry Items in Recycled Christmas Tins


Christmas Tin Organizer, Christmas Tin Container

Photo by Knick of Time



Christmas tins are not just for Hanukkah, it’s also best for any time of the year. Tins are great for the storage of rice, coffee grounds, and spices. Thus, you can reuse them anytime, no matter what the season.



29. Instead of Disposing Old Jars, Use Them To Make New DIY Storage Containers


Old Jar Containers, Old Jar Organizers

Photo by My Sweet Things


Wash those old jars of mayo, dill pickles, and peaches. Why? Because you can use those jars to keep little items in them. If you’re running low on ideas, here’s a tip: you can even keep your keys in them.

30. A Penny For Your Thoughts? Let Them Know Where To Keep Those Coins with This DIY Board


Board Organizer, Board Container

Photo by Tried and True



Got some change to spare? Coins can be inevitably annoying when it’s all over the place. Thus, you can keep a sign to let people know how to store them.



31. Keep Your Spice Drawer Neat and Tidy with Uniform Containers


Uniform Containers, Uniform Storage

Photo by Bright Green Door

Whether you’re a chef or a mom preparing a home-cooked meal, you most certainly have to deal with the heat in the kitchen. However, the clutter can get in the way, as you struggle juggling with the skillet and getting the food ready. It can be frustrating when you’re pressed for time and the spices are nowhere to be found. Keeping them in uniform containers will keep those spices in order.

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32. Organize Your Messy Upright Freezer with Bins and Washi Tape


labelling food with washi tape

Photo from Pinterest



Those frozen goods are hard to identify when covered in a thick film of ice. When you keep them in individual bins labeled with washi tape, it cuts down on downtime. Thus propels you toward getting the food on the dinner table before the evening show goes on.



33. No More Knots, Twists, or Tangles with this DIY Ribbon and String Organizer


Mason Jar Thread Storage

Photo by Two Twenty One from Pinterest



You know what we’re talking about. For those who like to indulge in their craft projects, you really have no time to spare. Untangling those ribbons and strings can be a pain. With this one in tow, you won’t get caught up in a twist. Get to your scrapbook right away by using this DIY storage container.



34. Use An Old Book as A Nightstand Jewelry Organizer


Old Book Jewelry Organizer, Old Book Jewelry Storage, Old Book Container

Photo by From a Dream to DIY



Who would’ve thought a book can pass for DIY storage? Repurpose one of your Hemingways into a jewelry organizer. So you can admire your favorite author, and book before you sleep at night.



35. Clear Some Space On Your Vanity By Hanging A Makeshift DIY Storage Shelf


Makeshift Shelf, Makeshift Storage Ideas, Makeshift Container, Makeshift Organizer

Photo by Old House to New Home



We’ve talked about DIY shelves before, but who would have thought you can make some room in extension to your vanity? A shelf is great for clearing out those makeup essentials you want to store properly. Just like a couple of grooming scissors, nail polish, a glue stick (for your drag makeup). Who can forget that loose powder for baking that precious face into wonders of perfection?



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36. Spray Paint DIY Storage Plastic Buckets To Make Your Pantry Storage Look Good


Plastic Storage Buckets, Plastic Bucket Containers, Plastic Bucket Organizer

Photo by The Organized Life

These plastic buckets aren’t just for filling in water with, it’s also good for food storage too. In addition, you can store heavy items into it, such as packages of flour, sugar, and even a dozen eggs. 

37. Get Creative with Stenciled Canvas Baskets


Stenciled Canvas Baskets, DIY Container

Photo by asouthernbucket from Etsy



Some people find plain white storage containers boring, while some find these elegant. While white complements any space,  design patterns can liven up your storage.



38. Get Nimble with Your Fingers and Weave A Basket


Woven Felt Basket, Felt Basket, Woven Basket

Photo from Pinterest



Woven felt baskets are quick and easy to do. This does not require you to do stitching, mounting, or installation of parts. Just follow a weaving pattern and use good quality glue to keep it in place.



39.  Keep Your Crafts In Check with these Denim Buckets


Upcycled Denim Buckets, Denim DIY Storage

Photo by Recyclart from Pinterest



If you have old denim fabric from unused pants, then you can make this easy storage container. This won’t require any stitching, all you need to do is to fold them to create an enclosure. These are fun to look at, and stand out from a room lacking brilliance.



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40. Make A DIY Box with Excess Fabric


DIY Fabric Cover Box

Photo by A Life Before Laundry from Pinterest



Here’s a playful way to make your living space more aesthetically pleasing. Wrap a box with left-over fabric, and decorate your coffee table with it. Not only does it make a good centerpiece, but it’s also great for storage.



41. No Need To Count Those Bins Anymore


New Industrial Farmhouse Chic Shabby Numbered Bin Drawer Stand Organizer

Photo by Ebay from Pinterest



Decorate your storage items with numbers. It’s both an intuitive way to design and a great way to tell identical containers apart.



42. Dip Your Oversized Basket Into Paint


Dipped Basket Love Grows Wild

Photo by Love Grows Wild



You can paint your large storage basket by dipping it into paint. It gives it the appearance of strawberries dipped in chocolate, or carrot sticks dipped in fondue. Not only is this decorative, but it makes the piece more interesting visually.



43. Liven Up Your DIY Wire Storage Bin with Crochet


Checkered Yarn Bin

Photo by The Good Stuff



You can paint your large storage basket with a painter’s paint. It gives it the appearance of being dipped in paint. Not only is this decorative, but it makes the piece more interesting.



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44. Make Use of Paper Bag Bins To Store Grocery Items


Paper Bag Bins

Photo by Etsy from Pinterest



At first glance, these paper storage bags don’t seem extra sturdy. However, it will surprise you how it will give extra durability and storage space too. These are perfect for storing those items that you don’t want lying around the house. Meanwhile, these items are those that you don’t want to dispose of, either.



45. Create An Alluring DIY Multi-pattern Box For Your Workspace


Multi Patterned Box, Decoupaged Box

Photo by The Crafted Life



This might as well pass for a small piece of furniture, as it’s elegant and will be great to decorate your workspace. To make these, you simply have to make use of large decorative patterned paper and stick it to your box of choice.




These DIY storage ideas will ensure that you’ll have a pretty storage container of your own in next to no time! There’s nothing quite like the joy of organizing – better yet, in an eco-friendly way. 

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