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10 Simple and Affordable Ways to Beautify Your Dressing Table 10 Simple and Affordable Ways to Beautify Your Dressing Table

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10 Simple and Affordable Ways to Beautify Your Dressing Table

Written by: Isabella Mitchell

A dressing table is every woman's most favorite piece of furniture. It makes her feel like a diva. Here are the top 10 ways to beautify it.

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From time immemorial, the dressing table has been an integral part of women’s beauty regime. Despite this, twenty-first century working women have little time to go through elaborate makeup sessions. They cannot afford to spend long hours sitting in front of the mirror, admiring their own beauty. But that does not lower the importance of dressing tables in daily life. As such, here are the top 10 ways to beautify your dressing table!


1. Choose a Dressing Table With Multiple Features


Buying a dressing table with multiple features like the JIFULI Vanity Makeup Table will make a great investment. These tables will not only serve as dedicated preparation space but also as a convenient storage unit. Make the most of your furniture, with this vanity table’s four drawers, three-pane beveled mirror, and ten dimmable LED mirror lights!


2. Add More Mirrors


If your vanity table has a wall-mounted mirror, here is your chance to make it more beautiful. Add two side mirrors. Besides contributing style, these additional mirrors will help you to get a full view of both sides of your face or torso while getting ready, especially for a party.


3. Pair Light Bulbs with a Glass Tabletop


Try placing light bulbs along the length and breadth of your mirror. These bulbs must be strong light-emitting ones so that you distinguish even the smallest flaw in your makeup and take care of it. Beyond its practicality, large bulbs give off a Hollywood movie aesthetic as most professional makeup works are done this way. When paired with a glass tabletop, your makeup vanity will sport a modern look.


4. Include Rustic Elements


Do you often feel that your vanity set is too heavy and decorative? Try swapping out your expnasive mirror for a smaller and rounder tabletop alternative. You may even take it a step further by changing the stumpy legs of your dressing table to a sleeker stiletto-style base. Voila! Your antique dressing table is now a reflection of modern-day Hollywood-esque femininity.


5. Incorporate Freshness with Flowers


Beautiful decoration always comes with floral accessories. Put some glass jars and fresh flowers on your vanity desk to breathe some life into its otherwise dull appearance. Those seeking a low maintainence alternative may consider artificial ones. You can use colored beans in the glass jar as the base of the artificial flowers. Flowers are sure to do wonders to your otherwise boring dressing table.


6. Beautify The Walls


Why leave the walls around your vanity set empty? Utilize the space and put up some exquisite samples of artistry. Famous paintings in elegantly classic frames can make both your mirror and the dressing table look more beautiful. But it is recommended that you don’t opt for this if you are living in a small house or a studio apartment as these additions may cause the room to look disorganized.


7. Select Your Colors Carefully


Some of you may boast of the solid oak wood your vanity set is made of. But if this is not the case, you can still create a dressing table worthy of praise and admiration. Simply, prioritize complimentary colors. Generally, colors add more vibrancy but for dressing tables, it is wise to choose basic colors like white, cream, or black. This gives off a smart and soothing feeling at the same time. Once your neutral table as been selection, add additional elements for contrast. For example, you may place a brightly colored perfume bottle on the vanity desk or keep bright gladiolus sticks in a black flower vase.


8. Decorate Your Mirror


This is especially viable for homeowners with wall-mounted mirrors. For a round mirror, you can use wreath-like accessories to elevate its appearance. The same can be applied to an oval mirror as well. If your dressing table comes with a rectangular mirror, consider using frame-like accessories on all four sides or on diagonally opposite sides. This, in addition to beautifying your dressing table, will make the mirror look bigger.


9. Wooden Glamour


Why choose between strictly classic or modern? Give your dressing table a touch of both. Put up carved wooden items with your brass mirror and bring a romantic touch to the design. Choose a small but decorative wooden tray for placing one or two perfume bottles or hairbrushes. This will serve as both a convenient storage solution and a stylish piece of decor.


10. Unwind with Stress-Relieving Aromas


Keep your olfactory sensations in mind. Place some aromatic candles on your vanity desk or opt for some incense sticks bearing the fragrance of jasmine, lotus or sakura. When you light the candles and they reflect on the mirror as a sweet floral smell envelopes you, you are sure to feel heavenly. Alternatively, you may also place small pots of succulents on your dressing table to give your space a touch of green beauty.



Beauty, they say, is in the eyes of the beholder. You can mix and match various things and experiment with them. Try several options before you decide what makes your dressing table look best. This may sound gender-biased, but the dressing table has always been greatly intertwined with the lives of women. Follow trends and create your own with the above tips.

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