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Top 10 Most Functional Daybeds To Buy Top 10 Most Functional Daybeds To Buy

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Top 10 Most Functional Daybeds To Buy

Written by: Zunaira Ghazal

10 best functional daybeds that can be transformed to a sofa and a bed. Get amazed cos it's ALL IN ONE! FLEXIBLE, CLASSY, COMFORTABLE & UNIQUE!

What exactly does your mind conjure when you hear the word ‘daybed’? Is it a special bed? A special sofa? A combination of both?


Well, the last one is not completely far off. A daybed is, in fact, a couch that converts into a bed! On the surface, it just looks like a simple chaise sofa but there’s a hidden compartment at the bottom where there’s a bed. It’s the perfect solution to add a lounging and sleeping space in a small room.


Daybeds are usually twin-sized, have a stylish back and two sides. The frame is either metal or steel – totally depends on you. Interested?


Want to get one? Well, here’s a list of our top 10 most functional daybeds to buy:



Top 10 Most Functional Daybeds To Buy - Infographics



1. The Country-Chic Style




This particular daybed with trundles is a total classic. Its wrought-iron style designing makes it feel almost transparent – which is a huge plus for when you want to add some extra sleeping space in a small home.



The geometric patterns on the sides and backrest add a statement-worthy aura to its design. It’s the epitome of pragmatic functionality because whenever you need some extra sleeping space, you can just slide out the bed from its underside and slip it back in when it’s no longer in use.



Moreover, you can personalize its visuals by spreading out your favorite sheets on the mattresses. This will also allow you to complement the color scheme of your surroundings.



2. For The Love Of Modern Transitional





This twin-sized day bed features clean lines and a beautiful contemporary design. It’s rather compact, which is a huge bonus when you’re trying to make a small space feel large.



The white finish of this bed is fresh and fun – also, you can literally match it with any color without disrupting its visual quality! Its design is rather casual, so it’s more suited for residential spaces. You can put it in the kids’ bedroom, the office, or even the master bed!



3. The Modern-Classic Daybed




If you’re searching for a gorgeous, statement-worthy couch that can morph into a comfortable sleeping space, then this one is definitely it!



Embellished with classical style details with a modern twist, it would make a great addition in any contemporary home interior. Its wingback arms and platform legs add a gorgeous charisma to its visuals.



However, it’s the hidden pullout trundle with casters that really gives this daybed a more practical edge. Its fabric-clad railing matches with the couch upholstery so that it can be easily camouflaged within its compartment after use. You can furnish it with a downy mattress and plain sheets so that it doesn’t overshadow the style of the sofa.



4. Comfort In Style




Got a small guest bed that needs some smart furnishings? Or are your kids always fighting over sharing the same bed? Whatever your worries, this sleek day bed is here to save you from every woe. Made from a sturdy combination of wood and metal, it’s perfect for small homes. Its multifunctional schematics make it the ultimate choice for bringing out the best in every room!



5. The Minimalist Daybed




This daybed with trundles is a minimalist piece of accent furniture. Its transparent design immediately identifies its multi-functionality. Its sides are outfitted with a plain frame from which the underside is clearly visible. However, the design has been articulated in such an elegant fashion that the bed simply feels like a chic accessory.



Its wooden finish is totally classic and provides you with the best opportunity to break out some clean white sheets to build some visual contrast. The thing about this bed is that it’s very compact, so even if you’ve got very little space to spare around your home, it can still be fitted anywhere – by the window, in a small alcove, or even be used as a settee.



6. White & Stylized




If understated and visually catchy is what you’re looking for, then this day bed is a perfect choice. It’s got that whimsical wrought-iron styling with a white finish that takes you back to the art nouveau days. Furthermore, it’s very slim and compact so it can be placed anywhere – all you have to do is pull out the trundle bed from underneath to make some extra sleeping space for you or your guests!



7. The Transitional Style Daybed




If you’re as in love with the modern-vintage aesthetic as we are, then you’ll certainly appreciate the understated beauty of this daybed. It’s made entirely out of wood and its espresso finish is straight out of a chocolaty dream! There’s a hidden mattress compartment on its underside from where you can pull out the extra bed. The great thing about this particular daybed is that it’s very classy and sophisticated. Plus, once again you can customize the bedsheets to personalize the whole look!



8. For The Love Of Curves




This high-seat daybed with gorgeous curves is sleek, elegant, and subtly officious. It’s got the kind of look that can easily complement the studious vibe of an office. But at the same time, it’s versatile enough to be emulated in a contemporary home interior!



You’ll have a lot of layout options with this one. You can set it up in your office for some relaxed sleep while pulling off those pesky all-nighters. Or you could just place it in your homes for some casual overnight entertaining!



9. The Chesterfield Daybed



Everybody knows how charismatic chesterfield sofas can be, but unfortunately, not everyone has the extra space to bring one in their home! This is why this chesterfield daybed with trundles would be such an iconic addition to many homes. It’s got style, flair, and personality. Its soft colored upholstery exudes modern elegance while the tufted back and rolled arms bring in the classical hook!



Your guests will love what you’ve done with space, but they wouldn’t even know the half of it – that you can simply pull out an extra bed from its underbelly to make some more room for sleeping!



10. Embracing The Eclectic



Did you know that you can pick a daybed and curate an entire home aesthetic around it? Well that’s exactly what you can do with this retro style daybed with trundle. Its gorgeous cherry wood finish is bold and eclectic – perfect for surrounding with some artsy, boho-chic furnishings and accessories. The curved shelter arms, the low-height back, the platform base – everything is absolutely stylistic! Moreover, you can simply pull out the bed when you’re short on sleeping space and have a host of guests to entertain through the night.




These are the top 10 most functional daybeds to buy for your homes! They’re classic, versatile, and able to suit any home aesthetic. We hope you found what you were looking for!

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