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25 Best Dish Drying Rack To Make Life Easier 25 Best Dish Drying Rack To Make Life Easier

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25 Best Dish Drying Rack To Make Life Easier

Written by: Samuel Turner

A dish drying rack can make your work around the kitchen a hundred times easier and smoother. Here are some amazing choices for your home.

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Your kitchen is a workplace where your efficiency is tested over and over. Depending on what you’re doing there, you’ll probably find yourself going to different points within such a limited space. Increasing your productivity with the least amount of effort is something that’s been debated in the world of design numerous times. It’s a never-ending battle regarding the kind of kitchen layout that will let the user be at their very best without tiring themselves out too much. This is because the different crucial equipment is usually spaced out and you have to sometimes go all the way across your kitchen to get something or maybe put something away.



One of the most important but surprisingly neglected support furniture within the kitchen is the dish drying rack. It serves as a great little buffer for after washing the dishes when you still have other activities to do before finally storing them. It can also be a place to just permanently store your dining ware, especially the ones you use most frequently. One of the best things about a dish drying rack today is that it comes in so many finishes and materials that it can also be a stylish addition to your kitchen and not just something purely for the sake of utility. After all, the last thing you would want is a faux pax to wreck your kitchen motif.




This is a dish drying rack that would not only look perfect thanks to its chic black finish but it’s also super compact. It will definitely fit in smaller kitchens while being able to hold the usual amount of plates for a household of two people. Everything about this dish rack is simple and convenient. Orient it towards your sink to allow the water to effortlessly carry into the drain.




Here’s another classic dish drying rack that most families opt for. It makes use of simple wire framing plus a sturdy steel body. This one is slightly larger and has a capacity for a larger family to use. It also features a convenient little spout to keep a puddle from forming on the bottom of the pan.




You wouldn’t think wood would go well as a dish rack but it can also function as an amazing place to dry off your dishes and dining ware. In terms of aesthetics, wood is unbeatable in giving a breath of fresh air and warmth to your interiors. Your kitchen can definitely use the life that only wood can give.




The space above your sink is oftentimes underutilized. It’s usually just an open space that’s waiting to be used in a better way. Today, dish racks also come in this format that stands tall over your sink which is perfect for saving on counter space and you also have so much more storage for your dishes and other tools.




KitchenAid has always been well-known for producing kitchen tools and gadgets of the highest quality so it’s no surprise at all that even their dish racks are of no exception. This design combines a gorgeous stainless steel build supported with durable plastic components to keep thins light but highly functional and stylish.




If you need to store a lot of plates and dining ware but can’t really afford to lost the counter space for a bigger dish rack, then a multiple tiered dish rack should be more than enough to do the trick. It’s always important to remember to build tall to minimize on the footprint. Think vertical and never horizontal when it comes to tighter spaces!




Here’s a very simple interpretation of a dish rack design. This is definitely for those who really don’t want to waste any counter space with extra furniture. You can simply unroll this rack and place it over your sink. Place your dining ware or whatever else you washed and watch it effortlessly air-dry.




You can sometimes found yourself with constantly changing dining ware to wash. There will probably be times you don’t need the giant dish rack and in which case, you can opt for an extendable dish rack that you can collapse. For those times that you just have a few dishes, you can pull back the extension and just use the main rack. Doing this will save you a lot of space.




A classic dish rack can be taken even further by adding another tier to double its storage capacity. This is another great example of thinking vertically to maximize on kitchen storage. It also comes in a simple black metal frame that’s lightweight but also super durable.




Nothing is prettier or cleaner to look at in the kitchen than a stainless steel dish rack. Plus points too as it gorgeously hangs over your sink and doesn’t take up any extra counter space that you could be using for more comprehensive meal prep. This simple rack shows high functionality with its various compartments, shelves and even some handy dandy tool hooks.




It’s always refreshing to see designers try to switch up the designs of something as simple as a dish drying rack. They’re always pretty much boxes with wire meshes inside so it’s hard to play with something so functional. Here, we have a more interesting side profile to add some character to your kitchen interiors.




Sometimes, you don’t really need the full 2 tiers for your kitchen dish drying rack. Especially if it’s just one or two of you at home, a tier and a half can be more than enough. This way is also easier as it’s simpler to manage the contents of the bottom level because your hand can easily fit on the large opening – whereas a full two tiers can get a little tricky and you have to get low to see what you’re doing.




Here’s another interesting layout for a dish drying rack that would be more suitable for larger kitchens with equally generous counter space. It’s completely understandable that some people might not like the designs with multiple tiers so here’s one that’s wide with a big capacity for those in the market for something uncomplicated but highly functional.




Here’s yet another interesting play on forms thanks to iSPECLE. If there’s anything you’ll notice about this brand, it’s their subtle effort to explore different and interesting plays on forms for a classic dish drying rack. This design features large rounded steel frames on the sides. Not only does it give the drying rack a unique look, it also becomes much easier to grab and carry.




Building on the simple design of a roll-up dish drying rack that you simply place over your sink, TBMax has a design that also incorporates a pan for your other dinnerware and even your cooking utensils. This is probably one of the most space saving solutions you can have for a very low price too!




The industrial look is still very much a trend in the design world and it’s most often used as a combination of wood and metal to create a very unique rugged feel. However, a lot of furniture today has proven that this combination can also result in something that looks polished and refined too. Just take a look at this dish drying rack from JZBRAIN! It looks very useful but also super stylish.




If you want that iconic Ikea touch to your kitchen, you can also opt for this minimalist dish rack that makes use of a gorgeous white metal wire frame and light wooden handles. Everything about this is super clean, chic, and absolutely lust-worthy. Your kitchen will look like something out of a MUJI catalogue with this dish drying rack.




Deconstructivism is yet another popular design trend and it’s even spilled out into other forms of art. It’s the act of presenting something in a more deconstructed form to show simplicity. By breaking down something to its more understandable form, you get to enjoy its true beauty. This dish rack ditches a heavy plastic pan and just reveals a sturdy metal frame with some supporting plastic cups for storing utensils.




Collapsible furniture is always a great solution to limited space as you can just stow them away whenever they’re not in use. This dish drying rack can function even when its walls are down for better air circulation but it can also go up for a more secure feeling. This is definitely an invention that’s designed to give you a lot of flexibility and freedom.




Definitely one of my personal favorites on this list, there’s something almost architectural about this dish drying rack that it could almost be something that was designed by the late Zaha Hadid who was best known for her amazing curved designs that absolutely defied that architecture was supposed to be just rectangular buildings. Although the design of this rack is understated, there’s something very futuristic and admirable about its simplicity.




If you want your dish drying rack to have that restaurant or professional feel, this might be the one for you. It’s made of a durable stainless steel frame but doesn’t have the visual noise that’s provided by most wire frame dish racks. Instead, you have solid panels that look more stable with minimal wires. You’ll definitely feel like you have a professional level kitchen with this fancy rack.




It’s always good to be a little bit adventurous when it comes to home design but getting a bright and vibrant color can be a little risky. You can, however, inject a lot of personality through the smaller things you buy such as a dish drying rack! This one from Rubbermaid is a completely red set to give an unexpected pop of color to your kitchen interiors.




Of course, if you don’t really have the counter space to dedicate to only your dish drying rack, going for a wall-mounted design is one of the smartest things that you can do. It makes use of underutilized wall space and it also gives you a ton of space for storing your dishes and dining ware.




For those looking for the most interesting designs for their home, this irregularly shaped dish drying rack combines a very special aesthetic with full functions of what is expected from a classic drying rack. You can never have a boring kitchen when you have this dynamic rack beside your kitchen sink.




Ending this list with a very unexpected choice, here’s another dish drying rack that defies all the classic tropes we’ve come to see. People who are looking to inject a little bit of fun and unexpected form can try this option from Chef’n. It almost looks like something Nickelodeon would produce which is perfect for kids and those who are still kids at heart.



When you’re shopping for your dish drying rack, it’s always important to consider a few key things before making that final decision. First, you have to consider the amount of dining ware that it will probably store all the time. It shouldn’t really be the amount of all of your dishes but just the ones you will use on a daily basis. This is just to make sure it can keep up with your routine. Second, make sure that it’s going to fit in the space you’ve allotted for it. Nothing’s worse than needing to get another or find another place for it. Lastly, choose a dish rack that’s easy for you to maintain especially since it carries the things you dine with. Once you’re ready, then you can have all the fun shopping for your new best friend in the kitchen.

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