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15 Best Hanging Laundry Bag To Conceal Your Dirty Clothes 15 Best Hanging Laundry Bag To Conceal Your Dirty Clothes

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15 Best Hanging Laundry Bag To Conceal Your Dirty Clothes

Written by: Sophie Thompson

If you are looking for a way to declutter your bedroom or closet, it is better to buy a hanging laundry bag. Check out the list to get the best product.

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Are you tired of the clutter inside your room? Well, we have a perfect solution! Get a hanging laundry bag and store all your dirty clothes inside it! Ideally, these bags or hampers come with a large space that ensures zero mess in your indoor spaces. Besides, some of them are accompanied by hooks that make it easy to hang them on closet or bedroom doors. 


So, without wasting much time, let’s dive in and check out the 15 best hanging laundry bags!




Hide your dirty clothes in this hanging laundry bag hamper from Keepjoy. It is made with a high-quality oxford fabric that has a high density, is durable, and also easily washable. It has been reinforced with a double lock stitch on the inside to prevent it from tearing. Moreover, the extra-large capacity is sufficient enough to hold the clothes of the whole family. Furthermore, it has a unique zipper design at the bottom backside for easier and quicker unloading of the clothes. 


Besides, it has two different types of hooks so that you can hang it at the back of your bathroom door or the bedroom. This hanging laundry bag can be used for purposes other than just laundry. For instance, you can store sundries such as messed towels, umbrellas, toys, magazines, shoes, etc. 



If you are looking for a hanging laundry bag for closet, here is one of the finest products by Household Essentials. Along with the blend of polyester and cotton, this hanging laundry bag hamper has a full zippered back so that you can remove the clothes with ease. Apart from that, it features a metal rim that helps to keep the bag open. 


You will also see a hook on the top of this heavy-duty hamper that allows it to stay upright at all times. In fact, with the help of the hook, you can easily hang it on a doorknob. Both the metal rim and the hook can be removed from the hamper when it needs to be cleaned. Just remember to use cold water. Moreover, it is ideal for carrying around and storing dirty clothes when you are traveling. 




This wall-hanging laundry bag is a great addition to any bedroom, dorm, recreational vehicle, and more. It comes with two sturdy door hooks that make it easier to hang behind the door. The hooks are made from high-quality material. Therefore, you do not have to worry about them bending anytime soon. 


The space-saving design of this laundry bag allows you to carry it almost anywhere. You can easily attach the hooks to your hotel bathroom and keep the dirty laundry away from clean clothes. With the overall dimensions of 20x5x30 inches, it helps you store a significant amount of laundry. Besides, it is built with durable material, which makes it far more superior to the other products in the market. At the bottom, you will find a zip. So, while removing the clothes from the bag, just open up the zipper. It makes unloading a lot quicker and more convenient.   



Carrying around a laundry basket can be a daunting task, especially if your laundry room is far from your dorm room. But, wait! We have a solution. The Extra Large Laundry Bag Backpack will make this an easy deal. It comes with padded backpack straps with breathable mesh that can help you carry it comfortably. Besides, you will find double-stitching on the straps, which makes it even more durable. 


This laundry backpack is 28-inches tall. However, you can even extend it up to 40 inches. Additionally, its width is 15 inches. With an expandable top design, you can dump your clothes in the bag much faster and easier. You will be glad to know that this hanging laundry bag can also be utilized to store toys in your baby’s clothes. Moreover, you even use it to carry clean clothes to a hiking or camping with your friends and family. 




Apart from getting a hanging laundry bag hamper, investing in a good clothespin bag is a big yes! This one right here is from the Handy Laundry Store and is super stylish and multifunctional. It is washable and can easily hold 100 medium-sized clothespins. Additionally, there is a large opening which makes it convenient to grab the pins right when you need them. 


This washable bag has a sleek swivel hook that makes it easy to hang the bag wherever you want. In addition to that, the water-repellant material features a durable canvas woven beautifully in a tartan pattern. There is reinforced stitching that ensures that the bag remains intact for a longer period. Since it is weather-resistant, you can easily hang it outdoors. An ideal deal at this price!



The Urban Mom Door Hanging Laundry Bag is again a must-have for all those who want to save the clutter of dirty laundry. It is sleek and compact and fits right behind the door. Just hang it using the stainless steel hooks, and you are good to go! Moreover, it is suitable for kids’ bathrooms or college dorms where you know that the mess can be hard to tackle. 


Made from 100% high-quality cotton canvas, this door-hanging laundry bag is machine washable. Moreover, it is strong and durable and comes in a large size that can conveniently hold an average load of clothes. There is a backside zipper that can be used to unload the bag. Backed with amazing space-saving features, you may find this bag in five uber-cool and chic colors!




We know the hassles of carrying a load of laundry to a laundromat. So, to make it easy for you, we present the Dalykate Backpack Laundry Bag. It comes in seven stunning colors that are a complete treat to the eyes. With a capacity of holding 2-3 loads of laundry, it works great for family use. In fact, you can easily place 44 pounds of laundry in one go! 


Besides, there are adjustable wide shoulder straps that provide utmost support to the shoulders and relieve them from the heavyweight. There is an external mesh pocket where you can keep a fabric softener. Moreover, there is also an inner pocket where you can keep your cell-phone or money. It is made up of durable oxford cloth and is waterproof. Additionally, you can keep it clean by washing it in a machine. You can also use it as a hanging laundry bag hamper and place it behind the bathroom room or inside the closet. 




Made from oxford fabric, this durable and stylish door-hanging laundry bag by Numola features a stunning coffee-brown color. You can use it to store your dirty towels, clothes, or bedsheets and keep your room neat and clean. In addition to that, you can also use this bag in your little one’s nursery to store his or her clean diapers or small toys. 


The installation process is also very easy. You will find two stainless steel hooks that can be installed on the door or closet. Additionally, the two suction hooks can help you fix the laundry bag to the bathroom tiles. There is a backside zipper which makes emptying the bag easier. On top of that, this laundry hamper bag is easy to wash and comes with a lifetime warranty.




Your closet shouldn’t be filled with dirty clothes. Therefore, to keep it tidy and well-maintained, it is important to install a hanging laundry bag for closet. The Bubion’s Zippered Hanging Laundry Hamper Bag features extra space where you keep all kinds of clothes. It has quite a large opening which makes it convenient to store all the dirty laundry. Additionally, this laundry bag comes with two hooks. You can fix these hooks to the closet door. Besides, you can also hang it on the wall of your bathroom and save the floor space from clothes that need a quick wash. 


The laundry basket is accompanied by two stainless steel door hooks and two non-destructive utility tool hooks. Made with high-quality material, this bag is waterproof. It also comes with a zip at the bottom. And that is how you can directly unload it straight into the washing machine. 



Carry dirty laundry like a pro with the WOWLIVE Extra Large Laundry Backpack. It is sturdy enough to keep heavy loads of clothes in just one time. Since it features high-quality oxford material, you can take it around when it is raining and not worry about damaging the product. If we talk about its measurements, the extra-large laundry backpack is 28-inches tall and 15-inches wide. Also, if you want to extend it from the top, you can easily do that as well. 


Apart from that, you can also use it as a hanging laundry bag with the help of the two strengthen strings. The padded adjustable straps do not slip off if you are walking towards the laundromat. Additionally, these straps help relieve pressure from the shoulder. The backpack features two pockets. This is where you can keep your keys, mobile phone, money, or other useful items. 



Well, as we mentioned before, clothespin bags come in handy when you have loads of laundry to wash every now and then. These can help you store more than five-hundred clothespin and ensure that these little items do not roam here and there unnecessarily. Moreover, this bag is light and is made from durable nylon. In addition to that, the breathable mesh allows the flow of air and makes sure that it dries off quickly. 


There are two carabiners to hang the bag on the clothesline. Besides, the D-ring clip allows the bag to stay intact on the wire. You will also find a drawstring closure that helps with accidental spills. Place it near your wall hanging laundry bag and keep everything organized. 



Pretty as a picture, the Comeve Pink Door Hanging Laundry Bag will enhance the overall look of your laundry room. You can hang it behind the door and save a lot of space from unwanted clutter. In addition to that, you can also use it as a hanging laundry bag for closet. Even though it is lightweight, this laundry hamper is very sturdy. It is made from premium oxford cloth and is then reinforced with strong stitching. Moreover, the material is waterproof, so you can also place it outdoors and not worry about ruining your clothes. 


You would be glad to know that the backside features a zipper at the bottom. This makes it easy to unload the bag. Apart from that, there are two different hook types that make the bag suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, or even closets.  



To make your room look mess-free, get your hands on this hanging laundry bag hamper by the WENKO store. It is sleek and stylish and comes with an ample amount of space so that your dirty laundry does not stay on the floor. It is made up of high-quality hard-wearing cotton. This clothing hamper by WENKO is perfect for small spaces like apartments and dorms. Since it is very practical and super functional, it adds value to your bedroom without compromising on the space.  


Moreover, it has a zipper on the bottom, which makes it easy to transfer the laundry to the washing machine. There are two stainless steel hooks with the help of which you can easily hang the bag on the door. Additionally, there is also a small pocket at the front side, and that is where coins, pins, and small items go. 



If your search for a durable laundry hamper is not over yet, here is one of our favorite picks! This wall-hanging laundry bag by CALLMYBO is exactly what you need! Made from high-density oxford fabric, the size of this product is pretty huge! It is 35 inches long and 22 inches wide which makes it a better option than the others in the market. It comes in two stunning grey shades that match the tone of your home no matter where you place it. 


Easy to install, you will find four hanging hooks with this stunning laundry hamper. Two of them are stainless steel hooks, and the other two are adhesive hooks. Moreover, there is a wide opening on the top of the bag. Therefore, your thick clothes will easily find their way in this bag. The laundry hamper also comes with reinforced stitching that adds to its durability. 




The Chrislley Hanging Laundry Bag is yet another durable option that stands true to its word!


It has a large capacity that enables you to store dirty clothes on a daily basis. Apart from keeping your dirty clothes in this laundry bag, you can also store the clean clothes in it. Just hang it in the closet and enjoy some more storage space. There are two ways to use this laundry hamper. You can either hang it on the bathroom/bedroom door or a wall. Also, since it is foldable, it becomes easy to carry around. 


The bottom features a stunning zipper design that enables you to unload the bag within seconds. In fact, the position of the zipper reduces the squeeze to prevent the clothes from getting damaged. 


So, this was all about the 15 best hanging laundry bags. Each product stands true to its words and helps you conceal your dirty clothes efficiently. Buy any of the laundry bags from the above-mentioned items and give your house a neat makeover!

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