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10 Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas For The Old But Gold Soul 10 Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas For The Old But Gold Soul

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10 Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas For The Old But Gold Soul

Written by: Emma Thompson

Grab these best farmhouse kitchen ideas to turn your kitchen into the quintessential rustic heaven! The charm of this kitchen is guaranteed to woo you down!

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We believe that a home’s true heart lies in its kitchen. After all, it’s where all the delicious magic happens, isn’t it? And if you’re an old soul, the charm of a rustic kitchen is hard to resist. So if you’re looking for ideas on how to turn your kitchen into the quintessential farmhouse-inspired heaven, you’ve come to the right place!


What is Farmhouse Kitchen Decor?

If you’re thinking of going for a rustic, farmhouse decor for your kitchen, there are a few tricks to keep in mind. Follow these ideas and you’ll surely have a super cozy farmhouse kitchen by the time you’re done decorating!



Imagine a farmhouse, and you can practically smell the sweet aroma of wood! A rustic kitchen is incomplete without wood furniture and accessories in it. From cabinets and shelves to kitchen accessories, having wooden items will add that warm, cozy look to your kitchen.



A farmhouse-inspired decor is all about keeping it natural. Adding natural stone elements to your kitchen will only bring your space closer to nature. You can go for an all-stone wall, flooring, or natural stone such as granite or quartz for your kitchen counter.


Distressed/ Weathered Paint

The true essence of the rustic style is one that needs minimal touch-ups and an almost out-of-the-bed look, but for home decor! Furniture painted in the weathered or distressed style works really well for kitchens aiming for a farmhouse look. Furniture made from reclaimed wood (wood from old furniture) also fits in perfectly with this theme.


Rustic Accessories

From wooden photo frames, serving trays, chalkboards to metal cutlery holders – there are so many accessories that can turn your kitchen into a countryside-inspired haven! These little touches – be it wooden hanging light fixtures or plants – can make all the difference in adding an inviting warmth that is signature to a farmhouse kitchen.


A Farmhouse Kitchen Must-Haves

Here are our top must-haves to make your kitchen the quintessential farmhouse kitchen! From rustic wood shelves to distressed metal clocks, we’ve explored and put together everything you will need for that relaxed, informal vibe:



10 Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas For The Old But Gold Soul - Infographics



1. Rustic Wood Wall Mounted Shelf

Wall mounted shelf

Photo from Amazon


This weathered wood wall mounted shelf not only looks good but is a great way to organize your kitchen as well! It’s wooden and has a painted, weathered look that goes perfectly with a lot of farmhouse kitchen decor. It can be easily hung over your wall, and its three tiers mean that it can easily accommodate a number of condiments. So bring out your spices and herbs and display them in all their glory!


Buy Rustic wood wall mounted shelves from Amazon.



2. Dark Wood Storage Cabinet

storage cabinet

Photo from Amazon


It’s a good idea to mix different shades of wood in your kitchen – which is why this dark wood storage cabinet will add that pop of rich brown to your kitchen decor. Its minimalist style goes well with the fuss-free decor that characterizes a rustic kitchen. It’s also easy to assemble, sturdy, and makes for great-looking storage space for your kitchen accessories, storage boxes, bottles, and more!


Buy dark wood storage cabinets from Amazon.


3. Wall-Mounted Painted Wood Coffee Mug Holder

coffee mug holder

Photo from Amazon


Brighten up your morning with this beautiful wooden wall-mounted coffee mug holders like the one shown in the picture. It’s got a distressed finish, which promises to play up the countryside quotient of your kitchen even more. Its sturdy metal hooks can take the weight – so go ahead and use it to hang your heavier pots and pans if you wish!


Buy wall mounted coffee mug holders from Amazon.


4. Floating Wall Shelf/Spice Rack

floating walls rack

Photo from Amazon


This charming wall shelf and spice rack simply belongs in your kitchen! You can display your utensils, jars, and more on top while the sturdy metal hooks at the bottom are perfect to hang up your pots and pans.


Buy Floating wall shelf/spice rack from Amazon.



5. Charming Vintage Blackboard Decor Sign

blackboard decor


Ever seen the movie, ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’? Remember the scene where the protagonist decides to cook up a rustic Italian lunch in her Tuscan villa? She writes down the menu for the day on a chalkboard exactly like this! We fell in love with this adorable blackboard sign the moment we saw it, and it’s easy to see why. The distressed painted wood is quintessentially farmhouse-style, while the lovely sketches of herbs and spices are sure to work up your appetite!


Check out some vintage blackboards on Amazon.


6. Sturdy Wood Serving Tray with Metal Handles

wood tray

Photo from amazon


With light and dark brown highlights, this wooden tray will let you serve your friends and family in true rustic style!

Available in three colors, its weathered finish gives it an antique look. From drinks to full breakfasts, it’s roomy enough to accommodate it all.


Buy this amazing tray from Amazon.


7. Rustic Metal Wall Clock

rustic metal wallclock

Photo from Amazon


It’s the little touches that make all the difference, and this rustic clock is proof of that. With a shape that’s inspired by a cooking pan, it’s meant for your lovely farmhouse kitchen! Its weathered paint finish and distressed look add to the charm of your cooking space.

Buy rustic metal wall clock on Amazon.


8. Mood-Setting Hanging Multi-Pendant Light Set

hanging lights

hanging lights


The power of good lighting cannot be underestimated. Good lighting fixtures can create a lovely atmosphere, and this hanging bulb light set is true-blue traditional and rustic. With a wooden beam and wires that look like ropes, this vintage lighting set will complete the countryside look of your kitchen.


Buy the Multi Pendant Light Set on Amazon.


9. Country-Inspired Melamine Dinner Set

Rustic dinnerware set

Farmhouse on a plate? Yes, please! This ivory-colored melamine dinner set is lightweight, break-resistant, and dishwasher safe. We simply love its casual and minimal style that fits right in with the rustic kitchen vibe!


Buy Country Inspired Melamine dinner sets on Amazon.


10. Ceiling-Mounted Wooden Pots Rack

wooden pot rack

Photo from Amazon


Go to any farmhouse kitchen in the countryside, and you are sure to find a wooden rack hanging from the ceiling with cookware displayed in all their glory! This ceiling-mounted wooden rack is a perfect pick for compact kitchen spaces. It’s sturdy and its aluminum hooks can turn a full 360, making your utensils easy to reach.

Buy beautiful wooden pots racks like this on Amazon.


If you’re an old soul, then doing up your kitchen in rustic, vintage decor is sure to please your eyes! Go for wooden furniture in different shades of brown, stone elements, and distressed paint finishes for the perfect look. From vintage clocks, wall shelves to wooden cabinets, there are many ways to play up the farmhouse feel in your space. Go with our tips and we promise that you will find a warm, comforting space in your home when you’re done!

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