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10 Stunning Emerald Green Decor You Should Get 10 Stunning Emerald Green Decor You Should Get


10 Stunning Emerald Green Decor You Should Get

Written by: Benjamin Parker

We have ten emerald green decor ideas that can turn your home to a fabuous looking abode. These tips will add a touch of class to your home's interior.

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Did you know that the contrast color scheme of your interior designs is a defining characteristic of that space? It totally sets the tone for how people are going to look at your room, and emerald green is by far the best option for accenting statement walls if you want your room to make a statement to guests.



This is because there’s just something very inherently catchy and incredibly charismatic about the deep, dark tones this hue offers. All shades of green are refreshing by design, but you’ll start to see its decadence the darker you go in this palette. The sheer duality of the refreshing feel and luxury emerald green has will just blow you away. It consists of colors like dark green, hunter green, Kelley green, and more. So below, let’s look at 10 stunning décor ideas that feature such stunning shades of green:



10 Stunning Emerald Green Decor Ideas - Infographics



1. Statement Walls

Interior of modern emerald living room


Of course, the most classic and popular way to emulate hunter green in your home interiors is to apply it on a statement wall. Statement walls take up a very large surface area of a room, which makes them instantly eye-catching. If you apply the darker shades of green on such walls, they’ll look command the attention of guests that come in. You can further enhance their beauty by adding contrast in the form of light-colored furniture and accessories. Pink, coral, wood, salmon, and mint are colors you can use to accent the catchy emerald green of your statement wall.


2. Classical Wall Beading

Emerald green pillows on pastel pink couch in stylish living room interior with dark green wall


Aside from typical statement walls, you can go for charismatic classical style dark green wall beading. They’re like the iconic wainscoting from traditional baroque interiors that are articulated with a modern flair. This idea will enhance the visual quality of your dark green color scheme and make it feel fresher. You can even complement it with furniture that’s been upholstered in lush fabrics such as suede and velvet for added luxury. Similarly, metal accessories such as floor and table lamps can also bring out the best of such emerald-colored décor.



3. Indoor Vertical Gardens

Modern interior of living room with red bricky wall and green vertical garden in loft apartment.


Nothing quite captures the stunning natural beauty of the Kelly green hue quite like natural plants. So, if you want to incorporate decadent emerald green accents in your homes, you can’t be more organic than featuring actual plants. In fact, indoor vertical gardens in the form of stylish hydroponic walls are a popular trend among homeowners these days. However, if you feel like you can’t manage it, you can also opt for simple terra cotta planters or easy-to-manage window-sill herb trays.



4. Statement Art

Statement art in emerald green color

Photo from Pexels


Emerald green décor can be incorporated in many forms, and oversized statement art is one of them. In fact, you can use the bright yet understated quality of this color to accent neutral colored spaces quite beautifully. A large dark green canvas with fresh lime highlights in the center of a plain white wall can make even the simplest of spaces feel very upscale and elegant. Moreover, you can always customize the style of artwork you want to feature!



5. Accent Cushions

Accent cushions

Photo by Designecologist from Pexels


Emerald green accent cushions on a regular but comfortable sofa can uplift your entire home interior design. The fabric of the sofa and cushion matters a lot here. For example, a poly-blend cushion cover in dark green would look ordinary when compared to a lush, stately hunter green velvet cushion cover. Similarly, a Kelly green suede cushion cover would definitely feel more luxe than a simple old fabric green cover.



6. Accent Chairs

Accent chairs in emerald color

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels


When you can think of no other ways to emulate and highlight the beauty of emerald green hue in your home interiors, go for accent chairs. Did you know that you can never go wrong with accent chairs? No matter how fashion-forward, clashing, or unique they are, they’ll always bring out the best in every space. The trick is to place them in a room with colors that are bland and understated enough to highlight the chair’s unique aesthetic look. Your hunter green accent chair would look stunning in a pastel or neutral-themed interior design as compared to its dull presence in a similarly hued space.



7. Interesting Floor/Wall Patterns

Emerald color flooring

Photo by DWilliams from Pixabay


The beauty of modern construction and design techniques is that they allow your imagination to run wild. These days, you can cut and style both porcelain and ceramic tiles in any design that you want – be it for the floor or the wall. If you want to make a statement with various shades of green in your interior designs, you can actually create a mix-and-match mosaic of green-hued tiles anywhere in your home. It would make an incredible accent piece no matter where you fashion it.




8. Small Contrasting Elements

Modern living room interior


If you don’t want to emulate large emerald green design elements in your home, then you can definitely forego them and make an impact with a bunch of smaller objects in different shades of green. These can include items like curtains, ottoman stools, floor pillows, rugs, and printed glass frames would add a nice pop of green to your space. They may be small, but they’ll definitely make a big impact when placed strategically throughout the space!



9. Statement Furniture

Statement green furniture


Large statement furniture is also an excellent way to introduce emerald green color in your home interiors. The fashionable and stylish designs of oversized sofas that take center stage in a residential or commercial space are an especially beautiful way to incorporate decadent shades of green in your rooms.



10. Gradient Contrast

Big comfortable bed in stylish interior of room


If you feel like just the single shade of emerald green would look too monotonous in your home interiors, then you can create a gradient with the help of different green-hued objects. For example, the main coverlet in a bedroom can have a deep hunter green hue, the bedsheet is a lighter parrot, and the pillows be bright lime. This way, your green color scheme would look livelier and more refreshing!




These are just some of the most gorgeous emerald green décor ideas that can make your spaces feel stunningly sophisticated to casually elegant. We hope you found the idea that will make your space look classier than before!

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