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An Ultimate Guide To Breast Milk Storage Bags An Ultimate Guide To Breast Milk Storage Bags

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An Ultimate Guide To Breast Milk Storage Bags

Written by: James Anderson

The breast milk storage bags are an essential for every new mothers. Discover the best ones here, all of them being safe, durable and pre-sterilized.

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First-time mom or not, there might be a million questions going in your head regarding breastfeeding your little munchkin. There are times when you run out of milk, and then there are times when you don’t produce enough, also, at times the baby is not hungry. At times, the mom needs to go away for a while, so what do you do?



What you need the most to solve this problem is breast milk storage bags. These are used for storage, freezing milk, and the best for traveling moms. And while bottles are also an option, there are reasons that the milk bags have managed to stay in demand for recent mothers. That’s precisely what we are going to discuss in this vital piece of article. Let us guide you through it.


Advantages Of Using Breast Milk Storage Bags

Breast milk storage bags bring along the following benefits. We also compared the milk bags with bottles, so that you get a clear picture. 


Easy Storage

Breast milk storage bags can be conveniently stored. Most of the milk storage bags come with a gusseted bottom, which makes them self standing. At the same time, they can also be stored flat, ideal for flat freezing. When frozen flat, it also allows for faster thawing of your precious breast milk.



Many milk storage bags have convenient mouths, which make them easy to use. Hence, reducing the amount of spillage of milk, as there’s no need to transfer. They are also ready to pump milk into, though you may need additional attachments for this.


Leakproof & Travel Friendly

Though different variants of milk bags come with different mouths, the most common ones are double zippered. These double zippers ensure that the milk bag doesn’t open when traveling, and the milk doesn’t spill. Some bags also have threader caps, adding to the convenience. 


Easy To Label

One significant advantage of milk storage bags over bottles is that they are easy to label. You will no longer have to bother about which pack was filled earlier and which later. Besides, you do not want to feed incredibly stale breast milk, so with the label, you can keep all the kids in check. Tags can also come in handy to write names of toddlers if you are blessed with more than one.


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Pre-Sterilized & One-Time Use

Unlike bottles, milk bags often come pre-sterilized, making them ready to use as soon as they are out of the packet. Additionally, you won’t have to bother about sterilizing them again since they are disposable, and all you have to do is to pick another bag.



How To Use Breast Milk Storage Bags?

Most breast milk storage bags come with a user manual to guide moms, along with information on freezing, storage, etc. And while these details are specific for different products, here are a few steps on the necessary procedure to use milk bags.

  1. Ensure that your nipples and hands are clean. Use a soft cotton pad, slightly moistened to clean the nipples. 
  2. Prepare your pumping device if you are not going to express milk manually. Also, prepare the milk bag or container.
  3. Unfasten the milk bag. If possible, pump the milk directly into the bag, while making sure not to touch the inside since it is sterile.
  4. Fill the milk, but not above the maximum mark on the bag.
  5. Release air (if any) and fasten the bag as soon as possible. 
  6. Do not forget to mention the date and time, so that you know the life of the breast milk.
  7. Discard bag after use. 


Efficient Ways To Maximize Breast Milk Storage Bags

Here are a few tips on maximizing the benefits of breast milk storage bags. Please note that the following information is as per CDC guidelines for the storage and preparation of breast milk.


When Storing Fresh Breast Milk

  • You may store freshly expressed or pumped milk for up to 4 hours at room temperature.
  • But in the refrigerator, you may store the milk for up to 4 days when stored in a sterile milk bag.
  • In the freezer, you may store it even up to six months at a time. A few more months (not more than twelve) are also acceptable. 


For Milk Once Thawed

  • Breast milk once thawed, shall NEVER be frozen again.
  • However, it will last for a couple of hours at room temperature.
  • While you may store in the fridge for not more than 24 hours.


Leftover Milk

  • The milk left over after feeding the baby will stay fit for next feeding only within two hours of the last feeding. 


Additional Tips

  • Do not forget to label the storage bag when filled. Mention both the date and time. 
  • When filling the milk storage bag, fill only up to the maximum mark. Or at least leave an inch of gap from top, since milk expands on freezing.
  • Store milk on the inner side, and never on in the door compartments of the refrigerator or freezer.
  • Leave the milk bag at room temperature for thawing. Do not heat the milk at any cost, since it kills all the nutrients.
  • Never reuse the breast milk storage bags. 


The Best Breast Milk Storage Bags 

Here are some efficient breast milk storage bags. Have a look at these!



The Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags are one of the best solutions to keep or freeze your breast milk safely. These bags are safe since they are pre-sterilized, and the double zipper allows for secure sealing. You may also pump directly into this storage bag, which means less spilling. While the pour spout is another convenience, you may lay it flat for faster freezing. This product is also BPA and BPS free and comes with volume measurements on the bag.




The Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags are made of durable food-grade material and feature zip locks for no spillage. These are hygienically pre-sealed and are available in three size variations.  They are self-standing while you may also lay them flat. Plus, this milk storage bag allows for easy thawing of the precious breast milk. These storage bags are great for new mothers.


This Dr. Brown breast milk storage bag claims to be spill-proof even when dropped on the ground. Additionally, the double zipper keeps the breast milk airtight and fresh, and so does the thick material of this storage bag. Since it comes sterilized, you may use it immediately, and the perforated top makes it easy to access. The gusseted bottom of the bag allows it to stand while you may also lay it flat for storage.




These twist milk storage pouches combine the leak-proof feature of bottles with the ease of carrying and disposing of it. Every milk storage bag that comes in this pack can be used to pump, store, freeze as well as feed the milk to the baby. It has a twist lock mouth, unlike the zipper locks in other storage bags, though you will have to buy an additional adapter. This milk bag also has high visibility, and you may label it on the go.




One of the best breast milk storage bags, Mommy’s Precious bags are also one of the clearest. It is self-standing, thanks to the gusseted bottom, with accurate measurements, and labels. This milk bag also has perforated lines on the sides of the mouth for easy tear, which tears along a straight line. It is safe for your kids since it is free from BPA, phthalates, and other non-chemicals.




Philips Avent brings a clear milk storage bag that is secured with a double zipper lock. You will get 50 bags, each with 6-ounce capacity. These easy to use kits are tamper-proof, completely hygienic, and made of durable dual-layer food-grade material. 



The Tommee Tippee breast milk storage bags are a great storage option for more moms. These bags are ready to use since you can fit a hump on its mouth, and it fits most pumps. They also have a screw-top lid that makes it easy to handle pouring milk. The measurements of the bag make it convenient to keep a tab on the baby’s nutrition.




The GOGO PURE breastmilk storage bags are one of the best breast milk storage bags out there. Such that a third-party laboratory tests its efficiency. While these are free of phthalates, BPA, and stuff, these have been sterilized with Gamma rays to ensure the utmost safety of the milk. The double-layer bag also comes with a double layer seal that protects the liquid even when the bag falls on the ground. 




These milk bags by Unimom are self-standing and safe for freezing breast milk. The sterilized containers are leak-proof, and the material is enduring as well. Plus, the product is safe since it is free from phthalate, bisphenol A (BPA), and lead. You may conveniently label the bag on the go.




This almost transparent breast milk storage bag is a non-spiller. This product is available in the packs of 25, 50, and 100 pieces. The temper proof top has a double zipper while it also makes it 100% safe from spillage. Each bag has a capacity for 6 oz of breastmilk. It is also freezer safe and free from harmful chemicals like phthalates and BPA. 



These milk storage bags by Evenflo Feeding are leak-resistant, be it in the freezer or at room temperature. Just be sure not to fill the bag to the brim, especially while freezing breast milk. It has a convenient tear-off top with a pour spout, which avoids spillage. The 5 oz capacity bags are made of military food-grade materials along with reinforced seams for more reliable seals. 



The Nurture Right milk bags are loaded with multiple good reviews from new parents. Its plastic is odorless and is entirely non-toxic. The thick, durable material also ensures that your precious breast milk stays fresh. It also has an easy pour spout that further reduces the wastage of milk.




Another one of the best breast milk storage bags, the Ameda bags features a multi-ply design. Its mouth has also been conveniently designed so that you can pump milk directly into these bags. Once filled, you may cut out a pout for secure transfer into another container.



The Love Baby milk storage bags are yet another excellent storage solution for mothers. Available in a pack of 50 and 100, each piece is compatible with the Medela and Ameda pump adapters. However, a significant plus point for this product is that you also get access to a free mobile application that will help you with milk storage.



So these are the best breast milk storage bags available on Amazon. Also, try not to use reuse them, even though they are deemed as reusable breast milk storage bags it’s better not to use them for your baby’s safety. While we tried our best to list the best of information and products, we assume that these will come in handy in your daily routine. Also, in case you skipped it, the general advice mentioned here is following the guidelines from the CDC. So they are pretty much intelligible.

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