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20 Perfect Metal Storage Bins To Store Your Favorite Candies

Best Storage Bins: Your Ultimate Guide • April 6, 2020

20 Perfect Metal Storage Bins To Store Your Favorite Candies

Written by: Anjali Patodi

These metal storage bins are guaranteed to keep your favorite candies fresh & tasty. Get your hands on them and see how it helps you in storing them safe!

Candies are strong magical pills that cure our every bad mood! Don’t you think it is important to store your candies at the right places so that it is crisp whenever you need it? So why not go for some great metal storage bins to stack all your candies.


Let’s have a look into some of the metal storage bins available online which will keep your favorite candies safe and long-lasting.


1. Fortune Candy Airtight Container



Black is the color of glory and class. To all the black lovers out there, have a look at the smartly and perfectly designed airtight metal storage container which is very captivating. Made with eco- friendly and quality components, this stainless steel container is rust-free. It is airtight which will endure the fragrance of your candies. It is 6.8 x 5.1 x 5.1 inches in dimensions.


Additional perks include a mini scoop by a build-in magnetic device. It is a trusted brand that becomes the plus point of this product. Available at an affordable price of $18.99 also, you can avail additional discounts on season sales or by applying the coupons.


2.Stainless Steel Canister Set 


Sleek and long designs hold a separate corner in our hearts. Here, we present the most engaging metal storage containers that will steal your heart. This set of three metal storage containers of different sizes can be chosen according to the number of your delicious candies. The inbuilt glass window act as a signifier for your storage and you can get it filled before you run out of your stress reliever candies. It contains airtight lids that will prevent moisture and will cost you around  $31.96.


3. Canisters Set, 3-Piece Window Kitchen Canisters


Adding a deluxe range of metal bins in your list will compel you to spend your entire penny on buying it.  These are three canisters of different sizes (30oz, 62oz, 90oz) to store a different amount of candies. Not only candies, in fact, you can also store a variety of eatables. The transparent window enables you to check the stock frequently without opening the lid. The design of the product is a bonus feature and you just have to spend $21.99 and the canisters are all yours!


4. Estilo 4 Piece Brushed Stainless Steel and Glass Canisters with Window


Who doesn’t like extra? This product offers everything more, be it a satisfaction in price, quality or its appearance, it will never let you down. It’s glossy and the silver finish makes it more appealing so that you can even gift it to your housewarming parties. You can also, store other dry items such as cereals, dry fruits, nuts, etc. These metal storage bins sizes are 63.4oz, 43oz, 33.8oz, 20.2oz. Available at a modest price of $19.99.


5. Mini Caddy Small Sealed Canisters


Everybody likes mini stuff. The presence of tiny elements, add cuteness to everything. And we are here to add cuteness in your life too. You will be astonished by these mini canisters. It is always difficult to carry candies along with us while traveling because if placed wrongly, then it might spoil your other items in your bag. This mini canister is handy and now you can carry your candies safe and enjoy your journey with the taste of your beloved candies. Available in many hues with a Holding capacity of 150ml and sizes 6.3cm*4.5 cm.


6. Beautiful Canisters Sets for the Kitchen Counter


Isn’t it a matter of pride when you get something really extraordinary? Buying this set of 4 metal storage bins will give you the same honor and happiness. It has the most strong resistance quality which will keep your candies safe from moisture. The lid is made of glass which makes it easy to identify your candies in the container, also, it consist of smart locking technology. You can also, control your portions of candies, as every canister is of different sizes. The holding capacity of these metal storage containers is 1000ml, 800ml,700ml, and 500ml 


7. Pewter-Plated 3-Piece Embossed Steel Canister Set


Have a glance at a very stylish and antique set of 3 metal storage containers, which you can’t resist buying. The beautiful design embossed on the container gives it a lavish look, making it look more costly than its price. This set of 3 containers will cost a little more around $110 but, you won’t think twice spending on it. Dimension includes 4 quarts, 3 quarts, and 1quart respectively.


8. Stainless Steel Metal Tea Tin Canister


Don’t get confused by its name it can store more than what its name suggests. Its grainy finish makes it one of the favorite candy metal storage bins. The tin is lightweight, durable and consists of a latch which helps in preventing corrosion and keep your edibles preserved. You can easily close and open it with the help of a metal latch. Its dimensions are 3.6” wide and 6.5” tall and the size of the product is 6-8oz. Fringe benefit: A label for optional use!


9. Glass and Stainless Steel Canister Set with Airtight Lids


The combination of glass and steel will never go out of trend. Get your hands on these trendy and spacious jars made only for fashionable people like you. Through the glass provided, you can view the contents inside the jars. The combination of 3 jars allows you to store almost everything, be it the enjoyable candies or tea and coffee beans. It is designed in a way, which acts as home décor as well as proven effective for the storage. The holding capacity of the 3 containers is 1280ml, 1660ml, 2190ml. It will cost you around $45.99


10. Tea Tins Stainless Steel Tea Coffee Sugar Storage Canister


Why always be home? There are times when we go out and we need to take our favorite candies along with us because candies become an important part of our trips. Let’s have a glimpse of these soberly designed containers for our unplanned trips. It comes with a double covering lid to keep your food safe from moisture. Provided with rounded edges which will not hurt your hands. It can easily be taken outside, it won’t spoil your precious things. You just have to spend $13.89 from your wallet to open the doors of happiness.


11. Round Stackable Tea Tin Canister Containers


Running out of the kitchen space? Don’t worry friends; we have got you an exciting set of metal storage boxes, which you can buy easily without worrying about the space. It is made from high-quality steel, durable and lightweight. The dimensions are height – 5.43″ x diameter – 3.50″. Now you can store as many candies as you want without panicking, about its freshness as the container comes up with a double lid.


12. Double Lid Embossed Asian Style Airtight Container 


Are you a style freak? Try something new for your kitchen and get your hands on these exquisitely embossed Asian style containers. The grand design of these containers will steal the show. It is spacious and its decorative appeal will increase the value for your money. The airtight aspect will preserve your food and candies from dust and outside moisture. You can grab it at just $29.00


13. Silveronyx Tea Tins Canister Set 


You wouldn’t regret spending on this impressive matte finish storage bin. One glance is enough to make you invest your penny on grabbing it. These are suitable for small kitchen spaces. Spacious and durable tin cans with a matte finish and elegant design. It will cost you around $9.92 for one box and $16.92 for two boxes.


14. Zuccor 4 Piece Premium Stainless Steel Matte Black Kitchen Canister


If you wish for something lavish for your candies, then this product will not disappoint you. Black symbolizes beauty and so do these containers. These metal storage bins are beautifully hand-hammered. Each metal bin is gilded with a non-toxic finish to resist withering. Dimensions from largest to smallest are ( 9″ W x 6.5″ H ), ( 7.75” W x 5.75” H ), ( 6.75” W x 4.5” H ) ( 5.75” W x 4” H ) respectively. 


15. Oggi Stainless Steel and Glass Store and Pour Canister 


These are uniquely designed jug-shaped metal storage box, for presenting and storing your candies safely and differently. The glass portion helps us identify the items inside the jar easily. This metal bin comes with a size of 38oz. Smartly designed to keep your eatables fresh and out of reach of pests. Available in different sizes and will cost you around $19.95


16. RTIC Stainless Steel Food Canister


When your lovely candies are fresh, what else can be the biggest achievement than this? I say nothing because it’s important for our magical pills to be fresh to make us feel delighted. Presenting handy metal bin so, you don’t need to concern about carrying your candies in large containers. These are double-walled and vacuum insulated. It is available in many trendy colors and the wide mouth ensures proper outlet of candies. You need to spend only $30.98 from your pocket and this hand stuff is all yours


17. Stanley Adventure Food Canisters Stainless Steel 


Compute your checklist with this cool mini container set of 3 with wider space, lightweight and a shield guard to your candies. It is leak-proof, easy to carry and fully packable. It has durable see-through lids so you know what is hiding inside. The dimensions are 12*12*10.8 cm and it is available at an unbelievable price of $28.54


18. MacKenzie Childs Flower Market Canister Stainless Steel Floral Enamel


Hey! You have got your eyes stuck at a really amazing container that will serve you multipurpose. It can also be used as your home decor. Due to its unique design and color, it looks trendy and modern. It is made of heavy gauge steel which enhances its durability. Your kitchen will look young and bright, it is handy and certified. It might cost you around $92.40 but, it is definitely worth its price. The size of the container is 48oz which is enough to store candy or any dry foodstuff. 


19. Baosity Stainless Steel Canister Container


Specially designed for people who love sober and elegant products. These silver metal storage bins are something that you might be seeking for. Serves a great purpose in storing your candies, cookies and food (keeping it fresh and healthy). It comes with a flip-top lid & locking clamp closure. The size is about 34oz. 


20. Harbour Housewares 3 Piece Industrial Tea, Coffee, Sugar Canister Set


Introducing the differently styled, cubical stainless steel boxes, with enough storage, which will add glory to your kitchen. It possesses vintage industrial styling. This is. definitely catered to the style freak. The boxes come up with the dimensions of 12*12*16 cm respectively. It offers 2 years warranty with a dedicated customer service team and will cost you around $25.99.



That’s all folks! These are the 20 best metal storage boxes elected for you. Go and grab your favorite one for storing your delicious candies before they go out of stock!

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