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20 Perfect Metal Storage Bins To Store Your Favorite Candies 20 Perfect Metal Storage Bins To Store Your Favorite Candies

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20 Perfect Metal Storage Bins To Store Your Favorite Candies

Written by: Emily Roberts

These metal storage bins are guaranteed to keep your favorite candies fresh & tasty. Get your hands on them and see how it helps you in storing them safe!

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Candies are strong magical pills that can instantly cure our every bad mood! Don’t you think it is important to store your candies at the right places so that it is crisp and ready to eat whenever you need it? If that sounds good to you, go for some great metal storage bins to store all your candies in!





Let’s have a look into some of the metal storage bins available online that will keep your favorite candies safe, long-lasting, and delicious.


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1. Fortune Candy Airtight Container



Black is the color of glory and class. This perfectly designed airtight metal storage container is a captivating candy storage option for folks who can’t get enough of this dark hue. Made with eco-friendly and quality components, this stainless steel container is rust-free. It is airtight which will endure the fragrance of your candies. It is 6.8 x 5.1 x 5.1 inches in dimensions.


Additional perks include a magnetic scoop so that you won’t worry about it getting lost. It is comes from a trusted brand and comes at a great price, so you’re guaranteed a steal of a purchase.


2. Stainless Steel Canister Set 


Sleek designs will always hold a special spot in our hearts, and this set of three metal storage containers just take our breath away. These storage bins come different sizes so you can store various amounts and types of candies. The inbuilt glass window lets you see its contents and also serves as a reminder if you need to replenish your candy stores. It contains airtight lids that will prevent moisture from entering and spoiling your stash.


3. Canisters Set, 3-Piece Window Kitchen Canisters


This beautiful canister set is so beautiful that it will convince you to move heaven and earth just to buy it.  These are three canisters of different sizes (30oz, 62oz, 90oz) that allows you sto store a huge amount of candies and other snacks. The transparent window enables you to know how much candy you have left without opening the lid. The sleek design is beautiful and will more than fit in your kitchen.


4. Estilo 4 Piece Brushed Stainless Steel and Glass Canisters with Window


Who doesn’t like more? This product is a perfect option for storing your candies. Its glossy and silver finish makes it an appealing fixture on your desk or kitchen. You can also store other dry items such as cereals, dry fruits, and nuts inside these containers if you want to be healthy every now and then. These metal storage bins sizes can store a lot since they come at 63.4oz, 43oz, 33.8oz, and 20.2oz containers.


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5. Mini Caddy Small Sealed Canisters


There’s always something appealing with keeping things in small spaces. The presence of tiny elements adds cuteness to everything, and this metal storage box option will definitely add cuteness in your life. This mini-canister is handy and allows you to carry your candies inside your bag without staining or spoiling its contents. It is available in many hues with a decent holding capacity of 150ml. This will be a reliable storage for your candy if you need a sugar rush away from home.


6. Beautiful Canisters Sets for the Kitchen Counter


It’s hard not to be proud of owning something pretty, and this set of metal storage bins will give you that same satisfaction. It is sturdy and airtight to keep your candies safe from moisture. The lid is made of glass which makes it easy to identify the candies it contain. It also has a smart locking technology to keep your treats safe in case you accidentally drop it. You can control your candy portions since these four canisters come in different sizes. It can hold from 1000ml–800ml worth of foodstuffs. 


7. Pewter-Plated 3-Piece Embossed Steel Canister Set


This very stylish and antique set of three metal storage containers is a classy way of keeping your sugary treats. The beautiful design embossed on the container gives it a lavish look, making it look more costly than its actual price. This set three 3 containers will cost more than a pretty penny, but its looks and functionality makes it a worthwhile purchase. The dimensions of these beautiful containers are 4 quarts, 3 quarts, and 1 quart.


8. Stainless Steel Metal Tea Tin Canister


Don’t be confused by its name: it can definitely store more than just tea leaves. Its grainy finish makes it one of the classier candy metal storage bins that you can find online. The tin is lightweight, durable and has a latch that not only opens and closes this metal candy storage box but also helps prevent corrosion and keep your edibles preserved. Its dimensions are 3.6” wide and 6.5” tall, and it can hold up to 6-8oz worth of product.


9. Glass and Stainless Steel Canister Set with Airtight Lids


Glass and steel is a combination will never go out of trend. Get your hands on these trendy and spacious jars that will stylishly hold your tasty snacks. This set of three jars can hold almost everything, from the candies you love munching on to coffee beans to create coffee that goes well with your sweets. Not only is it a viable storage option, but it can also double as a beautiful decor for your kitchen. The containers’ holding capacities of 1280ml, 1660ml, and 2190ml ensures that you get to store a lot of your candies.


10. Tea Tins Stainless Steel Tea Coffee Sugar Storage Canister


There will be times when we go out and we cannot bring our entire candy stash with us. Sort out this dilemma by buying this metal bin that can hold your sweets. It comes with a double covering lid to keep your food safe from moisture and spoilage. It has rounded edges which will not hurt your hands. It can easily be taken outside and hold your snacks without ever worrying if they will be exposed to the elements.


11. Round Stackable Tea Tin Canister Containers


Running out of the kitchen space? Don’t worry friends; we have got you an exciting set of metal storage boxes which you can buy easily without worrying about the space. This tea organizer that doubles as candy storage is made from high-quality, durable, and lightweight steel. The dimensions are 5.43″ x 3.50″, allowing you to store as many candies as you want. You can also be assured that your treats will remain fresh as the container comes up with a double lid.


12. Double Lid Embossed Asian Style Airtight Container 


Are you a style freak? Try something new for your kitchen and get your hands on these exquisitely embossed Asian-styled containers. The grand design of these containers will steal the show and get friends and neighbors curious about your candy storage box. It is spacious to hold more than enough candy to last the week, and its decorative appeal will add aesthetic beauty to any space you put it in. Its airtight lid will preserve your candies for longer and protect them from dust and moisture. The best part of it all is that it’s very affordable!


13. Silveronyx Tea Tins Canister Set 


You wouldn’t regret spending your hard-earned on this storage bin to use as storage for your precious candy. Its silver matte finish and elegant design gives it a timeless look that you won’t easily get tired of. These are suitable for small kitchen spaces, but you can also use it in your office or any other space in the house. Buying these bins will not cost you an arm and a leg, so you can buy a lot of these if you have plenty of candy to store!


14. Zuccor 4 Piece Premium Stainless Steel Matte Black Kitchen Canister


If you want your candy storage to be lavish and fancy, this product will definitely make you swoon. These metal storage bins are beautifully hand-hammered and are coated with an elegant black finish to give it a luxurious feel. Each metal bin is also gilded with a non-toxic finish to resist withering and damage that are commonplace with metallic containers. Dimensions from largest to smallest are ( 9″ W x 6.5″ H ), ( 7.75” W x 5.75” H ), ( 6.75” W x 4.5” H ) ( 5.75” W x 4” H ). You can store more than just candy in these containers. 


15. Oggi Stainless Steel and Glass Store and Pour Canister 


These jug-shaped metal storage boxes are uniquely designed for presenting and storing your candies in a safe yet stylish manner. The glass bottom will let you know which kind of candy is store in the jar. These stylish metal candy bins come at a size of 38oz so you can keep a lot of sweets in it. It is also smartly designed to keep your snacks fresh and free of pests. You can get this in different sizes and for an affordable price tag.


16. RTIC Stainless Steel Food Canister


We love our candy, so we want to make sure that these treats maintain their condition. If you’re in the market for such a product, look no further than this handy metal bin so. You don’t need to worry about carrying your candies in large containers because these are double-walled and vacuum-insulated. It is available in trendy colors, and the wide mouth provides easy access to your candies. You may have to spend more than a pretty dollar for this container, but its features more than make it worthwhile.


17. Stanley Adventure Food Canisters Stainless Steel 


Always on the go? Make sure that you always got your sugar rush snacks ready to go by storing them in one of these reliable food canisters. It is leak-proof, easy to carry and fully packable. It has durable see-through lids so you know which snack is kept in which canister. The dimensions are 12*12*10.8 cm, and it’s reasonable price point is a bargain for such a high-quality stainless steel container.


18. MacKenzie Childs Flower Market Canister Stainless Steel Floral Enamel


Your eyes have just laid on an amazing container that will not only hold and serve your candy, but also double as classy home decor. Due to its unique design and colors, it looks timesless and suitable for a lot of households across the country. It is made of heavy gauge steel which enhances its durability. Your kitchen will look a little more homely thanks to this candy container. It is definitely one of the most expensive candy storage boxes in the list, but its sheer beauty and quality makes it worth the price tag 


19. Baosity Stainless Steel Canister Container


Specially designed for people who love simple yet elegant products, these silver metal storage bins may just be the thing that you’re looking for. It is great in holding and keeping your candies, cookies and food fresh. It comes with a flip-top lid & locking clamp closure to keep its contents secure. The size is about 34oz, so it can hold a lot of sweets. 


20. Harbour Housewares 3 Piece Industrial Tea, Coffee, Sugar Canister Set


These  cubical stainless steel boxes are unique and may serve a different purpose, but you can definitely use it for storing candy. It has enough storage to hold various types of candy, and it has an aesthetic appeal that will go well with your kitchen. It possesses a vintage industrial styling that a stylish yet quirky homeowner would simply love. The boxes come up with the dimensions of 12*12*16 cm and has a two-year warranty with its own customer service team.



These are some of the best metal storage boxes that you can use to store your favorite candies. Go and grab your favorite one for storing your delicious candies before they go out of stock! If you have any unique storage ideas for your treats, don’t hesitate to share them down below!

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