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Home Storage Tips: 7 Ways To Keep Your Champagne Fresh Home Storage Tips: 7 Ways To Keep Your Champagne Fresh

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Home Storage Tips: 7 Ways To Keep Your Champagne Fresh

Written by: James Anderson

With these suitable storage methods, you can keep your champagne fresh and sparkling for a longer time while reducing waste.

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We all like a glass of wine. We relish the bubbly drink and toast to great times. Regrettably, not everyone enjoys the same champagne familiarity. The cork can sometimes burst too soon, leaving a sour flavor in the mouth. You may also open up the bottle and only receive foam.



Worst of all, each big gulp is often followed by nothing! These are among the most prevalent concerns individuals encounter when drinking champagne. So, what are your options? Below are a few suggestions for keeping your champagne fresh and sparkling.


How Long Will Champagne Keep?


Sparkling wine does not last indefinitely. Champagne will keep for up to a year, depending on the ingredients.



This time period can range from very few months to a few years, depending on the brand. Furthermore, the champagne you buy is ready to serve and doesn’t have to be aged in any way (though there are certainly exceptions).


How To Position: Horizontal or Linear?


The majority of wines must be preserved on their sides. This keeps the solvent against the cork, preventing it from rinsing out and letting air in. But champagne isn’t like most beverages in that the bubbles stay in the flask lovely and wet, so the cork doesn’t dry out. A few specialists advise keeping your champagne glasses straight up to avoid cork impurities or a moldy smell and flavoring that can occur when the bottle’s hard seal is broken.



If you’re only storing champagne for a brief period, the angle somehow doesn’t matter.


Seven Ways To Keep Your Champagne Fresh


1. Purchase High-Quality Champagne


Quality is essential in everything, including this. Compared to several mass-produced champagnes, high-quality ones usually keep their droplets longer. Value is significant, but it is not always a reliable quality indicator. Several high-quality champagnes available will not set you back an arm and a leg. On their labels, search for phrases like Moët & Chandon Champagne, Millésimé, and Reserve. Alternatively, you can consult a shop and create your very own unique champagne box. This includes sparkling wines of the best quality from the shop and family-owned champagne Comte de. Their reliability ratio will astound you!


2. Use Washed Wine Bottles


Sediment in the glass jar can often cause a foul smell in your champagne. The alternative is to select thoroughly washed wine bottles free of undesirable residue.


3. Maintain The Bottle at a Perspective


Corks will dry out and shrink. This allows oxygen into your champagne bottle and can result in an unpleasant taste. Keep the flask at an angular position so that any leaking into the bottle’s neck can go back to the body. This helps prevent oxidative damage and eliminate pollutants.


4. Shake The Bottle Gently


Shaking the bottle appears to inspire pleasure in videos and photos. However, doing so can create a foam burst. There are numerous options if you would like to add a little zing to a ceremony! It would be best if you rubbed the bottle back to mix it. However, please do not shake it. If you over-mix, much carbonation will be released, resulting in an unpleasant smell.


5. Don’t Sit Around For Too Long


So, what should you do if you need more time to solidify it? Place your champagne in the refrigerator for a few minutes, but not excessively long. You may even prefer to freeze your champagne in the fridge or freezer for almost 30 minutes.


6. Don’t Store it in The Freezer


It should be kept at room temperature of 40 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything longer can sometimes cause moisture to form around the outside of the flask, which can then drip down into the champagne, making it taste sour.


7. Drink it On time


No, seriously — sparkling wine and champagne must be gobbled up quickly. Most experts believe finishing it the same day is perfect, but it can be kept in the fridge with a sealer for approximately 3 – 4 days. McCarthy says that while the wine is still pleasant, “it will become cheesier and less ebullient than when you initially opened it.”


Is a Wine Fridge Required to Store Champagne?


It all comes down to how significant you are about your selection.



If you already keep a few bottles of champagne around the house simultaneously for comfortable alcohol, a wine refrigerator is likely a costly affair.



Even so, since you’re an avid consumer or love having a massive variety at any time, it may be a vital purchase. This is particularly true if you reside in an exceptionally humid climate—a wine cooler keeps your expensive drinks safe from the elements.




With these tips, you can now avoid the hassle of determining how to store the remaining champagne. Thanks to these suitable storage methods, you can relish your cheery for a longer time while reducing champagne waste.

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