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15 Best Vacuum Storage Bags: 2022 Edition 15 Best Vacuum Storage Bags: 2022 Edition

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15 Best Vacuum Storage Bags: 2022 Edition

Written by: Emma Thompson

15 unique vacuum storage bags with features that make them stand out. They are travel friendly and cost-effective, space-saving, durable and secure.

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There is no shortage of vacuum storage bags in the market right now, with many claiming to be the best of the best. It is clear that their respective brands have gone all out to create these stunning products. After careful research, we have picked the best vacuum storage bags in the market: read on to know what they are. And if you want to achieve your dream interior design layout, definitely check out these additional storage ideas!


15 Best Vacuum Storage Bags: 2022 Edition


The current most efficient vacuum storage bag in the market comes from SpaceSaver. These storage bags will fit about 8 to 10 sweaters at any given time, making it easy for you to maximize space through effective storage.



Attached to every purchase of this bag is a travel pump. This will make it easier for those who do not own a vacuum at home. Another benefit is that on any occasion that these bags refuse to seal well, you can immediately get in touch with the brand to receive a free replacement. Begin your space-saving journey today with these bags.


The second most efficient bag we have seen recently is from the Vacwel brand. Besides being reusable, these bags feature 25% more strength and thickness when compared to other brands. Large vacuum storage bags like these can be used to keep a variety of items including king and queen-sized comforters.


When traveling you may need to carry more than one luggage bag. However, that is not easy for most people. To combat this issue, XUTAI presents 9 reliable vacuum storage bags in 3 various sizes. These bags which sport a beautiful strip design, come complete with a travel-friendly electric pump that is as small as an iPhone.


Suob is a brand that thrives on excellence, and this is demonstrated in its vacuum storage bag. The Suob 8 travel vacuum storage bag comes with enough space to keep pillows, bedding, blankets, and more. It promises to save you more than 79% of storage space, and will protect your items from insects, mildew, and moisture.


Everyone wants to save space in their cabinet but few know the proper solution. The HIBAG 10-Combo will save you up to 83% of storage space, and protect your items from insects, moisture, and heat. These bags are available in packs of 10 with a variety sizes.


Steadily, growing into one of the biggest household names the world has ever seen, Gongshi offers premium storage bags in packs of 12. Besides providing ample storage space, these bags are available in four different sizes, ranging from small to jumbo.



Showcasing a double-seal zipper and a triple-seal turbo valve, these bags guarantee long-lasting security for all your belongings. What’s more, these bags have a lifetime warranty. This means that you can return them anytime they are damaged.


This particular brand of storage bags is making waves in 2022. Its features are as stunning as it looks, and its name ‘storage master’ is self-explanatory. This bag can store a ton of belongings in one container, saving you space for other things. It is made from quality materials that are thick and durable, to ensure optimal security. This product also comes with a hand pump, in case you don’t have a vacuum cleaner. Made of BPA Free PA + PE, these space saver bags are suitable for long term use. Its black and white waterproof zipper further add to its style and effectiveness.


The Suoco brand is known for its quality vacuum bags. Many buyers who have purchased their vacuum storage bags can attest to the uniqueness of their products. The 8-pack vacuum storage bag is designed with nylon and plastic composite, and are available in two sizes – small and jumbo.


Another vacuum storage bag you need to check out is the Airbaker Vacuum Storage bag. This particular product consists of 9 individual bags in different sizes from small to jumbo. With this vacuum bag in your possession, you’ll have a convenient way to store clothes, towels, comforters, and pillows at home or on-the-go.



For dire-hard travelers, this bag is sure a perfect fit. These bags come complete with a travel pump for added convenience.


Unlike the 8 pack vacuum storage bags with jumbo and small sizes, the Suoco 8 pack jumbo vacuum storage bags are one-size only. These bags can contain items like pillows, blankets, duvets, and more without taking up too much space in your cabinet. These bags are also ideal for traveling.


The Hibag storage bag has steadily gained prominence as a high-flier within the market. The reason for this rise can be attributed to its unique features. Quality materials like nylon and polyethylene are used in making these bags. But what loyal Hibag customers love the most about this vacuum bag is its durability and versatility.


With the SPACE MAX Premium Vacuum Storage Space Saver Bags, users can now maximize their closet space by storing their ponderous and outdated gadgets in a central compartment. With every unit of this vacuum bag specifically designed to prevent air from getting in or going out when it’s sealed, you can trust that your gadgets would be free from mold and bacteria. Furthermore, its waterproof exterior can ensure that your gadgets remain in pristine condition.



These heavy-duty plastic vacuum compression storage bags by Amazon Basics is designed to store a variety of bulky textiles, clothing, linens, and more. Compressing your items down in size by 80%, these bags are moisture, dirt, odor resistant. They also feature a heavy-duty valve and double seal zippers for added airtight protection, and come complete with a hand pump.


Available in packs of 24, these storage bags by Rainbow Craft can save you up to 80% of storage space, while providing 30% more in quality thickness. Perfect for home and travel use, these bags not only come complete with a complementary dual pump, but feature a dual-zipper seal lock and triple-seal turbo valve design. The Rainbow Craft space saver bags are manufactured under the strictest quality control standards, and can be used for prolonged periods of time.


This pack of 8 premium vacuum storage bags by BoxLegend can save you up to 80% of storage space. Perfect for safekeeping duvets, bed sheets, towels, blankets, and more, these bags are 100% airtight, thanks to their double seal design.




Storing items haphazardly can sometimes result in sleepless nights. In such scenarios you often worry about the things you’ve stored getting damp, or being raided by insects. Thankfully, with these vacuum storage bags, you won’t have to worry anymore. Especially if you are someone who loves maintaining free space in your home. Vacuum storage bags are designed to provide you with more space for your belongings while protecting them against other ‘unscrupulous’ elements.



The bags we have reviewed are guaranteed to keep your clothes and other items safe, save you space, and ease your traveling. So do the needful, and get yourself a vacuum storage bag today!

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