50 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Kitchen Storage

Kitchen storage


Taste, touch, hearing, smell, sight – a kitchen provides the ultimate feast for a person’s 5 senses. Whether it’s the crunch of celery or the alluring sizzle of meat, kitchen storage products play a crucial role in elevating your overall experience. We take you through the best products of each category.



Have you been having the challenge of keeping your kitchen’s clutter under control? Are you here looking for kitchen storage ideas to help you overcome this menace? If yes, this article is for you. Trying to tidy up your kitchen each time will only get you far, but what you need is to incorporate truly clever organizers into the unused areas hiding in your kitchen. In this article, we are set to help you avoid spending too much time in the kitchen trying to tidy up by giving you 50 foolproof ways to maximize your kitchen storage.



1. Corral the Counter Clutter

dirty dishes in the kitchen. home care


Go inside your kitchen and look critically, there may be chances that your counter will collect some new clutter. Find a tray that can contain the assortment of utensils, canisters, spices, and oils. We recommend you start by choosing a tray that’s pretty enough to leave on display. You can decide to use a rustic wood and metal. We advise you to decant vinegar and oil into glass bottles with gold spouts and add canisters for stashing the utensils you may need every day. This will make your counter look neater and well organized.



2. Install a Wall-Mounted Pot Rail

hang your kitchen utensils


Your inability to notice that you have some free wall space lurking in the kitchen may just be another reason your kitchen cabinets and counter may be looking flooded. Check out for unused spaces on the walls by the side of your cabinet, or the walls over the sink and install a pot rail for hanging pots and pans, ladles, and oven mitts. However, we highly recommend that you avoid keeping flammable items on the rail if it is mounted close to the stovetop. A wall-mounted pot is another effective answer to the question, “How can I arrange my kitchen neatly?”



3. Maximize your Pantry

Your kitchen pantry may have many shelves but how you utilize your storage spaces has a great deal of effect over the orderliness of your kitchen. You can maximize the utility of your pantry. To do this, you have to double your storage spaces. Use the expandable spice rack from the Amazon link above to hold your stash of food coloring and sprinkles. The three-tier system is made to enable you to have complete visibility of each bottle, so you will never have to search the back of the shelf for a lost item of blue sprinkles. Always make sure each item has its spot. If you do that accurately,  they won’t have to fight each other for space.



4. Turntables

A turntable is a secret weapon in the kitchen that enables you to make any dead space functional. These small turntables hold pantry staples that you may need often, and they enable you to keep your salt and pepper, soy sauce so you can spin the base of your turntable and grab what you need quickly. You can also use it to organize bottles of oils. It helps keep away small items on the shelves creating clutter.



5. Make Space for Cookbooks

artsy bookshelf


If you are one of those people who keep cookbooks in the kitchen, then you need a cookbook shelf. With a cookbook shelf in your kitchen, you don’t have to devote precious counter space to the collection. If however, you don’t have the culture of having your cookbooks in the kitchen, you have to develop the culture. It helps you avoid the stress of having to go out of the kitchen each time you need a cookbook.



6. Utilize Over the Sink Space

We recommend that you utilize the over the sink space in your kitchen for a dish rack. This will enable the drying dishes to drip right into the sink. And at the same time, it stops the dish rack from occupying space in the counter. The compartments are designed to hold items such as plates, utensils, glasses and the handles are ideal dish towels. When you store your pots and cooking utensils over the sink space, everything you need is always easily within your reach.



7. Under-Sink Slider

A typical under the sink in the kitchen is a notorious catchall for garbage bins, stray glassware, and cleaning products. But the right organizer can change that. An under sink slider ensures that all of the sponges, cleaners, sprays, and detergents are kept tidy. The product comes in multiple sizes, ranging from 11.5 to 14.5 inches. Make sure you get the dimension of your kitchen before proceeding to get one for yourself.



8. Squeeze in More Shelving

Stylish Kitchen


You need to install a floating shelf on the side of your cabinet if your cabinets are cluttered with appliances and dishware. Floating shelving could help accommodate the overflow of items on the cabinet. Store the items like the salt and pepper shakers, coffee maker, and fresh fruits you reach for often and leave counter space free for food prep.



9. Use Storage Bins to Put your Cabinets in Order

You need these storage bins to help you keep your cabinet in order by having all small appliances and measuring cups piled in each bin. By doing so, you’ll have a more organized small kitchen storage cabinet.



10. Bring Storage Down Low

You may have put all your focus and attention to space above your kitchen cabinet neglecting the fact that the space below them can as well be put to good use. You can place your slide drawer there to organize your kitchen neatly.



11. Magnetic Fridge Organizer

You should consider yourself lucky if you have a magnetic fridge. Because you can convert its entire surface into one big blank surface for magnetic bins and organizers. The Japanese brand Yamazaki storage rack in the link above sticks onto the side of the refrigerator. It also has a shelf for aluminum foil and plastic wrap, hooks for scissors or oven mitts, and a bar for dish towels.



12. Magnetic Bin

Try adding magnetic bins if you want to maximize the utility of the magnetic surface of your fridge. This will help create a space that can hold pens, measuring spoons, pencils, and maybe a notepad for jotting down grocery lists.



13. Store Pans Sideways

In a typical kitchen, it seems like no matter how hard we try to organize our pans and pots, we still experience a jumbled and noisy mess. And one way to avoid this mess is to stack pans, lids, cutting boards, and baking sheets horizontally.



14. Tea Bag Organizer

If you like to take different tea flavors, you may be having the challenge of how to organize them in a very stylish and presentable manner. Worry no more! A Tea Bag organizer is available to help you. It helps keep your tea collection in stylish shape and reduce clutter.



15. Divide Kitchen Tools

Drawer dividers do not only create space for forks, spoons, and knives. You can also adjust them to accommodate various types of utensils ranging from large, too small, even to oddly shaped utensils.



16. Use Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers enable you to keep similar items together in a specific section of your drawer. It helps direct your hand to the specified location where the utensil or tool of interest is kept. With drawer dividers, your items won’t be piled on top of each other and help stop them from sliding around in drawers.



17. Take Things Out of the Cabinets


Making sure your cabinet is not overcrowded happens to be one of the keys to successful kitchen storage systems. Make sure you take some items out of your cabinets whenever you notice it is becoming overcrowded. You can take them elsewhere within the kitchen. One way to free up space in your cabinet is to take pots and pans out of your cabinets and hang them on pot lid hangers. It will make your kitchen look really good.



18. Add Drawers to your Cabinets

You should consider installing as many drawers as possible in your cabinet. This transforms them from untamed caves into a standard storage unit which allows you to serve up exactly what you need. Heavy-duty drawers can accommodate heavier and larger items, such as pots and pans, while simple drawers can house light, small items. Maximize your kitchen storage by storing all the items you don’t use frequently in higher cabinets. Install very high cabinets that stretch to the ceiling. This will enable you to squeeze in more storage space than you expected.



19. Use Hooks to Hang Mugs on the Underside of Shelves


Why don’t you take advantage of the unused area above a stack of bowls and plates by hanging mugs from hooks? This will also enable you to reach your favorite mug without having to shuffle the others out of the way.



20. Hang Bags with Pants Hangers

Hanging bags with pants hangers is one of the key kitchen storage ideas, and you can also hang a variety of objects. They serve as both hangers, to keep bags from flopping everywhere, and chip clips to keep contents fresh.



21. Label Everything

Never ignore the power of a good kitchen storage container system. Store your food in labeled glass jars and containers for a more polished and organized approach. To avoid the visual and mental stress of having to look at a collection of disparate containers filled with all kinds of different contents, we advise that you label each container appropriately. Although, one can know what’s inside a container just by looking through clear containers, don’t you think it is more beneficial to avoid that visual and mental stress just by labeling them?



22. Store Like with Like

kitchen ingredients in containers


Keeping similar items together in a specific section of your drawer helps direct your hand or attention to the specific location where the utensil or tool of interest is kept. It also serves both practical and aesthetic purposes. Also, grouping items that look the same is a very stylish way to organize your kitchen.



23. Employ the Pantry “Golden Rule”

The golden rule says that everything in the pantry must be placed in such a way to enable you to see everything that’s inside it. This rule should also be applied to the interiors of your drawers and cabinets. The benefit of this rule is that you’ll always know what you have inside, and this will force you to edit what you keep. Furthermore, it makes putting items away much easier.



24. Add Shelf Risers

Add shelf risers to maximize the vertical space in your pantry (or in your cabinets). They enable you to store more things on top of each other. They also allow you to pull things out without the hassle of unstacking.



25. Make your Pot Lid Hangers

You should use the command hooks from the Amazon link above to make custom potholders that live on your cabinet doors. Pretending your lid is a clock face, hold each lid up to the cabinet door, and place command hooks at 4:00 and 8:00. This will enable your lid to rest securely within the hooks you placed and you’ll be able to grab it when you need it.


26. Use a Rolling Cart

Cozy loft kitchen with dinning table, chairs and metal storage racks on wheels - trolley


Use a rolling cart to allow you to add even more storage to your pantry. You need one that fits into your pantry to enable you to maximize the space allotted to storage and ultimately maximize your kitchen storage without having to sacrifice any functionality. You can simply roll out the cart if you desire to get to items on the cart or behind it. For easy operation make sure you store the same category of items on the cart.


For instance, if you store your baking items in the cart you can simply roll it out close to hand when you need them. You can also use a rolling cart to keep all your kitchen basics. If you lack a great deal of storage in your kitchen it’s a great idea to keep our most-often used kitchen essentials together in a rolling cart. This will help you move it easily to wherever you’re stirring, chopping, or washing. You can always move it around; it’s never really in the way.



27. Try a Pull-Out Pantry

A pull out pantry is one great way to maximize your kitchen storage. Dry goods, spices, and other cooking ingredients are stored in a pull-out “pantry.” This is a great way to keep them tucked away and still have easy access whenever you need them.



28. Store Above Your Window

Every little space matters when it comes to kitchen storage, that is to say, irrespective of the size or dimension of your window, you can make it count. A simple shelf above a window increases display space for bowls, plates, and art. This will make your kitchen stylish and unique.



29. Hide Appliances

Instead of keeping your appliances, like a microwave or toaster, out in plain sight, work with a contractor and designer. This will help you come up with cool ways to hide your appliances. You should consider placing your toaster or microwave cabinet in a position where it is out of sight when not in use.



30. Use All Possible Room

To optimize your kitchen storage, you have to ensure that no space goes unused when designing your kitchen. To expand your kitchen storage space you have to add extra shelves in places you feel they would be most functional, and highly accessible.



31. Put It On Display

kitchen storage rack


You can maximize your kitchen storage and look at the same time by displaying the prettiest items on the exposed wall-to-wall reclaimed wooden shelves and cubbies and put the less attractive essentials that can be stocked away in the cabinets away from general view. Another way to make your kitchen stylish is to apply color-coding. It adds a soothing sense of rhythm to your kitchen.



32. Rainbow-Ordered Books Look Good Anywhere and Everywhere

To give your kitchen that awesome look your visitors will admire when they come in, you should consider storing your cookbooks in rainbow order. Arranging books in rainbow order on open shelves says that somebody took the time to put them that way. It makes everything feel tidy and deliberate.



33. You Need a Curtain to Hide Things under Your Sink

Repurpose old linens and hang it as a curtain when the space under your kitchen sink is exposed and you don’t want to splurge on new custom cabinetry. You can also add extra hooks to enable you to hang things like mugs. To get some use out of the underside, simply attach the hooks to the floating shelves.



34. Get Drawer Organizers

Kitchen Drawer Organization Solution


Dedicate a particular draw in the kitchen to a particular set of items so you always know where to find whatever you desire in its designated draw. With this, you can organize your chargers, office supplies, a lint roller, keys, and sunglasses into various sections in a drawer. We recommend lucite organizers so all your items have a place.



35. Leave Space between Sets of Items on Open Shelving

Even on full shelves, you need to give the illusion of space by allowing items to breathe. You must prevent your open shelves from looking cluttered and cramped by giving all the items some space.



36. Magnetic Knife Bar

Knife blocks may seem to look professional, but they take up way too much counter space. We advise that you store knives and other metallic kitchen utensils on a magnetic strip placed on your wall.



37. Use Forgotten Spaces

Kitchen wall decorated interior with cabinet and shelf with utensils


It may surprise you to know that every inch of free space in the kitchen can be crucial when you plan on maximizing your kitchen storage. Even the forgotten spaces like the side of your lower cabinets can serve as the perfect spot to hang heavy, clunky items like colanders or cutting boards that are annoying to store.



38. Use Your Cabinet Doors

Just as stated above, every inch truly counts. You can use your cabinet doors to hang your most frequently used cooking utensils such as spoons and measuring cups and spoons, instead of cramming them into already or almost full drawers.



39. Arrange Items by Height

You should consider arranging your items by height and they will be as beautiful as when you arrange your books by height on a bookshelf. Try placing pantry or cabinet items within your kitchen according to height. This makes your kitchen look more organized and it goes a long way to maximize kitchen storage.



40. Go Through your Food Storage Containers

How to use Food Storage Containers from Adobe Stock by Angelina Zinovieva


Food storage container organization can be a tough challenge. There are so many sizes and shapes, and each container has a lid that also has a size and a shape. To make everything neat and nice, go through your collection to see what you have, what you might need, and what you should get rid of.



41. Store Messy Items on Saucers

One way to maximize your kitchen storage is to make sure your kitchen is free from messes at all times. One way to do this is to ensure that you store things that tend to leave messes or drop debris on top of saucers or shallow bowls or small plates. This will help keep messes from spreading all over your cabinet or pantry interiors and will keep other items clean as well.



42. Cover Glass Cabinet Doors

The glass cabinet doors of your kitchen can be a beautiful component of your kitchen cabinetry. But now you should cover them up when what you see through those doors is not attractive. You can even make your kitchen more attractive by covering your glass cabinet doors with attractive paper.



43. Hang A Plate Rack

A pot rack and plate rack show off your collections, and at the same time also keeps these items out of the way. In addition to being easily accessible when you need to grab them for use.



44. Customize Bread Baskets

Built-in bread baskets will help elevate your kitchen. This will also enable bread to stay fresh, easy to access, and tucked away.



Where Do I Store My Food If I Have No Pantry

Food donation box


This section is for you if you are here to get the answers to the question where do I store my food if I have no pantry? In the real sense, you don’t have to bother about where to keep your food anymore because you can fill an empty kitchen corner with an armoire or put your empty wall space to work. Just adopt one or all of the following hacks.


45. Out in the Open

You can decide to show off your foods by displaying them in glass containers either in your cabinets or on your counters. Get cans and boxes for stylized storage that not only complements your individual, and your kitchen style but enables you to have quick access to ingredients each time. Stow often used baking ingredients, such as flour, oats and brown sugar, in short, squat jars, while making a home for raw beans in tall jars and long pasta. When going for jars, ensure you get sealed jars, it will enable your ingredients to stay longer and remain fresh. Stash onions, potatoes, and other hardy root ingredients in wooden bins or sturdy clay crocks.



46. Behind Closed Open

Look elsewhere in your home for a proper room for food storage if you are still confused about where to store food you don’t have a pantry. The top shelf of your front closet should be dedicated to storing boxed items while the closet floor is specially dedicated to canned items if your shoes do not object. You must consider relocating kitchen supplies to other parts of the house where they may be needed as well, such as using the linen closet to store extra paper towels. If you resolve to store items throughout the house, you must make a master list of where various items are stored.



47. Bring in Reinforcements

If you are opportune to have some extra floor space in your kitchen, you can put it to good use by bringing in an extra piece of storage furniture. If you are a baker you should add several pullout drawers to enable you to store cake mixers and other ingredients in plastic storage units. Also, parents can have enough space to store their extra essentials. Relocate nicer pieces, such as a metal locker or a wooden armoire, to an empty corner for closed and stylish storage.



48. Leave Them Hanging

If however, you don’t have some extra on the floor, look around the kitchen. You might have some empty wall space that you can put to good use by hanging wire shelving for your pantry items. Get wall-mounted wide wire storage that can easily accommodate your everyday most essential items, such as packets of dry rubs, and fresh lemons. If possible, you can even go ahead to store your pans and pots on a pegboard wall in your kitchen or adjacent hallway. You should use the newly emptied cabinets to store your food.



49. Look Behind the Curtain

You should leave your shelves open if its contents are attractively placed. But if you lack storage space you should add a curtain to your shelves to enable you to store your jumble of pantry essentials. Invest in metal or plastic baskets to store similar items and use shelf dividers to store items like canned soups and gravies. Hang a curtain rod on the front of the kitchen shelve and cover with a curtain that has been cut to the dimension of your shelve. Ensure that you stack all the foods behind the curtain to prevent them from falling off.



50. A Microwave Cabinet

If you are opportune to have some extra floor space in your kitchen, you can put it to good use by installing a microwave cabinet. You can, as a matter of preference, decide to install your microwave cabinet on the top row of cabinets, the lower cabinets, or even as a separate island if you have space to spare in the kitchen. This is a great way to make a previously unused area more functional. You can hide your microwave by installing a pocket door, this will enable you to keep it away from children and visitors. You can maximize your kitchen storage by installing a microwave that is bigger than your oven this way you will be able to store other kitchen items such as spice jars, utensils, or even microwavable popcorn.



The above kitchen storage ideas will help you organize your kitchen environment in a way that will not only maximize your storage system. It will also give your kitchen a sense of orderliness and quick access.




Why Do You Need Kitchen Storage?

Storage is essentially all about organizing items, and making them readily accessible in the process.


Kitchen storage is important because a kitchen is considered the heart of a house, and is where most of the cooking and preparation of food take place. It is imperative, therefore, that you choose high-quality kitchen storage options to more easily segregate your food/tools/equipment. Productivity is important in the kitchen, too!


A wide variety of kitchen storage options exist, amongst them kitchen shelves, kitchen tool organizers, trays, and cabinets.


Things You Need To Consider When Buying Kitchen Storage

Filled plastic containers to save food and fruits fresh


1. Functionality

The ideal kitchen storage product must – above everything else – fulfill the function(s) it claim(s) to deliver.


2. Size

Make the most out of a small kitchen by opting for ergonomic choices that are portable and foldable. Done right, space need not necessarily pose as a constraint, but rather act as an enabling factor that drives us to seek more innovative alternatives.


3. Price

The “break it or make it” factor: a product can be aesthetically pleasing and space-saving, yet deter people from purchasing it due to its high price tag. 


4. Design 

Modern, rustic, industrial… The possibilities are endless when it comes to the design of your kitchen. Pick wooden shelve to go with a rustic theme, cool metal ones for an industrial feel, and so on. 


Where To Buy High Quality Storage

Although plenty of sites claim to carry high-quality kitchen storage products, there’s no site that does it quite like Storables: apart from recommending the best items for your needs, we also share useful tips to help you maximize usage of each item. 


Must Have Kitchen Storage Options In Your House

Keep spices, condiments and more in these kitchen storage drawers! They come in a wide variety of options, and are mostly really affordable.
Save space and give your kitchen a chic feel with these hanging kitchen storage picks: we recommend you go for stainless steel ones, which combine the best of aesthetics and functionality.
A multi-functional piece of furniture that has become a staple in American households, kitchen storage carts combine different compartments/elements such as shelves, drawers, and even serving compartments to keep your food nice and piping hot.
Be it vegetables, pet supplies, or other food items, neatly sort out and arrange items by category with these A-grade kitchen storage bins. Not only are they easy to clean, they provide instant access to goods too.
Go the classy route with wire kitchen storage baskets, or opt for easy-to-maintain plastic ones.Whatever material they’re made from, these baskets are extremely useful for segregating items and making your kitchen tidier than ever.
Have trouble finding what you want? Instantly identify and access items by putting them into kitchen storage containers, many of which are also BPA-free and heat-resistant. 
Apart from being able to store items, kitchen storage racks can also be used to dry cutlery and utensils.
Kitchen storage shelves are indispensable to every kitchen. To maximize their usage, you could dedicate each level to a different type of food/seasoning.


How To Organize Kitchen Storage

Want to organize your kitchen, but not sure how to start? From creating an open pantry to utilizing under-cabinet space, YouTuber Sarah Ashley Spiegel shows you how. 



Space-Saving Kitchen Storage Ideas For A Small Place

For those with small kitchens, storage options seem to be limited: what can you do to maximize every square inch of your space? Here are some ideas to get you started.


1. Add a pegboard

Effortlessly set it up on any wall, and take it down when it’s no longer needed. Pegboards are flexible and highly versatile choices for storing essentials like kitchen utensils, pots and more.


2. Utilize the sides of cabinets

Think outside the cabinet: by affixing hooks to the sides of your cabinets, you’d have created yet another option for storage.


3. Magnetic knife rack

An alternative to conventional countertop space: the walls. Hang your knives, spatulas etc. instead of putting them into bulky holders, which take up a lot of space.


Smart Kitchen Storage Shelves That Will Fit Your Taste

Plenty of storage shelves offer both space and flexibility. To save space, go for options that allow you to customize your shelf based on your current needs. Some kitchen storage shelves are also expandable, so you can adjust them accordingly to fit the layout of your kitchen.


Best Kitchen Storage Guide And Tips For Your New Home

Planning to buy your first home, or move to a new one? Here are some tips for you.


How To Build Your Own Kitchen Storage?

While building a storage product from scratch is undeniably not for everyone, DIY-ing your own kitchen storage means you can customize it according to the amount of space available and your needs. Here’s a short video on making your own kitchen storage cabinet, courtesy of EngineerYourSpace from Youtube.



Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Storage


1. How To Keep Your Kitchen Storage Pantry Clean?


Only Buy What You Need

Having fewer items means less time and energy is needed to maintain the pantry overall. Not only will you save money, this is also a sustainable move that prevents perfectly good food from going to waste.

Organize Using Storage Containers & Labels

Group items from the same category together, place them into different storage containers, and label each one clearly using masking tape and a felt marker/pen. This will help you locate a particular item more easily, and cut down on clutter as well.

Declutter As You Go

Done with that bottle of ketchup? Time to recycle its packaging, or toss it into the trash (whichever you prefer). Like it or not, packaging tends to take up a lot of space. Either ensure that all empty boxes, bottles and containers are stacked neatly together for future use, or remove them from your pantry entirely.


2. Where To Buy Kitchen Storage Containers?

Kitchen storage containers can be bought virtually anywhere, but no store serves your kitchen storage needs quite as well as Storables does: our carefully-curated collection of kitchen storage containers will leave you spoilt for choice.


3. How To Build A Kitchen Bench Seat With Storage?


4. What Are Some Ways To Maximize Kitchen Storage?

Create a vibrant and dynamic space where you can bond with loved ones over a good culinary session. Kitchen storage space can be maximized easily using a number of tips ‘n tricks.


5. Different Ideas To Make A Kitchen Storage Cabinets

Store-bought varieties might seem more appealing, but there’s something immensely satisfying about creating your own kitchen storage cabinet from scratch. Try these ideas today for a kitchen storage cabinet that’s guaranteed to last you for a long time.


6. Kitchen Storage Ideas That Are Worth A Try

Whether it’s under the sink or over the cabinet, there are tons of brilliant ways to add a bit more space. These 45 kitchen storage ideas are fuss-free, affordable and sure to work like a charm.


7. Types Of Kitchen Storage Containers That You Need

Kitchen storage containers come in every shape and size – there are ones designed specially to contain hot food, and ones that keep drinks cool for hours. Some common types of kitchen storage containers are: 

  • Canisters
  • Stainless steel containers
  • Glass containers
  • Plastic containers


8. Small Kitchen Storage Ideas To Maximize Space

If you think your kitchen can’t fit any more things, think again. Floor space is important, yes, but there are also walls, ceilings, and other surfaces to make use of. Get your dose of inspiration with our list of small kitchen storage ideas today.


9. Plan an above the window kitchen storage racks

When space is at a premium, every square inch counts. That’s when kitchen racks come in – install one above your window(s), and you can store less frequently used items there.


10. Built-in kitchen storage shelves designs

From minimalistic to extravagant, here are the best built-in kitchen storage shelf designs of 2020. 


11. Clever ideas to use your kitchen storage cart

Your all-in-one kitchen solution! Store things in, on top of, and at the sides of your kitchen storage cart. More clever ideas can be found here.

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