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12 Best Under Bed Storage Containers to Maximize Space 12 Best Under Bed Storage Containers to Maximize Space

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12 Best Under Bed Storage Containers to Maximize Space

Written by: Grace Wilson

Instantly solve your storage woes with these handy under bed storage containers. Free up bedroom space for things that truly matter!

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In the search for storage space around the house, most of us overlook an area with excellent potential: the space under the bed. We often search for functional plastic storage shelves when we’re running low on floor space, but we rarely ever search for possible under-bed storage containers.



This article will suggest under bed storage ideas that are out of sight but readily accessible. From clothing organizers to portable safes, get ready to be introduced to the world of under bed storage containers. If you are looking at general ideas, check out our clever storage ideas instead.



12 Best Underbed Storage Containers To Maximize Space - INFOGRAPHICS



Apparel Under Bed Organizers

More closet space is at the top of the wish list for many homeowners. However, adding more floor space isn’t the only solution to this problem: sometimes, the best approach is to utilize the space you already have. The gap under the bed is a space with potential that is often overlooked. This area can be difficult to access, but with the right containers, you will wonder why you didn’t think of under-the-bed storage in the first place. 





This durable clothing organizer will fit perfectly if you have a six-inch gap under your bed. Standing at 5.9″ by 37.8″ x 15.8″, the organizer is 40% larger than other under bed storage containers on the market.



This hefty under bed storage organizer allows you to store away your fluffy blankets or winter coats during the summer. In addition, the sides and dividers of this under bed storage are reinforced with firm straight boards to ensure the protection of your stowed items. Moreover, the handles are sewn to the side plate to strengthen its load-bearing capacity and ease access to the goods under the bed. 





Do you have seasonal shoes that take up too much space in the arrival hall or even in your closet? This is the solution to your headache. Store up to 12 pairs of shoes in this storage container. Afraid your thigh-high boots won’t fit in this storage? The adjustable dividers allow you to customize the storage capacity of this organizer to suit any style of shoes.



The manufacturers are confident that you will enjoy their product. Regardless, there’s a money-back guarantee even beyond the 30-day return period if you didn’t like their product at all. 





Have multiple pieces of clothing that just won’t fit into a single bag or organizer? Space isn’t an issue with this premium fabric under bed storage container: this extra-large option measures 42’’(L) x 18’’(W) x 6’’(H) and can store virtually anything including sweaters, blankets, toys, and shoes.



Breathable material ensures that mold and mildew are kept out, and a slim and foldable design makes storing this product when not in use an absolute breeze. Pick your favorite from three shades: grey, aqua blue, and beige.





Good storage doesn’t necessarily have to come with a steep price tag, as illustrated by this storage bag right here. Made from 1680D Oxford fabric (one of the best fabricgrades), this delightful under bed storage container is not only waterproof and dust-resistant but also washable. It is highly portable, durable, and will surely make for a great bedroom addition.



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Seasonal Under Bed Storage Containers 


Don’t need a permanent fix to your storage problems? Try temporary storage containers that can be kept away when you do not need them. They are a great example of how you can organize daily essentials during seasonal periods of your life. 





Made from durable materials such as thick cardboard and polyester linen cloth, this fabric under bed storage solution is great for storing an assortment of items. It’s a perfect storage solution for the baby essentials during your new stage in life. And when your angel is all grown up, under bed storage bins like this can be neatly folded away. Additionally, the lid protects the contents from dust and other elements. The dimensions of the storage container are 28” x 16.5” x 6”. 





It’s never been easier to store seasonal/rarely worn items – that dress from prom, for instance, or your college graduation robe – with this under bed storage bag. This low profile under bed storage product is BPA-free and resistant to dirt, dust, water, and pests. Its transparent design means you’re able to see what’s inside at a single glance and get exactly what you want!





Say goodbye to dirt and dust on your precious clothes! This storage bag allows the entry of air so clothes won’t smell stale while ensuring pesky dirt doesn’t get in as well. It’s a space-saving and multi-functional option that delivers excellent value for its price tag.





Safely store seasonal items, clothes, blankets, and more in this sturdy large under bed storage container. It’s super lightweight, portable and is sure to fit under your bed due to its flexibility. In the event that you’re moving houses, its strong and sturdy handles will ensure that the bag won’t break.



Rolling Under Bed Storage Containers 


Looking for practical solutions to your bedroom storage problem? These storage containers will free up bed space, add security, and even prevent insects from damaging your precious books. 





Pillows or folders of documents without any proper storage can be an eyesore. Use this under bed wire cart to store away your pillows and documents and declutter your bedroom. The wheels attached to the cart allow for easy access whenever you need your items. Furthermore, the elevated design of this modern under bed storage item keeps stored items off the floor to protect them from dust and dirt. Overall, this product makes an excellent under bed shoe storage solution.



Made from metal, this storage container is built to last forever. Measuring at 24.8” x 25” x 6.5″, it is easy to assemble. As such, you have no excuse to leave the space under the bed empty. 





Bought too many books at the latest book fair, but your bookshelf is full to the brim? This space-efficient shallow under bed storage item with wheels is ideal for storing your books. Pack the books on your shelves into this box and display your newly bought titles instead.



You won’t have to worry about your books getting silverfish because this storage container has a lid that prevents moisture from entering. The clear base allows for quick viewing of the contents without opening the lid, and a quick undoing of one latch and lifting of the lid makes for a quick opening. Measuring at 33.88” (L) x18.75” (W) x 7” (H), this container will safely store multiple books. 





Differing from the conventional safes available on the market, this low-profile locking mobile storage container is perfect for an easy and efficient safekeeping of your personal belongings. This is great for people with small rooms but need security for their passport, official documents, and other valuables. The safe measures at 26.5” (L) x 16.3” (W) x 5.8” (H).



Apart from this, the personal safe includes a wire-braided security cable so you can lock, roll, and tie your safe under any standard bed frame. Money won’t buy happiness, but it can buy peace of mind and security. Give yourself that today with this personal safe that you can roll under the bed. 





Made from top-notch plastic, this hefty under bed storage box with lids is both durable and environmentally-friendly. Eight wheels and handles make pulling it out from under the bed effortless. Additionally, SHOZAFIA’s 3-pack storage bin also boasts a massive 60-quart to 70-quart (18 gallns) capacity, which is more than enough for storing your most beloved possessions.



DIY Under Bed Drawer

DIY under bed storage drawers



If you want to create your own under bed drawers, this project is for you. This pull-out drawer is designed to fit under your bed, and it’s just the place for storing off-season clothing or children’s toys. It has an easy-open top that keeps stored items free from dust. And you’ll never have to struggle to pull the unit in and out because installed near the drawer’s bottom corners are four wooden wheels. 



Before you begin ordering or cutting the wood needed for the drawer, measure the clearance under your bed. The dimensions provided in this project will create a drawer that measures 6 1/4 inches high – a size that will fit under most beds. You can adjust the width of the drawer’s sides and ends if your under-bed clearance demands a shallower drawer, or a deeper one if space allows. 



Materials Needed

  • 2 Plywood sides ¾” x 5 ¼” x 24” 
  • 2 Plywood front & back ¾” x 5 ¼” x 23 ¼” 
  • 1 Plywood bottom ⅜” x 23 ¼” x 23 ¼” 
  • 1 Plywood top ¼” x 22 ¾” x 22 ¾” 
  • One Solid-wood edging blank ¾” x 2 ⅛” x 50” 
  • 6D Finishing nails 
  • 1” Brads 
  • 4D Finishing nails 
  • 1 Wood knob 
  • 4 2” to 4” Wooden wheels with axles 



Making The Parts

  1. Rabbet the ends of the side panels and the bottoms of the front and back at ¾” x ⅜”.
  2. Rabbet the bottoms of the side panels at ½” x ¼” 
  3. Groove the edging to 1 ⅛” x ¼” and with a router and ⅜-inch or ½-inch round-over bit, round-over two corners of the blank as shown. Then rip the black in half to form two strips of top edging. 



Assembling The Drawer

A carpenter is building a drawer in his workshop



  1. Fasten the front and back to the end rabbets in the sides with glue and 6d finishing nails.
  2. Secure the base to the bottom rabbets in the box with glue and 1-inch brads. 
  3. Use a mitre box and backsaw or suitable power saw to mitre-cut four strips of edging to fit the top edges of the drawer with the rabbet in each strip facing the inside of the drawer.
  4. Attach the strip with glue and 4D finishing nails so that the outside surfaces of the edging and drawer panels are flush. 
  5. Use a 1-inch spade or Forstner bit to drill a finger hole centered about 2 inches from one edge of the plywood top. 



Finishing The Drawer 

  1. After sanding, stain and varnish or paint the drawer and top. Paint or stain the wheels before installation. 
  2. Center the screw hole for the knob in the front panel and screw the knob in place. 
  3. Drill two axle holes in each side panel 2 inches inside each front and rear corner and at a distance from the bottom edge to provide 1/4 -inch clearance when wheels are attached. Then insert an axle through each wheel hub and glue each axle in a hole, being careful to keep glue off the axle where it touches the wheel. 





Whether it’s for temporary storage, for maximizing your bedroom space, or for knowing where something is the next time we need it, the aforementioned suggested under bed storage ideas do not give you a free pass to hoard items in your bedroom. Your bedroom is the greatest reflection of who you are – let’s keep things balanced. 

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