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30 Best Kitchen Islands That Are Super Elegant & Convenient 30 Best Kitchen Islands That Are Super Elegant & Convenient

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30 Best Kitchen Islands That Are Super Elegant & Convenient

Written by: James Anderson

Get your hands on the best Kitchen Islands that are a boon for all small & medium sized kitchens. Transform your kitchen INSTANTLY with one.

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Whether you are looking for modern kitchen islands or rustic ones, they inevitably come with loads of benefits. Like increasing the countertop space, a separate prep station, or the storage options. However, it may get a bit tricky finding the one that fits your needs and tastes. 



So here we are with the best kitchen island ideas that will woo you into buying one asap. Check these out!






The Home Styles kitchen island comes with a solid hardwood top for your chopping and cooking needs. Besides, it has a drop-leaf hidden at the back that can, at any time, increase the countertop space. This kitchen island also has sufficient storage space in the form of cabinets and drawers. And even a little spice rack and wheels for rolling it. With its humble and functional design, this can fit in nicely among your kitchen furniture.






These kitchen islands by Casual Home feature Solid American Hardwood Top, which enhances its durability. It has two open shelves under the main countertop, apart from the convenient stainless steel pull out the drawer. Furthermore, the stainless steel towel rack will help you dry your towels, or hang items like pots and pans. Moreover, it is lightweight and easy to assemble.






This rolling kitchen cart by Crosley Furniture will be a rustic addition to your kitchen space. The solid hardwood and veneer vouch for its durability. Moreover, the heavy-duty rubber wrapped castors also make it easy to move with no damage to the floor or the kitchen island. However, the top is solid pine, while two spacious drawers and open shelves provide storage space.






If you have a wooden kitchen interior, these kitchen islands by mainstay will perfectly compliment them. Powered by wheels, you can freely move it around the kitchen as and when needed. Moreover, you may use the top as a prep station or even as a microwave stand. Furthermore, the drawer and cabinet, along with a towel rod, will come in handy for storing extra pans within.






The Kitchen islands by Everdure is great for indoors as well as outdoors for food prep or additional counter space. It is available in a beautiful black color with multiple storage options. Additionally, the Acacia wood top makes it a convenience to host bbq and grill parties. Besides, the lockable castor wheels make it easy to move without much effort or energy.






The durable kitchen cart features a rubberwood frame that comes in a wire-brush finish. Besides, the stainless steel top adds strength as well as makes it easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, the towel bar on the sides is an additional convenience. Also, the two open shelves can be used to hold bigger pans with ease.






The Winsome wood kitchen cart is ideal to use as a prep station. It comes laced with a knife holder, side slider, and exceptional finish, making it an excellent addition to any kitchen. The Beachwood finish will also blend in all kinds of kitchen designs. It is super easy to assemble.






Laced with a marble top, the kitchen islands by A&B Home are pure rustic bliss. The marble top is bordered by the wooden frame and features soft covered edges. The design is durable yet straightforward with two small drawers, which is undoubtedly one of the best Kitchen island ideas. Not to mention, you will also have access to two open shelves.






The Boraam kitchen islands also come with a stainless steel top for extra durability and ease of maintenance. The wooden frame has been coated in a wire-brushed finish adding more elegance to its appearance. Moreover, the middle storage shelf is adjustable, while the casters below can be locked to keep it stable.






Another piece by Winsome, these kitchen island carts are spot on when it comes to space-saving. If you need extra counter space without killing all the floor space, this one’s for you. Additionally, it is smaller in size, though you can add the countertop with the drop leaf extension at the back.






The OSP Home Furnishings Austin Kitchen Islands are one of the best kitchen island ideas brought to life. It has a beautiful facade that you may even love showing it off to guests. Additionally, it has a composite wood top that is hard enough to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Moreover, the four push drawers and the open shelf below offer space for storage.






Another fantastic option for kitchen islands that come with seats, and can double as a breakfast nook. The countertop is small but can be increased by unfolding the drop leaf extension. Besides, the two stools that can be used for breakfast fit under the top when not in use. Furthermore, it features solid wood in teak finish.






The large kitchen islands by ST Shop are designed to blend in all kinds of kitchens comfortably. It features two sleek drawers for storing your knives and cutlery. Additionally, the while the top is covered in stainless steel, the wooden frame has a decent hardwood color. Moreover, you will also get a side handle that can be used to hang towels or similar items.






The Whalen Santa Fe kitchen carts are also an excellent combination of classic and contemporary design. It has a wooden top and a couple of wooden drawers. Moreover, but the lower frame is made of powder-coated metal. Additionally, the two open shelves add to its storage capacity. If need be, you may also place in the dining area, or use it as a serving trolley.






The Baxton kitchen cart provides more covered storage than the rest we discussed above. It has a solid engineered rubberwood countertop with an all-white body. Additionally, the Butcher block top is beautifully complemented by a closed cabinet on one side. And open shelves and a drawer on the other. Furthermore, the rack with slats can also function as a wine rack. 






The white rolling kitchen island by Kealive is one of the best large kitchen islands. With an enclosed cabinet and hidden drawers, you can now free your countertop space and store the extra stuff within. Moreover, the sustainable solid wood used in its manufacturing has been coated in the food-grade finish. Therefore, it is safe for use as a prep table. Moreover, the shelves are height adjustable, and it can be done with ease. 






If you are looking for an all-white kitchen island, this one’s for you. It has two cabinet doors on either side of a stack of open shelves in the middle. Besides, there is one shelf inside each cabinet. Furthermore, there are multiple rods on the sides, where you may hang a towel or pans, etc.






Here’s a complete space saver! It has a smart and compatible design that can contract or expand with little adjustments. And the two drop-leaf shelves on either reside make it possible. Additionally, it also has a small drawer with two wired racks and a bottom slat rack. Furthermore, the iron wire baskets can be pulled out for cleaning, and wheels can be locked.






The large kitchen islands by Coaster Home Furnishings come with two-door cabinets. Crafted from Brown and Buttermilk and featuring Brown and Buttermilk finish, this kitchen cart has an extra-wide top. Additionally, if you have less space, you can fold the top on either side as per requirements.






The Orleans Kitchen Island is sleek and straightforward. The marble top is elegantly lustrous and easy to clean. All the feet of these kitchen islands are level adjustable. Moreover, the cart will not tilt on the uneven floor. Besides, it has two open shelves available for storing your kitchen essentials. 






The Linon kitchen islands are entirely made from Silver hardware. Besides, a beautiful granite countertop sits on the grey frame, along with a sleek drawer. Moreover, there are two open shelves as well as a removable wire metal basket. Furthermore, the shelf below the drawer can also be used as a wine rack.






This handcrafted kitchen table features solid wood and veneer materials, in a light oak finish. The top is spacious enough to add to your additional counter requirements. While the storage cabinets below can store loads of cutlery and cookware. The lovely part though is that it comes with two chairs. So you may also use it as a breakfast table. Or have a seat while you prepare the ingredients.





This AmazonBasics rolling kitchen cart can easily double as a Kitchen table as well. The cherry wood top is beautifully matched with the black metallic frame of the legs.apart from one sleek drawer. Additionally, there are two open slatted shelves. However, it features wheels on only two legs and can be locked.






The Elk large kitchen islands have an unusual design. Moreover, it features a possum bottom with drawers of different sizes. Carved from mahogany, it has four drawers above with one of them for cutlery. Additionally, the possum bottom is also divided into two large spacious drawers for extra storage space. A slider on the side is an additional perk. 






The natural rubberwood kitchen table by Christopher Knight has a beautiful natural wood texture on the top. One side of this kitchen table is curved, with racks for the spices. Besides, it offers versatile storage spaces in cabinets, drawers, and open shelves. Furthermore, the wheels help in moving it around while you can lock them to keep the island from moving.






The John Boos stainless steel kitchen cart features a drop-leaf top that can be safe saving when not in use. Only the top is made from wood and has a natural wood look. Moreover, the maximum steel body means that you may even choose to wash it if need be. Additionally, a stainless steel drawer is also added.






The Southern Enterprises Collingdale Kitchen Islands can easily be disguised as a table. An utterly wooden structure and a natural wood grain finish make it stand elegantly next to your existing cabinetry. Besides, it has a towel rod on one side and hooks on the other. Additionally, two long pull out drawers will store a lot of your cutlery and spare towels. 






The Hodedah kitchen islands come with a different spice rack on one side, that can accommodate small and tall containers. Moreover, the rest of the storage spaces are entirely covered by cabinet doors and a couple of drawers. Besides, you may choose from the different color variants, namely, Beech, Chocolate, Cherry, or White.






If you prefer a rustic looking extension to your kitchen countertop, we have got one here. The ACME cart has an entirely rustic look. Besides, it has six drawers, three of which are the usual type. Additionally, the other three are bigger crate like, or slatted drawers, where bigger utensils can be stored. 






Though these Modern kitchen islands are all black, it features a sturdy granite countertop. Besides, it has a wine rack with glass holders, towel rod, and spice shelves as well. For more significant items, the cabinet on the right will be sufficient. Besides, the open shelves. Moreover, it features Asian hardwood and MDF frames, so you may rest assured of its durability for many years to come. 




In conclusion, these were some of the best and modern kitchen islands that’ll quickly increase your need for more counter space. To assure that you buy the one that fits in the size and location requirements. Not to mention the purpose for which you need the kitchen islands. Good luck!


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