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5 Tricks To Save Space On Your Outdoor Storage Sheds 5 Tricks To Save Space On Your Outdoor Storage Sheds

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5 Tricks To Save Space On Your Outdoor Storage Sheds

Written by: James Anderson

Follow these 5 simple tricks to EASILY make more room, organize your things EFFICIENTLY, and maintain an appealing look for your outdoor storage shed SOON!

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The demand for outdoor storage sheds has increased since the turn of the century. As houses become compact and overwhelmed with materials of all types, these storage sheds provide a good alternative. There are different types of outdoor storage sheds such as metal storage sheds, wood storage sheds, plastic storage sheds etc. However, disorganization often creeps into these storage spaces as well. This only leads to more frustration, as your primary storage spaces are clogged.




Storage sheds like any other storage spaces must be managed carefully. Otherwise, they will just add to the existing clutter and become a nuisance. Years of stowing your unwanted things into the shed will only increase this disorganization. A feeling of frustration follows which further agitates the owner and makes using the storage space a hassle.




There are several advantages to having an outdoor storage shed. To realize these advantages though, the storage shed must be optimized.




This article not only explains the benefits of having storage sheds but also goes over ways in which you can easily maximize the storage space in these sheds.




Cleanliness and organization are the two most sought out features in storage space. With the help of some of the tips mentioned below, you can easily make more room, organize your things efficiently, and maintain an appealing look of your outdoor storage shed.



Benefits Of Having An Outdoor Storage Shed

Outdoor storage shed not only adds to your storage space but also increases the versatility of that space by adding all the storage shed kits. It adds an aesthetic touch, helps remove clutter, and makes the organization a lot easier. Here are some of the benefits in detail.



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Increased Storage

Perhaps the primary reason for constructing any storage shed is the increased storage space it affords. A shed can easily store away all your clutter from across the house, be it the living room, your closets, yard stuff, or the things stored in your garage.




This freeing up space elsewhere lets you utilize those spaces for their intended purposes. Your closets store more clothes, your living room becomes well organized and clutter-free, and the garage can easily handle the vehicles without feeling cramped. This way, all your favorite places are neat and tidy and ready to perform their actual functions.



Organized Gardening Tools 

Garden tools shed



Sheds normally consist of a large storage space. However, most sheds are purpose made with shelves, hooks, and other wall mounted cabinets. This not only increases efficiency but also lets you organize all your tools in an orderly fashion.



Storage sheds help to organize gardening tools and make them accessible in the time of need. When left on their own, these tools can be hard to find each time they are needed. This inefficiency is reduced by placing the tools in the shed. This way, the user always knows the exact location of the tools and does not have to search over the entire house for them.



Quicker Access to Needed Tools 

Tending to a garden or a yard can be cumbersome. For this purpose, outdoor storage sheds are usually placed adjacent to the yard or the garden. Gardening tools, as well as fertilizer, soil, and seeds, are easily accessible. This saves a lot of time and energy as hauling these heavy items can be difficult.



Having the shed nearer to the yard enables the user to fully utilize it. By reducing the hauling distance for heavy tools and gardening material, it ensures better care of the garden. Moreover, fewer distances mean less wear and tear for the tools as they are dragged or carried.



Improve Garden Aesthetics

Outdoor storage shed



Clutter around the garden can be a big nuisance for any household. Not only does it give the garden an unappealing look but also represents disorganization. Outdoor storage sheds along with providing the basic function of storage also help in making the garden look more aesthetic.



This is achieved by storing the unwanted gardening tools and other materials in the storage shed. These materials if left lying around the yard will only decrease the beauty of the garden even if it is in full bloom. To ensure this neat look, equipment such as lawnmowers, weed whackers, and fertilizer bags should be stored away in a shed.



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Increases Property Value

One of the long term benefits of having a shed kit is the increase in your property’s value. An outdoor storage space is high on the list of prospective buyers. This makes a property with such storage options a preferable buying option compared to other similar properties.




A small investment in a shed kit is an economical way of increasing your property’s value. Be it a wooden shed, aluminum or a Rubbermaid storage shed, it only adds more value to your property. Hence in the short-term, a storage shed increases space and organization while adding value to your property in the long-run.




Providing a safe space to store hazardous materials is one of the top benefits of having a shed. These materials include chemicals used for cleaning and disinfestation purposes as well as rat poisons and weed killers. These chemicals pose a high risk if stored in the living room or kitchen cabinets.




Storing these materials in a shed avoids coming into contact with them by accident. Power tools such as chainsaw, drills, and electric motors are also securely stored in an outdoor storage shed. Hazardous material should be kept away from the reach of kids, hence the outdoor storage shed a perfect place to store them.



Provides Diverse Functions

Most outdoor sheds are marketed as gardening sheds. However, they are seldom used for just storing gardening supplies. Having a shed at your disposal can solve many of your storage problems. It can reduce clutter from the garage, living room, attic as well as your kitchen.




Moreover, it can be remodeled and molded in a way to suit other needs. The shed can easily be transformed into an adventurous play area for the kids. It can be made into an art studio, a workshop, an entertainment room, a gym, or even a spa. It can cater to many possibilities.  



A Perfect Place for DIY Projects

The versatility of the shed kits allows them to be transformed into your play area. It can be made to a place where you can practice many hobbies. These include making wooden furniture, turning it into a gym, making electrical devices, and creating art.




It is secluded, has ample space, and you can make all the noise you want. This makes it an ideal spot for noise-inducing activities such as making wood carvings. On the other hand, the secluded outdoor provides your creative genius to flow unabated making it an ideal place to practice such activities.



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Blend In With The House  

Shed kits come in various sizes and materials. They can be small or large and made up of material such as aluminum, wood, or plastic as in the case with Rubbermaid storage shed. These different possibilities make storage sheds a welcome addition to your property.




This is because these sheds can easily blend in with your home design. Storage shed kits like wooden shed kits are especially suitable for this purpose as they can be tinkered to complement most home designs. Moreover, the aluminum and Rubbermaid shed give you a neat and organized aesthetic, suitable for minimalistic designs.



Your Own Home Office

Just like the kids can enjoy a transformed shed, the adults can utilize it as a personal office away from the home but not too far. This peaceful facility affords the luxury of a quiet and secluded place to work on important tasks.




Apart from turning it into an office, a metal storage shed can easily cater to women and their creative needs. They can decorate it and make it into their personal space. Putting up lights, small pots, and other embellishments help to make this place their own very personal playground.



5 Tricks To Maximize Space In Your Outdoor Shed



Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Good Lighting

Storage space doesn’t make sense if it cannot be used round the clock. This makes lighting a shed extremely important as it doesn’t restrict its usage for the day time. The correct lighting can accentuate the usage of the shed. It makes it more accessible even in the dark and gives a neat and vibrant environment.




There are many options in the market when thinking about lighting fixtures for the storage shed. It includes the economical LED lights whose electricity bill is a steal. Then comes the fluorescent lamps which provide light in different spectrums including softer yellow. This makes it ideal for general lighting purposes and giving a warm feel to your shed.




Other options include solar-powered lighting with battery backup. The lighting depends on the usage of the shed and whether an economical option is required.



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Use Utility Hooks

Outdoor storage sheds usually have ample storage space. However, there has been an increase in the diversity of tools available in the market. Moreover, a greater number of tools are used by households these days. This calls for the maximization of storage space in the shed and it can be achieved by utilizing the vertical storage space in the storage shed.




Utility hooks act as universal hooks that can cater to most of your equipment. This includes gardening tools, bags, and even chairs. This universality of the hooks and their strength to bear heavy materials make them an ideal component to further your storage space in a shed.




Well placed utility hooks have the added advantage of making all your possessions accessible. This is achieved by strategically placing these hooks onto the walls and utilizing the whole length and breadth of your storage shed’s walls.



Rakes & Shovels Were Made To Hang

Hanging gardening tools



Vertical storage space in any shed not only maximizes the storage potential but also helps to increase the safety of those using the storage space. Gardening tools such as rakes and shovels are heavy tools with sharp edges and can be dangerous if not handled properly.




The use of hooks on the walls of storage sheds can make them safer. This is accomplished by hanging all the tools including power tools, screwdrivers, and most importantly the gardening tools such as rakes and shovels.




This practice of hanging rakes and shovels not only organizes your storage space, but it also makes these tools more accessible and safe to use. Rakes and shovels if left unattended and leaning against the wall can result in a disaster. To avoid this, these tools must be hung on the wall.



Invest In A Tool Rack For Your Outdoor Shed

Perhaps the first thing to check off your list when managing storage shed is to invest in a tool rack. This is the best organizer available for all storage shed owners who are looking to maximize the utility of their sheds.




Tool racks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most commonly, people invest in a pegboard because if its diversity of usage. However, all tool racks cater to a specific purpose by storing specific tools. By ensuring the correct tool racks for your tools, you are making your shed a safe place to operate as well as organizing the bulk of the storage material.




Tools are usually needed on an urgent basis and tool racks are the perfect companions for this time of need. Not only do they project the tools in an easy and accessible manner, but you can also easily place the tools back in their position after usage.



Have A Separate Shed For Bikes

Bike Storage Shed



Storing bikes and motorcycles is one of the most common uses for a storage shed. To make your garden free from these elements and to store them safely, it is wise to invest in a separate storage shed for them. This makes managing your store much easier.




Although some larger storage sheds employ ceiling hooks for storing small bikes, it is better to invest in a smaller but separate shed for bikes. This will ensure their safety as they can be placed on the floor of these purpose-built sheds.




Moreover, these sheds can be customized with hooks on the doors for easily stowing away your helmets. Using a bike or a motorcycle is a distinct activity from other household chores. Hence, it requires a more isolated storage space so that it doesn’t get in the way of other household chores.




Outdoor storage sheds provide a multitude of benefits. Apart from catering to all your excess storage needs, they provide safety and organization to most of the household clutter. The compartmentalization of heavy tools and equipment makes them a godsend for avoiding injuries and hazards.




The article discusses ways in which you can optimize your outdoor storage sheds and hence maximize their potential. Their utility is unmatched as they help store away excess material as well as providing a safe place to organize tools used in daily lives. Investing in an outdoor storage shed not only yields short-term benefits but also long-term ones.

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