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20 Best Metal Storage Containers which Last (100% Durable) 20 Best Metal Storage Containers which Last (100% Durable)

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20 Best Metal Storage Containers which Last (100% Durable)

Written by: Sophie Thompson

Discover some of the coolest Metal storage containers that you'll love to adorn your house with. These are AESTHETIC, VERSATILE, STURDY & DURABLE!

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Metal storage containers are one of the most strongest and versatile storage options. Besides, these are often versatile and can be used for multiple purposes apart from the ones you tend to buy them. So here we are with all the information that you may need to know about metal storage containers. Alongside this, we have also compiled a list of top metal storage bins, baskets, and boxes that you’d love to bring home. Have a great read!


Where To Buy Metal Storage Containers?

Metal Storage Containers come in various shapes and sizes. Albeit, you might not always be lucky to find the right size for your necessity. So the best place to buy metal boxes is on Amazon, where you get hundreds of options. From the look &  feel to capacity, the storage containers available on Amazon are worth checking out.


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Advantages & Disadvantages Of Metal Storage Containers

Many people choose to use metal storage bins and containers, for the reason that they have multiple benefits. But since every coin has two sides, these storage containers have some cons as well. 



  • It can be reused
  • Metal storage containers are durable
  • They are resistant to odour and color


  • Metal storage containers have a heavy weight
  • They tend to rust soon



Metal Storage Containers You Would Love To Buy

Here are some of the best metal storage containers that you will love taking home. Have a look!


These metal storage containers by Glitzhome feature a rustic outlook that goes perfectly well with all kinds of interiors. Be it vintage or contemporary. Besides, these metal Storage Bins also double as ottoman stools as they come with circular wooden lids. You may use it to store pillows, cushions, blankets and toys, and endless other things. The best part though is that none of them will be visible, as it conceals all your belongings within.



One of the coolest Metal storage bins, this tub by mDesign comes in an equally cool mint color. Plus it is truly versatile, as you may use it in almost any nook of your home. From a blanket storage in your bedroom, or storing your kid’s toys, to even cosmetics, it can do it all. Besides, it also features elegant bamboo handles that are inbuilt and look nothing less than classy.



Made of high-quality iron, this Metal storage box is ideal to store food items. It is available in two colors, pink, and white, and in two labels, laundry and rice, though you have multiple storage options. Additionally, the two handles on the sides and one on the top make it easy to handle and carry. The hangable spoon is another plus, to use with things like sugar and detergent.




This airtight canister is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is ideal for food storage in the kitchen. You may use it to store tea, coffee, sugar, cereals, flour and much more. The lid is transparent while it also has a non-toxic silicone sealing. Besides, a string locking clamp holds the lid in place. It has a height of 7.87 inches and a 165 oz capacity. This metal storage box is also easy to use, clean and being break-resistant it is great for households with small kids.




The Mesh Steel Storage Organizer Basket is another cool storage solution that can liven up your kitchen or dining decor. The basket has a height of 6.3 inches, while the load capacity is up to 5 kgs. You may also use it in your bedroom to store your cosmetics, socks or ties. It has a rust-resistance silver powder coating that will maintain its shine for years to come. The wooden handle it features is also pretty sleek.




This kitchen canister is also available in red, white and cool blue, apart from the mint color variant visible in the image above. They are made of food-grade metal and give rustic farmhouse touch to your kitchen. The removable lids are laced with silicone seals that keep your storable fresh and moisture-proof. The biggest canister is 10.5 inches tall, while all of them are FDA approved. 



Another awesome vintage addition to your kitchen could be this galvanized iron with an enamel coated metal storage bin. It will keep your homemade bread safe and fresh with the ability of moisture retention. Plus points are that it is food safe, rust-resistant, and not airtight to keep the bread from sagging. It also has rubber feet, so there will be no screeching noises on your countertop. 



These convertible round metal baskets are a great decor option even when not used for storage. Offered by Lavish Home, these metal storage baskets are both minimal and stylish. Veneer Wood Top acts as an excellent lid, and the whole metal storage basket is available in different color combinations. You may use it to store blankets, toys, books and much more while it decently embraces your home decor. 



This premium metal storage bin is made of tin and features classic dog paws. It has a capacity of half a gallon and is cool for storing your pup’s treats. Don’t have a pup, no problem, this container doesn’t come with rules. Feel free to use it for storing other terms like cookies, cereals, or other essentials. In case you didn’t notice, it is available in gold color and the metal is food grade.



The DII grey wired metal bins are available in eight fabric options, in five size sets. It is truly versatile and can work as kitchen storage, storage for shelves or even in the washroom, kids room, and office. The durable fabric has a Poly-Cotton blend, which you may wash in the machine as and when needed. Besides, these are also nestable, just in case you need a space saver storage solution. 



Another kitchen essential, this metal storage canister set is made of durable stainless steel with an antique copper finish. The biggest, 4 Qtr capacity container can store up to 5 lbs of flour while the smallest one with 1 Qt. capacity can be used for storing sugar, and similar items. These are spot on when it comes to durability as the lacquered finish ensures that these stays tarnish resistant.



The open mesh metal storage bin by YBM Home is a sturdy organizer for fruits and veggies. But that’s not it, it is versatile enough to store many other items in your home. With a dimension of 14.5 X 9 x 7, it can also sit in your closet or study, while other size options are also accessible. The inbuilt handles make it easy to carry. While the mesh design allows for an easy view of the items stored therein. 



Also available in blush pink and grey colors, these trunks will take you back to the golden days. At the same time, when decked one on top of another, these can also serve as side tables in your minimal home or college dorm. While the entire trunk is made of stainless steel, the handles and closures have rose gold finish. These will also be a great gift idea for those close to your heart. 



This tiny retro-style Tin Storage Box is a great treasure for tiny yet important souvenirs and keepsakes. The small padlock that it features ensures that the privacy of the content is assured, all the while, you may also use it to place a small gift within in place of wrapping. And thus gifting two gifts at the same time. It has 1 pound of weight and dimension of 6.9 x 9.7 x 3.4 inches. 



This Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box is crafted with metal and plays Beethoven’s romantic ‘Fur Elise, using the Wind-Up Lever on the back. It is 4 1/4 inch in height, with an internal depth of 5 Inches. Besides, it has multiple compartments to organize your trinkets.  The interior is also soft pink with an oval mirror under the lid. All in all, it has beautiful craftsmanship. 



Who could have asked for a better metal storage container for money and other valuables than this storage box? It is safe, classy and is available in three different colors. Besides, you also get two size options. It has a privacy key lock with double keys and a removable cash tray. The metal used for this storage box is quite durable, and unbreakable so that your safe keepings stay that way. 



The Cheung’s metal baskets come with an internal linen. This can serve as one of the best baskets for storing the laundry and can be used with or without the linen fabric. Plus, the fabric is removable and easy to wash. And the sturdy handles make it easy to carry around the house if need be. Being entirely handmade and lightweight are another two cool additional features. It is tall enough to hold a lot of laundry.



Yet another cool masterpiece by Spectrum are these wired metal baskets that are multifunctional. It has a sturdy steel construction with a 5-inch depth. You may slide it under the bed, place it in your closet or on some shelves, to keep your items organized. The side handles make it easy to carry. 



This tall red metal storage container is meant to store everything from your paints and brushes to garage tools. It has a sturdy construction that will not dent off or damage from the tools. It also has an insert tray which will come in handy for storing smaller items. It also has a solid handle on top for easy portability. Its approximate weight is around 9.50 lbs and smaller variants are also available on Amazon.



The Vintage Metal Laundry Basket is a sight to behold. Because it is made of iron, has a cool copper finish, and wheels for movement. Trust me, it’s so aesthetically pleasing that you wouldn’t mind placing it in your living room either. Use it to store spare towels, dirty laundry, or a decorative indoor planter, as you please.


From storing food to garage tools, dirty laundry to kid’s toys, the metal storage boxes can take up many jobs. And now that you know many of these beauties, we assume that you will definitely buy one. And surely they will last for years to come. Good luck!

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