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15 Leather Watch Bands For Style & Comfort 15 Leather Watch Bands For Style & Comfort

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15 Leather Watch Bands For Style & Comfort

Written by: Lily Evans

These awesome leather watch bands are guaranteed to keep your style on point! Leather options are unmatched when it comes to elegance and versatility.

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Watches will always hold an irreplaceable position in the realm of accessories. Not only are they highly functional, but they also come in different variations to suit every kind of taste imaginable. This precious piece of jewelry has come a long way from just being a device to tell the time. These days, it can also be considered to be an extension of someone’s personality or a manner of expression, like how most fashion is. One of the most common ways of personalizing your TAG Heur is through changing its straps or bands. Leather watch bands are an easy way to enhance the beauty of your watches. 



You would actually be surprised at the level of transformations you can give your watch just by changing the band. It’s hard to do anything to the time-teller, but the straps are a whole other story. Like furniture, you can get creative with the watch straps of a Rolex as they’re not limited to just metal. One of the best watch accessories you can get for yourself is gorgeous leather watch bands.  After all, leather has such an incredible elegance that can’t be mimicked and ages just as beautifully as an expensive metal band – if not better. It can also go with almost any occasion and outfit. Here are the best men’s and women’s leather watch bands you can buy.




You know what they say: when in doubt, just choose black. Black leather is timeless and goes with virtually any outfit that it’s just a waste not to have one in your collection of watch straps. One of the best features of a classy black leather watch is that it’s much less likely than other options to get dirty from daily wear. Thanks to the matte but slightly textured leather, there’s also a nice little twist to its look. 




Second in popularity to only black leather, brown leather is one of the most widely used and versatile types of watch straps you can have. Although black is universally fashionable, there’s a certain softness that only brown leather can provide. Black can tend to be a bit too stuffy and it can ruin a very casual look if you’re not careful. If you’re the type to wear casual clothes even to work, a brown leather watch band will make the perfect daily driver and will look awesome with a shirt-jeans combo or a fancy outfit!




Described as the graceful aging of leather, a patina is always unique to every piece of leather. It ranges from a subtle change of color to completely deepening the shade of the leather. In this option, you can see subtle patina action that gives the leather some very distinct shifting tones. Although this leather watch band is brand new, it looks like a well-worn piece of leather with a luxurious vintage look. There’s also a gorgeous contrast going on between the aged look of leather and the silver hardware’s subtle sheen.




In the realm of watch straps for casual outfits, brown leather straps definitely take the number one spot for a lot of people but plain straps can tend to be a bit boring. You can switch up your watch game with this small modification on what should be a simple watch band design. The blue tribal stitching is not only something fresh and new to your watch but it also beautifully complements the brown leather. Despite its noticeable design, it still retains enough neutrality to go with almost any casual outfit you can think of.




On the more high-end range, Fossil also carries replacement watch straps that will look amazing on any watch. There are tons of shades of brown when it comes to leather straps but this designer brand gets just the right shade that’s not too light nor too dark. This comes as absolutely no surprise as Fossil has been producing quality leather watch bands for years and years. Their leather wallets and bags have always been stylish but incredibly reliable and their leather watch bands are no exception.




Alligator pattern on leather is usually a hit or miss: it could work, but it’s easy for it to be too loud and take too much attention away from your outfit. However, an easy balance to this common problem is that you can get the alligator print in a matte leather finish so it doesn’t call too much focus on its distinct pattern. Black alligator leather is especially suitable for more formal occasions if you want a more interesting look on your watch.




Aside from black and brown leather, modern technology has made it possible to enjoy different gorgeous colors for your leather watch band collection. If you fancy yourself as a fashionista with very specific outfit ideas, look no further as you can get them in 12 colors thanks to this design from Fullmosa. The choices are especially rich in variation, from vibrant colors to timeless neutrals and even a glittery strap for formal occasions.




Here’s another noteworthy leather watch band option as hardware is actually every bit as important as the leather strap itself. It’s quite common to have a watch strap with silver or gold hardware, but it’s a whole other effect when you pair black metal with black leather. It creates a whole new level of sophistication and a little bit of mystery. Imagine wearing a fully black outfit and then finishing it off with this gorgeous and sleek leather watch band.




In this time of smartwatches, this list wouldn’t be complete without a leather watch band for an Apple Watch. This simple leather strap comes in a lot of lust-worthy colors that can match your every mood. Sometimes a classic black or brown might not be enough to look great with your planned outfits so you can explore different options such as cream, teal, or even blush tones. Your Apple Watch is every bit as luxurious and cool, so you’ll need a watch strap to elevate it even more.




When it comes to fashion, one of the safest choices you can ever go with is gray. It will go with virtually any color you can think of no matter how vibrant it may be. Gray has the unique property of toning down loud colors while still creating some beautiful contrast. It’s also still appropriate for more formal looks and outfits while still being perfect for more laid-back ensembles as well. This particular watch band has a nice suede look to give it a more accented vibe.




This design features a more distinct alligator pattern contrasted with white stitching. It makes a statement that your taste is far more than basic while being understated with its semi-matte finish. The brown tone elevates the textures while still keeping them low-key to not steal too much focus. As the icing on the cake, it also makes use of unique silver hardware that clasps together rather than your usual metal buckle. This results in a more streamlined look and is easier to clasp and unclasp when the day is done.




If you’re not really looking for a large leather watch band collection, then this 2-pack is probably going to be perfect for you. It’s also perfect for those just beginning with their collection as it comes with a set of basic watch hardware for exchanging your leather straps. It gives you a pair of alligator pattern leather watch bands perfect for any occasion and any outfit too! With this pack, you can easily switch up your looks without think too much about it. It’s certainly perfect for those looking for something that’s free of any fuss.




If you’ve always admired the pebbled leather of an expensive luxury brand like Prada, you can also have the same gorgeous finish on your leather watch band. This design also combines the glossy black leather with a white gold buckle for that effortlessly classy look as a hard gold finish can tend to be too loud for a lot of people. This particular option is suitable for those looking for classics with a small twist to the design.




Amidst the sea of leather watch bands with a silver buckle hardware, we can tend to forget that gold hardware exists and the completely different effect it can give a leather watch strap. This design offers a slightly glossy brown alligator leather with a complimenting brown-toned stitching to slightly lighten the look. To finish things off, the strap makes use of a shiny gold buckle to give it an almost antique or vintage look. Nothing will make you look more established than this gorgeous piece!



For the most unique option on this list, we have a more rebellious-looking leather cuff that’s perfect if you’re looking for something outside of the box. Whether you’re looking for a more unique piece to add to your collection or maybe you’re a rock star looking for that perfect leather bracelet, this rugged band is that perfect accent to complete a casual outfit. The leather is also distressed and aged to make it look more well-worn and soft. It is then contrasted with some very shiny chrome hardware.




And there you have it: the best leather watch bands you can get in the market right now. Unlike other materials, leather watch bands are also designed to get more beautiful with age. You can treat them as you would a luxury bag from a designer brand as the color will shift through time and actually mature and deepen. This is the authenticity that you can’t find anywhere else. Not to mention, leather watches also come in different subcategories of leather to match different personalities.



Whether you’re someone who’s more into subtle leather pebbling or even a more statement alligator print, you never have to fear boxed in whenever you go for a leather watch band. It’s always been something that’s been closely associated with stuffy businessmen or maybe mafia bosses on television, but who says it can’t be the next best thing to complete your future outfits?

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