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How To Make Smores In The Toaster Oven How To Make Smores In The Toaster Oven


How To Make Smores In The Toaster Oven

Written by: William Harrison

Learn how to make delicious smores in your toaster oven with these easy-to-follow articles. Impress your friends and family with this tasty treat!

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Are you craving the delicious combination of ooey-gooey chocolate, melty marshmallows, and crunchy graham crackers? Look no further than making s’mores in your trusty toaster oven. While campfire s’mores are a classic treat, using a toaster oven offers a convenient and easy way to satisfy your sweet tooth anytime, anywhere. So, whether you live in an apartment without access to an outdoor fire pit or simply want a quick and mess-free s’mores-making experience, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of making perfect s’mores in your toaster oven.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enjoy the convenience of making delicious s’mores in your toaster oven, perfect for satisfying sweet cravings anytime, anywhere. Elevate your experience with high-quality ingredients and creative toppings.
  • Prioritize safety while toasting s’mores in your toaster oven. Use oven mitts, monitor the toasting process, and allow for cooling time to prevent accidents. Gather loved ones and savor the sweet, nostalgic flavors.

Choosing the Right Ingredients

To create the perfect s’mores, it’s essential to start with the right ingredients. Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Graham Crackers: These crisp, honey-flavored crackers form the base of your s’mores. Look for ones that are sturdy enough to hold up to the heat of the toaster oven.

2. Marshmallows: Opt for large, fluffy marshmallows. They will melt beautifully and create that signature gooey texture.

3. Chocolate: While traditional s’mores use milk chocolate bars, feel free to experiment with different flavors. Dark chocolate, caramel-filled chocolates, or even peanut butter cups can add a unique twist to your s’mores.

4. Optional Extras: Get creative and consider adding extra toppings like sliced bananas, fresh berries, or even a drizzle of caramel sauce for an extra indulgent treat.

When it comes to choosing the right ingredients, quality matters. Opt for high-quality chocolate and fresh marshmallows to ensure the best taste and texture in your s’mores.

Preparing the Toaster Oven

Before you start assembling your s’mores, it’s important to properly prepare your toaster oven. Follow these steps to ensure optimal toasting:

1. Preheat: Start by preheating your toaster oven to a temperature of 350°F (175°C). This will allow for even toasting and melting of the ingredients.

2. Adjust Rack Position: Depending on the size of your marshmallows and the desired level of toasting, adjust the rack position in your toaster oven. Placing the rack closer to the heating element will result in a quicker and darker toast, while moving it further away will provide a slower and lighter toast.

3. Line the Tray: To make cleaning up easier, consider lining the toaster oven tray with parchment paper. This will prevent any melted marshmallow or chocolate from sticking to the tray.

4. Grease the Tray: If you prefer a crispy base to your s’mores, lightly grease the tray with butter or cooking spray. This will help prevent the graham crackers from sticking to the tray.

By following these steps, you’ll ensure that your toaster oven is ready to toast your s’mores to perfection.

Assembling the S’mores

Now that your toaster oven is preheated and ready to go, it’s time to assemble your s’mores. Follow these steps:

1. Break the Graham Crackers: Carefully break the graham crackers in half to create the top and bottom layers of your s’mores.

2. Place the Bottom Graham Crackers: Lay the bottom halves of the graham crackers on the prepared tray in your toaster oven. Make sure they are evenly spaced and flat.

3. Add the Chocolate: Place a piece of chocolate on top of each graham cracker. If you’re using larger chocolate bars, you may need to break them into smaller segments that fit onto the crackers.

4. Toast the Marshmallows: Take one or two marshmallows, depending on their size, and place them on top of the chocolate. You can either leave them whole or cut them in half for easier melting.

5. Top it Off: Add the second halves of the graham crackers on top of the marshmallows, creating a sandwich. Press down gently to help everything stay together during toasting.

6. Optional Toppings: If you’re feeling adventurous, this is the perfect time to add any additional toppings you desire, such as sliced bananas, fresh berries, or drizzles of caramel sauce.

By following these assembly steps, you’ll create the foundation of a mouthwatering s’mores treat that is ready to be toasted to perfection.

Place graham crackers on a baking sheet, top with chocolate and marshmallows, then broil in the toaster oven until marshmallows are golden brown. Be sure to watch closely to prevent burning. Enjoy your quick and easy s’mores!

Toasting the S’mores

Now comes the exciting part – toasting the s’mores in your toaster oven. Follow these steps for deliciously melted marshmallows and perfectly melted chocolate:

1. Slide the Tray into the toaster oven: Carefully slide the tray with the assembled s’mores into the preheated toaster oven. Make sure to place it on the rack in the center for even toasting.

2. Monitor the Toasting Process: Keep a close eye on the s’mores as they toast. The toasting time can vary depending on the toasting settings of your toaster oven and the desired level of toastiness. Generally, it takes 2 to 4 minutes for the marshmallows to become golden brown and slightly bubbly.

3. Rotate and Flip: After a minute or two of toasting, rotate the tray to ensure even heat distribution. You can also gently flip the s’mores to toast the other side.

4. Don’t Walk Away: It’s important to stay near the toaster oven while toasting the s’mores. Marshmallows can quickly go from perfectly toasted to burnt, so keep a close eye on them.

5. Adjust Toasting Time: If you prefer lighter toasting, you can remove the s’mores from the toaster oven slightly earlier. For those who enjoy a darker and gooier marshmallow, leave them in the oven for a bit longer. Experiment with different toasting times to find your preferred level of toastiness.

6. Remove and Let Cool: Once the s’mores have reached your desired level of toasting, carefully remove the tray from the toaster oven. Be cautious as the marshmallows and chocolate are hot. Allow them to cool for a minute or two before serving.

By following these toasting steps, you’ll achieve the perfect balance of melted marshmallows and gooey chocolate in your s’mores.

Serving and Enjoying the S’mores

After toasting your s’mores to golden perfection, it’s time to serve them up and enjoy the deliciousness. Here are some tips on how to serve and savor your s’mores:

1. Cooling Period: Allow the toasted s’mores to cool for a minute or two before handling or taking a bite. This will prevent you from burning your mouth and give the marshmallows and chocolate a chance to set slightly.

2. Share the Joy: S’mores are a treat that is meant to be shared. Gather your friends, family, or loved ones and enjoy the experience together. You can even set up a s’mores bar with various toppings and let everyone customize their own.

3. Serving Options: You can serve the s’mores as is, on a platter or individual plates, or you can get creative by serving them on a bed of crushed graham crackers, drizzling them with chocolate sauce, or even adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.

4. Dig In: Take a bite into the crunchy graham cracker, savor the gooey marshmallow, and let the melted chocolate melt on your tongue. Close your eyes, relish the flavors, and enjoy every delicious mouthful.

5. Experiment with Flavors: While classic s’mores are undeniably delicious, feel free to experiment with different flavor combinations. Swap out the milk chocolate for dark chocolate or try adding different toppings like sliced strawberries or a sprinkle of sea salt.

Remember, the joy of s’mores comes from indulging in the sweet and nostalgic flavors while creating lasting memories with loved ones.

Safety Tips

As you embark on your s’mores-making adventure in the toaster oven, it’s essential to prioritize safety. Here are some important safety tips to keep in mind:

1. Use Oven Mitts: The toaster oven and tray will become hot during the toasting process, so always use oven mitts or heat-resistant gloves when handling them to avoid burns.

2. Keep a Watchful Eye: Never leave the toaster oven unattended while toasting the s’mores. Marshmallows can quickly go from toasty to burnt, and it’s important to monitor the toasting process closely.

3. Allow for Cooling: After removing the s’mores from the toaster oven, give them a few minutes to cool before handling or taking a bite. The marshmallows and chocolate will be hot and can cause burns if consumed too quickly.

4. Safe Cutting: If you choose to cut the marshmallows in half before toasting, use caution when handling the knife. Make sure to cut away from your body and keep your fingers and hands clear of the blade.

5. Be Mindful of Toppings: If you decide to add extra toppings like sliced fruit or drizzles of sauce, be aware of hot liquids and potential dripping. Allow the s’mores to cool slightly before adding these toppings to prevent any accidents.

6. Clean Up Carefully: After enjoying your s’mores, remember to let the toaster oven and tray cool completely before cleaning them. Use caution when handling any sticky or melted ingredients to avoid making a mess or getting burned.

By following these safety tips, you can ensure a fun and enjoyable s’mores-making experience while keeping yourself and those around you safe.


Making s’mores in the toaster oven brings the joy of this classic treat to your fingertips anytime you desire. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create delicious, gooey, and perfectly toasted s’mores without the need for a campfire.

Remember, selecting high-quality ingredients like graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate will elevate the flavor of your s’mores. Preparing the toaster oven correctly, assembling the s’mores with care, and toasting them to golden perfection will ensure a delightful treat for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

As you gather around to indulge in this sweet and nostalgic dessert, remember to prioritize safety. Use oven mitts, monitor the toasting process, and allow for cooling time to prevent any accidents.

So why wait for your next camping trip to enjoy s’mores? With the convenience of a toaster oven, you can satisfy your cravings anytime, anywhere. So go ahead, gather your supplies, and start creating your own memorable s’mores experience right in the comfort of your own home.

Now it’s time to gather around, take a bite, and savor the delicious combination of melty chocolate, gooey marshmallows, and crunchy graham crackers. Happy toasting!

Frequently Asked Questions about How To Make Smores In The Toaster Oven

Can I use any type of chocolate for making s’mores in the toaster oven?

Yes, you can use any type of chocolate for making s’mores in the toaster oven. Whether you prefer milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or even flavored chocolate, feel free to get creative with your s’mores!
What’s the best way to prevent the marshmallows from burning in the toaster oven?

To prevent the marshmallows from burning in the toaster oven, it’s best to keep a close eye on them while they’re toasting. You can also try lowering the temperature and placing the marshmallows on the top rack to ensure they melt evenly without burning.
Can I make s’mores in the toaster oven without graham crackers?

Absolutely! While graham crackers are a traditional ingredient in s’mores, you can still make delicious s’mores in the toaster oven without them. You can use other types of cookies or even pretzels as a tasty alternative.
How long should I leave the s’mores in the toaster oven?

The time it takes to make s’mores in the toaster oven can vary depending on the temperature and the desired level of toasting. In general, it usually takes about 3-5 minutes for the marshmallows to become golden brown and the chocolate to melt.
Can I add other ingredients to my s’mores in the toaster oven?

Absolutely! You can get creative and add various ingredients to your s’mores in the toaster oven. Consider adding peanut butter, caramel, sliced fruit, or even a sprinkle of sea salt for a unique and delicious twist.

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