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Keter Says: For the One Who Has Everything, Give This as a Gift Keter Says: For the One Who Has Everything, Give This as a Gift


Keter Says: For the One Who Has Everything, Give This as a Gift

Keter has gift solutions for those hard-to-buy friends and relatives.

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When you’re on the quest for the perfect gift for someone who seems to have it all, Keter Group emerges as the ultimate guide. With an array of transformative, earth-conscious products that redefine lifestyle in and around the home, Keter suggests unique solutions that transcend the ordinary, making them the ideal choice for those with the most selective preferences. Delve into Keter’s world and discover gifts that elevate every corner of the garden, yard, or outdoor space for all the personalities on your gift list. 

In the Garden, the Florist’s Fantasy: Keter’s Garden Beds

For the gardening enthusiast in your life, Keter’s garden beds present an exquisite fusion of style and functionality. These raised beds redefine garden aesthetics, submitting a versatile and ergonomic solution for cultivating plants. 

The garden beds from Keter, like the Urban Bloomer ($139.99) and the Darwin ($199.99), provide a modern approach to gardening. Their innovative designs allow for easy assembly and maintenance, providing the ideal environment for various plants to thrive.

Fun Fact: Keter’s garden beds incorporate a unique full watering system, ensuring optimal hydration for plants while reducing water waste — a perfect blend of convenience and sustainability.

On the Porch, the Online Shopper’s Sanctuary: Keter’s Package Delivery Box

For the avid online shopper or anyone tired of porch pirate antics, Keter’s Package Delivery Box ($229.99) saves the day. Crafted from durable resin, this is the ultimate solution for keeping deliveries safe and secure, even when no one’s home.

Keter’s Package Delivery Box is more than just a storage unit — it’s a fortress for parcels. With a one-way, two-tray system, deliveries can be made, but only the owner can retrieve them by unlocking the box. The spacious interior accommodates various package sizes, ensuring their deliveries stay clean, dry, and safe from the elements.

Fun Feature: Worried about porch pirates? Fear not. This delivery box can be weighted at the bottom or bolted to the ground, ensuring it stays put. It’s a safeguard against unwanted hands and a stylish addition to any porch or entryway.

On the Patio, the Neat Freak’s Paradise: Keter’s Storage Solutions

For those who find serenity in an organized outdoor space, consider Keter’s storage solutions. Unleash the neat freak within and transform their patio or yard into an oasis of order with Keter’s deck boxes and storage sheds.

The Cortina 150 Deck Box ($349.99), part of Keter’s extensive yard storage lineup, is a superhero in disguise. Resin-based and weather-resistant, it provides ample space to stow away cushions, gardening tools, exercise equipment, and more. The innovative design seamlessly blends with its surroundings, ensuring the outdoor space remains clutter-free and visually appealing.

Delightful Detail: The Cortina 150 is lockable and doubles as a seating option, making it a multifunctional addition to the outdoor space — secure storage and seating in one neat package.

On the Pool Deck, the Lounge Lizard’s Retreat: Keter’s Adirondack Rocker 

If your gift recipient prefers basking in the sun’s glow poolside or sipping a cup of coffee on the patio under the stars, Keter’s Adirondack Rocker ($249.99) could be the perfect fit. A crown jewel in Keter’s outdoor furniture collection, the Adirondack Rocker invites relaxation in style.

Resistant to fading, rusting, and peeling, this chair is an investment in comfort. Whether they’re enjoying a serene morning or a tranquil evening, the Adirondack Rocker offers unparalleled relaxation.

Interesting Insight: The Adirondack Rocker’s design is inspired by the classic Adirondack chair, offering a modern twist on a beloved traditional piece — an homage to timeless comfort with a contemporary touch.

In the Backyard, the Mixologist’s Haven: Keter’s Kitchen Carts

For the one who revels in mixing the perfect cocktail under the open sky, the Keter Unity XL Cart ($299.99) is a game changer. Imagine a bar that levels up its outdoor space, providing a stylish platform packed with features for hosting unforgettable gatherings. 

Keter’s Unity XL Cart isn’t just a place to mix drinks; it’s a multifunctional outdoor kitchen island. With ample storage, including 54 gallons of sealed storage and 24 gallons of open storage, it’s a grill master’s dream come true. Equipped with sidebars for paper towels, hook hangers, a spice rack, and a bottle opener, it elevates outdoor food and drink prep to an art form.

Did You Know: This cart is designed for convenience. It features wheels for easy mobility, making it perfect not just for outdoor kitchen prep, but also as a mobile garden cart.

In a world where ordinary gifts fade into the background, Keter Group emerges as the premier destination for those in search of gifts that go above and beyond. Each creation tells a story of craftsmanship, convenience, and a dedication to enhancing the outdoor lifestyle.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect present, you can find Keter products at various retailers both online and in physical stores. They’re available at major retailers like Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, and Lowe’s, among others. 

About Keter Group

A trailblazer in lifestyle solutions, Keter Group is dedicated to inventing, designing, and crafting products that enhance everyday spaces. With over 75 years of experience, it has strived to improve lives by creating innovative solutions tailored to people’s daily needs. As industry leaders in resin-based outdoor products, the brand’s commitment to quality, durability, and sustainability shines through. Its products have graced esteemed platforms like Today, HGTV’s Celebrity IOU with the Property Brothers, and more. 

Keter’s ethos revolves around people-centric design while championing sustainability. The company believes in making spaces, whether a garden or a garage, more functional and extraordinary. This commitment to sustainability isn’t merely an initiative but an integral part of its identity. Keter strives to reduce the use of natural resources, eliminate waste, achieve zero waste to landfills, and maximize recycled content in their products, aiming for 100% use of recyclable materials.

Innovation is the brand’s cornerstone. Keter’s use of resin as a versatile canvas for creativity, employing cutting-edge technologies like DuoTech and EvoTech to mimic the aesthetics of natural materials without compromising durability or functionality, showcases the company’s commitment to sustainable innovation. This forward-thinking approach has resulted in products that mirror the textures of rattan and wood while maintaining sustainability and resilience, with a fraction of the required maintenance.

Beyond product creation, Keter is deeply committed to community engagement and philanthropy. Among the brand’s initiatives, the Keter Green Spaces program, in partnership with The Education Fund, cultivates eco-friendly communities by promoting connectivity and education. The aim is to educate and motivate a new generation passionate about environmental awareness, empowering them to make impactful changes on a global scale.

Keter Group’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and community-focused initiatives reflect a company that not only designs lifestyle products, but also shapes a better, greener future for generations to come.

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