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20 Best Coasters To Hold Any Drink 20 Best Coasters To Hold Any Drink

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20 Best Coasters To Hold Any Drink

Written by: Jason Panuelos

Set your drinks on these stylish coasters! Spending more time in your home means more time to curl up with a nice drink and enjoy some peace and quiet.

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I’m sure you’ve had that moment when you just want to relax at home with (depending on the weather) a cold glass of wine or a steaming cup of cocoa. Coasters are great for this purpose. There’s nothing more satisfying to do at home than to plant yourself into the couch and feel the day melt away with your favorite beverage. However, it isn’t exactly the best idea to just leave your drink anywhere, especially when you have expensive furniture. One of the leading causes of damage to furniture is water damage and this is almost always thanks to food and drinks.



Since it’s unusual to bring a full meal to your coffee table, it’s important to take into consideration how you can enjoy your down time with your favorite drink without risking a water ring which can remain permanently there.



Whether your drink is hot or cold, always remember that whatever you’ve decided to rest upon it on needs protection. This can be just simple as simply buying some coasters! In the world of interior design, coasters have come a long way and any seasoned designer will tell you that coasters can be every bit as stylish as any other home furnishing. Today, they come in so many gorgeous designs that what seemed like a chore in the past can make your space. If you’re too lazy to create custom coasters, the ready-made ones below will work just as well.



A modern infographic listing the different types of coasters available




A design secret that not a lot of people know is that you can use coasters as nice little accents around your home. Getting a chair or any piece of furniture in a crazy pattern can be risky so we tend purchase ones that are in plain or neutral colors. With coasters, however, you can swap them out anytime. Don’t hesitate to opt for a bit more personality by going for adorable options that feature neutral but distinctive patterns, such as the ones above.




Marble is still very much all the rage when it comes to fashion and interior design. There’s something so unparalleled about its understated elegance that the mere sight of it evokes feelings of opulence and luxury. However, real marble can be super expensive. A great alternative are marble-patterned coasters with cork cores.




Probably the most classic type of coasters in the world, cork coasters are popular for good reason. They’re absorbent, lightweight, and incredibly affordable. In terms of looks and composition, cork is uniquely textured and has a beautiful natural brown tone which can provide a gorgeous little accent for your spaces without you even having to try.




If you want a metallic accent with your coasters, why not go for these thin metal coasters? These can add to the industrial feel to your home which is also another design trend that clearly isn’t going anywhere. Its slight depression will catch any excess moisture your cups can produce while the tiny nubs support your drink perfectly.




Looking for a timeless beauty? Nothing comes quite as close to that as glass. While it is a bit more fragile and scary to handle than some other materials, you definitely can’t argue with the results. You’ll never feel as fancy as the moment you set your glass of ice cold lemonade on a crystalline coaster that’s resting on your equally gorgeous coffee table.




Wood will never go out of style. It’s an unbeatable natural material that can breathe life and warmth to any space. It’s also very sturdy and sustainable! If you’re ever uncertain about what type of coaster to get for your home, you can never ever go wrong with this gorgeous set of wood coasters with its rounded details and smooth finish.




The original coasters have always been made with fabric but they’ve certainly become so much more than the coasters in an old mid-century house. These woven coasters are perfect for those going for effortless boho chic vibes. The gorgeous neutral shades it comes in make it an easy choice for almost every home.




Marble finishes usually just come in black or white but there’s so many other options out there. Like real marble, it’s not just limited to black with white streaks and vice versa. Marble also comes in so many diverse colorful tones such as this blue tone with gold streaming through it. Discover personality and beauty by diving deeper into the world of marble.




There’s something extraordinarily honest and heartfelt about ceramic art. It comes with this feeling that what you have is so unique and one of a kind; that you’re the only one who possesses these pieces of art. You can evoke that feeling when it comes to your coasters too! These designs are so simple, they won’t look out of place on your coffee tables or dining tables.




When in doubt, go with black. The same belief applies to picking your coasters too. These simple little coasters are not only easy to complement with other objects, they’re also incredibly lightweight and stylish! Another way to elevate black pieces is to get those that are in a matte finish to provide a level of quiet luxury and earthiness. Glossy options, unfortunately, can tend to look plastic-y and cheap. 




Because marble is such an unpredictable material, every piece is so unique and you’ll never know what kind of pattern you can get. For larger areas, it’s usually preferable to use minimal streaks. For small items such as coasters, however, you can go crazier with the choice of patterns. The product above for example is so gorgeously smoky that it evokes feelings of mystery and luxury.




If you fancy yourself as a bit of a retro enthusiast, these coasters that come with vinyl record designs might just be right up your alley. Lightweight and super easy to clean, they’re so groovy to look at against your tables. If they weren’t so small, I bet you could fool a few people into thinking they were the real deal.




With all the simple modern finishes, it can more refreshing to see coasters sporting an almost-Baroque design. With such modern and minimalist interiors that we have today, going for coasters with more distinct patterns can really break the monotony and add some personality. Having everything too plain can be such a bore so why not balance things out by purchasing this coaster set?





A minimalist pattern is also great for challenging an increasingly neutral interior motif. If you’re not a fan of big and shocking patterns, perhaps consider simpler geometric variants. This features a flurry of blue tones cut with a gorgeous gold streak. When you look at it from afar, it could almost pass for a ceramic mosaic effect.




Even though it isn’t as trendy as marble, a stone coaster is equally timeless. This design features an adorable terrazzo pattern which is a safer choice when it comes to stones. It’s plainer to look at but is offset with randomly colored stones that create a muted but cozy vibe that marble can’t really do. The combination of the deep brick and turquoise creates such an adorable color motif against the plain white canvas.




Your coasters need not be limited to just squares and circles. Why not opt for a hexagonal one to break the monotony in your home? Because of all the faces, hexagonal coasters are much easier to grip and handle while being super trendy. This makes use of a less generic marble pattern with a little bit of a gold streak to give a sense of luxury.




Amidst all the flat patterned coasters emerges this complicated piece of art with many layers, both physically and visually. While everything else in your home can be modern minimalist, this coaster comes in to breathe so much fresh air into your home furnishings. From its gorgeous color combinations to its different levels of panels, you’ve got yourself a coaster to fall in love with.




Here’s another option for a watercolor effect on ceramic art. So simple and sincere to look at, it can grace even the hotel lobbies of famous resorts around the world. It creates such an iconic feel of calmness and relaxation thanks to the combination of blue and white. Why not bring the resort feel to your very own home by buying these amazing coasters?




Who says black has to be basic and boring? Your coasters can still possess a ton of personality and character by going for these slate stone coasters in black. The shiny finish highlights all the texture and the edges were left to be unpolished on purpose for a more natural and effortless look. Despite their raw looks, these coasters would definitely be used in more professional settings such as a fancy Japanese restaurant.




If you’re tired of all the neutral choices, go crazy with this colorful coaster set that has everything from adorable geometric patterns to vibrant marble prints that are alive with color. Coasters like these are also more suited for families with their own personal coasters. Since their designs are all so varied, it won’t be hard to find a coaster that suits the personality of everyone in the house perfectly.




With all the options available today, your coasters can definitely help complete the look of your living room or dining room. It’s become so much more than just a small absorbent circle that you throw around the house. They come in even the most luxurious materials to keep up with different tastes and you can think of it as sort of a pretty little pedestal for your drink.



Whether you’re relaxing in front of the television or curling up with a good book, your drink will fashionably wait for your next sip. As far as dining accessories go, coasters have made quite the comeback as we tend to overlook how we present our glasses. Paying more attention to your choice of coasters is important too. You’d be surprised by just how much a good coaster can elevate you to a completely new experience.

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