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40 Lego Storage Products To Blow Your Mind 40 Lego Storage Products To Blow Your Mind

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40 Lego Storage Products To Blow Your Mind

Written by: Ethan Hayes

Here are great lego storage products to keep your home clutter-free. More than just toys, gather your folks and have fun together!

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Who knew a small plastic toy like this would come to be so popular? No matter how old you are, Legos are an awesome way to spend your time. They’re little toys that can be used to make structures as simple or as grand as you want them to be.



Legos truly mean that anything is just limited to your own imagination. However, it’s also no secret that accidentally stepping on one (ouch) can be painful and even lead to injury, so it’s important to have dedicated storage for them. The last thing you want is to have litter all over your house, which is why Lego storage is really important. Here are our favorite products: 




Available in either gray, blue, or pink, this Lego storage solution combines the best of aesthetics and functionality. This collapsible toy bag that can also be turned into a play mat is a simple but effective start to this list of Lego storage ideas. There’s a special kind of satisfaction that comes with easy clean-up when you use this storage option. In this case, you can just bunch up the large mat and throw everything into its main bag once playtime is done. Viola! No more mess, no more stress.




If you already have some spare drawers at home, we have some good news for you: there’s no need to buy new furniture to store your Legos. Simply turn your existing drawers into great efficient Lego storage by adding some drawer organizers or dividers! Large open spaces have the tendency to become messy, especially when it comes to smaller items. To be able to properly organize them, you’ll need to have smaller divisions to help organize your collection by color, size, type, etc. 




Sometimes, minimalistic toy carts make the best choices due to their portability. You can just push them into a tight nook in your home whenever you’re not using them. This keeps them out of the way while ensuring that they remain accessible at the same time. Also, the multi-colored drawers can serve as a way for your kids to color code the Lego pieces. People who like to organize their items will definitely appreciate this Lego cabinet for what it has to offer.




A large bag with multiple compartments can also serve as an efficient method of storing your Legos. Just make sure that there are ample compartments to accommodate the different sizes and shapes of Legos. Afterward, you can simply store the bag in your closet or wherever is actually convenient. The beauty of using such bags is that they’re quite easy to handle, what with their multiple carrying straps.




It’s definitely important to invest in multi-purpose furniture. This piece is a small play table that doubles as an efficient little storage area. Whether as a place to store Legos or just a regular craft station, the spacious drawer underneath is bound to keep your stuff organized.




Yes, you can use Lego containers to store your Legos! Here’s an adorable little box set from Room Copenhagen where ordinary boxes and organizers are turned into the shapes of Legos for a fun little twist to your home storage. Everything about this box set is absolutely adorable! The best part is that they can easily be stacked on top of one another like real Legos. Makes things so much cooler, don’t you think? 




For more serious Lego collectors, this is probably the most ideal type of Lego storage. This one is a multi-tiered collapsible carrying case with tons of subdivisions inside to segregate and organize your varied Lego pieces perfectly. It can also serve as a fantastic little carrying case for all your crafting essentials.




A little creativity never hurts anyone so you don’t most definitely do not need to confine yourself to a simple plastic box when it comes to your Lego storage. Why not use an adorable little Lego head to keep your toys in check? We especially love the mischievous little expression on its body that’s perfect for giving personality to your space.




There was a time when bucket bags were a fashion statement and you can bring that trend with you when it comes to your Lego storage. Here, there’s a stylish print and gorgeous color blocking that’s fit to be used as an actual fashion statement. However, it’s also equally gorgeous to keep your home free of accidental Lego injuries.




Of course, you can also just invest in very neutral and classic furniture to organize your Legos. A simple metal cabinet such as this one is more than enough to organize a small collection. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Lego-themed.If you fancy yourself a collector at a later age, getting more sophisticated pieces for your organizers will definitely be helpful towards your home interiors.




There’s really nothing cuter than looking at an oversized Lego used as a storage bin. This one makes use of the classic Lego shape and incorporates working drawers into it for you to organize even more of your Lego pieces. Even if you don’t use it to organize Legos, it’s going to look absolutely fun on your desk like a typical stationery organizer.




If you just want a simple cart without all the loud colors, you can opt for this toy cart from IRIS USA. Unlike most moving cabinets, this one sports a thick plastic frame which feels a lot less flimsy. This one is definitely a storage solution that’s made to last and you’ll enjoy using it for other purposes even if you were to ever get tired of collecting Legos.




You can also invest in multi-purpose storage bags instead of boxes and toy chests. You can keep them neatly stowed away if you don’t need them while they can really keep your toys categorized and organized with an adorably informal look. This is definitely a great idea if your child has a large collection of toys that need organizing, but you don’t want to go through the hassle of getting a large cabinet or shelf.




This design for Lego storage is quite unique as it offers various types of functions depending on the angle you use it. It has a surface where you can set a Lego scenery while the shorter side contains a full drawer that you can slide in and out to reveal your Lego piece collection. Thanks to its large plastic handle, you can also easily carry this around.




A straightforward shoebox design almost never fails, and applying the classic Lego aesthetic just makes it so much fun to look at. You can also easily stack this in your space to have that authentic giant Lego experience in your very own home. Who knew adding a few nubs on a box can make your organizing game so interesting?




Another work surface that’s worth your consideration is this one from UTEX. It’s especially noteworthy with its minimalist design aesthetic that’s fit for an interior design magazine but also its functionality is something to behold. You can probably spend hours upon hours building Lego structures on its nub surface all while having a convenient storage space underneath.




Whether it’s a station for random arts and crafts or just a place to store your Legos, this toy cart from Honey-Can-Do is a versatile piece you’ll want to have in any room you can think of. First, it’s quite mobile so you can easily stow it away when it’s not in use. Second, it has a spacious worktop on which you can put together your Legos, create some crafts, or whatever else you can think of.




Differently sized Legos require differently sized storage compartments and this is what Akro-Mils does so well and so efficiently. Although this craft cabinet was originally intended for sorting out various types of small things such as screws or maybe even scrapbooking accessories, it’s also incredibly perfect for sorting our Lego pieces which come in so many sizes and shapes nowadays.




If a simple single compartment bag isn’t enough for you to properly organize you various Legos, you can also invest in a multi-compartment bucket bag such as this one. It’s adorable, stylish, and super functional! The form is a bit unique too with its bucket-shaped main compartment followed by a radial pocket formation that makes it reminiscent to a cute little flower with four petals.




The quintessential toy organization station is an essential for a reason and that’s because sorting out your toys on a shelf like this makes them not only very organized to look at but they’re also very accessible. Kids will be more encouraged to go play and let their imagination run wild if all their toys are just within reach.




There’s something very satisfying about interlocking storage cases. Hearing that crisp clasping sound just gives you quite the sense of security like no other and this is definitely important when you’re storing something like Legos which can be such a mess if your storage suddenly gives out and spills hundreds of Lego pieces on the floor. This transparent carrying case keeps your Legos in view and nicely organized with its numerous divisions fit for the most finicky collectors.




If you fancy yourself a bit of a collector or you just have a few Lego figures that you don’t want to just keep exposed on a shelf, this cool transparent Lego display case might be the most perfect thing for you. Not only does it keep your Lego figures neatly aligned and protected, but it’s a quite a statement piece in that of itself with its Lego motif.




There’s really nothing more fun to look at than a large surreal Lego piece designed to be a storage container. This rounded container can be used for anything around the house to give your space a kick of personality as well as a vibrant pop of color. Don’t limit yourself to using these just to contain your Lego collection. You can even go as wild as make it a cookie jar.




What would have been a very mundane white drawer chest was transformed with this piece from Room Copenhagen. I’m sure this design is something we’ve seen a lot in the past. After all, who doesn’t enjoy some extra space in tight spaces like underneath our beds?  However, the classic design is given a lot of new life and breath of fresh air with its Lego nubs up top.




If you don’t require the professional level 36 drawers in a Lego cabinet then this simpler option might be more suited for you. The drawers aren’t too big that you’d just end up with a messy pile inside but it isn’t so small that you’d have to go really in-depth just to keep every little thing organized.




If you plan to store your Legos in a place like your closet where there are a lot of soft fabrics, you can continue this theme by investing in a good cloth box bag for organizing your Legos and similar toys. It’s also quite convenient to handle and fit into the nooks and crannies of your closet thanks to its slim and boxed shape. The convenient little pull handle also makes it super easy to pull out whenever you might need it.




You can also consider storing your Legos in desktop organizers if you don’t have all that much to store. Though make no mistake, this small colorful little cabinet is more than enough to store the average Lego collection. It’s also extra adorable that each drawer has little nubs where you can basically design your own colorful handles with your own Legos!




If you’re very particular about arranging Legos, this might be the one for you. Whether it’s by color or shape or even purpose, there’s bound to be a perfect compartment here in this 30-drawer beauty. It will also go perfectly with almost any interiors thanks to its neutral white design which could please even the strictest minimalists.




Your Lego collection deserves an equally fun Lego cabinet which could also inspire your creativity every time you see it. This eccentric little cabinet sports several asymmetric drawers which aren’t just only fun to look at but also serve a purpose to accommodate different types of items. That means it’s incredibly suited for organizing the many forms and colors of your collection.




In contrast with all the adorable and vibrant plastic choices on this list, here’s something for the more traditional furniture owners who don’t really want to break the neutral motif they have going on at home. This Scandinavian design was popularized around 2010 and is still one of the best selling designs to date. Keep your Lego collection or even craft supplies neat and secure in this gorgeous mobile cabinet.




Another surprise twist on what is otherwise a classic storage box we’ve seen a million times, who knew you could give so much personality to a plastic box by just adding a bit of texture with Lego nubs? It’s a simple solution that doesn’t even require any more labels. The Lego look has become so iconic that one look at these containers will tell you this is where your toys should go.




If you want something that’s a bit more laid-back for your Lego collection, this open shelf trough design is a good option. It helps keep your toys in one place while also keeping them within easy access. Your child will also most likely maintain a good habit of cleaning up if it’s something as simple as dumping all the toys in this open box.




A person starting out with their collection could also enjoy this complete set with starter Lego pieces which come in this super cute green plastic Lego box. Although it’s more catered towards children, the green apple plastic is probably one of the cutest Lego storage boxes on this list.




Who knew Legos could look almost sophisticated and fashionable with this lunch box design and its chic two tones? Here, we have a boxy carrying case that’s perfect for storing a relatively small collection and carrying them from room to room, though I’m sure it would look equally gorgeous displayed on a shelf.




Another variant of the multi-tiered plastic organizer for small items such as Legos, this plastic carrying case can be customized in terms of how you want to subdivide the large open space inside. The top level has its own divisions while the bottom two levels can be personalized to your organizational needs.




A classic toy box can’t be beaten, and this neutral low cabinet design is something that probably won’t be going anywhere in the world of children’s rooms. It comes in a neat silhouette and neutral tones but it get s a lot of youth and playfulness with the adorable animal prints that are sure to steal the heart of all ages with their cuteness.




The last of the surreal Lego storage boxes, this lime green box is the true simple form with a tiny twist of an added knob on the top. This is especially perfect for those looking for a subtle nod towards the Lego theme without going all the way in for the childish look. I imagine this would look so cute as a tissue holder too.




Storage carts are here to stay and they can serve you well as a convenient way to store your Legos. There are multiple tiers that offer a number of organization options while its mobility helps you stow it away in an unimposing location at your home. Having movable toy storage also helps keep your floors safe from any random toys you could step or slip on.




If you’re not a fan of the plastic storage cart, then you can opt for a more sophisticated and elegant metal mesh variation that’s sure to add a touch of class to your space. It also comes in this unique brown shade that reminds of a muted bronze tone. The best part is that it’s quite affordable and easy to move around at home.




If you don’t want your Lego storage to take up any room at all in your home, you can also invest in this convenient little carrying case with plastic slots which are not only super-efficient at storing your toys and Legos but can also be stowed away on a shelf or in the closet. They’re also quite lightweight and easy to clean so it’s the perfect little low maintenance storage solution.



As we grow more creative, we realize that Legos can be way more than just tools to let your imagination run wild, but they can also be incredibly functional. More and more people have discovered that they can even be turned into functional furniture around the house.



The most popular application is probably in small adorable knickknacks. You can create a nice little key storage station with your Legos or even a box to store your valuables. They can also have smaller applications such as keeping your wires and cables organized. The sky is definitely the limit with these little building blocks and you can definitely explore these possibilities safely with these amazing Lego storage options.

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