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15 Craft Storage Cart Options You’ll Adore 15 Craft Storage Cart Options You’ll Adore

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15 Craft Storage Cart Options You’ll Adore

Written by: Samuel Turner

Here are some awesome craft storage carts to store your supplies! Have all the fun you want minus the headache afterwards.

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Delving into the world of arts and crafts can be one of the best things you can do for yourself. Stuck at home and looking for something fun to do? Taking on arts and crafts projects are perfect for taming restless minds as we wait for the pandemic to blow over. This activity is so much more than just drawing on paper or coloring; it can serve as a form of therapy as well.



If there’s one thing that you have to know about this hobby, though, it’s that it can be quite costly due to the many tools and gadgets involved.  Furthermore, this could result in plenty of clutter in your home, which we all know can be detrimental to our well-being. Getting something as simple as a craft cart can help keep all your essentials in place. Here are some of the best craft cart products available!




Starting with an awesome all-rounder, this craft storage cart was made with enthusiasts in mind. Although its work surface is on the compact side, its spacious storage compartments make it very useful to have around. It’s essentially a one-stop station for everything you need to store: think rod for storing twine, gift wrapping paper and plenty more.




The classic storage cart will never go out of style and the uses for it are absolutely endless. It comprises three to four slim layers that can store anything you can think of while being extremely portable. This classic white cart can accommodate everything from your art supplies to your daily skincare products.




Craft storage carts can really range the gamut from small and light plastic storage cabinets to larger and more prominent options, such as this movable craft table with storage. Not only does it have spacious craft storage drawers to accommodate your supplies, but it also has numerous tool hooks to keep your supplies within reach. All of this, in a compact and movable frame!




Another classic design that is here to stay in this Scandinavian style cabinet design. Thanks to the addition of some wheels, it’s super convenient to use around the house. The lack of a proper cabinet door handle is made up for with an easy grab hole on the surface of the drawers themselves. This eliminates any risk of a handle snapping off or becoming tarnished due to wear and tear that comes with regular use.




Here’s one of the more elegant options on this list – surprise, surprise, it comes from Sauder, which we all know for its range of premium wood furniture anyone would be proud to have in their homes. These have an understated sense of elegance about them while retaining all that functionality.




If space is tight, an all-in-one approach might work better for you. Here’s a storage cart that has a particularly expansive worktop for you to tackle your new hobby head-on. Because of its slightly wider frame, you’ll get twice the storage capacity of most other options on the market. Its two columns of drawers are designed to contain all of your craft supplies.




Here’s a mobile cabinet that perfectly contrasts the previous cart with its petite little frame. However,  you’d be surprised by the amount of stability and sturdiness that comes with this option. Apart from having a thick metal frame that can withstand even rough handling, you also have a gorgeous and stable wooden work surface. In short: small package, great functionality!




Most storage carts can seem flimsy due to their light weights and seemingly delicate structures. This is usually not an issue as most art supplies are fairly light, and craft storage crafts don’t really require all the extra bells and whistles. However, if you want that extra level of security, we recommend investing in a movable steel cabinet such as this one!




Your art supply storage unit can not only be very chic and modern, but also provide you with a sense of privacy. Here’s a craft storage cart on wheels that consists of drawers of various sizes. You have two slim drawers for most of your art supplies, and a large bottom drawer to maybe store that craft model you’re currently working on.




For the hardcore craftsmen, here’s an art supply storage monster you can always rely on. Of course, the more your collection grows, the more storage you’ll need. One day, you will likely find yourself needing more than just a cute little cart, so why not invest upfront in this large steel cabinet from UltraHD? Not only is it sturdy and spacious, but it’s also quite stylish and will probably go with any decor scheme.




In contrast to all the hard and rigid squares and boxed figures, here’s a modern little option for you. Its top drawer can be locked to keep your more expensive and precious tools secure, while the other two compartments provide you with some storage variation. Large tools can be stored in the bottom drawer, and your brushes and markers can go into the middle one.




It’s rare to see craft storage furniture in vibrant colors nowadays so this mobile cabinet from Craftsman is definitely like a breath of fresh air in a landscape of neutral grays, browns, and blacks. Apart from its eye-catching color, this brand is also well-known for providing the best quality steel furniture and it also has very specialized drawer sizes to better accommodate all of your tool storage needs.




If you’re not a fan of an all-plastic cart, here’s an elegant mesh option that is in a uniquely muted brown shade that somehow stands out despite its neutral color and simple form. Because it’s slightly see-through, it also looks visually lightweight which can make your space feel less claustrophobic overall. 




Although we normally see this type of movable cabinet in more industrial settings such as garages, factories, or even the kitchens of large restaurants, a steel shelving unit like this can be your best friend. It gives you a ton of storage space in an open and lightweight package. You can easily store almost anything you can imagine on this and wheel it around your home wherever you might need it. You can also just as easily stow it away afterward as it doesn’t take up too much space.




Here’s a storage cart with a little bit of an old-world charm. The black steel and the detailing for the metal frames almost remind of a classy black cast-iron gate in a creepy mansion. It is, however, given a little bit of a modern touch with the streamlined and smooth choice of metal and uniform perforations so it doesn’t completely transport you into a horror movie. This is definitely a storage cart for those looking for a little more personality.




Craft storage carts can be a real life-saver. The best thing about them is that there’s more than just one way of using them. In case you ever fall out of love with arts and crafts, it can easily serve a different function in your house. They’re so movable and lightweight, you can easily stow them away whenever you’re done using them. This is especially advantageous if you have a smaller space or just a lot of furniture in general. Having said all that, there’s no excuse not to get yours today!

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