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Features Of Sony 4K Wi-Fi Blu Ray Disc Player & Samsung Blu Ray Player Features Of Sony 4K Wi-Fi Blu Ray Disc Player & Samsung Blu Ray Player

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Features Of Sony 4K Wi-Fi Blu Ray Disc Player & Samsung Blu Ray Player

Written by: Lily Evans

Know which one is better, Samsung BD-J5700 Curved Blu-Ray player or a Sony 4-K Wi-Fi Blu ray disc player by diving into our in-depth that reviews both!

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In a world propelled by consumers demanding high-end entertainment at home, the competition between rival companies has never been higher. On the one end, television sets have a denser pixel density than ever before, providing sharper and brighter images. On the other, manufacturers of products that augment that resolution strive to maximize the potential of available technology. 



Such competition is nowhere more evident than in the market of Blu-Ray DVD players. Multinational corporations manufacturing television sets are working round the clock to fit in more pixels per square inch of television real estate. That has led to producers pushing the envelope and making content that looks heavenly and sounds stunning, deceiving the viewer so as to make them believe they’re experiencing the scenes live.
However, between making gorgeous television screens and shooting in ultra-high-resolution, a key component often overlooked is a device that is able to connect the two. A device capable of seamlessly extracting tons of data in a fraction of a second and effortlessly portraying on a larger-than-life scale. That is what most people are after. Finding the best Blu-Ray DVD player on the market can take a while. And the quest has finally brought us to two heavyweight contenders, Samsung BD-J5700 Curved Blu-Ray player, and Sony 4k W-Fi Blu-ray disc player.

Samsung BD-J5700 Curved Blu-Ray Review


Before the specs and internal details of Samsung BD-J5700 are dissected, the design of it needs a special mention. Having a somewhat retro look, the ridged and textured surface gives a shout-out to the 70s and 80s. That coupled with a curved façade, the Blu-Ray DVD player does manage to stand out from the rest.
Inching its way to being the best Blu-Ray player, Samsung BD-J5700 is more than what meets the eye. At just under the three-digit price tag, it certainly provides one of the best value for money. Going head-to-head with other devices, Samsung BD-J7500 serves a price point that is hard to beat.



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Display & Built-In Wi-Fi

Disc insterted to DVD

For those wondering “how do I connect my sony blu ray play to the internet?” Your solution is here! With the Samsung BD-J5700, you get a gorgeous 1080p display with an optimal refresh rate. There is almost no lag during transitions and the images are truer to life compared to any of its predecessors. To ease the user experience, it offers an HDMI input and a coaxial digital output, making wired connectivity a breeze. For those looking for online streaming, a LAN port on the rear gives you instant internet access. Built-in apps such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon allow you to immerse yourself in a world of potentially unlimited content.



If you thought that was the end, you couldn’t be more wrong. Hidden under a latch on the front is a USB port, providing the convenience of a portable drive playback while maintaining the chic design. The latch blends in well with the outside scheme, camouflaging what could be the most universal access point on the device.


Made for an ever-evolving world, Samsung BD-J5700 offers instant Wi-Fi connectivity. That translates to high-speed data exchange without the cluster of ugly wires. Built for the Samsung ecosystem, wireless connectivity enables the Blu-Ray DVD player to communicate with other Samsung products and build an intricate network of smart machines. Whether its transmitting sound to a home theatre system or accessing multimedia from your PC, the handiness is unmistakable.

Sound Quality, 3-D & More

Blu-ray disk player

This Blu-Ray DVD player also supports Dolby True HD, delivering studio-like quality in the comfort of your home. Now you do not need to travel to multiplexes and cinema houses for enjoying life-like sound quality. Samsung BD-J57000 gives you the opportunity to skip the lengthy queues and avoid the traffic, while simultaneously submerging you in an experience parallel to a movie theatre. Add to that the luxury of pausing the movie at your whim and you’ve got yourself a great home cinema experience.
For those looking for an even better visual experience, a 3D experience, Samsung BD-J5700 has them covered. Capable of playing 3D content from a compatible Blu-Ray disc or online streaming, the device can transform your living room in a cinematic experience true to life. Whether it’s the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park or the minions from Despicable Me, the flawless 3D experience will leave you in awe.



Remote Design Flaws

Remote control

The Blu-Ray DVD player by Samsung is the ideal choice for those on the run. With the Quick Start mode activated, the start-up time for the player is a jaw-dropping 0.5 seconds. In comparison, competing Blu-Ray DVD players take, what seems like, an eternally long 10 second to do the same. There are few things as annoying as staring at a blank screen while your favorite movie is being loaded!



To the otherwise perfect Blu-Ray DVD player, there are two downsides. The first one being the ergonomics of its remote control. The most used piece of hardware to interact with the device takes a downhill ride when it comes to its ease of use. Right under the thump, the most prime space, is the audio and subtitle buttons, perhaps the least used buttons. While on the topic of buttons, a lack of a dedicated button for Netflix is a real disappointment. 
The lack of visual clues regarding the operational status of the device is another area where the Samsung BD-J5700 loses to its rivals. There isn’t even an indicator light to tell its user if it’s running, let alone a front display panel. It’s just inconvenient at times to go over only to make sure the device is switched on or not.

Sony 4k Wi-Fi Blu-Ray Disc Player



The Sony DVD player UBP-X800M2 is truly a game-changer! Set out to be the best Sony Blu-Ray player, it packs high-end features all in one compact device. Its performance is flawless and belittles any other Blu-Ray DVD player on the market. 



From the moment you set your eyes on the device, the Sony 4k Wi-Fi Blu-Ray Disc Player will impress you with its built. The ruggedness will remind you of a military tank, while minimalism and grace are reminiscent of a modern-day art piece. The glossy front panel gives a contrasting appeal to the otherwise matt body. Although the player does feature a  fingerprint magnet so it may need some cleaning from time to time. Hidden under a flap on the left of the device is a USB port, adding functionality to the device.



The rear is equally impressive. A 5-feet-long power cord provides flexible movement. While the LAN port allows you to connect to the internet hassle-free. There are two HDMI ports on the Sony 4k Wi-Fi Blu-Ray Disc Player, one for both audio and video while the other is dedicated to audio output only. That proves how seriously Sony takes the audio component of home entertainment, leaving no stone unturned to assemble the best Blu-Ray player. 

Wireless Tech & 4K Quality 

Blu-Ray Disc Player

The magic Sony 4k Wi-Fi Blu-Ray Disc Player kindles extends to its wireless technology. In a world where wireless connectivity is being incorporated in our daily lives, Sony Blu-Ray player doesn’t disappoint. The device has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology built-in. Therefore, connecting the device remotely is quick and easy.




The most impressive feature of the Sony 4k Wi-Fi Blu-Ray Disc Player is the video output it smartly churns out. Delivering 4k, ultra-definition display with a High Dynamic Range (HDR), the views are just breathtaking. There are more details in the shadows without the highlights looking blown-out. The device has the ability to display billions of colors. It’s not limited to playing back from Blu-Ray disc alone. The 4k quality is available for built-in apps such as Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube. However, HDR is only available for videos streamed from YouTube.



HMDI Audio & High-Quality Sound


Having DTS technology built-in offers impeccable audio experience and wide octave range. The dialogues are easily distinguished from the background music and sound effects are uniform across the platform. The dedicated HDMI audio output makes Sony 4k Wi-Fi Blu-Ray Disc Player one of the best Blu-Ray players in delivering natural sounds.
However, the Sony Blu-Ray player has its own challenges. Being just 54mm in height, adequate heat dispersion might have been a problem had the design not been so remarkable. The Sony DVD player supports an internal frame and beam structure giving it two advantages. Firstly, it makes it resistant to vibrations and at the same time isolates the individual components in order to prevent over-heating




The probable shortcomings of an otherwise perfect and presumably the best Sony Blu-Ray Player are minimal, but still do exist. The absence of a physical play/pause button on the device means its entire control lies in the remote alone. The only thing you can do directly from the Sony Blu-Ray player is power on the device and eject the disc inside. This means if you happen to drop and slide the remote under the sofa, you cannot pause it directly from the device



While still talking about the remote, its design is just ugly. A cuboid with no curved surface is uncomfortable to hold and unaesthetic to look at. There is something inherently unappealing about a remote controller with straight edges on all sides.

Final Verdict


Picking the best amongst two Blu-Ray DVD players was not an easy task. Both have strengths and weaknesses that were discussed above. 



On one side of the scale, Samsung has delivered an amazing product within a price tag a fraction of its competitors. It offers an eye-catching design in a compact form factor. The FHD display is more than enough to satisfy the needs of most consumers and will not frustrate them with the image quality. There are ample options for connectivity, both wired and wireless.
HDMI output makes sure there is no compromise in data exchange. While Wi-Fi connectivity makes inter-connecting other devices a child’s play. Samsung Blu-Ray DVD player backed up by Dolby True HD gives a cinematic experience in the comfort of your home. Having a player that supports 3D content is an added bonus! You can inject new life to parties or an evening with your buddies by allowing them to experience movies as if they are right in the middle of the action as it unfolds.
On the other hand, Sony 4k Wi-Fi Blu-Ray Disc Player is remarkable in the sense that it delivers quality. It takes the crown as the best Blu-Ray player on the market. From its aesthetically appealing exterior to its masterly crafted components inside, Sony has fulfilled its promise of making a Blu-Ray DVD player like no other. Projecting 4k resolution on a compatible screen is a major selling point.



And We Have A Winner!

Couple watching a movie

Sony meets the current benchmark of home entertainment and leaves behind competitors eating dust! Its attention to detail is unremarkable, and nothing says it quite well as its dedication towards the sound output. Furthermore, the additional HDMI port allows the user to enjoy unprecedented sound quality without any additional tweaking. When it comes to unequalled home entertainment, nothing beats what the Sony DVD player has to offer! Although it lacks 3D content output, it surpasses the everyday requirements of even the most insistent consumer out there.
Companies are striving round the clock to out-do their competition and outperform rival brands. It’s only a matter of time before we will have even better technology on our entertainment console, making the current standard look outdated.



For the time being, however, there is no denying that the Sony 4k Wi-Fi Blu-Ray Disc Player is a solid investment. One that will not require an upgrade anytime soon. Being slightly more priced than other Blu-Ray DVD players, it comes with the ultimate quality and features that will last you years. 

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