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20 Best HDD For Gaming Requirements 20 Best HDD For Gaming Requirements

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20 Best HDD For Gaming Requirements

Written by: William Harrison

One of the many essential & underrated items for a good video-gaming setup is a suitable hard drive. Check out the 20 best HDD for gaming & get one SOON!

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Nothing annoys a gamer more than a turbulent gaming experience. A game that lags is probably the most frustrating thing for anyone who enjoys video games. 




But did you know that the most common cause of your video games not running smoothly is an inadequate Hard Disk Drive or HDD? 




That’s right. One of the many essential, but underrated items for a good video-gaming setup is a suitable hard drive. Your keyboard, mouse, and joysticks are of no use if your system cannot run the game, right? So is HDD good for gaming? A hard disk drive stores all the memory of your game, the files, and stores all the cache data related to it. 




Hence, a good laptop hard drive or an SSD external hard drive can not only give you loads of storage space for your favorite video games but can also make them run faster and smoother. It can dramatically reduce the loading and updating time as well as improve the overall performance of the computer. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? The only difference between an HDD and an SSD is the factor of speed. SSDs have an overall fast loading speed than HDDs.



20 Best HDDs For Gaming Requirement

Now that we have established how important it is to own a good laptop hard drive and the best HDD for gaming, let’s take a look at the most suitable options available on the market. You can choose from a variety of brands, costs, and features according to your own requirements and feasibility. There are fancier options for those who plan on running heavy games and some more for the occasional Saturday-night player.





We’ve all been in a situation where we really need to buy something but we have a really low budget. Well if that “something” that you’re looking for is an excellent laptop hard drive, this is the model you are going to want to buy.




The WD Blue 500GB is a hard drive that comes with a very affordable price tag and gets the job done. It may not be able to compete with some of the other high-end expensive HDDs on the market, but it surely provides a decent performance compared to some of the other devices you can find in the same price range.





Seagate is a very popular brand when it comes to hard drives. FireCuda provides the two basic qualities that every hard drive user has in mind before purchasing one: fast speed, and good capacity. The FireCuda is an SSHD, which basically means that it is a hybrid that has features of both, an SSD and HDD. 8GB of high-performance solid-state memory is what gives it those quick loading times. In the best performance category, this model offers the best of both worlds and is one of the best options available for a good gaming experience.





Given that the least amount of storage that you need for a gaming setup is 1TB, this particular hard drive has tons of storage for you to play your heavy-load games in and store all your media files n=in as well. And ultimately enjoy the best video-game experience. Although it does cost a little bit more than the model with 2TB storage, it is well worth the money if it fits your requirements. It is by far the most popular and well-loved gaming hard drives among video-game enthusiasts. 





 14TB! Do we need to say anything more? This one straight up jumps in front of the line when it comes to storage and capacity. It is one of the best HDD for gaming as well as high quality, 4K video editing experience. Additionally, it has a 512 MB cache and is 7200RPM, and is perfect for a video-game setup of a larger scale with heavy games that need more storage to run efficiently. It has a 5-year warranty and is made of RVS technology for vibration tolerance. 





Don’t let the 1Tb fool you. This HDD has almost the same capabilities as that of a 2TB model but is only smaller and less pricey. Good quality at a low price, now, who doesn’t like such a product? Furthermore, it gives good storage, smooth gaming and reduces loading time, giving you a good overall gaming experience, and that too, within a reasonable budget. Moreover, it has an adaptive memory technology, so it performs quicker operations and does not make you wait at all, because we all know we hate that!





This one has the capabilities of a NAS hard drive. Moreover, it protects your data while making operations safe, fast, and efficient. With a cache of 128MB and a speed of 7200RPM, it is a huge hit in the gaming market. Additionally, it has a three-year warranty which gives you the relief of being able to make up for any damages while you put it to heavy use for playing heavy games that require a lot of storage and speed. 





SAS HDDs are the modern way to play games. Take your gaming experience up to a whole different level by playing with one of these. Even though they require a little (okay, a lot!) extra hardware to run, they are still a relatively cheaper option than what other HDDs cost for the same amount of efficiency. Overall, this HDD is an affordable gem that is suitable for gaming PCs. 





Another great HDD on the list. Furthermore, this HDD comes in different storage capacities that you can choose from depending on your storage needs. Starting from 1 TB and running all the way up to 8 TB, you can buy this portable HDD at a very affordable rate. Moreover, like most HDD’s, this one works with both Windows and Mac. 





This HDD will cost you a little extra, but if it fits your particular requirements, it is totally worth every penny! Plus, it has a beautiful exterior for an external hard drive. Furthermore, you can choose between a couple of colors and match your hard drive to your gaming setup. However, it has a lot more to offer than just looks. It is fast, efficient, and runs games smoothly with 4TB storage. 




 If you are a stylish gamer, you should get your hands on this one.  





Another cool hard drive for a cool video-game setup, this one has a beautiful exterior, and with all its beauty, it does not compromise on efficiency, storage, and speed. In addition, it is super fast and gives you a good gaming experience without any lag whatsoever. 




Because of its beautiful, classy exterior, it does cost a few pennies more than the other models of its storage capacity. However, the HDD is a good investment for the long-term and you won’t be disappointed with the outcome. 





If speed or storage capacity isn’t one of your biggest concerns and you just want an affordable hard drive to replace the old one on your computer. Seagate BarraCuda offers a decent amount of storage at an affordable rate. Furthermore, with a 2TB storage space, surprisingly large 256MB cache, and above-average speed of 7,200RPM, it is certainly a very good option to go for.





Western Digital Blue, also known as WD Blue, is one of the most reliable names in the hard drive markets today and has one of the best HDDs for gaming. Although these are not the fastest hard drives available out there, if you are someone who wants to store bulk storage, this option might be perfect for you. Although it runs at a speed of 5,400RPM, which is fairly slow when compared to other hard drives, it is more than enough for local backups. Moreover, most pre-built computers made till the last decade have had this hard drive installed in them, the major reasons being their affordability and reliability.





A lot of Seagate HDD’s on our list and for good reason too! Seagate produces some of the best HDD’s for use. This particular one is a very slim portable HDD that comes in different storage capacity ranges (1TB to 5TB). Furthermore, it is very stylish with a metal casing. Moreover, it comes in different colors so you can choose one that you like. 





Another one from the WD HDDs, they have a really good name in the gaming market. With ultra-fast speed and storage of 1TB, this external hard disk is a steal in its price. Additionally, it can handle casual gaming and can store documents and media files without any problems. Moreover, the games will run smoothly, without any lag whatsoever, so you get guaranteed gaming experience with zero lags. Furthermore, it has a 5-year warranty, and let’s be real, that’s always good news!





As unfortunate as it may sound, the Seagate IronWolf comes at a premium price. If you are one of those people who don’t see budget as a problem, this is most probably what you should go for. This beast can operate at a speed of up to 7,200RPM spin rate 24/7, and you will never have to worry about drive failure. Honestly, if you want to get the best NAS devices for your home or any business that you may be running, the Seagate IronWolf is for sure your best option. 





G-technology is a popular, well-reputed hardware company that produces one of the best HDD for gaming. It has a high-quality exterior and has equally brilliant speed and storage of 1TB as well. Don’t we all love a product that looks good and also does its job well? Yes, we do! Moreover, it comes with a three-year warranty so you can put it to proper use and test it out according to your individual requirements.   





With a storage capacity of 3TB, a very big cache memory, and a speed of 7200 RPM, the Toshiba P300 is a well-loved HDD model for professional as well as casual gamers. Moreover, it is fast, offers a lot of storage, and makes your gaming experience very satisfying. All this and it is still very economical as compared to other competitive models. Also, it is one of the best external hard drive for gaming. However, it has a warranty for two years which is slightly less than what gamers expect, but then again, all is well if the quality is well, right?     





This one is well-known for its high amounts of storage, fast operations, efficiency, as well as its reliability. Truly one of the best external HDD, it has a good repute among video-game lovers. In comparison to Toshiba P300, it is more tolerant and can take heavier games and run more smoothly. Moreover, with only a slight difference in prices, it provides a much better, smoother, and faster gaming experience. However, if you don’t want a heavy-duty HDD, it might not be a good idea to invest in it.





This HDD comes with a 2-year warranty and is ideal for gaming PCs. You can choose from diverse storage capacities when selecting an HDD for your PC. WD portable HDD comes with some cool features like password protection, auto-backup, and shock-resistant design. Overall, the HDD offers good value for money.





This one is by far the prettiest external hard drive on this list. Furthermore, it comes in a variety of colors and looks adorable in every single one of them. But as beautiful as it is, it does not compromise on quality either. Additionally, it has an added factor of security and an automated backup that we all can appreciate! It is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7. Furthermore, it has a three-year warranty, so you don’t need to worry about your money going to waste. 




In conclusion, depending on your budget and needs, you’ll find that there are plenty of reasonable options you can choose form. Hopefully, this article helps narrow down your search for the best HDD for gaming requirements out there! 

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