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15 Best Region Free Blu Ray Player For Movie Buffs 15 Best Region Free Blu Ray Player For Movie Buffs

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15 Best Region Free Blu Ray Player For Movie Buffs

Written by: Kevin Ashwe

DC or Marvel? Either way, these region free Blu Ray player products will ensure you'll never miss another blockbuster again.

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When a Blu ray player is region-free, this means it can be used anywhere, to play DVDs or CDs from any part of the world. These days, ease of access to a wide range of media (of various genres) makes them the perfect choices for movie lovers. Read on for top-notch Blu ray players that are guaranteed to last you for a long time.




This product easily clinches a place in our list of best region-free Blue-ray players. It comes with astounding features that make it convenient for any movie buff to live their ideal life. You’ll get access privilege to over 300 streaming services, play movies and music videos, watch your favorite TV shows etc (of course, with a valid subscription, you’ll have access to more perks).



The product also features a Play Station 3, making it the perfect choice for all-round fun: you could play PlayStation 3 games with your DUALSOCK 4 controller while watching a movie. It works on all TVs with its HDMI connection.





This product stands out among the rest for its unique and user-friendly features. If you value high quality when it comes to videos, this product will blow you away with its full HD, 1080p video performance. It also comes with top-notch high-definition sound. It features 110-240 Volts player which supports PAL and NTSC, and also plays DVDs and CDs.



This product comes with a Wi-fi connectivity feature that makes it the perfect product for streaming. Its DVD and CD playing capacities serve as a great alternative for people who can’t stream media online. It also comes at a relatively affordable price, so why not get it?





The Samsung brand has, over time, produced some of the most reliable Blu ray players you can find. Released in 2017, the Samsung UBD-M9500 is even one of the best Blu ray players the brand has produced. If you’re looking for crystal clear images and crisp sound, this unit is probably all you are looking for. The unit features a high dynamic range (HDR) content which gives you the perfect picture experience. With its 4K UHD resolution, you can expect details to be magnified up to 4 times compared to HD. It also features an expanded color spectrum which gives you the user experience you’ve always dreamed about.



With smart connectivity and a Bluetooth wireless streaming feature, the Samsung UBD-M9500/ZA ensures that you can stream content to mobile devices. 






Fact: Yamaha is recognized as one of the most reliable brands for home audio electronics worldwide. The Yamaha BD-S681 provides the ideal picture of unique performance, reliability, and innovation. 



This Blu-ray Disk Player features built-in Wi-fi and Wi-fi Direct to help make your home a smart one. Its 4k Ultra HD video upscaling feature provides users with videos of excellent quality. Also, it supports different disc formats and high-resolution audio production, which gives users a wide range of choices to choose from.






The Samsung BD-5700 Multi Region is another Blu-Ray DVD Player that will probably catch your attention. This unit presents any movie buff with relevant astounding features to enhance their lives. The device provides wireless access to Samsung applications. You are also able to sync and stream content to many other DLNA-enabled PCs.



The fact that it supports several other movies and video platforms makes it the ideal device for all movie lovers. It supports Netflix, Youtube, Flicker, Pandora, Cinema Now, Rhapsody, Facebook, etc. It allows playback formats like MKV, JPEG, MP3, WMA, LPCM, MPEG2 & 4. It also features a built-in video converter that works on Canada, USA, and Japan (NTSC) TVs.






This easy-to-use Blu ray player is compatible with DVDs and CDs. It supports  both PAL and NTSC formats, giving you the freedom to play any file of your choice via TV. The device is built perfectly in any region of the world. It also offers you the freedom to stream directly from a range of video platforms like Amazon Instant Video, Pandora, YouTube etc. It comes with a comprehensive and well-illustrated manual that makes it easy to use.





This device is among one of the best for its ability to deliver effectively to meet the needs of movie lovers. It is able to play a wide range of disc formats like DVD R, DVD RW, MP3, JPEG, CD etc., thus giving you a range of alternatives to choose from. A region-free Blu-Ray player, it will play every PAL and NTSC DVDs from any region.



This device offers you top-notch features that enhance your movie experience, including a power resume option that allows you to continue from where you last stopped. Its durability is also one of the reasons why it is a top choice for many users.




With its user-friendly design, this device is one of the top choices for movie lovers. If you are particular about the size of your blu ray player, it comes in a compact size that makes it suitable for many homes. With this device, you are able to rip your favorite CDs directly to MP3 on a USB device. To provide movie lovers with a high-quality experience, it comes with astoundingly sharp picture quality for a cinema-like experience.



With its HDMI 1080 upscaling feature, the device delivers crystal clear images so you’ll be able to watch every movie at its best quality. Like other region-free blu ray players, the fact that this device can play DVDs from any country makes it one of the best DVD players for you.







This lovely Samsung device provides you a wealth of benefits for that perfect entertainment life. Firstly, the device comes with HD 1080p resolution that offer replays of top quality. It is also able to access and play a range of audio/video/picture formats. For instance, you can are able to access pictures and mp3s by connecting them with any form of storage device through USB.


To provide even more fun, the device grants you access to hundreds of streamed PS4 games. You only need to connect it to a DUALSHOCK 4 controller!



10. Samsung M8500 UHD Blu Ray Player



Yet another multi-region blu ray player from Samsung, this Blu ray number is loaded with useful features. The device features a UHD Upscaling feature which makes even 480p content look awesome. Its lifelike picture quality is one feature that most movie buffs will be excited about. The device features a huge and satisfactory range of color brightness which you can adjust according to your own preferences.



The Samsung M8500 UHD also stands out for its rare sound quality. Its HD audio helps to preserve the quality of the original sound. It also grants you access to a range of video content platforms like Amazon Video, YouTube, Hulu etc.




The Sony UBP – X700 is hands down one of the best multi region Blu ray players ever. Apart from being able to watch any videos (irrespective of region), this device also offers you the freedom to play almost any disk, file, and format! If you are a fan of excellent video quality, he Sony UBP – X700 is without a doubt the best choice for you. It offers 4K upscaling up to 60p, giving you a cinema-like experience.



The product comes with dual HDMI output to help A/V separation for the purpose of producing quality sound. Its compact design is also an advantage that helps it fit beautifully into even awkward corners.





This blue ray player comes with a blend of convenient-design and top-notch technological innovations. It has a front-panel USB port that allows users to play music and video from USB storage devices. It features HDI (High Dynamic Range) compatibility which helps in the display of a vibrant image. 





This blu ray player features HDMI output, ethernet connection, USB output, and coaxial audio output, making it very easy and convenient to use. Its 1080p full-HD video quality makes it a top choice for any user who cares about excellent video quality.



This blu ray player comes with access to hundreds of streaming apps and platforms like Hulu Plus, Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Instant Video, and several others. It is an apt choice for movie buffs who are game lovers. You are able to stream and play Play Station 3 games, with the use of DUALSTOCK 4 controller.






This blu ray player comes with features that are sure to please any movie buff. Like other top-class players, it can work with a large range of electricity volts (between 110 and 240 volts). The player is built to be easy to use. Hence, it is compatible with all kinds of DVDs and Blu Rays from any part of the world.



The LG Region Free Blu Ray Player comes with a DVD Upscaling feature that delivers astounding picture quality via HDMI. 





This blu ray player is a must-have for smart homes. Smart Hi-Fi compatible, you’ll be able to send music from your CD to these LG Music Flow speakers remotely! The picture quality that the device offers is another astounding feature for movie lovers. Access to several video platforms is also a possibility here: with a fast internet connection, you can stream videos and music from Youtube, Hulu Plus, Netflix, and several others. Now, connection to the internet is just as easy: it has an in-built Wi-Fi that is easy to operate. Don’t worry about interruptions as its playback feature helps you to continue from where you left off, every single time.




When it comes to blu ray players, there are a wide range of options for users to choose from. Most come packed with cool features and support data of many formats. Get that blu ray disc player today, and store your collection with these nifty DVD storage.

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