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Why People Go Crazy Over Samsung Blu Ray Disc Player Why People Go Crazy Over Samsung Blu Ray Disc Player

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Why People Go Crazy Over Samsung Blu Ray Disc Player

Written by: Isabella Mitchell

A Samsung blu ray player can change the entire silent atmosphere to a vibrant one. Check out why you need to purchase one right away!

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Samsung is one of the leading names in the tech industry and has a very reputable position in the market, all for the right reasons.




It has been providing its customers and clients with innovative, one-of-its-kind, tech developments, for people with both, high and low budgets, ever since it launched in the 1930s. It has always been a customer-oriented business working on the you-demand-we-supply concept, which is why its users remain loyal to it.



Samsung was also the first company that introduced its Blu-Ray player to the market in the UK. It was big news for all tech-lovers across the country. However, the first Samsung Blu-Ray Disc Player that launched in 2006 was far from perfect. It was big, unattractive, and had lots of issues reported that users later started reporting. However, the company evolved and improved over time and created newer and better versions of Blu-Ray Disc players. 



A typical Samsung Blu-Ray Player now has everything from elegant design to remarkable video and audio quality.  And the device does not compromise on the aspect of efficiency. Features like built-in WiFi and internet in a 4K Blu-Ray player is a dream come true for all the tech-fans.




The Samsung 4-K Blu-Ray player, with all of its amazing features, comes at a very affordable price. It really does not get any better than this.




Features Of A Samsung Blu-Ray Disc Player


1. Built-In Wi-Fi

Blu Ray disc player


What is the biggest, most annoying, problem you can imagine when you think of putting a computer, television or disc player on your table or anywhere else in your house? The wires. All those ugly, ridiculous, tangled wires only add to the clutter.



If you want to connect your disc player to the internet, you may need additional wire to connect the internet router to the disc player, and you have to stretch a wire all the way from point A to point B. Ugly stuff, right?




Well thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi feature in the Samsung Blu-Ray disc players, this is not an issue to worry about. The Samsung Blu-Ray player wifi setup is quick and convenient.




No additional wires required and you don’t even have to spend extra money to buy a separate device to plug into the disc player for it to connect to the Wi-Fi. Just go into the settings, enter the password for the Wi-Fi signals you want to connect to, and you’re good to go. Can’t get much simpler than that, can it?




2. Unique Wall-Mountable Design

Hand pointing remote at the TV


In the modern-day interior design, everything is wall mounted. Let’s be real, it saves space and furniture costs. When it comes to display, all Samsung Blu-Ray disc players are not the same. They have different looks, designs, and built-in qualities.




Some of them have a glossier finish, some are bigger in size and the differences make each one of these players stand out. Each model has something unique in terms of its design and this gives users more control over how they customize their space with the disc player. 




However, there is one thing that most of their models have in common: their unique wall-mountable design. Weighing anywhere from just over 1.5 kilograms to 2 kilograms, varying from model to model, the Samsung Blu-Ray Disc player is not that heavy.




You can easily mount it on a wall if there is no space for it on the table or if you just want to make your life simpler. Now, most people might still prefer to put it on a table or any other rigid flat surface, but it is a feature that might come in handy anytime if it suits your interior design.




3. HDMI Connection

HDMI Cable


Short for “High Definition Multimedia Interface”, HDMI is a connection that enables the transfer of high-quality audio and video between two devices which, in this case, include your Samsung Blu-Ray Disc Player and your output device. You can connect the two via a cable and if your Blu-Ray Player supports an HDMI connection, it has a slot on its surface where you can plug this cable in.




In short, an HDMI connection helps you obtain superior quality images and sound from your HD source. The Samsung Blu-Ray Disc Player comes with an HDMI connection so you can enjoy the luxurious experience of a 4k Blu-ray player.



Another benefit of having an HDMI output is that it has the CEC technology, which allows you to control the Blu-ray Player with a Samsung TV remote. It then automatically controls the TV settings when you turn on the Samsung Blu-Ray Disc player, so you will not have to worry about it. Samsung really does make using technology so much easier!




4. Internet Streaming

Woman watching TV


Another great feature included in this Blu-Ray player is that not only do you get good quality out of your disks, but you can also search for anything to watch on the internet.




From Netflix to YouTube to social media, like Facebook and Twitter, the Samsung Blu-Ray Disc player gives you the ability to surf the internet and watch whatever you feel like watching on a calm, Saturday night with your family. It gives you a variety of options to choose from like Flingo, CinemaNow, Vudu, and Pandora. What is even more amazing is that you get to enjoy this feature without any extra cost or hard work.




It comes with the package! So, one thing is for sure, Samsung will never let you run out of things to watch!



If you are having trouble connecting your internet to your player, simply disconnect the devices and let them stay turned off for about 30 to 60 seconds. Now, plug in your internet devices and let them start working properly, only then turn on your Samsung Blu-Ray Disc Player.




5. Access To Opera Apps





In, 2014, Opera decided to work with Samsung to bring the users a very unique and practical feature. Samsung Blu-Ray players now give you the ability to use Opera Apps. The player allows you to access videos, music, and video-games as well as social media, news, and sports, etc.




The Opera TV store is a huge amendment in the newer Blu-Ray players and the users love it. It enables you to choose from various options of entertainment and connect your player with your TV screen so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a good movie experience with your family. 



However, there is a slight drawback. This amazing feature is only available on a number of selected Samsung Blu-Ray players. Some of these are the Samsung Blu-Ray player Series 5, a few selected ones from the Series 4 and Home Theatre system series 5. If you own a player that does not support this particular feature, you might have to upgrade depending on your needs and requirements.




6. Enjoy Quick Start Mode



The more modern Blu-Ray players offer a feature called a “Quick Start Mode”. This particular feature decreases the starting time of your player. It also reduces the wait time to as low as 5 seconds. The newer Samsung Blu-Ray players have this feature available as well, so when you turn on the Quick Start Mode on your player, it takes less time for it to become fully operational and it is a real time-saver in cases of urgency.




The only con is that the player hogs a lot of power and energy because it basically increases the power usage when the player is off. You can do the math and decide whether the extra cost is worth the time saved or if you could live without it.



If you just turned on your Quick Start Mode and it still takes longer to turn on, don’t worry. Your player performs a system check the first time you switch it on after changing the settings. It will run normally (and much more quickly) the next time you turn on the player. 




7. Dolby True HD

Blu-Ray Disc


We’ve all experienced situations when a bunch of our friends plan to watch a movie together and everything is great until you check out the audio of the movie. If you turn the volume up, the audio quality is absolutely ruined. (Similar to when you zoom into a picture and the pixels kind of lose their quality.)




If you turn the volume down to a point where the audio quality is at its best, the volume is a bit too low to even hear it.




Well, thanks to Samsung Blu-Ray Disc Players, you don’t ever have to worry about that anymore. Samsung Blu-Ray Disc Players have audio decoders that support low quality MP3 audios as well as the more advanced audio formats like Dolby Digital, Dolby True HD, DTS surround and almost all other audio formats out there. So, you don’t have to think about audio quality anymore when you plan to watch a movie alone or with friends. Your Samsung Blu-Ray Disc Player takes good care of that on its own.




8. Anynet + One-Touch Control

Disc and remote


Anynet+ is a Samsung feature of HDMI known as Consumer Electronics Control (CEC). As a whole, you can call it HDMI-CEC. The Samsung Anynet+ One-touch control allows you to control all the Samsung devices with an HDMI connection in your house, like your TV, Blu-ray Disc Player, and Home theatre.




You can also connect your TV to your gaming console and turn them on at the same time. This feature lets you control up to 12 devices at a time. All of them can be controlled from a single remote. However, Anynet+ cannot be used with incompatible devices that are not supported by Samsung or those that do not have an HDMI connection.




This feature is available on most of the Samsung TVs that were manufactured after the year 2008.  To enable your Anynet+, simply press the home button and go to your settings to find the Anynet+ option and highlight it. For further help with your device, you can always go on to the Samsung website and visit their helpline.




9. 4K Cinematic Experience



The Samsung Blu-Ray Disc Players have gone ahead of the usual HD video quality players. Up-scaled from full HD to Ultra HD, also commonly called the 4K resolution, they serve you with four times the resolution of the Full HD display. Imagine sitting in your living room and being amazed by crystal clear life-like colors and images on your television display.




You might not notice much of a difference between full HD and Ultra HD displays on the paper when you read numbers and pixels and stuff, which honestly, most of us don’t even know about. But when you actually look at a 4K display for the first time, you need a few seconds to actually let that view sink in. Once your eyes are hooked to the Ultra HD display that the Samsung Blu-Ray Disc Players have to offer, there is no going back to full HD ever again. Well, at least not by choice, that is. These things give you the perfect home cinematic experience every day.




10. Dust-Proof

Blu Ray Disc Player



We all know what a hassle it is to make sure your disc is clean and free of dust before you put it into your disc player. Because if the Blu-Ray has any dust particles on its surface, it does not run smoothly and ruins your experience. The new “dust-proof” feature of the newer Samsung Blu-ray player takes good care of your discs.




It physically cleans your discs and brushes off any dirt or dust on its surface. As a result, the disc rotates smoothly and gives you a smooth, uninterrupted movie experience. Moreover, the quality of the display and the overall performance of the player also increases many-folds. This enables your 4K Blu-Ray player to work at its full potential.



Note: even though the player does a good job of cleaning your disc for you, remember that it is not a dishwasher. Keep your discs as clean as you can and leave the smaller particles to be dealt with by the player. Also, make sure you clean your Blu-Ray player every once in a while, too, to clear any dust and germs off of it.

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