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14 Super Sleek DVD Player For Windows 10 14 Super Sleek DVD Player For Windows 10


14 Super Sleek DVD Player For Windows 10

Written by: Sophia Turner

Move night can't get any better with these versatile DVD player for Windows 10: grab that popcorn and relax into your sofa!

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Whether with family, friends or alone, we’re sure you’ll agree that movies and TV shows are a great way to pass time. You may need to buy a portable external DVD player for this purpose: here are the 14 best DVD players suitable for use with the Windows 10 operating system.



This particular player is easy to use. It does not require an extra power supply or any additional driver program to work. You simply plug its USB 3.0 port into a Windows 10 laptop or desktop. The Roofull DVD player is compatible with most operating systems like Mac, Apple, Vista, windows series (7,8.1, 10), etc. It does not work with cars, TV, and Chromebook. You also enjoy a smooth and fast experience from its USB 3.0 connection with your system. It is 100% reliable and works well with previous editions of USB. 




This player is unique for its plug and versatility. You can use it at home or on the go as it is elegant, small and straightforward. The Dell External USB Slim DVD +/– RW Optical Drive has a sleek design, which matches and blends in well with gadgets connected to it. There is no much to instructions on its uses, simply plug the lightweight DVD player (200g) into your windows 10 laptop or desktop as the case may be.




This DVD player is great to use with Windows 10 laptops for watching movies, although it works with other laptops and desktops with a USB function. It has an interface USB 3.0 which works with USB 2.0. Although it is heavier than most other players, it is not bulky and can be carried around easily.  It is housed in a strong case and 100% reliable for burning movies/videos and playing CDs sand DVDs.



Okay, we have a device that works differently from others we have so far discussed. Roxio is a converter that converts home movies from VHS to DVD. This device has software that helps you to clean up old videos, enhance them and share them with Windows 10 laptops or desktops. This converter requires a capturing device like your camera to work. The camera picks and sends the VHS to the Roxio converter, which then sends the movie to a well-suited operating system like Windows 10. 




This player is for laptops without drives, Macbooks, Apple Macbook and Macbook Pro. It does not have an eject button and is powered by the USB port on your PC or laptop. It also works immediately when plugged in (plug and play). It does not require any driver program to run and is fully compatible with OS or Windows operating systems. It makes copying and burning music or movies convenient.




This device is compatible with Macs, MacBooks, laptops, and PCs. It is powered by USB-C type or USB port which is embedded by an aluminum alloy for anti-interference and high durability. Also, the Nolyth DVD player can be used for burning, writing and reading discs. It does not require an extra power supply or a driver program to function. Its USB-C creates a high-speed interface of up to 10Gbps and delivers excellent performance. 




This device does not need an extra power supply or an extra driver program to work. It works like most other DVD players: plug and play. Once plugged, your laptop recognizes and installs it at once. You can now play your favorite movie. This DVD player can be used with various computers without an adapter. It is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1,7, Apple Macbook, Vista, etc. Gadgets like TVs, Chromebook, and cars are not compatible with Roofull. It also has a slim, compact design which makes it great for use while you’re on the go.




This laptop player works great with windows 10, 8,7, 98, Vista, and all the Mac OS. Its 3.0 USB interface makes the DVD player fast in transmission. Also, it does not need a driver program nor an extra power supply to run. It is ultra-slim with a detachable cord, which makes it easy to carry around while watching your favorite movie. A stylish and reliable pick.



This player has a 3.0 USB interface, and is compatible with older versions of USB like 2.0 and 1.0. This DVD loader supports windows (10, 8, 7, 98, etc.), windows server 2008, Linux and Mac OS. It does not need an external driver and power to run. A unique feature of this loader is its embedded cable design which makes it easy to store.




This DVD loader supports various devices. Although we recommend gadgets, operating on the Windows series (e.g. it serves as a great extension for Windows 10 DVD players), and all versions of Mac OS. Owing to the USB 3.0, it is stable in performance and has a speedy interface. Apart from loading movies from your disc, this DVD player can also be used to create a backup for your CDs or DVDs. It is equipped with intelligent burning technology and also has a chip embedded in it for more stable performance.




The ASUS silver DVD player is the perfect blend of elegance and functionality. It has a concentric circular design that shows ASUS flawless technology, and provides a user-friendly connection for data transmission. It is slim (13mm) and has both a USB 2. 0 and Type-C cord, which supports a wide range of laptops operating on Windows or Mac OS. 



This player is commonly known as ThinkPad UltraSlim USB DVD Burner or Player. It is compatible with USB 3.0 or 2.0 devices. We guarantee you the best user experience using this DVD loader. Manufacturers of this player have ensured it supports media of various formats: CD-R, CD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RAM, etc. When plugged to your Windows 10 laptop, it is detected as an external DVD loader and can be used immediately.




LG 8X USB 2.0 ultra-slim DVD external player is a portable device. It is supported by an M-DISC when it comes to writing or loading discs. It is compatible with Windows 10 and Mac OS. We introduce this device as one of the slimmest players, which makes it portable and optimizes workspace. Standard DVDs on the market are not close to being efficient as the M-DISC on this player. It has a writing speed of 8X which enables it to burn more discs in a short period of time.




HP products are known to be 100% reliable, and this product is no exception. This HP DVD player for Windows 10 is compatible with other versions of Windows as well. Like other DVD loaders, it works immediately when plugged into a laptop. It is housed in a strong case and makes little noise when in full use. This player works like every other player but, an added advantage is its ability to withstand accidental drops/damage.



People Also Ask About DVD Players For Windows 10 


1. How Do I Play A DVD On My Computer ? 

Yes, you can: we recommend going for external DVD players, though, especially if your internal DVD drive is broken or if you’re using a netbook. These DVD players work well with Windows 10 and provide a smooth and optimal viewing experience for your movie nights. 



2. What Is The Best DVD player for Windows 10? 

Today, there is a wide range of DVD players available in the market. We have analyzed most DVD loaders and have found those discussed above to perk the interest of both new and old external disc users. We also made sure to consider the compatibility of DVD players with Windows 10 laptops.



We’ve handpicked only the best DVD players with noteworthy features and affordable prices, and believe there’s something here for everyone. Need something to store your DVD collection? Hop on over to our article on detailing the 20 best DVD storage solutions in the market right now.


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