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20 Great Models Of Memory Stick That Are Really Cool 20 Great Models Of Memory Stick That Are Really Cool

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20 Great Models Of Memory Stick That Are Really Cool

Written by: Henry Campbell

Memory sticks are real life-savers with immense storage capacities like never before. Check out our 20 best memory stick models that are more than STUNNING!

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Remember when transferring data used to be such a hassle? Exchanging disks and drives, and using cables were something many could do without! It was a messy and a dreadful procedure that not everyone loved doing. This is why we should all take a moment to appreciate the invention of the memory stick.




The following are 20 of our personal favorites among the multitudes of flash memory sticks available in the market. From good looks and a convenient size to fitting within your budget, these options will are a safe bet for all of your data storage needs. This list has something for everyone, so choose your favorite and make data transfer easier.  




Top 20 Memory Sticks You Can Get




This fancy USB flash drive is a high-end memory stick that will cost you quite a lot, but don’t be scared of its price just yet. It has a vast capacity for data storage and equally incredible speed to make up for its hefty price tag. You can store up to 128 GB of media files in this drive, and it will still run smoothly, without giving you a hard time with performance. So, if you have a routine of transferring heavy and multiple files, this one is definitely worth the money. 





This USB memory stick is considered to be one of the best drives in the market. It has a huge 64 GB capacity and features a USB 3.0 interface. It is well-loved by its users because of its consistently good quality and reasonable storage space. While it is not as fast as the other memory disks in the market, its compact build and affordable price shouldn’t bother you that much. You can decide whether the speed of the drive is something you can compromise on.





This memory stick is fast, reliable, and highly affordable. It has a capacity of 32 GB and a USB 3.0 interface. It is an all-round favorite by many of its users because of how small, cheap, and efficient it is. However, it is not as fast as the other memory sticks mentioned above, so don’t pin high hopes on this product. This USB flash drive is great for domestic and casual use but is not the best option for heavier, more professional work. 




This is another great USB option for people who have a lot of important data on their hands all the time as well as those whose work involves a lot of data transfer.  With a capacity of a whopping 128 GB and an interface of USB 3.0, this memory stick will change your life. It will save you time and energy by quickly accepting and transferring files. Moreover, it runs smoothly without any lags. 




This Verbatim Pinstripe does all these great things without punching a hole in your wallet. Additionally, memory stick comes with a two-year warranty and features a compact, cap-less, and retractable design so you don’t have to worry about missing caps and exposed USB heads being damaged.  What more can you ask for from a memory stick?





Another brilliant option with lots of storage and speed, this USB flash drive has a storage capacity of 256GB and a superb read/write speed of 80Mbps and 20Mbps. It has a capped, compact design that is easy to carry, keeps your device safe and protected from external damage, and fits right in your purse. The only thing users find missing in this photo stick is built-in encryption and lack of data security. For someone who has a lot of personal or confidential data to carry, this little flaw could be downright career-destroying.






With a large storage space ranging from 128GB to 1TB, this memory stick is perfectly suitable for gamers and video editors. Not only is it affordable and durable, but it is also fast and gets work done in lesser time than you would expect. It has an interface of USB 3.1 that users love. Even though the manufacturing company is new in the USB flash drive market, it has done a fantastic job with the outlook and presentation of the memory stick without compromising on efficiency. It has a read/write speed of 380Mbps and 70Mbps and also comes with an impressive five-year warranty.    





Of course, Samsung has to be on the list. We all know that a great variety of products comes from this company, and the T5 is no different from their other impressive offerings. Another USB flash drive with a remarkable storage capacity of 2TB and read/write speeds of 530Mbps and 520Mbps, this memory stick is ideal for gamers and professionals who carry huge amounts of data all the time. It has a great overall performance and an 3.1 USB interface. It can be a little expensive, but you can figure out and decide whether it is worth the money for you.





This particular USB flash drive is small and handy, but it also comes with a number of other remarkable features. It has a capacity of 32 GB and an interface of 3.0. It is compact and can fit in your pockets easily. Furthermore, it is affordable, and you can get a lot of your media stored on it. However, it is not the fastest model in the market right now, and and this factoid may seem to frustrate you at times when you want to transfer large files at once.






With a storage capacity of 128 GB and a USB 3.0 interfact , this memory stick will give you surprising speeds of 420 Mbps and 380 Mbps on read/write mode. This is much, much faster than a lot of other USB flash drives with the same interface. It has a chic aluminum packaging that is both durable and professional-looking.  This flash drive also comes with a backup system called the “RescuePRO” that you can download to make sure your files remain extra safe and backed up in case you accidentally lose them.





SanDisk really do make some of the best memory sticks on the market. With a capacity of 64 GB and an interface of 3.1, this USB flash drive is a customer-favorite for a lot of reasons. Not only does it have a lot of capacity to store your media files, but it has also read/write speeds of 420 Mbps and 380 Mbps. The USB can transfer a 4K file in under 40 seconds, so you can do the math and figure out how fast it is.





The Samsung 32GB Metal USB is one of, if not the most, durable flash drives on the market today. In this particular model, the USB drive is inside a metal case that is shockproof, waterproof, and resistant to high temperatures. Moreover, it has a USB 3.0 and also features a NAND flash technology that provides read speeds of up to 130MB/s and write speeds of up to 100MB/s. It is backward compatible with USB 2.0, but you can expect some comparatively slower data transfer speeds from this photo stick.




12. Kingston Digital 16GB Data Traveler

Kingston Digital 16GB Data Traveler

The Kingston Digital DataTraveler is the best budget flash drive to be found in the market. You can probably buy it for a price of around $10, but it gives you so much with a USB 3.0 speed in a very compact yet durable design. It comes with a sturdy keyring and also allows you to add your own customized logo if you want to. The read speeds on this thing can go up to 100MB/s, but it does have a slightly lower write speed. It also comes with a five-year warranty, making it a pretty good package for its price point.





Unlike Android users, Apple users don’t have USB ports with their smart products. You need a backward-compatible drive that you can plug into lightning devices. This flash drive from SanDisk is designed for use with iPhones and iPads. It has a curbed plastic connector that fits behind the screen. USB 3.0 allows it to transfer data at significantly high speeds, and it can hold of over 7,200 photos or 8,000 songs. Its automatic photo backup feature frees up space on your device without you having to deal with slow upload speeds, making life much easier. Who wants to deal with long upload times, anyways?





Ultrabooks and tablet brands these days are trying to make their products as slim and portable as possible so that it’s easy to carry around. Samsung Fit has a slim yet durable design and an impressive read speed, making it the perfect flash drive for Ultrabooks and tablets. Just make sure you hook it up with something bigger, because there is a high chance of losing a flash drive this small.




MacBook users are not blessed with the freedom of buying any flash drive and knowing that it will work with their device. Mac laptops only support USB Type-C flash drives, after all. Silicon Power comes with the best of both worlds, having a USB Type-C on one end and a USB Type-A 3.0 port on the opposite end.




Its 360-degree swivel cap protects the end when not in use. Having two different ports on each end, it would make complete sense if it required special drivers or software to work, right? Well, it does not have any special requirements. Just plug it in and you are good to go. It has 64GB storage and fast data transfer speeds, but you might want to have its free data management app installed first.






True to its name, the Kingston data traveler USB flash drive is a high-security memory stick. It’s ideal for people who have private, confidential files on their hands all the time. Apart from its good security, it has a capacity of storing 512 GB of data and media files and read/write speeds of 350Mbps and 250Mbps. However, its expensive price tag may push some people away. You can decide whether the added factor of security is worth the additional cost or not.





This is another flash drive that gives you the ability to protect your data like none other. It has a reputation of being one of the most rugged USB flash drives in the market due to its strong and durable exterior. Not only is it pretty to look at, but it also is water-resistant and does not collapse even if it falls from a height that usually destroys its peers.




It is also very swift and makes transitions quicker than you’d expect. It may not be as fast as all the other competitive memory sticks on the market, but it is not the worst at its job. If you want extra protection for your memory stick, this is definitely the one you should go for.






With an adorable compact, lightweight design that has plenty of storage for you to save your files and a very fast read/write speed, this is one of the best USB drives on the market. It has a capacity of storing 16 to 64 GB of data and its small metal body with a cap on top, so it is very safe from external damage. But because it is so lightweight and small, it is very easy to be misplaced. You will need to keep an eye out for this one and make sure you don’t misplace it.





Yes, another SanDisk jump drives on the list, but the products they create are all too good to pass up on! This one is a compact, lightweight USB flash drive which gives you a storage space of 16 to 256 GB while weighing only 0.5 ounces. People love it because of its affordability, great appearance, and excellent compatibility. However, it does lack encryption. Depending on your needs and how secure you want your data to be, the Cruzer CZ36 may not be the perfect fit for you.





Its fun design and exterior do a good job convincing the customer that they should buy this jump drive right away. But it is not just pretty: It has a retractable connector attached to it and is compatible with both PCs and Mac systems. It has a storage capacity of 64GB is and a read/write speed of 150Mbps and 60Mbps, respectively. It has all of these great features while maintaining a very affordable price!



These are just some of the best flash drive options that you can get in the market today! Pick any of these products and you’ll be impressed with how much they’ll be able to help you with your work.

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