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Why Do You Need An HDD Sentinel? Why Do You Need An HDD Sentinel?

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Why Do You Need An HDD Sentinel?

Written by: William Harrison

Catch hold of Hard Disk Sentinel to be the "guard" and “scanner” of your disk to monitor and report any abnormalities in its function. Know more about it NOW!

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If you are a regular technology user and all your work is dependent on your computer device, the most important component of your PC that stores all of your important data is the hard disk drive. Your computer’s hard disk drive basically has the ability to store any and all content that you may have on your PC. 



We all know the catastrophe that follows a broken disk drive or an unexpected disk failure, and we definitely want to make sure that it does not happen to us, right? 




That is exactly what a Hard Disk Sentinel is for. It is an added guardian and a “scanner” for your disk to monitor and report any abnormalities in its function at any time. That, and a lot of other perks and benefits to make sure you can be peaceful at work without having to worry about anything.




If you don’t know what an HDD Sentinel is, you definitely should. So, keep on reading to find out what it is, how it works, and why you need it in your life.



What Is An HDD Sentinel?

Old broken hard disk drive



In simple words, a Hard Disk Sentinel is a multi-operating system SSD and HDD software to monitor and analyze the hard disk drive. Its purpose is to spot any problems in the drive, report them to the user, and fix them efficiently. It gives the user complete documentation of the overall performance of the hard disk and any issues that it may be facing, in a textual form with various forms of alerts and notifications. This ensures maximum security and privacy of your disk so you can keep a close check on your data. The hard disk sentinel price varies from brand to brand. 



It is a single software that enables you to verify all kinds of drives and disks without the need and expense of any separate tools.



An HDD Sentinel not only tells you about the work efficacy of all of your drives, but it also alerts you about their temperature and the speed of data transfer in real-time so that it is easier for you to spot any major or minor issues relating to the performance of your disk. 



Therefore, a hard disk sentinel is one of the best ways to protect your data from disc failure or any kind of loss. It does not let any problems, no matter how small and minor, go by unnoticed and makes them easy to detect as early as possible so that you can limit the damage to the disk. The professional version has the ability to prevent data loss by both disk failure and any unintentional or accidental deletion. 



Now that’s something we all need!



How Does An HDD Sentinel Work?





A Hard Disk Sentinel works by evaluating all the S.M.A.R.T values of the drives in the background. Any abnormality or disturbance in these values suggests an underlying problem and the software immediately reports this to the user in the form of an alert or notification and fixed accordingly.



As a norm, the performance of a hard drive decreases with time or excessive usage, so early detection of slow processing can help you upgrade it or take appropriate measures to improve the health of the drive before it collapses on you.



You can check the SMART values individually as well, but an HD Sentinel just gives you a more efficient, real-time description of your disk’s performance.



Also, it monitors and maintains the temperature of the disk. A much-underrated part of a disk’s performance is how much workload it can tolerate over a period of time. As this capacity tends to lower, your disk gets warmer, quicker. Thus, the temperature changes in your hard disk are an effective way to estimate the efficiency and overall performance of it.



An HDD Sentinel keeps you aware by telling you the current temperature of your disk, as well as the maximum and the average temperatures. It reports to you these temperature changes in real-time, notifies you to take action, and helps you make appropriate changes to improve the work power of your machine.   



What Is The Use Of Hard Disk Sentinel?

Hard Disk Drive



As established earlier, an HDD sentinel helps you not only identify problems with your disk but also helps you manage and fix them.



It gives you instant real-time reports of how your disk is performing. Moreover, it informs you of what disturbances can be noticed. It brings to attention minor disturbances that users will normally overlook. 



The performance of the disk is evaluated in all domains including temperature, speed, and much more. Moreover, any fluctuations in these areas cause the software to immediately report them to the user. This way you can prevent a sudden disk failure and ultimately, loss of data. 



Hard Disk Sentinel supports all kinds of disks including SSDs, internal and external USB drives, etc. It gives you the benefit of being able to protect whatever data you think is important. 



Another very important benefit of an HDD Sentinel is that it gives you automatic and pre-scheduled options to back up your data. Furthermore, this helps you save your important information way there are any signs of sudden disk failures. Consequently, you can work peacefully, knowing that all your data is safe and backed up.



This software also comes with free technical support. This helps you with whatever issues or queries you may have regarding the Hard Disk Sentinel, at all times. Additionally, tech support helps you figure out any problems you might be having with the software. They’re experts at walking you through on how to solve the issues. 



Aside from all these benefits, an HDD Sentinel has a lifetime license without any updates or subscription charges. Could it get any better than this?



Why You Need An HDD Sentinel?

Hard Disk Drive



Anyone who uses a computer that supports a hard drive and has important, valuable data stored on it, needs to own an HDD Sentinel. It is as simple as that. Let us break this down into certain reasons why this would be a good idea for you:




  • If you are using multiple hard disks, it is crucial that you back up your data. You don’t want to lose data as a result of either disk failure or an accidental mishap.
  • It is especially necessary for you to own it if you work on a desktop computer. Or even a notebook computer, or a mobile that has a hard disk inside it.
  • If you want to maximize your system’s performance efficiency and stability and receive any disturbance-related alerts, an HDD Sentinel is a necessity.
  • If you want to receive automatic alerts and notifications on your drive’s work rate and performance while you work, getting this software will be a great help. This is because you can simply do your work and let the Sentinel do its job. It will notify you whenever you need to stop working. Or if there is an error that needs your attention. 
  • Also, if you don’t want to pay for repairing your failed HDD or get a whole new one, it is best that you invest in a Hard Disk Sentinel. This way you will save yourself from all the added expenses and loss of precious time.




System Requirements To Run HDD Sentinel

Computer System



If you are thinking of getting one of these for yourself now, congratulations! You have made a smart decision. But before you begin to install it, let us talk about the requirements for the software to be able to work on your computer.




Hardware Requirements of an HDD Sentinel include a compatible CPU. And at least 64 Megabytes of memory in your system. Furthermore, you will need about 50 Megabytes of storage space in your hard disk. Moreover, you will need another hard disk or hybrid drive that the software supports. Put particular care into finding out whether your computer supports the hardware or not.




For HDD Sentinal, you will need a Windows Operating System, preferably Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, 2012, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 (both versions of 32 and 64 bits). Moreover, you will also need a system administrator account. In the service mode, you can even use it without logging in and administrator rights. 




Apart from this, no additional third-party packages like Java or Visual C/Visual Basic runtime package is required. You can simply install it directly after you install your system. This way you can ensure that your system has maximum protection. Just make sure that your hardware and software are compatible with the software. Furthermore, make sure they support HD Sentinel. In case either of these does not, your Sentinel will not work properly. And it will fail to detect problems like it is supposed to. For any further queries, confusion, and problems while installing it, you can always contact the tech support and ask for more detailed help.



Features Of HDD Sentinel

The main features and characteristics of an HDD Sentinel include:



User-Friendly Interface

The display of documentation and access to information is quick and easy for the user to understand. And eventually, act upon. The usage of different colors to represent different levels of severity of a problem is another great feature. It makes it easier for the user to classify between what needs immediate attention and what could wait a while. Additionally, the detailed explanation of every issue and notification gives the reader a proper, elaborate sense of what is going on. Moreover, it makes it easier for them to decide on what needs to be done.



Simple To Install And Use

Installation progress bar



Simply install the software, adjust the settings according to your liking and you’re good to go! The system will now automatically display the current status of your drive(s) and notify you about any problems or disturbances in the health of your computer. It works in the background 24/7.



Quick And Efficient Analysis

Hard Disk Sentinel can quickly collect and analyze your SMART values, test hard disk speed and temperature, and evaluate whether everything is normal. These statuses are displayed as soon as you install and operate the software. Additionally, the system displays the current, maximum, and average temperatures of the disk and alerts you to take appropriate measures when needed. The Sentinel displays the overall performance efficacy in the form of percentage and shows the total power-on and work time as well as the approximate remaining lifetime.  




Computer alerts


HDD Sentinel full, offers you a variety of alerts and notification that you can choose from for different problems. You can opt for emails or SMS on your mobile phone, and even a sound alert to grab your attention at times of need.



Option To Shut Down

When your drive shows signs of sudden failure due to over-heating or poor disk performance, the Sentinel quickly gives you an option to shut down the system and preserve your unsaved data and minimize information loss.



Final Thoughts

Overall, Hard Disk Sentinel is a must-have software that guards and protects your data. Furthermore, it notifies you in real-time if it senses any disturbances in your hard drive’s performance. It can test the hard disk’s speed and temperature in order to regulate and monitor the efficacy of your drive.




You will get a constant display of the current hard disk health check and repair performance of the drive. It will alert and notify you via alarms, emails, and SMS on your cell phone. Particularly, if any of these work features start to show any abnormalities.




Not only this, but it will also give you the option to shut your computer down if it senses an abrupt disk failure so as to save your data from being lost. If you own a computer and have valuable information on it at all times, you need an HDD Sentinel. This way you’ll make sure your data is secure and backed up at all times.  




It has certain hardware and software requirements that need to be met but those stand in no comparison to the many features it provides and how useful the software is in terms of drive protection.

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