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10 Boho Chic Elements For A Bohemian Bedroom 10 Boho Chic Elements For A Bohemian Bedroom

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10 Boho Chic Elements For A Bohemian Bedroom

Written by: Chloe Davis

Flaunt your die-hard love for bohemia with these 10 bohemian bedroom ideas that will give your bedroom a splendid makeover like never before!

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Take a large enough portion of eclecticism, add some flamboyance to it from theatrical artistry and completely forget about current trends. That’s how you achieve a true bohemian bedroom. This is a reflection of how you look at life and how you picture boho as. We won’t be exaggerating if we say a whimsical attitude and witty nature are all that boho chic is made up of.


10 Chic Elements For Your Bohemian Bedroom


Bring the bohemian style to your bedroom, the most personal space of your home, to give an eclectic and sheer feeling of rebelliousness while embracing it your own way. Here are the top 10 ways to adorn your bedroom in a boho-chic style:




1. Bohemian Portraits

Bohemian Portraits


From Frida Kahlo to Margaret Olley- you do have one or more favorite bohemians, don’t you? Well, hang a portrait of the bohemianism of whom you admire the most. This boho-chic idea will inspire you, give you a daily sense of the adventures they had and add to your bohemian décor. These will further inspire you to embrace bohemianism and make the most of it.


2. Boho Wall-Art

Boho Wall-Art


Is there a blank wall in your bedroom? Oh, that’s abhorrent! Put up some classy and boho-chic artworks on the wall. Put up a collage of tour-de-your life or some murals celebrating human physique as the subject. Put a perfect blend of flamboyance and nudity in the form of Lindsay prints (famous for the work of naked nymphs) to add to the boho-chic nature of your bedroom.


3. A Color Riot

A Color Riot


Forget the posh magazines that claim certain colors are ‘in-style’ while others are not. Remember, the wrong color is anathema in a bohemian décor. If your heart says to go for shocking pink with the combination of nude gray, just follow it. Eccentric color combinations such as purple, green and orange are always ‘yay’ in bohemian style. Ditch the conventional color scheme and choose what brings more touches of boho chic to your bedroom.


4. Be Creative With Mundane Things

Be Creative With Mundane Things


Execute the bohemian style you hold close to your heart in your creations. This may be a poem, a piece of craft, a loincloth with fabric paints, or a piece of embroidery by you.



Choose a corner of your bedroom where your own style is reflected in your work. Even a simple boho-chic element like a chair painted by you will do the magic in your bedroom.


5. Contrast Patterns And Textures

Contrast Patterns And Textures


Most of the uber-chic home décor suggestion blogs would say that more than one pattern in a room distracts from the central focus. But when it’s about boho chic, they interact with each other. Earthy tones and a Tibetan rug, paired with a satin bedspread create a whole riot of textures and patterns in one small world that you call your bedroom. That’s how you slay the bohemian style!


6. Bed – The Platform Of Artwork

 Bed – The Platform Of Artwork


Make your bedroom more inviting by adding bohemian décor elements to the bed itself. You are yourself in your bedroom, right? Reflect the boho chic in you by setting up a rustic wood made bed, spreading a vibrant colored carpet and piling up cushions on the bed.



No element will overpower the other but instead add intriguing texture to the entire décor. This boho bedding set up surely won’t allow you to leave your bedroom, or the bed for that matter, anytime soon!


7. Bedroom Backdrop

Bedroom Backdrop


To match your bohemian style, bring uniqueness to the backdrop as well. Bohemian canopies decorated with beads are an excellent choice. Bring color to the backdrop by choosing a piece of silk fabric or a boldly colorful suzani. A simple piece of heirloom quilt lined with fringes can also do wonders.



Apply your own creativity and attach laces on a piece of a shawl. Now, that’s what you call boho chic. If your bedroom has a high ceiling, these backdrops will add more drama to it.


8. Furniture – Antique And Intriguing

Furniture – Antique And Intriguing


If bohemia runs in your family then you must be having an antique furniture piece or two tucked somewhere in your house. Add more character to your bedroom with these boho-chic antique pieces.



Bring one table or a bedside cabinet to your bedroom and make it more intriguing by hand-painting it. It can be wildly unconventional or revived by you. Just be yourself when you plan your bedroom décor to herald the bohemian style running in your blood.


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9. Let There Be ‘Boho’ Light

Let There Be ‘Boho’ Light


Lanterns with fretwork, scented candles in filigree candle-holders, colorful globes are the options you can choose from when you light up your bedroom. Bohemian style lighting is all about warmth put indirectly.



Vintage lampshades add an antique touch to your bedroom. You may hang lights or set up freestanding lanterns. At the end of the day, this bedroom will look welcoming to you, while contrasting areas of light and shadows.


10. Curtain Call



Bohemian curtains are the last but not the least in this list of boho-chic elements that will deck up your bedroom. Curtains with unusual prints, textured motifs, fringes and laces – all can qualify for what you would like to refer to as bohemian curtains. The biggest advantage? You can mix and not match them.




It is difficult to define boho or bohemia altogether. When you put boho within a confined area, it possesses the ability to make you want to glide along with the boho flow.



Albeit anti-style, nothing expresses love for art, travel, paint, color, and adventure like boho chic does. Your bedroom is the perfect place to flaunt your die-hard love for bohemia with contrasts, antique, and vintage going hand-in-hand.



Remember Mandy Hale saying “You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.” The end of a tiring day brings you to your bedroom where the bohemia is all set up to welcome you, embrace you, and wash you off your tiredness. After all, the bedroom is the place where you ‘breathe, trust and let go’.

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