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10 Best Pillows To Complete Your Bohemian Home 10 Best Pillows To Complete Your Bohemian Home


10 Best Pillows To Complete Your Bohemian Home

Written by: Chloe Davis

Here's 10 BEST gorgeous pillows every bohemian lover must have. Buy one and we guarantee you won't regret!

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If you imagine a bohemian home, how would you describe it? Our answer would be relaxed, colorful and truly unique! If you’re a rebel at heart and want your home to reflect your nomadic spirit, then the right pillow is a great way to add that bohemian character to your space.



From colorful prints to funky patterns, this decor is all about breaking the norms and being yourself. Which is why we’ve got the perfect guide to help you pick the right pillow!



From geometric prints, patchwork pillows, ethnic patterns to body pillows, we’ve chosen the 10 best pillows for the bohemian soul. So, read on for more!




1. Fuzzy Pillows




Imagine yourself sitting by the window with a soft, fuzzy pillow on your lap and a cup of coffee. This sounds so comforting, doesn’t it?



This faux fur pillow instantly creates a relaxed atmosphere in any room. Along with its lovely pale pink color, its furry texture also adds an interesting personality to your room. Throw it onto your favorite chair, or place it against the window to create your own cozy corner!



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2. Geometric Patterns

Geometric Patterns



From squares, circles to triangles and more – geometric pillow patterns are a fun way to add a hint of definition to an otherwise free-flowing atmosphere.



Go for monochrome cushion patterns against a solid colored sofa for a refreshing contrast. Or if you feel like drawing outside the lines, then pick multi-colored geometric patterns for a more psychedelic effect!



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3. Ethnic Designs

Ethnic Designs



The bohemian spirit doesn’t believe in restricting herself. After all, she gets inspired by the rich cultures around the world.



These vibrant ethnic pillow designs will take you on a journey across the world, right in your home! Be it traditional Turkish patterns, Mexican prints to Indian designs, each style is complete unique.



You can either have all your cushions in one ethnic style or mix them all up to show that you’re truly a citizen of the world and that all the world is your home!



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4. Patchwork




A pillow or more with patchwork designs is a must-have in any bohemian home. Since patchwork fabrics are handmade, each piece is unique and tells a story.



After all, isn’t this what being bohemian is all about? We recommend picking a bunch of these in different colors – yellow, pink to purple pillows. Have these scattered on your couch to add a riot of colors to your living room!



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5. Bohemian Bed Pillow

Bohemian Bed Pillow



These bohemian bed pillows can transform a simple with their dazzling personality! Don’t be afraid to team up mismatched styles. If one pillow has vertical stripes, the other can have paisley prints.



When it comes to colors, the more the merrier! From deep reds, electric blue to yellow, be brave when choosing colors.



From purple to red, here are 10 Colors To Use In Your Boho Home. 



After all, these pillows describe your essence, so why not go all out?



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6. Mandala Style

 Mandala Style


In Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, the mandala design represents the universe. It is also a symbol of our search for completeness.



When such a lovely design has a deep meaning behind it, it is impossible to not make it a part of your space. A big, round mandala floor pillow can be a great way to add extra seating space in your living room.



Since it’s light and easy to carry, you can place it anywhere in your house!



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7. Embroidered Designs

Embroidered Designs


Embroidered patterns literally add another dimension to your home’s decor. Run your fingers over an embroidered cloth, and you can feel the design come alive on your fingers!



Embroidered pillows can look lovely in your bedroom. Their intricate designs and vibrant colors can add a good contrast to your plain bedding.



Both machine and hand-made embroidered fabrics are available in the market. However, you can go for handmade embroidered pieces since they are one of a kind, and have the value of an artisan creating it.



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8. Printed Silk Designs

Printed Silk Designs



Add a dash of silky-smoothness to your home with these lovely silk pillows. They not only shine beautifully in your space but sleeping on silk pillows is good for your hair too!



Go for oriental prints on silk cushions, since the far east is especially known for its stunning silk-based oriental designs. For a more natural feel, look for prints that are inspired by nature – floral and leafy prints will look lovely on the silk fabric.



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9. Long Striped Patterns

Long Striped Patterns


If you’re looking to stand out, you can never go wrong with bold stripes! And when paired with long pillows, they make for a comfortable yet eye-catching combination.



Add pillows with this dramatic print onto your sofas or accent chairs to spice up the look. As you can see in the photo, there are no rules when you’re bohemian. Pair a striped pillow beside a floral print, and a monochrome against a multi-colored piece. Most importantly, be yourself!



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10. Body Pillow

Body Pillow



Is there anything more relaxing than a body pillow? We don’t think so! A big, soft body pillow is a must-have in a bohemian home.



It’s perfect to snuggle up to while sleeping, and the perfect reading companion on lazy weekends. Go for softer colors to add a calming effect in your room.



And who says your body pillow can only stay on your bed? Take it with you to the living room and you have the perfect backrest for not only, but even your friends!



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The bohemian spirit is all about being unapologetically yourself. If you’re a wandering soul, you’d love your home to reflect that, wouldn’t you?



Pillows are a great way to add your unique character to every room in your house. From a comfortable body pillow, geometric prints, ethnic designs, the possibilities are endless!



Don’t be afraid to mix contrasting colors and patterns. If you want a stark purple pillow beside a mandala print, go ahead and do it. If you like how it looks, that’s all that matters! After all, that’s what being a nonconformist soul is all about. We salute your unique spirit!

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