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7 Amazing Modern Attic Bedroom Ideas To Steal From 7 Amazing Modern Attic Bedroom Ideas To Steal From

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7 Amazing Modern Attic Bedroom Ideas To Steal From

Written by: Olivia Parker

See instant results with our 7 PRO attic bedroom ideas! These exclusive and affordable makeover tips will help you achieve your dream house.

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Got a small house and sick of the lack of space? Need to add an extra room to accommodate your burgeoning family? Would you love to create a cool bedroom in your attic that ticks off all the right boxes? Are you planning a loft bedroom and needing some cool attic bedroom ideas for inspiration?



If your answers to the above questions are yes, then you are on the right page! For many years, attics have been designated as the neglected area of the house packed with junk. A trip to one is riddled with cobwebs, dust, mites, and other creepy things.



Fortunately, all that is changing as more and more people are discovering how to use such huge spaces. While some have opted for converting their attic into a hobby room or workshop, others have chosen to design it as a bedroom.



If you are reading this, you definitely fall into the latter category. In any case, if you shudder at the thought of a bedroom in the sky or if you are seeking ways to spruce up your blossoming attic bedroom, this article on modern loft ideas will certainly be helpful.




Great Attic Bedrooms Ideas

Enough has been said about the pros of getting an attic bedroom. So let’s just go straight into room design and get the seven amazing attic bedroom ideas that you should definitely steal from.



1. Give The Attic A Whitewash




White paint is the first in our list of amazing attic bedroom ideas. The stereotypical attic is a dark and cramped space containing inexplicable horrors. So its time to bid goodbyes to those conventions!



Interior decorators favour white for dark spaces because it opens up space, making it look bigger. Therefore, you can adopt the technique. Use white paint on the walls, ceilings, doors and even floors and you get a good looking attic bedroom all to yourself.



We understand that most people are usually hesitant about using white paint because of the upkeep it requires, especially when you have kids or pets. While the reasons are logical, an attic should be exempted from those restrictions. Why?  Attics are quite far from the house entryway, so the possibility of it being stained by dirt would be less.



Anyway, if you are still tentative about using white, then any other light colour will serve the same purpose.




2. Go Green



An article about modern attic bedroom ideas is usually not complete without the presence of green plants. In colour psychology, green stands for growth, rejuvenation, and new beginnings. And what better way to introduce this colour into your room design than through the use of green plants?



Apart from the aesthetics, it adds to the loft ideas, green plants also have practical uses. For example, since plants produce oxygen, they can help to recycle the stale air in your attic.



So whether you keep the plants in pots or hang them, you can be assured of fresh air every time you wake up.




3. Borrow From The Scandinavian




The Scandinavian style is all about simple living: while colors and furniture used tend to be modest, the impact they make can be significant.



Stick mostly to white for your palette, but add splashes of bright color such as yellow (as pictured above).



4. Take Advantage Of The Existing Design

Take Advantage Of The Existing Design



It is a common belief that building an attic bedroom can be labour-intensive. Even though this is true, it does not apply in all cases. You can halve the time spent in erecting a suitable loft bedroom by working with the existing designs in the attic.



For instance, if your attic has an exposed wooden beam or a brick wall, consider showcasing it instead of hiding it. Doing this can add a nice touch of industrial design to your attic. Apart from being inexpensive, it can also save you time if you are not up for a major renovation.




5. Consider The Lighting

 Consider The Lighting



Another modern attic bedroom idea you should consider is the lighting. Remember we earlier said you should use white or light colors to open up your attic space. But that’s not all. Also, ensure that the lighting fixtures for the attic make the space bright. How do you do this?



Take advantage of the topmost height of the ceiling by hanging a light fixture there. If you want that space to be the focal point of the room, you can hang a jaw-dropping chandelier set there. Otherwise, a pendant light hanging from that height adds to the magic.



Also, stay away from floor lamps; they do look out-of-place in attics. Instead, go for table lamps.



6. Take On The Minimalist Style

Take On The Minimalist Style




When designing your attic bedroom, never forget that less is always more. Attics are notorious for being small, so adding too much furnishings can turn your proposed loft bedroom into a confined and stifling space. To prevent this, tamper down on the furniture, decorations, and accessories.



Adopt the minimalist style and keep it simple. As long as you know what you want, you can still get a cool bedroom that is breathtaking and comfortable.




7. Go Low With Furnishings

Go Low With Furnishings



While rounding up this fun topic about attic bedroom ideas lets reminding you of something you should always remember, always go with low furnishings. A major concern with attics is the height area. If your attic is quite low and you are wondering how to make it livable, then go for low furniture.



Oversized couches and full height beds will simply not work here, keep them downstairs. Instead, aim for low couches and platform beds. Also, floor cushions are ideal for creating a relaxing and cool bedroom area.



Benefits Of An Attic Bedroom

We suspect that not everyone reading this article is convinced about the need for an attic bedroom or even see the need for a review of attic bedroom ideas.



If that is you, then the aforementioned benefits you can get from such a bedroom should change your mind.




It Helps You Save Money & Time

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see multi-generational families living in one home. Apart from the quality communal relationships it fosters, it is also a huge money saver. For instance, if you are in charge of caring for your parents, you could convert the loft into a bedroom for them.



This saves time and money that would have been wasted commuting between two addresses. And by the way, your kids get the added advantage of being doted on by their grandparents.




It Makes Your Home Comfortable

Living in tight and cramped quarters can put your family on edge and make everyone irritable. But with the attic bedroom, you get an extra space for your family. Also, your attic bedroom can be a refuge from other parts of the house.




It Prevents Frequent Moving

The passage of time usually comes with the addition of new family members and belongings. These extra additions can make your home feel cramped and uncomfortable.



Even though moving should be the obvious choice, it can be expensive depending on where you live. In that case, the next best thing on your agenda should be converting your attic into a bedroom.



Unlike moving expenses which are akin to wasting money, a loft conversion is actually an investment that will pay you back in the future.



It Increases The Value Of Your Home

The desire of every homeowner is to see the value of their homes increase constantly. Even though a home’s value is mostly dependent on its surroundings, you can still skew it in your desired direction with an attic bedroom. Buyers absolutely love attic bedrooms and it is one of the major requirements when shopping for a house.




So don’t feel you are throwing away money by adding an attic bedroom to your home. On the contrary, if you decide to sell your house, you can easily retrieve more than 80% of the cost incurred for modelling the attic bedroom.  This would be more than enough to offset the hassle of building the bedroom. A win-win situation if you ask us.



So go ahead and add magic to your attic. You will be glad you did!

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