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5 Upholstered Chairs To Brighten Up Your Living Room 5 Upholstered Chairs To Brighten Up Your Living Room


5 Upholstered Chairs To Brighten Up Your Living Room

Written by: Sophie Thompson

These five of the best uphostered chairs that'll transform the look of your living room instantly into a classy space. Get ready to fall in love with these!

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Upholstered chairs are a great way to aggrandize the look and feel of your home. It can liven up your living room or make your bedroom look much more awe-inspiring. But above all, it’s the piece of furniture that will perform the duties of a cozy corner, a reading nook, and a beautiful decorative piece all at once.





An upholstered chair usually comes with soft padding that is laced under elegant fabrics. The upholstery is usually done on the seat and on the back as well. These chairs come in a number of variants: you may have come across an armchair, living room chair, reading chair, and an ottoman, and all of them are upholstered chairs.


It is not a new design or approach to furniture making, as it finds its roots back to the 17th century. Upholstered furniture was first introduced as a way to make furniture more comfortable to use for longer periods of time. The trend eventually caught up with automobile manufacturers and other industries. Over the years, a number of upholstered chairs adorned the four walls of houses and offices alike. But one thing always remained constant: people love these kinds of furniture.


The mass appeal of upholstered chairs is one of the reasons why we usually fall for the appearance and how beautiful it will look in our living room or bedroom. But apart from this, there are a lot of things that we should consider before buying any particular chair. Some of the most important factors we have to consider include the color, fabric type, comfort, and pattern among others.


Comfort will always be the most important aspect when it comes to choosing upholstered chairs. But with so many elegant designs available, why sacrifice style for the sake of need? There are a plethora of upholstered chairs that you can pick for your home, and here are some of the best ones we found on Amazon.



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1. Rivet Charlotte Upholstered Gold Accent Chair

Rivet upholstered chair

Photo from Amazon




This dusty rose-colored upholstered chair by Rivet is a terrific living room addition. Its unique industrial design is a perfect answer to meet the needs of modern homes. The plush cushioning will make this chair your favorite relaxing spot. A swipe of clean cloth is all that you’ll need to clean the polyester fabric of this masterpiece. Apart from dusty rose, it is also available in blue and white shades.


The metallic frame features a contemporary design, and the gold accent makes it classy. It is also stain resistant so you don’t need to worry about cleaning it often. The wide seats are super on comfort, and it will look great everywhere, be it your living room, study, or office. The metal frame and sturdy yet soft fabric will last for years. This is perfect for households with plenty of children since it can withstand the way children play in the living room.


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2. Stone & Beam Laurel Rounded Accent Chair

Stone & Beam Laurel Rounded Accent Chair

Photo from Amazon


This vintage style accent chair is sleek, rustic, and comfortable, making it another superb choice as your next living room chair. One of the premium accent chairs you can find on Amazon, it has enough space for you to curl on with a good read or lounge on when your favorite show is on. The wood frame has a raw walnut finish that enhances its beauty. Besides, the fabric is highly durable with a neutral shade that will go well with both bright and light house decors. But these will look best as living room chairs due to its comfortable design and features.


The tufted back has buttoned upholstery, and the foam cushion is removable. This upholstered chair is easy to clean and maintain. The straight back and rounded, armless design will never go out of fashion. It will become a centerpiece in your living room, and guests will never fail to notice how nice of a rounded accent chair it is.


Buy Stone & Beam Accent Chair from Amazon


3. Safavieh Mercer Collection Waverly Mid-Century Purple Accent Chair

Safavieh Mercer Purple Accent Chair

Photo from Amazon


If you are looking to add some splash of color to your living room, this exquisite purple delight by Safavieh will win your heart. Accent chairs that look glamorous and classy are hard to find, but this one will end your search. The white legs of this upholstered chair are crafted of Birchwood, and the fabric is a blend of cotton, viscose, and polyester.


You can buy a bunch of these to use as living room chairs or just a duo for your reading nook. You can also place it in your kid’s room, and your little ones will definitely love sitting on it. The cushioning is plush and the color pops out like magic, and its design is a match with a lot of homes.


Buy Safavieh Mercer Accent Chair from Amazon


4. Christopher Knight Home Tafton Arm Chair

Christopher Knight Tafton Arm Chair

Photo from Amazon


This upholstered club chair by Christopher Knight Home is love at first sight. Its charmingly classic can serve as an esteemed addition to your living room. You may perhaps choose to use a couple of these comfortable seating options as accent chairs for your bedroom or library.


This armchair comes with a dark tan finish on its wooden legs, and the floral print with tones of white and blues on the fabric is eternally tasteful. With respect to craftmanship, the upholstery is beautifully done, with good effort on detailing that exudes upscale beauty.


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5. Windaze Accent Ottoman Chair

Windaze Accent Ottoman Chair



Add a touch of flair to your living room or bedroom with this fashionable upholstered chair by Windaze. The button-tufted high-back and ottoman seat more than stand out from the usual accent chairs you’ll find in most homes. The soft velvet fabric has been perfectly brought together with brilliant craftsmanship to create a stunning appearance that will grab the attention.


You can use it as a chair or an ottoman or as a usual lounge chair, but you will see that it will make a great difference to the decor regardless of how you use it. Moreover, you can place it in your home or office to magnify the appeal of your interior space. The button tufting is deep, and sitting on the chair is quite cozy. One glance at this beautifully upholstered chair is not enough to appreciate its glam. I predict your guests will love taking their pictures sitting on it to post on their feed or stories.


Buy Accent Ottoman Chair By Windaze from Amazon


Upholstered chairs can serve a lot of seating options. You can use them as accent chairs in your bedroom. You can also use them as comfortable seating in your living room or library. Though there are many more styles of chairs available for your home, these five are the trending ones that you must look out for. Buy one of these and you’ll soon own a fantastic piece of furniture that you will love for years.

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