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25 Best High End Furniture Stores: 2020 Edition 25 Best High End Furniture Stores: 2020 Edition

The Complete Guide To Furniture Stores • October 14, 2020

25 Best High End Furniture Stores: 2020 Edition

Written by: Sarah Reyes

High end furniture brings timeless class and elegance to any space. Discover your next centerpiece with these antiques and collector's items.

Whether it comes to choosing the right pieces for your living room, study room, or a commercial area, these high end furniture brands are sure to add character to any space. The key features of pieces from high-end furniture brands are excellent quality, sleek and stylish appearances, and sheer versatility. However, picking the right furnishings for your space may prove to be a trying process. If you’re unsure about what to look for, we’ve come up with a list of best furniture stores that are sure to deliver time and time again.



1. Novogratz




Husband and wife team Robert and Cortney Novogratz built the brand to create high-quality pieces at affordable prices. Their pieces are marked by clean lines and simple designs with splashes of color – you’d know a Novogratz piece when you see one, since they always offer a touch of freshness and quirkiness. Such pieces are also highly sought after for their modern styles.



This Brittany Sofa from NovogratzCheck Latest Price is chic and the epitome of high-end furniture brands. From its stylish linen upholstery to its rubbed cushioned back and slanted oak colored legs, adding it to your interior will bring it a quirky touch. This modern furniture has an ultimate capacity of 500 pounds, making it perfect for seating four to five guests. Visit Novogratz here.



2. HomePop




Homepop was established in 1998. Len and Ellen Gao built the brand based on accent furniture and affordable home furniture. The brand is an epitome of bespoke furniture pieces that stand out. Furthermore, they guarantee that you won’t find pieces quite like theirs anywhere else!



For a pop of color and a touch of sophistication, this HomePop ottomanCheck Latest Price is one for the books – the interior design books, that is. It’s one that is sought after by furniture aficionados and contemporary fiends alike. Apart from bringing contrast to neutral interior tones with its bold berry color, it is also reminiscent of wine nights in the countryside with loved ones. Visit Homepop here.



3. Prepac



With over 3 decades worth of experience in manufacturing high-end furniture, the brand has certainly made its mark in the industry. Known as the largest RTA furniture brand in North America, Prepac makes use of state-of-the-art procedures to ensure that their pieces are of excellent quality.



This double headboardCheck Latest Price is perfect for use in your bedroom! Available in a shade of beautiful washed black, it’s a great way to complement any wall. Further, it has a free-standing design that allows you to detach it from your bed easily, so you can clean it without it tumbling over. Apart from this, it is made of CARB compliant wood, and thus is safe and non-toxic. Best of all, this piece has a 5-year limited warranty on all its parts. Visit Prepac here.



4. Tangkula


Tangkula may not share the same media buzz as the other first three items on the list, but it certainly deserves just as much attention. Tangkula is known for its versatile pieces and patio furniture, so you can be sure that you’d find one in their famous lines. A Tangkula is not only an affordable choice, it’s one of those on the list that gives you enough quality hand-in-hand with its stunning designs.



Combining mid-century sleek lines and a mid-century rustic finish, this TV standCheck Latest Price is a perfect addition to any room. May it be a lounge area, a bedroom, or living space, it is a perfect storage solution for your media systems. Moreover, it can hold up to 60 lbs to 90 lbs of capacity, made of durable material that is good for long-lasting use. Visit TangkulaCheck Latest Price here.


5. SEI


SEI Furniture is well-known for its multi-functional pieces. This miraged mirror cabinet is comes in a metallic silver trim with angular etching with crystal knobs, giving you that timeless and classic style. Also, it provides you ample space for to store your belongings. Measuring 28 inches wide x 13.25 inches deep x 28.25 inch, this sturdy furniture cabinet can hold up to 40 lbs of weight without trouble. Marked by elegance and sophistication, it gives any room that 1930’s opulence. Visit SEI Furniture here.



5. Adesso




Adesso is a contemporary furniture brand that specializes in lighting fixtures, lamps, and high-end furniture pieces. Headquartered in New York City, the brand is a moniker of the culture and urban jungle. 



This three-arm lamp with burlap shadesCheck Latest Price from a rustic pole will illuminate any room in the home beautifully. Furthermore, Adesso has designed it to include a sentimental appeal. Apart from this, the post comes with a four-way rotary switch. This is so you assume ultimate control. Thus, having this beautiful light fixture provides you multi-directional light. Lastly, the product comes with a one year warranty to ensure that you’re covered for parts and service. Visit Adesso here.



7. Zinus




An up-and-coming premium furniture brand, Zinus Dachelle is known for its comfortable mattressesCheck Latest Price , easy-to-assemble bed frames, and plush sofas. This Californian brand uses green tea, olive oil, and charcoal to produce environmentally-friendly pieces for consumers around the world. 



So, what exactly sets this product apart from other platform beds? Well, it does not require a box spring to keep your mattresses in place. Apart from this, the upholstered, wood slats and steel frame give the body enough support, so you’ll be able to enjoy and maximize it for years to come. Get some quality zzzs and visit Zinus Dachelle here for more products.



8. Nathan James Harper




A simple bedside tableCheck Latest Price to keep your belongings within reach, this one from TOV furniture features a sleek, no-fuss design. It provides multiple shelving options for you and  allows you to safely stack them to increase height and for additional storage. Aside from this, you can maximize space in a rather petite bedroom. Nathan James Harper is known for its intricate furniture pieces that make its mark as one of the best high-end furniture brands in the market today.



Whether it be in an interior with delicate accents or a miniature apartment. Apart from this, it’s sleek lines and clean smooth edges make any room cohesive and pleasant. Visit Nathan James HarperCheck Latest Price here.






A stylish dresserCheck Latest Price that is versatile and integrates into any room within the home, this product is ideal for use in any commercial space or small office. This one from WLIVE characterizes what the high-end furniture brand is all about: well-built, trendy, and super stylish. Apart from that, it is also equipped with four drawers that provide lots of space. Get it today and keep those lingering fingers safe any time of the day. Visit WLIVE FurnitureCheck Latest Price here.







P Purlove brings you this wonderful console tableCheck Latest Price and cabinet. This one comes in three different colors, namely antique blue, white and retro grey, to match any room and bring it that certain candor. Aside from that, it is furnished with deep drawers and cabinets for to store all your necessities. Furthermore, it features a countertop to accomodate all your belongings, whether it be potted plants or glass jars with spices. Visit P PURLOVECheck Latest Price here.



11. Totovy



A beautiful Totovy dressing tableCheck Latest Price that is modern, this piece is all you need to spruce up a dull bedroom. A well-made product that will last you for long term use, it has black carbon hardware paired with a cushioned seat with oak legs to give you the best high-end furniture set possible. Furthermore, this piece consists of medium density fibreboard that is sturdy, combined with high-technology leather for a premium finish. The deep blue-green color matches bold to neutral-toned rooms and blends seamlessly into any dining, living, or bedroom. Visit TotovyCheck Latest Price here.



12. AmazonBasics


AmazonBasics Premium Foldable Mattress Foundation



A blend of combination of durability and sophistication, you won’t regret choosing this steel slatted platform bedCheck Latest Price by Amazon Basics. A piece like this ones opens up available space to bring dimension to a rather small area. Moreover, the foldable design allows you to store at any time, and maximize space. Apart from this, the frame supports the height of a box spring minus the bulk and the weight. Last but not the least, you can easily adjust the back height to your heart’s content, to fit your standards and needs. Visit AmazonBasicsCheck Latest Price here.


13. Tvillium




Looking for an elegant dresser for your bedroom? This one from Tvilium features sustainable engineered wood. Thus, it is elegant and easy to maintain, all you need is to wipe it with a damp cloth. It measures 60.5W x 19.7D x 28H; Weight 114 lbs. Thus, it provides you with different sized compartments to maximize organization. So now, all your clothing items, hygiene kits, and more are easily accessible. Also, it’s easy to integrate it into any room. The Scottsdale DrawerCheck Latest Price comes in different finishes to highlight or compliment any interior space. Save your time and effort with this straightforward piece. Visit Tvilium here.



14. Walker Edison 



A stylish, contemporary, and rich textured console, Walker Edison crafted this high-grade MDF (medium-density fibreboard) console table for longevity. Keep your entertainment system tangle-free with this one: wire management is easy as your wires can run through the back of the stand. Apart from this, it has adjustable shelves to accommodate different sized items. What more could you ask for? Get one for your home. So you experience the quality, precision, and versatility of a Walker Edison today. Visit Walker Edison here.



15. Convenience Concepts



Assemble your furniture in six easy steps – no sweat, no hassle. This drawer end table from Oslo Concepts features a high-end design that is great when paired with any mid-century designed space. With its soft grey tone body and MDF and bamboo combined legs, the result is an overall versatile, minimalist, and sophisticated design. It’s a simple piece that compliments any study, den, or living room.



16. Flash Furniture



A high-end desk from Flash Furniture, this Clifton computer deskCheck Latest Price is a great addition to any office space. On the other hand, it serves as a perfect desk for a home study or a bedroom. Hence, this versatile computer desk can accommodate most computer setups. Because of this, equipped with a raised shelf, to multitask easily. Now, you can transition between devices effortlessly. All you need is to prop your laptop and your tablet on the upper shelf and increase your productivity in one go. Furthermore, it’s made of compact black laminate that will give any room a distinct yet contemporary look. It has ample space to keep more shelves, documents, or other devices on it.



17. DHP




The Emily Futon couch from DHP represents traditional upholstered high-end furniture. With its square tufted body, you can accentuate your modern space. Also, chrome legs are popular in modern luxury furniture and interior design. Aside from this, you can easily get accompaniment furniture with this pieceCheck Latest Price . Because you can purchase a matching ottoman and chaise longue to put together as a set. Apart from it, all comes in one box and ships as one unit, for easy assembly and receipt. Stay motivated when you have a beautiful piece you’d look forward to making use of. Now, you can achieve optimal work-life balance in the comfort of your own home. Visit DHP Furniture here.


18. eLuxurySupply 


eLuxurySupply is known for its Egyptian cotton sheets, gel foam, and hand-made platform beds. The brand is located in Indiana, manufacturing its pieces in a highly controlled setting, to ensure the production of top-quality pieces. A luxury item such as this, for the price of high-end, is a good deal. This luxury accent chair from eLuxurySupply is a charming addition to your bedroom. a vanity or even your study. It complements any set of furniture as it comes with a range of different colors to choose from. From white to a nice velvet blue, have the freedom to decide, so you get to bring in the unique textures that match your sense of style. Visit eLuxurySupply here.


19. Giantex 


If you’re looking for something that’s edgy and unique, look no further than Giantex.  This piece is perfect for pairing with tufted or upholstered furniture, such as a bed frame or a couch.  Antique lovers will love this piece as it is easy to integrate into any collection. Furthermore, this Giantex nightstandCheck Latest Price is also great for added storage. Furthermore, the natural brown coffee pinewood texture is exquisite. Which brings out a rustic appeal, and a nostalgic vibe. One that is homey and vintage. It will complement any interior space while being a focal point to any room. Lastly, these come in a two-piece set, because two is always better than one. Visit Giantex here.



20. Christopher Knight


Actor and celebrity Christopher Knight built his brand in November 2012. He redefined modern luxury pieces in the market through affordable yet high-quality pieces. The trailblazer accomplished this in collaboration with designers, and industry professionals. You can identify a Christopher Knight piece from another as soon as you enter a room. It is distinctly innovative, with a pop of color, yet sophisticated design. This beautiful chair will complement any space.  Furthermore, the premium velvet feel gives off a comfortable aura. Put it in a room and all your high-end furniture pieces come together. Visit Christopher Knight Home here.



21. Sauder


Made of engineered wood, the Sauder Computer Armoire is in a beautiful deep, and rich cherry wood. It was safety tested for stability, and quality standards. This is carefully observed to craft this beautiful high-end furniture from Sauder. No tip-over accidents. As well as drawers come with safety stop features and at-lock mechanism. Thus, it creates balance and solidarity in the main body. Furthermore, it is made of wrought iron accents and hardware to achieve that rustic and robust appeal. A dresser that blends into any sort of bedroom exterior, to keep your clothes clean and fresh for a new day.  You’ll never have to worry about not knowing what to wear, and cut down on your preparation for the day in style. Visit Sauder here.



22. Phoenix Home



Looking for a piece of furniture to incorporate to your office that you can turn into a bed or a chair? The Phoenix Home Linen lounger is the perfect addition to any home office, study, or living space. Apart from this, it is easy to set up, it doesn’t take two people to do the job, with an Allen wrench in tow. Furthermore, the tufted design on this lounger marks keen attention to detail. With its beautiful chrome legs and faux leather exterior, this one is the epitome of a high-end furniture piece that is timeless and can be trendy for years to come. Visit Phoenix HomeCheck Latest Price here.



23. Henn&Hart




A coffee table that is versatile and elegant, this high end dining room furniture piece can bring any dull room or neutral-toned interior living space a certain pop. Hence, it is an eye-catching ensemble from Henn&Heart. It comes with golden accent bezel and glass panels to give any room that ominous, seamless look. Furthermore, you have two variants to choose from – a coffee table or a console table. So, you can most certainly get one that suits your needs, or get both to get the best out of each one. Use the coffee table to entertain guests. Meanwhile, you can pile all your reading material in the compartment beneath. Apart from this, you can use the console table to lay your laptop or gadgets on top of it as you work. There’s plenty of use for this high-end furniture piece, and Henn&Hart seems to have value and utility pegged. It is perfect for young professionals and bosses alike. Visit Henn&HartCheck Latest Price here.






A great accompaniment to your glass coffee table, this modern geometric lamp features a golden metal base. Aside from this, it also illuminates the room and provides ample light, for a dim area or even a space full of shadows. Also, it enhances any modem interior design. Moreover, the shade allows light to seep through, giving off a warm, diffused, and cozy light, hence creating a relaxing atmosphere. Moreover, it is easy to integrate into any modern to contemporary styled home or office. Thus, it is a quite versatile bulb usage, so that you get to decide which fits your preferences. Visit SOTTAECheck Latest Price here.



25. Angel Line



Last but not the least on the list is this Drawer Dresser from Angel Line. Not only does it feature a clean white finish and smooth composite wood build, it is also free of toxic agents. Measuring 46.5 x 17.5 x 34.5 inches, this beautiful dresser is perfect for the organization. May it be different items, such as a couple of undergarments or prized possessions. These drawers consist of a metal glide system, for ease of operation. Thus, you don’t have to worry about it slamming shut. Furthermore, the open-cut handles make it easy to grip. Thus, it is a great alternative compared to others that easily break or wear over time. Visit Angel LineCheck Latest Price here.



High End Furniture Brands Vs. Luxury Furniture Brands

High-end pieces are characterized by quality make and craftsmanship. Luxury pieces are defined by their timelessness, story, scarcity, and social prominence. Thus, these pieces are defined more for their exclusivity, the rise in popular culture and markets — an ode to an ingenious design by reputable and established luxury brands. High end, however, does not necessarily mean luxurious, or sophisticated. These pieces may share a likely prominence with its luxury piece counterparts, that in part, is an important characteristic of furniture pieces found in the market.



High-end pieces may even come in the form of detailed artistry, for a lot more affordable price, yet no compromise to its durability. Luxury pieces, however, are not always a durable choice. Luxury pieces may be obtained more for their value and aesthetic. While high-end brands are more for its long term use and versatility. 



High-end furniture may sometimes be confused with luxury pieces as their meanings are similar. However, it is important to note that quality should always triumph aesthetics when you’re choosing furniture. However, in the end, the price point is what separates the two from one another. At the end of the day, high-end furniture pieces that are of good quality are the best choices to go for.



How To Choose High End Furniture Pieces


Making The Best Choice

There are so many choices in terms of high-end furniture in the market today, with mass production on the rise, and manufacturers coping with the increasing demand of e-commerce demand, the market has varied products in the market today. Therefore, picking the right high-end furniture may be quite difficult, especially if you have no idea how to assess their quality. Here are the aspects to watch out for when shopping for the best high-end quality furniture in the market.




When choosing wooden furniture pieces, it’s best to look out for those made from solid wood, especially when it comes to high end outdoor furniture. Thus, 9+ layer plywood is the best material used in these pieces. Also, it’s best to stay away from furniture that does not have any cracks or knots.




In terms of quality joints, the best materials used are dovetail, mortise, and tenon. Otherwise, a good alternative is reinforcing corner blocks. Avoid purchasing furniture that consists of visible glue, staples, or nails as those tend to be less sturdy.



High-End Furniture Solid Body

Drawers with a solid body should have dust panels, floating bottoms, metal glide rails, and stops. Meanwhile, the frame of the body should be level with the floor. If you notice any creaks, wobbles, or twists, make sure to check with the manufacturer. Furthermore, it is best to avoid purchasing pieces that manifest these traits. Apart from this, if there are springs involved, such in the case of couches and beds, it is best to choose ones that have hand-tied coil springs that possess even resistance. If the springs are arranged in such a way that they are closely laid apart, you know that the furniture piece will provide a lot of support and is able to withstand pressure and weight.

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