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30 Best Bookcases That Are Perfect To Preserve Your Books 30 Best Bookcases That Are Perfect To Preserve Your Books

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30 Best Bookcases That Are Perfect To Preserve Your Books

Written by: Chloe Davis

Whether you are a bookworm, or you have an eye for aesthetic furniture, a bookshelf is a must-have for your interior design. Here are our top 30 picks.

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Whether you are a bookworm, or you have an eye for aesthetic furniture, a bookshelf is a must-have for your interior design. A beautiful and efficient combination of design and functionality, this classic piece of furniture has been a part of every traditional household for decades. 




If you love bookshelves and plan to buy one of these for yourselves, the following are 30 best bookcases and shelves for your indoor setting. The list consists of solid wood bookcases as well as perfect furniture pieces. That you can use to store all your black library collection, perhaps? In short, it has something for everyone. 



30 Best Bookcases





This one is amazon’s choice and for all the right reasons. Not only is it beautiful with its deep, stunning espresso color, it also offers a large storage capacity. It features engineered particle board, which, in simple words, is finely chopped wood. Hence, this bookshelf is stylish, functional, and durable. Did we mention it’s super affordable as well?





With a soft finish, white color, and three adjustable shelves, the crowd loves this bookshelf. For less than $100, this particular shelf offers you personalization, an elegant design, and lots of storage space. It has an enclosed back panel that features engineered wood. Plus, it does not take longer than an hour for you to put the shelf together and complete it. 





With its chic design and matte finish, this bookshelf is a perfect addition to your black library. It has a large storage capacity on all its shelves, and it is easy to assemble for anyone who hasn’t done it before. Plus, it is sturdy enough to hold against weight and pressure. Thus, it is a complete package and one of the finest solid wood bookcases on the market. 





If you’re looking for an aesthetic ladder bookcase for your lounge, you should consider this option. One of the highest-rated and well-loved bookcases, this masterpiece by Nathan James is a top seller. It has wooden shelves and a metal frame, all painted deep walnut brown and black, but it comes in other colors as well. The ladder is durable and stylish, perfect for a vintage addition to your space. Apart from this, it only takes about 30 minutes to assemble it. 




For a fun pop of color in your indoor space, you can get your hands on this white and green bookshelf. However, it does come in pink, white, and blue colors as well. Apart from this, you can also choose the number of tiers that you want in your bookcase. Like most of the Furinno bookcases, this one is also made of particle wood. The furniture is easy and simple to set up and is very affordable. 




If you are someone who likes vintage style bookcases and shelves, you will love this one. It offers you three shelves, each of which is 11.5 inches deep. Two of these shelves are adjustable while one is not. What is unique about this product is that it has a wall-mounted anti-tip kit for additional security. The back is not open.  So, it protects your items from falling behind the bookcase.





Giving you maximum personalization with adjustable shelves and easy assembly, this large piece of furniture will hold all your books and other items that you want to put up. It is made out of high-quality wood and is one of the best solid wood bookcases you will find under such a reasonable price. It weighs about 82 pounds and is as tall as 77 inches. 





This is another stylish ladder bookcase for those who like aesthetic furniture. But apart from being amazingly beautiful and stylish, this bookcase is movable as well. Hence, you can move it around the room from time to time based on your mood and preferences. Each ladder consists of 4 shelves and the entire piece of furniture is painted black. The shelves are laminated wood, while the frame is all metal. 





Another one of the beautiful Sauder bookcases, this one features five shelves, out of which, three are adjustable. The back panel is enclosed and the entire shelf has an Oak finish to make it look stylish in a very traditional yet modern way. It is constructed out of engineered wood and is 71.2 inches high. 





Another suitable piece of furniture for your black library is this chicly-designed, tall, spacious bookcase. Other than black, it comes in a variety of colors including cherry, mahogany, white, and beech. Its beautiful design and sturdy material make it perfect for your household settings as well as a valuable addition to your office storage furniture. It gives you three large open shelves to store your books, files, and other items. The whole thing is made of high-quality wood. 





Perfect for office and sophisticated interior designing, this small, chic, white bookcase will give you aesthetics, and storage space for your books and ornaments. The finish is sleek and the material is sturdy. Two of the three shelves are adjustable while the remaining one is fixed. This fixed shelf can hold about 50 pounds. In total, the bookcase is about 32 inches high. It is constructed with a combination of particleboard, MDF, paper board, and zinc alloy. 





If you have an interest in modern, unique furniture and bookcases, you will simply adore this design. The shelf looks like three square compartments imperfectly stacked up on top of each other. It might look like a complex structure, but it is surprisingly quick to assemble and is very lightweight. The bookcase is made of MDF and composite wood. 





If you’re looking for versatility in bookcases and shelves, this piece of furniture is it. It consists of 6 square boxes that can be used as a staircase organizer, a bookcase, a storage shelf, and anything else that you can think of. It comes in two colors, black and dark brown. The squares are made of a sturdy fabric while the frames are all metal. 





This small, adorable book rack is perfect for empty corners of your rooms where you wish to add a little more storage space. It is white, easy to assemble, and can hold weight up to 28 to 30 lbs.  





Style merges with the strength to create these kinds of bookcases. You can customize the rack by choosing 3, 4, 5, or 6 shelves according to your requirements and preferences. It has a sturdy wood and metal construction, open from the sides, the back, and the front.





The name pretty much speaks for itself. If you are looking for sturdy and durable bookcases and shelves, this is the best you can get under a budget. It is made of steel and has 5 shelves in total. Each of these shelves can support approximately 385 pounds. The whole book rack is about 72 inches high. 





Another one of Furinno’s masterpiece bookcases, this 4-tiered furniture can be used for a number of purposes. It can be used as a shelf display, book storage, crockery shelf, and almost anything else. It comes in various colors including cherry, black, and brown so that you can choose one according to your liking and interior design theme. 





Glass bookcases have their own charm, and if that’s your aesthetic style, you will love this book rack. You don’t need any tools to set it up, it gives you 3 glass shelves to store your items, and the frame is made of stainless steel. Because the entire construction is resistant to rust and corrosion, this product will last you for years.





Another one of the most stylish bookcases on the list, this one is perfect for a modern TV lounge or library. It gives you good storage as well as a classy display with its glass shelves and gold, metal frames. 





Ladder bookcases are a perfect way to add class, style, and storage to your space. This one, in particular, has rusty, iron pipes and brown, wooden shelves. It gives you versatility and design, both at the same time. Plus, it is easy to assemble and does not take a lot of space on the floor. 





If you’re looking for durability and strength, metal bookcases can provide you with both. This particular book rack is small yet very spacious. It can hold quite a lot of weight and a variety of items. To top it off, the shelves are adjustable and allow you to customize the furniture according to your needs. 





This traditional-looking bookshelf has both design, and functionality. It comes with various options in terms of color and the number of shelves. The total height of the rack is 34 inches and the weight capacity is approximately 21 pounds. 





With a design similar to the Casual Home Shelf, this bookcase is different in terms of the space it offers. Not only is it twice in size (60 inches), it also has an additional drawer that you can put away your items in. Plus, it can hold about 55 lbs. 





By now, we know Nathan James has a talent for designing unique, gorgeous bookcases. This bookcase is one of them. It provides aesthetics without compromising on quality and space. It gives you 4 tiers and a total height of 36 inches. 





Buyers have been loving this bookcase for home offices and TV lounges. With a total height of 68 inches, it provides you 5 shelves to store and display your items. The shelves are wooden while the frame is metal. Together, the two kinds of materials make it a stylish and durable piece of furniture.





This item is another versatile bookcase that can be used to store and display various kinds of items along with books. It comes in various colors and you can choose whether or not you want a door to it. It is made of wood and gives you lots of space to organize and manage your items. The bookcase is closed and protected from all sides except the front. 





This small bookshelf is about 30 inches high and has a unique design with slanted shelves which make it easy to display and view the items. The furniture is made out of solid wood and looks very adorable sitting in an empty corner of the room or next to your sofa. 





Specifically created to store and organize children’s books, this bookcase can also be used to display other book collections like your cookbooks, journals, and anything else you want. It is made out of wood and has an attractive finish and design to motivate the kids to read. 





This bookcase has a unique design that allows it to be folded and extended as per your requirements. You can flip up the shelves and fold it flat whenever you want. As complex as it may sound, it is very easy to assemble and transport. It has 6 shelves in total and the whole thing is made out of mocha walnut-colored wood. 





Last but not least, this bookshelf gives you one thing that the rest of the bookcases in the list do not: privacy. Not all bookshelves give you the opportunity to display as well as store all kinds of items. You can display the books and things that you want to show off, and put away or hide the other items inside closed cabinets. 


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