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40 Best TV Stands That Are Trendy & Stunning 40 Best TV Stands That Are Trendy & Stunning

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40 Best TV Stands That Are Trendy & Stunning

Written by: Noah Bennett

TV stands are an underrated part of your home designing plan. Here are 40 gorgeous TV stands that you can add to your living room space.

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TV stands are an underrated part of your home designing plan. They can make or break the aesthetics of your space, so choosing the right one is very important. 




However, with the wide variety of TV stands available in the market right now, the decision is not as easy and quick as it may seem. Lots of things need to be considered such as the price range you can afford, the color theme of your living space, and the design you want to go for. 




If you are having trouble with narrowing down the options, the following guide will give you 40 best TV stands online that are trendy and stunning so you can make a quick decision. 



40 Best TV Stands You Can Buy Online 





Aesthetic does not always mean perfection and this willow console is a good example of that. Furthermore, it has hand-applied distress on its surface to achieve a vintage-looking design. Moreover, the paint seems to be chipped and the natural pine color is visible through it. But as imperfect as it looks, the strength and durability of the material remain high. 





Another unique placement for your TV is a wall-mounted TV stand. Moreover, you can free a lot of floor space and are a modern way to display your TV. This one by South Shore is beautiful with its smooth, shiny exterior. Additionally, it is durable because it has a particleboard construction, and it is trustworthy because it has a 5-year warranty. You can get it in two different colors: black oak and pure white. 





This particular media console is a beautiful TV stand with storage. But it doesn’t just give you space; it gives you privacy as well. Moreover, the media console has doors with glass panels to ensure that your items remain hidden and safe. Furthermore, you can choose from five different colors according to your liking. 





This particular modern TV stand gives you lots of space. Moreover, it comes in several different colors. It has four shelves that you can use to display ornaments or for media storage. Additionally, it has a beautiful, smooth, wooden texture that adds to the aesthetics of your place while giving you a sturdy place to hold your TV. 





Another beautiful TV stand with storage, this model features good looks and privacy, all while giving you a variety of colors to choose from. Moreover, the console is a total of 24 inches high and allows you to adjust the shelves according to your liking. 





Because of its large storage space and beautiful construction, it is a perfect TV stand for bedrooms. Furthermore, it is made out of high-grade MDF and durable metal frames, giving you both strength, aesthetics, and longevity.





If storage is what you want in your modern TV stand, you must consider this console. Moreover, it comes in a variety of colors and has a beautifully sleek design, but what holds the most important is a large amount of storage it offers with six huge shelves to save and display your items. 





A white TV stand is versatile when it comes to displaying it. It looks clean, chic, and aesthetic in all kinds of indoor settings. Add to that a sturdy design and large storage space and you have yourself a must-have TV stand. Moreover, if this is your preferred style of furniture, you will be very happy with this design. 





This particular model is a minimalist design that offers a great deal of functionality. Additionally, the material used for these TV stands with mount includes particleboard and PVC Tubes, both of which are highly durable and resistant to damage. What’s best is that you do not need any tools to assemble this piece of furniture. 





If you are looking for more inexpensive options and something low-key, these individual TV stands are a good design to consider. Moreover, they attach directly to the TV and they are universally compatible with almost all flat and curved screens. Moreover, they are super easy to set up and install, and they provide maximum balance and stability to your TV. 





Another form of unique tv stands is this one. Furthermore, it features 2 separate mount brackets attached to a wide base via a tall stand. Additionally, the design allows adjustability and swivel movement for both flat and curved screens, and the consumers love it for its personalization. 





Swivel TV stands are a huge trend these days and this one by Fitueyes features all the good things including swivel, height adjustability, and weight-tolerance. However, apart from this, the design is also very compatible and modern with glass shelves and a compact design. 





With all the evolution in the media world, mobile TV stands have made their way into the market. Who knew, right? These TV stands are adjustable and portable so you can move them around according to your liking. Moreover, they are perfect for gaming, home theaters, and office use. 





Tiered TV stands have slowly made their way back into the market. Even though the concept remains traditional and classic, the added touch of modernization makes them stylish and chic. Additionally, this modern TV stand by Furinno is truly a sight to behold. Furthermore, it features a sturdy construction made of particleboard and PVC tubes as well as a strong top tier to hold your TV. Moreover, there are two below it for additional storage space. 





This model is another beautiful TV stand with storage. Along with a wide variety of colors to choose from, it features a contemporary design to add to the aesthetics of your place. Additionally, it is manufactured from particleboard and stainless steel and can support TVs that are up to 32 inches high. 





Apart from its unique design, this tall TV stand gives you lots of opportunity for storage while maintaining elegance and sophistication in your TV lounge. Additionally, it is easy to assemble and is very sturdy as well. 





Rusty oak TV stands have always been a trendy addition to any interior set-up. Moreover, they are clean, sleek, and modern, which keeps them always in style. This one by Generic is a modern TV stand that offers a sturdy space for your TV and four separate sections for storage while making your room look nice and cozy. 





This tall TV stand comes with 2 closed cabinets and beautiful statement design. Moreover, it has the capacity to hold up to 36 inches and 80 pounds of weight. Plus, what is manufactured in three professional-looking colors that are perfect for your sophisticated, formal settings. 





Another white TV stand by Mainstay, this one gives you more opportunities for storage. It features two shelves in the middle and two open cabinets on the sides to hold your ornamental displays and media items. Furthermore, the construction is sturdy and very easy to assemble. 





Like all furniture items by Convenience Concepts, this one is also elegant, minimal, and very practical. It is a straightforward design with a beautiful, neat finish that you can style in literally any room of the house. Moreover, It is available in two different shades and you can choose one to fit the color scheme of your interior. 





With its espresso color and smooth finish, this TV stand gives you a perfect opportunity to add elegance and sophistication to your room. But along with aesthetics, it features lots of storage space as well. Moreover, the design has a top shelf to hold your TV, an open cabinet underneath to keep your items organized, and a shallow drawer at the bottom to hold the rest of your media supplies. Overall, this piece of furniture gives you everything you need at a reasonable price. 





If you wish to add a touch of chicness to your indoor setting, modern TV stands are always a good idea. Furthermore, this particular model by Modway gives you just what you need to keep your furniture statement, professional, and functional. Moreover, it comes in a beautiful walnut color with two separate shelves and a drawer to store your items away. 





If you are looking for a white TV stand for your bedroom, consider this option as well. Additionally, the TV stand features a wide top shelf to hold a TV weighing up to 75 lbs, 6 separate shelves to store your items, and a sliding barn-style door for more hidden and private space while adding aesthetics to the design. 





This is another one of Modways Mid-century style TV stands that are not only pleasing to look at but also have a lot of storage space. In this particular design, the storage cabinets are covered with slatted sliding doors and a sliding drawer in the center.





If you are looking to buy an antique white TV stand for your living room, this might be a good option for you. It features a rusty, antique finish with a wide top shelf that you can place your TV on. Plus, it has an open cabinet underneath that can hold a lot of your storage items. Furthermore, the design features a vintage-style closed cabinet with small drawers that add privacy. 





The best thing about TV stands with drawers and shelves is that not only do they hold your TV, but they also help keep clutter at bay and keep your items private and hidden. Additionally, this tall TV stand by Ameriwood is a classic example of this concept. Moreover, it has a beautiful design made of strong, durable material, with a large shelf under the top tier, two smaller shelves underneath, and two large closed cabinets on the sides of the stand, so you can store your DVDs, speakers, game consoles, and other stuff.





This model is a white TV stand with a unique design and lots of practical storage space. Furthermore, the stand looks like several irregular boxes merged. Moreover, you can use it to display your ornaments or store DVDs and books, while it holds the TV on the top tier. Additionally, the stand is truly versatile in terms of its functionality. 





Another one of South Shore’s gorgeous TV stands, this model is particularly minimal yet classy. Additionally, it features several shelves for maximum storage space, some of which are covered by glass doors. Moreover, it can hold a TV up to 75 inches tall and comes in two different colors including black oak and grey maple. 





If you are fond of furniture with an oak finish, you will love this piece. This tall TV stand comes in two colors and can accommodate up to 95 lbs of weight. Moreover, you can adjust the two shells in the middle and can safely put away your items in the side cabinets behind the doors. Overall, the entire piece of furniture is made of strong, durable wood. 





For those people who like the idea of wall-mounted TV stands, this beautiful item will be somewhat of a favorite. Its wooden exterior, classy design, and storage capacity make it a huge crowd-favorite. Furthermore, the TV stand can hold up to 75lbs of weight. 





The manufacturers of this tall TV stand kept in mind modernization and classic styles while designing this beautiful TV stand. Additionally, the cozy touch of an electric fireplace makes this piece of furniture ideal for living rooms and TV lounges. Apart from this, the item features large cabinets and wide shelves for added storage. 





Stylish TV stands have their own charm. Additionally, they are just a very quick way to add a modern touch to your place. And this one simply screams classiness. Moreover, the design is in the shape of a hemisphere with glass shelves and a metal frame. Furthermore, the complete finish off the TV stand is Chrome and the total height is about 24 inches. 





Those who are fond of black furniture should consider this piece for their living room. Apart from being smooth and neatly designed, it offers lots of space to hide away your storage items. Moreover, it has special holes at the back to manage the cables and cords and avoid tangling and a wired mess. 





This is another electric fireplace TV stand but features a different texture and finish. Moreover, this model has a capacity of supporting 250 lbs and features storage shelves protected by doors. Additionally, the overall finish of the console is grey wood. 





This particular model comes with a unique feature of a storage bin. Additionally, it consists of a non-woven fabric bin that you can dump your unwanted items into. Apart from this, the rest of the design is stylish and petite. Moreover, you can easily place your TV of about 32 inches on top of the first tier and then store the rest of your media items underneath on the shelves. Additionally, the material used for this furniture is scratch and water-resistant. 





This model is a rather compact piece of furniture, ideal for smaller rooms, and empty corners of a house. Overall, it is a beautiful solid wood design with a large shelf and an added drawer for the purpose of storage. Moreover, it can hold a TV as large as 27 inches. 





If you like the modern unique designs of TV consoles, give this one a look. It features five rectangular boxes put together to form a large stand that can hold your TV and lots of other storage items. Additionally, you can place your ornamental objects in these narrow shelves to enhance its beauty or put away your books and DVDs as well as gaming consoles and other media items.





Taking the style level up a notch, this glossy black and white design by Furniture of America guarantees maximum quality and can accommodate a TV as large as 60 inches. Additionally, it features one big glass tier on the top and two smaller shelves underneath. Furthermore, the overall aesthetics of the furniture are 10/10. 





This industrial, rusty TV stand comes with four iron wheels attached to it. Additionally, this unique-looking furniture has a wooden exterior with smaller metal elements. Moreover, the wheels make the TV stand portable and adjustable as you wish so that you can move it around for your ease and infeasibility. 





This beautiful, wide, and modern TV stand is a perfect combination of aesthetics, functionality, and design. Moreover, the entire console is made out of hardwood, while the feet are slanted and stylishly made out of metal. Furthermore, the console also has separate holes at the back to keep cords and wires at bay. Additionally, the added factor of storage through the shelves and cabinet is a cherry on top. In conclusion, it’s a really good investment. 

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