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20 Best Garden Hose Reel For Easy Upkeep 20 Best Garden Hose Reel For Easy Upkeep

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20 Best Garden Hose Reel For Easy Upkeep

Written by: Grace Wilson

These garden hose reel products are guaranteed to keep loose hoses in place! A tidy garden sets the tone for a great day.

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Live your dream garden, no matter how small or big it may be. One thing that plays a crucial part in keeping your garden alive is a functional water system. To do that, you’ll need a hose that is within reach and long enough to accommodate all your lovely plants. However, hoses can be difficult to keep away at times, and this can make us feel stressed. To help you select the most compatible organizer for you, here is a list of the best garden hose reels that are in the market right now!



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Liberty Garden has come up with a steel hose reel cart that is excellent for home, commercial, or landscaping needs. Able to accommodate up to 300 feet of hose that measure ⅝”, the best part about this garden hose reel cart is its 13-gauge steel construction. Pneumatic tires make the structure perfectly stable and a durable powder-coated finish enables it to withstand any adverse weather conditions effectively.




This two-wheeled hose reel cart is convenient and simple, has multiple uses, and is super high-quality. It can store up to 60 meters of ½” and up to 40 meters of ¾” hose pipe to keep your garden hose in good shape. Its user-friendly handle lets you recoil and store the hose with ease. Aside from its primary purpose, you can also store and transport using this Vis garden hose reel cart. This is an ergonomic and lightweight option for any garden.




This simple yet efficient Yard Butler handy reel holds up to 75 feet of ⅝” hose. This product comes with a five-foot leader hose. Designed for smooth reeling and unreeling to enjoy a tangle-free hose and easy gardening, it can be secured to the ground or mounted on a wall. The hardware is included when you buy this convenient hose reel. Everything is assembled so you can just attach the handles to be able to use it. Its 16-gauge welded steel tube frame is rust-resistant and can handle the elements.




Durable and convenient, this Campbell Hausfeld air hose reel is perfect for everyday garden activities. It has an automatic latch to prevent your hoses from getting tangled together and keep your workspace neat and tidy. It comes with a 50-foot air hose and a crack-resistant, mountable case.




There are several hose reel nozzle settings in this aesthetically pleasing retractable hose reel box from IRIS USA. It has shower, rinse, jet, flat, and mist functions that can help you in your gardening. Its built-in handle has two water flow strengths (soft squeeze and tight squeeze) that are perfect for different needs.




This AMES automatic hose reel with cold weather-resistant cabinet holds up to 150 feet worth of gardening hose. It also includes a leader hose that is specially designed to prevent leaking whenever you use it.




This multi-purpose hose reel from Liberty Garden is both wall and floor-mountable. It can occupy up to 200 feet of ⅝” garden hose which is perfect for a spacious garden. It’s made of heavy-duty and industrial-grade 13-gauge steel with modern strength powder coated finish for weather resistance. It also comes with a five-foot leader hose.




With Yestar, you’ll get an easy set-up and automatic garden hose reel with a multi-purpose hose. This pressure washer hose reel features a fully retractable and slow return system so only minimum effort is needed to set the hose up. It’s so lightweight and handy that you can even hang it up on the wall. You can adjust the mounting brackets 180 degrees. Mounting hardware is included as part of the package when you purchase this hose reel.




This Ayleid retractable garden hose reel has nine sprayer nozzles to meet a variety of watering needs. It has a slow and automatic recovery mechanism so you don’t need to worry about safety and tidiness. To accommodate multi-directional watering, this hose reel is equipped with a swivel bracket that is able to rotate 180 degrees. It’s all the convenience you need for your watering needs in a single reel!




This Liberty Garden multi-directional hose reel is much more functional than you can imagine. It is multi-directional with the ability to rotate a full 360 degrees. Made of 18-gauge steel and coated with lasting bronze powder, this hose reel holds up to 125 feet of ⅝” hose. It is good for large backyards due to the length of hose it can hold. Just attach the handle to the reel and you can use it without problem!




A sturdy outdoor storage reel that’s made from resin, this garden tool is sure to last you through any season. It looks beautiful flanked against any landscape as it conceals hoses that can potentially become an eyesore. This reel-in-a-box also supports kink-free and manageable hose organization. It features a tight seal to secure both reel and hoses when you store it.




Efficacy doesn’t necessarily mean being less creative. Liberty Garden gives us this functional yet decorative garden hose reel. It’s convenient and durable as it is made of cast aluminum. Its powder-coated finish makes it rust and water-resistant. This reel holds up to 125 feet of ⅝” hose so you can tend to your yard without much worries.




One remarkable feature of this retractable hose reel by GARDENA is its integrated steel spring mechanism that provides even and powerful retraction. It prevents the hose from getting tangled, something which can become really stressful without it. This product includes the hose guide bracket so you can mount it on your wall. During winter, you’ll be able to remove it easily from the wall bracket using its ergonomically-shaped handle which prevents frosting.




Highly dependable with an anti-rust powder finish garden hose reel, this one by Giraffe Tools features a rather unconventional design that is unique as it is durable. It holds up to 130 feet of ⅝” hose or up to 200 feet of ½” hose without being messy. It has an automatic and adjustable hose guide that dispenses the hose steadily. Its double seal water system feature prevents it from rusting, freezing, cracking, and corroding. On top of that, it is a breeze to install in your yard or garage! 




This is the perfect retractable garden hose reel for all weather conditions! It’s an effective solution to your hose leak problems as it protects its 90-feet hybrid hose perfectly. This product includes a wall mount, pattern nozzle, leader hose, tapping screw, bolts, and user manual for user-friendly installation.




This Melnor two-way set hose reel is compact with a built-in shutoff and flow control faucet connector. The nozzle is adjustable with its thumb-activated feature. Additionally, it has a portable reel with built-in 30-feet sturdy hose and a removable adjustment ring.




Proven and tested under harsh weather conditions, this completely assembled and portable hose reel houses 65 feet of ½” hose without worrying about durability. It’s dependable and created with a high standard of efficacy that it can last in your garden for years. It also includes mounting plugs and screws for easy installation. It comes with the original GARDENA system connectors, so you can be sure that it’s easy to use.




Whether it’s wall-mounted or freestanding, this Hozelock compact reel is definitely an option to consider. Its confined casing protects the hose one hundred percent. It provides a hassle-free manual rewinding. Another thing to love about it is that it’s lightweight for maximum portability. Easy to assemble, it comes with a multi-purpose hose, threaded tap connector, hose end connectors, and a nozzle.




AMES created an anti-leak aluminum water system with this wall mount hose reel, which is eight times tougher than most ordinary plastic water systems. It combats cold temperatures and cross-threading well, so you wouldn’t have to worry about its condition in the long run. With an overall capacity of 225 feet of ⅝” hose, it’s completely assembled and includes an accessory tray and easy-spin grip.




This is a multi-purpose and sturdy resin design hose reel that can withstand any season and climate. Aside from its durability, it provides fast and organized water hose winding. Its tight seal secures reel and hose connection even at high water pressure. It’s highly functional and dependable that you will love using in your garden. It accommodates up to 100 feet of ⅝” hose, so you wouldn’t have any problem reaching every corner of your garden.




Creating your dream garden often entails hard work. You don’t want to neglect even the smallest of details, so sit down for a and take time to determine what you need and what you want out of your garden hose reel. It’s also best to anticipate issues that may arise in the future when making your purchase. To lessen the hassle, let our list of the best hose reel help you!

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