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100 Most Inspiring Garden Ideas Of All Time 100 Most Inspiring Garden Ideas Of All Time

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100 Most Inspiring Garden Ideas Of All Time

Written by: Daniel Carter

A garden isn't just a place for growing plants. Get the most inspiring garden ideas of all time to best showcase your personal tastes.

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A garden isn’t just a place for growing plants. It’s a place where you can showcase your personal taste and lifestyle to those who barely know you. A place you can relax after a long day at work.


If you’re looking for the best garden idea for your outdoor space, then you’ve come to the right place. We have done a thorough research on different varieties of garden ideas you might want to try out. We also carried out research on how you can put this plan to action.



Top 3 Gardening Products to Reach your Ideal Garden Design

Gardening tools tend to take up a lot of space and most times are very expensive. For this reason, you need to stick to the basics so your storage area or shed remains less crowded.




5 Things to Consider when Designing your Garden



Garden Ideas – Budget/Cost

When planning to do anything, the first thing to consider is your budget. It’s a rule that when budgeting to design your garden, you should always budget to spend 15% of your house’s value. Another way to work out your budget for your garden is to agree on how much you’d spend per square meter. Some people may actually be willing to spend more or even less.



The budget is also dependent on the plot you wish to start out with and your plans towards it. Sticking to your budget is an essential factor since it would help you avoid running out of cash halfway through your garden design project. If you notice that you’re already going over your budget, try picking some plants that could be put off buying till the next year.



Garden Ideas – Type of Soil

When planning a garden, it is important you consider the drainage conditions, the general condition of the garden, as well as your soil’s pH levels in different parts of your garden. Determine if your garden’s soil is clay or loam. Local garden centers tend to know the soil type that is typically found in the area. They also always know the best way to improve your soil.



It is important to know your soil type when planting in a sloping place, your drainage system must be set in place before you can introduce any plant into your garden.



A good idea when determining your soil type to know what can be grown in your garden is to get your soil tested so that you will know its acidic and alkaline levels. The test may seem costly at first but it’d save you a lot of money when choosing plants that thrive in your soil type.



Garden Idea – Plants

Having evergreens are a good idea as the cost of their replacement is usually a lot less. If you decide to keep some of the large plants in your garden space, do remember that they provide shade so whatever you decide to grow near it, you must take this into account.



Buying older trees tends to be really expensive plus they take time to bear fruit or even provide good shade. An established tree is better because it saves you a lot of money and years of growth too.



Fast growing trees tend to fill up the space and provide privacy within a short span of time. Creepers and Ivies tend to cover unsightly garages or sheds. Slow growing trees take a lot longer to reach maturity. For this reason, do not depend on them to fill up the spaces in your garden for many years.



Garden Ideas – Check out Rules, Regulations, and Services of your State

Municipal regulations would play an important factor in bringing your garden idea to life. It is important to be aware of them to avoid redoing the design. Some municipal regulations are sewage pipes, underground cables, and even water pipes.



Ensure that the workmen you contract are aware of underground services to avoid damaging cables or water pipes. In a case where this happens, you will be the one held responsible and in turn fine. There are rules pertaining to the planting distance between plants and underground cables in some states and this rule must be strictly obeyed.



When planning your water features ensure that there are no overhanging trees to avoid constantly scooping up leaves. You might need to use screening plants to cover up an ugly wall or fence. Taller plants are a good way to provide extra privacy.



It is important that before putting your garden ideas to action, that you communicate your plans with your neighbor to avoid future problems. Also, find out every law governing the state that can affect your garden plans to avoid getting into trouble.



Garden Ideas – Think About your Family’s needs

Your outdoor area should both be functional and practical since it is an extension of your indoor space. Always ask yourself what you will need to take into account when developing your garden idea. You might have children or pets so you need to take them into account, you might possibly need an entertaining or living area. If you have kids, you need to take note of the space they will need to play.



Another thing to take note of is the time you will put into maintaining the garden. If you wouldn’t be able to cut your lawn every week, a paved garden would be your best option. You’d also need to figure out if you can maintain your pool or water source. If you wouldn’t be able to handle fruit bearing trees once they start bearing fruits, it’s best you go for a tree with less maintenance.



If you have kids, ensure that your water features are safe just in case they decide to check it out, out of curiosity. Ensure your pools are gated or fenced with gates, and your ponds safe even when they trip and fall in. If you have very young children, it would be ideal if you delay any plans for a fish pond.



100 Cool Garden Ideas



1. Mini Greenhouse


homemade small greenhouse on the background of spring vegetation



A mini greenhouse is a perfect way to plan towards planting earlier in spring till fall or winter. This model is 4 tiered with a waterproof cloche. There are several different portables or mini greenhouse available in garden stores and even online and you can as well try a DIY option.



2. Raised Garden Bed Idea


Spring green garden in a wooden box



When dealing with a soil that is too tough to dig or incapable of growing plants, this is your best option.



3. Garden Without Grass Idea


garden sculptures in the garden hedgehog figures flowers in the garden


A great garden can be achieved when different elements are combined. Some elements include sculptures, water features, stepping tiles, and many more.



4. Balcony Garden Idea


Young woman taking care of her plants and vegetables on her city balcony garden - Environment and ecology theme



Where you live doesn’t stop you from owning a garden on your own balcony.



5. Raised Bed Garden Idea


Rustic Country Vegetable & Flower Garden with Raised Beds. Spade & Watering Can


The perfect way to prevent stubborn pathway weeds from growing on your garden sand.



6. Rocky Garden Idea


Rock Garden


The details — For example stone accents, fascinating edgings, and interesting patterns — of a garden make it more appreciated.



7. Bonsai Garden/Farm Idea


Beautiful bonsai tree in Japanese garden


Varieties of bonsai are collected and planted in different planters,
To create a bonsai farm, collect varieties of bonsai, and plant them in different planters.



8. Butterfly House


Insect house in a summer garden Hotel for insects


A butterfly house gives varieties of butterflies and monarchs a place to relax or rest. You can decide to either buy a butterfly house or make one yourself.



9. Hanging Planters Garden Idea


Baskets of hanging petunia flowers on balcony. Petunia flower in ornamental plant.


Hanging planters on your wall helps save more space in your backyard garden while enjoying a growing range of plants.



10. Patio Garden Design


Patio with garden furniture and parasol


The use of tall plants and flowers to create a privacy screen.



11. Herb Garden Idea


Urban gardening: Woman is planting fresh vegetables and herbs on fruitful soil in the own garden, raised bed.


Perfect for relaxing while inhaling the fresh scent of the spices or herbs you’ve planted.



12. Tractor Scoot


Tractor Scoot

Photo by Shawna Coronado



The gardener’s supply company deluxe tractor scoot helps make the gardening experience easier. It helps relieve pain and stress that’s usually caused by all the squatting and bending over you do in your garden.



13. Planting Tower



Gardening Tower

Photo from Talking Hydroponics



Planting/gardening/hydroponic towers are the perfect way to bring art into your garden. Vertical towers like this one take up less space and enable plants to achieve faster growth.



14. Drought Tolerant Garden Design


California home drought tolerant plants for landscape design


Features both succulents and perennials because they blend well when grown together.



15. DIY Garden Idea


a seedling sprouting



The creation of beautiful gardens is endless – buy a seedling or two to plant in your backyard today. Mix ‘n match by choosing from a variety of herbs, shrubs and flowers to increase the overall aesthetic appeal of your accommodation.



16. Bee Hotel


Special house for useful garden insects, built of natural materials. Creates natural conditions for maintaining the population of natural enemies of garden pests.


Providing a bee hotel like the gardener’s supply company mason bee house would help protect the bees that pollinate your plants. You can also make one for yourself or just purchase one online or at a garden store.



17. Cottage Garden Idea


Green wooden doors in an old traditional English stone cottage house surrounded by climbing red roses and flowers


Cottage gardens are known to feature a unique style. They combine informal design with traditional materials. The plants grown are a combination of planters and bloomers.



18. Stepping Stones


Stone walkway



A stepping stone is a great way of adding some artwork to your garden. You can decide to either purchase a stepping stone like the Victorian garden stepping stone or make one on your own for your garden.



19. Balcony Garden Idea

Urban gardening on the balcony in the apartment


Gardens in this modern age are made up of hard landscapes with built-in planters and raised beds constructed into the garden.



20. Garden signs


Natural organic wooden sign board mockup


This is a way to point the way for different sections of your garden and also to tell trespassers to keep off your land. Alternatively, you could also purchase a personalized garden sign or make one to suit your tastes.



21. Mediterranean Garden Design Ideas


Mediterranean Garden Design Ideas



A perfect, classic mix of rustic furniture, fragrant, and flowers are the Mediterranean gardens. It is a relaxing yet easy to maintain garden type.



22. Urban Oasis Garden Idea


Urban oasis garden



The urban oasis garden ideas are achieved when spare spaces are utilized and attention is given to all details.



23. Slope Garden Ideas


Alpine garden with dwarf conifers



Gardening with water features available is a wonderful experience. The difficulty with this garden idea is planting on the slopes.



24. Post Light


Garden post light



The simplest way to integrate lighting into your garden is with a post light just like the davinci solar post lights. You just have to place them atop your garden’s fence post or railing.



25. Hillside Garden Idea


Street of large old semi-detached tudor style stones houses with gables and lush hillside front gardens



Creating a garden on the hill side can be really difficult since the ground is not leveled. However, it’s still a project that is worth a try if you do have a hill or slope you can use.



26. Charming Planters Garden Design


Spring Summer flower pots isolated on white


Mosaic tiles can be used to decorate or design your planters, make them look appealing or attractive.



27. Urban Garden Idea


urben garden idea


Different types of plants can be grown when you have the right kind of soil. Living in the city might mean you have access to less space, but you could always opt for stacking planters, wall garden storage and the like.



28. Affordable Landscape Garden Idea


affordable landscape garden ideas



You don’t have to spend a lot on your landscape garden when you have timber garden beds.



29. Landscape Garden Idea


Beautiful home garden in full bloom


Landscape with shrubs and plants, decorations, and water features are picturesque. Compared to other garden ideas, these tend to take longer periods of time to complete, but the results are often breathtaking.



30. Bridge


White bridge in the hydrangea valley of Trebah Garden, Cornwall



You can use a bridge for different things. A decoration at the side of your garden or even a walkway over your water feature. The cedar garden bridge is perfect as a garden decor.



31. Indoor Garden Idea


Light room with a bed and a large window. Concept interior, decoration, comfort in the house.


A great way of bringing nature into your home, quickly set up your very own indoor garden by buying bonsais, creepers and plants of the smaller variety.



32. Gazebo


Outdoor wooden gazebo with roses and summer landscape background


A gazebo is a pavilion structure built in your garden for relaxing with friends or family. The sojag messina hard top sun shelter is a high quality gazebo structure perfect for a backyard garden idea




33. Small Garden Idea


Close up of raw red strawberries in a garden wooden box in a raining day, with small waterdrops on green leaves in an organic garden, beautiful outdoor natural background, urban gardening


A small garden is like a room extension for entertainment and relaxation. In order to feel serene, you need to fill the area with plants and flowers.




34. Arbors and Pergolas Garden Design Idea


Modern arbour with garden furniture



Framing a view with both pergolas and arbors, but shrubs, small trees, and other garden art can be incorporated.



35. Landscape Garden Idea


Landscaping panorama of home garden. Beautiful view of landscaped garden in backyard. Scenery of natural landscaping area in summer. Landscape design with stones and plants at residential house.



The perfect mix of plants, bloomers, and water features. Discuss with your garden designer to ensure he/she knows the full details of it.



36. Sculpture


A couple of birds - garden sculpture against a pond



Adding sculptures like holyart dove facing up is a great way of adding ornaments or beautifying your garden.



37. Container Garden Idea


container garden



Container gardens offer infinite possibilities to gardeners since they come in different shapes and sizes.



38. Low water succulents garden idea


succulent plants



Succulent plants do not need to be regularly watered since they store water in their leaves.



39. Low Voltage Flood Light


LED lawn lamp made of glass and metal on grass background.



The use of floodlights is a great way to give some specimen plants the spotlight. The malibu metal flood light is one low voltage flood light that you should be on your list when planning your backyard garden.



40. Retaining Wall Garden Idea


Wall garden


To create a bonsai farm, collect varieties of bonsai, and plant them in different planters.



41. Stacked Planters Garden Design


stacked plants


Stacking planters helps save more space in your garden by making it possible for you to grow plants on top of one another.



42. Zen Garden Idea


Japanese garden with bamboos and stone lantern



The zen garden is the perfect spot for meditation and was originally built or designed by Buddhist monks. Designing your garden with the zen garden in mind, you’ll recreate a relaxing spot of perfection.



43. Terrace Garden Idea


Cozy patio area with garden furniture, sliding doors and decking



You can turn your terrace to a completely different garden world. Perfect for relaxation, fun time with family and kids, etc.



44. Backyard Garden Idea


Landscaped backyard flower garden



With a backyard garden, growing your own vegetables would be both fun and economical.



45. Herb Garden Design


Wooden crate with variety of potted culinary herbs



A spot close to your kitchen is the best place for creating your herb garden because of sunlight. Although it can be placed anywhere provided it gets enough sunlight.



46. Fabulous modern design


Stylish garden decoration with fancy egg chair and garden furniture



A garden would require anything from water features to a planter, and even a sculpture.



47. Raised Bed Garden Idea


picking fresh herbs grown on a raised bed on a balcony


It is fun and economical to grow your own vegetables, so don’t hesitate to invest in some quality seeds today and start planting.



48. Impressive Garden Idea


Landscape Gardener Laying Turf For New Lawn



Hiring a pro to assist you is a great idea when you can’t handle designing the garden all alone.



49. Simple Garden Idea


garden entryway


Your garden is a lovely extension of the living room. Consider forming an entryway with some potted plants as decoration.



50. Regal Courtyard Garden Idea


beautiful garden inside moroccan courtyard, marrakech



This garden type has a romantic, distinctly English feel to it: apart from actual plants, try to incorporate decor such as garden lanterns and lights.



51. Add Some Shade


Tranquil garden with shade



CORE Instant Shelter Pop-Up Canopy Tent is perfect for relaxing in your garden especially during a party or gathering with friends.



52. Colorful Walkway Creation Idea


Beautiful vibrant landscape image of footpath border by Azalea flowers in Spring in England



Etchings can be made to fit any idea you think of. Concretes are a less expensive option plus they’re also time saving. The more feasible part of it all is leveling the walkway and pouring concrete before any design is layered.



53. Comfortable Backyard Garden Idea


garden chair and table on terrace flowers  bush



With a backyard garden idea, you can grow your vegetables, and still, have a chance to comfortably relax using garden deck chairs.



54. Lush Backyard Landscape Idea


Summer Flower Borders Surrounding A Grass Lawn In An Enclosed Home Garden.



A backyard landscape garden is a great way of enjoying mother nature.



55. Tropical Inspiration Garden Idea



Waterfall in tropical garden



The use of tropical flowers and plants to bring about an appeal to a landscape. Water features have a way of making a place look more classy and modern.



56. Shade Garden Idea


summer garden view with blooming perennials, Hydrangea paniculata, conifers, hostas. Cottage garden style


To create a whimsical feel to your garden, you’ll need to incorporate taller plants and vegetation. Throw in some florals and you’re set.



57. Unique Landscape Garden


Beautiful backyard landscape design. View of colorful trees and decorative trimmed bushes  rocks



Determining the plant and flower types you want is the first step in landscape garden creation.



58. Planter



Small herb garden and metal watering can. Garden bed with spearmint and greenery.



Planters are a perfect way for growing plants, herbs, and flowers. Planters like the metal garden bed are perfect for planting all year round. You can as well buy bamboo sticks then make your own planter.



59. Rustic Courtyard Garden idea


Cosy garden near the old stone house in the village. Beynac-et-Cazenac. France. Decoration of the home garden in the courtyard of the village house.


The best place for entertaining visitors as well as for relaxing is a cozy courtyard garden.



60. Rooftop Garden Idea


home urban farming in the rooftop



If you have a rooftop and the view is not to your expectations, a garden is your best option. For low maintenance plants, try shrubs.



60. DIY Raised Garden Bed Idea


Man people person working in garden for post raised bed cold frame manual sawing wooden board in Ukraine dacha closeup



A perfect drainage, and pest barrier. It reduces your gardening stress, like when you have to bend over all the time.



61. Paper Pom Poms


tissue paper pom poms yellow white



If you’re bored of bunting, your best option is to decorate your mini garden party with paper pom poms. You can as well hang them in trees, beams, window frames, and so on, to create a party vibe. You can decide to buy the party decorations like NICROLANDEE Rose Gold Party Decoration or do them on your own.



62. Flower Bed Idea

multicolored flowerbed on a lawn


For a flower garden, the shape as well as its flower varieties matter.



63. English Cottage Design

Summer house. in an English cottage garden, with rambling roses and clematis



A cottage garden with a wooden gazebo, colorful flowers, and a flagstone floor.



64. Lighted Garden Idea


Home garden at night, illuminated by globe shaped lights


Lighting can provide a different look to your garden, and keeps your garden alive even at night.



65. Cozy Garden Idea


cozy garden idea


Garden structures have a way of adding an extra effect to your garden.



66. Tiny Twinkle Lights


Decorative outdoor string lights hanging on tree in the garden at night time



The LED fairy string is the perfect way to light your landscape. For a soft lighting, you can wrap it around trees and shrubs.



67. Clever Sloping Garden Idea


Landscaped garden in the morning sun


Even with a sloping yard, several mini gardens with an array of plants can be created.



68. Classic Backyard Garden Design


Having fun at backyard party


A well-designed backyard garden adds more value to your home’s structure and it also gives your friends/guests a reason to come over.



69. Small Garden Idea


Caucasian mom and son transplant flowers in garden



Planting roses or colorful flowers help your garden always be the best irrespective of its size.



70. Evergreen Garden Idea


Ornamental bushes of evergreen thuja in a landscape park


It is always a huge impact incorporating evergreens into your garden.



71. Trough Flower Pot Garden Idea


Flowers in the old trough in front of a brick wall



A lot of things can be easily repurposed into flower pots. For example, a toolbox, trough, bathtub, and so on.



72. Front Yard Garden Idea


English country house, garden and driveway, UK


Planning your front yard garden makes it a perfect place for hosting guests for a little get together.



73. Contemporary Garden Idea


Classy furniture on wooden terrace in green beautiful garden


This garden works well even with small spaces.



74. Fascinating Garden Idea


Flowers wall background with amazing red,orange,pink,purple,green and white chrysanthemum flowers ,Wedding decoration, hand made Beautiful flower wall background



This garden idea comprises a beautiful flower bed that incorporates yellow daffodils, red geraniums, and other varieties of flowers.



75. Small City Gardening Design Idea


recycle of tire used in organic vegetable farm



Try different gimmicks, break the rules because this would help you turn that small space into an amazing oasis. Your garden design is what you make of it so don’t be afraid to try out new things.



76. Tropical Flower Bed Idea


Plumeria flower pink yellow and white frangipani tropical flower, plumeria flower blooming on tree, spa flower


A mix of varieties of flowers with an available water feature. The soil type when planning a flower bed also matters.



77. Tree house


New wooden tree house in oak trees



A tree house is not only for kids but for everyone. You can decide to use it as your thinking spot or working area or even a relaxation spot.



78. Simple Garden Idea


Stylish composition of home garden interior filled a lot of beautiful plants, cacti, succulents, air plant in different design pots. Green wall paneling. Template. Home gardening concept Home jungle.


This outdoor garden is a typical example of a simple garden. It is very easy and cheap to maintain as the only thing it needs in routine.



79. Patio Jungle Garden Design


Wooden chair with table on patio


Adding an array of plants and planters spices up your outdoor space.



80. Flower Garden Idea


Art flowers in the morning in an English park


Having a great soil preparation is very important when it comes to flower gardens and flower bed ideas.



81. Fire Pit Garden Idea


Modern contemporary patio in an English country garden.


Fire Pit makes your garden to officially become the talk of the town. The ‘it’ thing for a great summer relaxing spot.



82. Garden Paths Design Idea


beautiful summer cottage garden view with stone pathway and blooming perennials


Garden paths can entice your guests to want to visit more often than they normally do.



83. Urban Garden Design


Young beautiful woman relaxing on cozy balcony, reading a book, wearing warm knitted pullover, glass of wine on wooden table


A city garden is meant for playing, relaxing, entertaining guests, and not only for planting. This garden idea is to help spice up your backyard garden.



84. Sophisticated Garden Idea


A relaxing spot for a warm, summer day - a stylish, wooden terrace with wicker garden furniture, cushions, plants and flowers


Perfect for your felt lawn. It has a combination of plants, shrubs, bloomers, and so on. Perfect for hosting garden parties.



85. Bird House


bird house


The colorful flowers in your garden are sure to attract varieties of birds. Having birds in your garden can give it a new, great look. Why not be a good host and give them a place to rest. You can either purchase a perky pet wren bird home since you can paint it to suit your taste or make one yourself.



86. Sweet Garden Design


Tea Party in the Garden



Sweet garden design ideas are always in style due to its simple yet elegant look.



87. Flower Tin Garden Idea


Bouquet of crimson roses in bucket


You can recycle a lot of things in your house to be used for planting flowers.



88. Piano Planter Idea


Piano fountain with plants in retro style


A piano can be repurposed into both a waterfall and a planter as well.


89. Mini Flower Garden Idea


Colorful flowers growing in pots on the balcony



For a perfect flower garden, you must consider the shape as well as your flower varieties. 


90. Rainwater Garden Idea

A floating garden of moss and carnivorous plants and recycling water


The use of rain water in the pond as a water source as well as a water feature.



91. Japanese Garden Design Idea


japanese garden


Irrespective of your garden size, it must suit your lifestyle.



92. Great Garden Idea

Three ripe tomatoes on green branch.


When revamping your yard, note that there are different garden ideas or designs. You may wish to go for an edible garden design or even a flower garden design and the list goes on.



93. Beautiful Flower Garden Design

Magic of nature with three pink water lilies or lotus flowers Marliacea Rosea after rain. Nympheas with water drops are reflected in dark pond water with beautiful bright green plants



Your garden should not only look good but feel good as well.



94. DIY Garden Idea


Beautiful flowerbed made of shelves, outdoors. Waste recycling concept


DIY Garden gives you the chance to showcase your creativity.



95. Classy Landscape Garden Idea


japanese classy landscape garden


Your outdoor space can be turned into something magical.



96. Carton Mini Garden Idea


Small plants growing in carton chicken egg box in black soil. Break off the biodegradable paper cup and plant in soil outdoors. Reuse concept.


Eco-friendly, a great way of displaying your creativity and cost-effective too! Simply re-use egg cartons, milk cartons or other types of packaging to plant your favorite veggies and/or flowers.



97. Air Purifying Garden Idea


Dracaena Background, The leaves are beautiful detail.


Making plans before planting in your garden prevents it from looking overcrowded. The Dracaena is an excellent choice as it helps to purify surrounding air.



98. Flower Wall Idea


Flowers on wall


Using space-saving embellishments or gardening ideas is a great way to make the most out of your small yard. And if you truly don’t have enough space, why not take gardening to the walls?



99. Eco-friendly Garden Idea


Kitchen waste recycling in composter



Eco-friendly gardens are the perfect habitat for birds and butterflies. Save the earth and create an extraordinary garden you can be proud of.



100. Enchanting Garden Idea


Summer cinema with retro projector in the garden


Pair fairy lights with flower such as climbing roses and martagon lilies for the maximum romantic effect. 




10 Best Furniture To Go With Your Garden Ideas And Why




A great, welcome addition to the garden. Perfect for relaxing on a sunny afternoon with a glass of iced tea, or enjoying a leisure chat with friends. A modern but classic outdoor furniture. These foldable Rocking Chairs are easy to move and store and transport without taking up much space. The plus is that it is water resistant, easy to use, and durable.





The garden swing seat is perfect for soaking up the sun while reading a good book and a glass of wine in your hand, whilst swinging back and forth. If you have a big enough outdoor space, this resin wicker hanging egg chair is your best option. The chair includes a sumptuously filled blue cushion that can be easily removed for washing.





This durable hammock is a great way to add a bohemian style to your garden. It’s a hanging chair perfect for relaxation.



The garden igloo 360 dome is used when you want to make the most of your garden to avoid regularly moving things whenever it rains. A great alternative to a gazebo or even a garden shed. Easy to assemble within just two hours. Perfect for relaxation — a great way for relaxation — irrespective of the weather.




A refreshing inviting outdoor daybed perfect entertainment and relaxation. Weather-resistant and durable canopy, sectional two-tone synthetic rattan weave daybed.





Portable Kitchen with a large enough cooking space with a removable sink. Foldable design that can easily fit a compact case. It has a large enough food preparation area perfect for chopping your ingredients. It also has spaces that can accommodate stoves and coolers. Features utensil hooks, holder for paper-towels, and mesh shelves for additional space.




A cozy urban Keter’s knit set with two pouf seats, rounded and a multifunctional ottoman. The Ottoman, its surface can be used to place things, and can also be used as an extra storage space.




Partying has never been easier with this 3-in-1 cool bar that is cooler, cocktail and coffee table all at once. This cool bar is actually a side table with a pop up top that elevates 22 inches to 38 inches in overall height . It is made from high-density PE wicker and features a metal frame.  




Simple yet elegant 3-piece bistro set perfect for a garden. Crafted to have an antique look from cast aluminum with a great tulip design with antique copper finish.





Weather-resistant resin polypropylene with an attractive and appealing rattan-look texture. It features a large storage space for pool accessories, furniture cushions, outdoor toys, and many more, and a soft close mechanism. Easy to use and lift. Serves as an extra comfortable seating.



Other Types of Garden Ideas


Garden Party Ideas


Doilies tend to add an elegant touch when used and look absolutely great under a tea cup. You can decide to purchase them for your mini garden party or even dye some to match your party’s color scheme.


Perfect for giving your garden party a romantic ambiance, Mason glass lamps are weather-resistant with a vintage look.



When hosting a garden tea party, make your centerpiece a teapot filled with freshly picked flowers for a delicate yet romantic touch.



For more stunning garden party ideas, read this article.



Garden Fence Ideas


To add pops of color to this old-fashioned white picket fence with a lovely white archway that instantly directs guests to the front door, you will need a mix of vibrant annuals and perennials. When you’re short of space, your garden would be a part of your fence with the help of shelves and lineup of small and tall plant containers.


Another option you can consider is wire fencing, which is fairly cheap. It gives your garden a vintage appeal and also helps keep stubborn, curious hens away.

Discover the best garden fence ideas here.



Herb Garden Ideas


The use of wooden crates is a great and unique way to create a garden for people or gardeners looking for a small herb garden. It should be placed at the right height to avoid constantly straining your backs and knees.



The hanging basket must be kept outside at all times when you start using it for planting. The reason for this is that the basket tends to occasionally slip some soil.



Wooden tubs are perfect for elevated herb garden creation just like galvanized tubs. For you to be able to move this huge planter around, you will need to place two empty liters in the bottom before the soil is added.



For more herb garden inspiration, check out this article.



Rock Garden Ideas


You can become creative with rocks by using their natural shape to create mosaics. It is perfect for designing the walkway in your garden. They can also be used to add homeliness and grace to the pathway to your home. Rock enthusiasts, don’t miss out our guide on creating that perfect rock garden.



Raised Garden Bed Ideas



One advantage of a raised bed is that it sits well above the frost line underground, that way the soil warms up faster during spring ensuring that you plant sooner than expected. These metal sheets can be easily formed into any shape of your choice. Perfect for growing Mediterranean plants — For example, sage and lavender.


Using animal feeding troughs is one of the best and easy ways to create a raised bed. Assembly is not needed when using a trough, just ensure you drill holes at the bottom before adding soils. The metal of the trough conducts heat which ensures that your plants grow fast.



Frequently Asked Questions About Garden Ideas



1. How to Prepare Soil for Garden?



Know your Soil Texture and Type

The first thing to do before you start planting is to dig up a scoop of soil and look at its texture. Soil is a mixture of mineral particles but they contain a higher amount of a particular type of mineral particle than the others. The fact that some soils contain unequal mineral particles doesn’t make them a bad growing medium. Rather, it affects the soil’s density, drainage rate, and its nutrient holding capacity.



Test for your Soil’s pH

Testing for pH is one key factor in determining your soil’s fertility rate. It is your soil’s alkalinity and acidity that lets you know the nutrients available to your plants. The presence of some essential soil nutrients like phosphorus, potassium, sodium, nitrogen, calcium, and magnesium which readily dissolves helps your plants to be capable of tolerating a wide range of pH levels.



To test for your soil’s pH you can either use the DIY soil test kit or professional soil analysis.



DIY Soil Test Kit


This is used when you need a quick result.



Professional Soil Analysis


When starting a new garden, testing your soil pH professionally is a good idea. All you need to do is send your soil samples to the lab, then they’ll analyze your soil’s pH, nutrient content, and the soil’s ability to retain nutrients.



To collect a soil sample from your garden for testing, you’d have to take samples from different sites. If your soil’s acidity is low, you can correct it by adding lime, and it’s too high, it can be corrected by adding powdered sulfur or aluminum sulfate. You can as well decide to plant plants that can grow in your soil’s natural pH level.



Amend with Organic Matter

Soils can be improved by just adding organic matter. Some common amendment methods that can be done are:



  • Composted yard waste
  • Manure
  • Fallen leaves



Organic matters can improve the water-holding capacity and nutrients retention in sandy soils. Organic matter in clay soils are capable of loosening the minerals that tend to become sticky when the soil wet and hard when the soil is hard providing a rich supply of slow-release nutrients for your plants and the soil organisms too. A well-amended soil provides your plants all the nutrients it needs over time thereby reducing the need for conditions.



Enlist the Help of Microorganisms

Enlisting the help of microorganisms is capable of creating favorable conditions to promote optimum plant growth. To promote the life of your soil, it is advised that you keep your soil moist, well aerated, and free from the use of pesticides. Avoid fast-acting fertilizers because they tend to harm soil organisms.



Mulch with care

Mulching is a way of adding organic matter to your soil without having to disturb your plant’s root because all that the process requires is to spread the organic matter over the soil’s surface and leave it to decompose naturally. Mulching has a lot of benefits like helping your soil in retaining its moisture, suppressing weeds growth, and so many more.



There are still downsides to mulching, especially when the wrong mulching material type is used and applied too thickly. Mulching can alter the soil’s chemical composition and also lead to some fungal plant root diseases as a result of its continually moist conditions.



No-Till Approach

Tilling creates a favorable environment for plants since it makes it easier to mix in organic matter and improve drainages. Some people even believe that it’s a total waste of time because it causes more harm than good.



On the downside, tilling encourages the growth of weed in your garden by bringing all dormant seeds to the soil’s surface exposing them to sunlight. It also disturbs activities carried out by some microorganisms.



2. How to Build a Garden Fence?


Here is a step by step guide on how to build a garden fence.



Set the Post

When the area for the fence has been plotted and the necessary supplies needed are set, use a post hole digger to dig holes at the corners you’ve picked for your wooden posts. This wooden post serves as the support of your garden fence.



The minimum number of wooden posts needed is four and the only exception is if you plan on installing a non-square fence as it requires more wooden posts so that the gate can be easily anchored. The wooden posts must be set at least, two feet deep into the ground so it would remain sturdy. You might even need to set your posts in concrete or even brace them with extra diagonally set posts.



You’d need to fill the gaps with metal T-posts placed at least one foot into the ground and arranged unevenly after the wooden posts are set in place.



Attach the Mesh Wire

Once the posts — wooden posts and metal T-posts — are properly set in place, the mesh wire can then be installed. During the installation of the mesh wire, it should be made to face away from the garden fence interior and placed outside the posts. This way, it wouldn’t be easily knocked off.



The mesh wire should be positioned on the same level as the top of the wooden posts with a two-foot gap between the bottom of the mesh wire and ground. The mesh wires are attached to the wooden posts with the use of fencing staples while zip ties are used to attach the mesh wire to T-posts.



Install Hardware Cloth

Installing a hardware cloth can be a little bit complicated. In order to protect your land against animals, you’ll need to dig a shallow, wide trench around your garden’s outside fence. Bury approximately one foot of the hardware cloth, fold it away from the interior of your fence to prevent burrowing animals from making their way through. The hardware cloth remaining above the ground can be attached to the wooden posts with fencing staples and zip ties.



Install your Gate

For the gate, you can use an ornate, wrought-iron centerpiece provided it’s large and strong enough to prevent unwanted animals from coming in. You can also try using an ordinary household storm door as your gate. All that’s needed for the installation is to set it between the two wooden posts then attach with hinges. This might seem like a bad idea but the household storm door usually has a wooden beam that stretches between the two posts which helps seal the entrance against animals. Plus it has a simple eye hook latch which helps keep the door shut.



3. How to Keep Animals Out of Garden? 




The first step is to identify the creature ransacking your garden because if you decide to make your fence higher and your problem is either raccoons or rabbits, it would just be a waste of your time and resources.



Catching these animals can be really difficult especially when they end up being nocturnal. So you should always watch out for their tracks and scat, and if you still have trouble pinpointing the particular animal creating the chaos you have to turn to your local Cooperative Extension for help.




It’s advisable to always make plans towards building a fence, or a physical barrier so that you can keep critters away. You can’t just plant a garden and leave it unprotected.



For protection against deer, you’ll need a fence of at least 8 ft. high, but it’s quite expensive. You can as well try making shorter fences with 2-3 ft space, that way the deer would assume there’s not enough room to jump through. They wouldn’t even try experimenting because they hate being trapped in small spaces.



If digging rodents are the reason for your worries, then adding an extra layer to your fence is your solution. You can as well tack hardware cloth to your fence’ lower edge by burying it to a depth of at least 3-5 inches.



To protect your berry and orchard patches against birds, you’ll need to use lightweight mesh.




The best kind of fence to use is one that’s invisible to everyone except the animals you’re trying to keep out of your garden. Products like essential oils, predators urine, and other offensive odors can help scare off pests. You can as well shake off some granules around the areas that need protection and all unwanted animals would get the hint and stay away. Note that these treatments would need to be reapplied after heavy rain.



You can also use unpredictable moving devices to startle the animals out of your garden like motion-activated sprinklers. You can make use of flash tapes or brightly colored balloons since their movement in the wind would easily scare off the animals.




Killing living creatures no matter the problems they cause is not recommended. What we advise is the use of traps to catch the unwanted animals with traps then relocate them. Although, this must always be your last resort when all other methods fail. If you don’t know how to catch the animals to ensure they’re safe and alive, it’s best you call in a professional.



4. How do you design a small garden?

Focus on a small space and take note of things you’ll need to consider as a nice view, a spot to sit and relax, easy access to edible ornamental pots and so many more.



Choose a color that is appealing to you. Your pest-repellant pots and small fruit-bearing trees will go a long way in spelling out your taste or preferences. For instance, if your favorite color is red or you need your garden to be all red, to speak the color of love, choose plants, fruits, or foliages with different shades of red. Then place your favorite plants in a red pot or a shade that perfectly contrasts with its color.



Create a spot you’d like to use for growing special flowers that tends to grow in rare patterns. You might decide to make the structure for your growing space either horizontal or vertical. Some plants you can grow here are herb spirals, trellises, tepees, espaliered trees, and vines.



4. How do I make a beautiful garden on a budget?



Plan Your Garden

The first step would be making a plan. You’d have to measure your garden to know the exact measurement of the space you’d be working with, then draw up a sketch of what your idea looks like. Try looking around your garden space if there’s anything you can keep and reuse.



Shape Your Lawn

Shaping your lawn to a defined shape, maybe a circle, or a square, or even an oblong is the easiest way to transform your garden. Use a string to mark the shape, then use a spade to cut the excess grass away. This process costs you absolutely nothing to achieve plus it’s not even a difficult job.



Filing Flower Beds

Purchasing perennials is the most cost-effective way of filing your flower beds since they can be divided. All you have to do is to tip the plant out of its pot, then pull apart some bits. Note that each of the bits should have some stalks and roots in it. Dig a hole and plant each bit of your plant in your flower bed. When they’ve fully grown, you can repeat the same process all over again. With this flower bed idea, you’ll have a wonderful display with very little cash spent.



Make Good Use Of Recycling

Recycle old chairs/furniture for your planters or flower bed ideas. Repaint the furniture to vibrant or strong color shade then plant plants with colors in contrast to the furniture’s color. You can decide to plant different types of plants to achieve that colorful look you need. Place it in a corner in your garden or among your summer-blooming shrubs so you can create magic. This is actually one of the numerous ways to bring your DIY garden idea to reality.



Light Your Garden

The use of pendant string lights or lanterns or even candle chandeliers for decorating your trees, bushes, and shrubs, gives your garden a new and sometimes elegant, romantic look or even a ‘fairy glen look’.


The use of these outdoor lights is a simple and cheap way to add a glow to your garden. You would not need to call an electrician to install the string light since some come with a plug, while others use batteries.




This guide gives you some of the best garden ideas and tips that would be of great help in designing your garden. We also looked at some products, and tools that can be used to bring some ideas to life. Now you can start designing or redesigning your garden yourself.

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