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25 Best Rose Fertilizer For Healthy Blooms 25 Best Rose Fertilizer For Healthy Blooms

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25 Best Rose Fertilizer For Healthy Blooms

Written by: William Harrison

Get a rose fertilizer that will promote blooms healthily and consistently. Take your pick from these to create your dream garden!

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With the sheer number of rose breeds and rose fertilizers available, it can be daunting to determine the best option that will suit your garden. Rose fertilizers comes in different forms and comprise varying ingredients that cater to different types of roses, soil types, and individual preferences. Take your pick from these fertilizers for your beauties to achieve their full potential! We’ve compiled this list so you can make a decision you won’t regret.




OMRI-listed for organic gardens and containing Jobe’s Biozome, Jobe’s Organics Flower & Rose fertilizers are available as granular fertilizers or no-mess pre-measured fertilizer spikes for lovely garden roses and flowering shrubs. It will give your rose bushes and flowering shrubs the nutrients they need to grow more flowers and healthier green foliage. Moreover, when used as instructed, Jobe’s Organics fertilizers can help to reduce the occurrence of fires from droughts. Choose the right organic fertilizer for your planting needs!




This special formula encourages root growth for your plants to thrive. Enriched with micronutrients to revitalize and nourish soil, it increases aeration to increase the soil’s capacity to absorb water for better feeding. Sprinkle the recommended quantity of fertilizer uniformly around the base of the plant for best output. Overall, this plant food is ideal for slow-release, long-term feeding. Moreover, it can be used on potted plants as well as in garden beds




Contrary to some other types of rose fertilizer, Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Rose Plant Food is absorbed immediately into soil to produce larger and more gorgeous blooms. Fed every 1-2 weeks with the Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder or some other watering can, Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Rose Plant Food is recommended by the American Rose Society and will help to produce stunning results.




In one simple step, this proprietary 3-in-1 formula feeds and defends Camellias, rhododendrons, azaleas and more against insects and diseases, with the effects of a single application lasting 6 weeks. Just count and scatter granules around the plant’s base, work them into the dirt, and water them in. It can be used on roses, flowering shrubs like azaleas, and flower beds, among other types of vegetation. Pull back mulch before applying for the best possible outcomes.




Shake ‘n Feed Miracle-Gro Rose & Bloom Plant Food is made from natural ingredients that provide an ideal environment for microbes to thrive. Natural ingredients are broken down by such microbes into nutrients that enhance root strength and growth, thereby increasing the rate of water uptake. In comparison to unfed plants, it includes micronutrients which translate into more blooms and dazzling colors.




This is an organic plant food that has been enriched with thousands of living microbes approved for organic gardening. Complete with a complex blend of all 15 essential nutrients, it is hardly surprising that it is preferred by a number of professional gardeners and rosarians. Moreover, it provides a long-lasting and safe reservoir of nutrients that enable you to produce award-winning blooms!




100% raw and organic, this rose fertilizer consists of a luxurious mix of thousands of live microbes that’s perfect for cultivating beautiful roses. In no time, your bushes will grow more vibrant and bigger blooms with deeper foliage. Apart from roses, it can also be used as a starter plant food for all herbs, trees, fruits, and shrubs. 




Down To Earth Rose & Flower Mix is a five-pound package of all-natural fertilizer with a 4-8-4 recipe that gives the plants the nutrients they need to flourish. It is essentially a unique fertilizer blend that contains plenty of nitrogen for high growth, extra phosphorus for spectacular blooms, and potassium and trace elements for strong plant stock. The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) has mentioned this rose fertilizer for use in organic agriculture, and it’s perfect for vegetable gardens, pots, flower beds, and houseplants.




This rose fertilizer promotes the growth of exceptional roses and flowers. The nutrients are released rapidly and will be continued to be eaten by the roses for months. Its probiotics aid in the breakdown of nutrients and their release into the soil. You can also use this in raised beds during transplanting or in the middle of the season to provide a nutritional boost to your plants. It supplies sufficient quantities of key important plant nutrients such as micronutrients and multi-minerals, resulting in larger and more frequent blooms.




For the serious gardener, this is an no-fuss, all-in-one approach you can’t miss out on. Each application provides 11 vital nutrients and serves as up to six months worth of “rose food”. It interacts with almost all types of plants and growing conditions readily. Each granule is covered with a special coat of resin that regulates the release of nutrients. With this method, the plants get what they want, whenever they need it. 




Great Big Roses Natural Compost Extract was created with the aim of improving plant and soil health and efficiency. Your soil will produce healthier, more colorful, more fragrant, and more abundant roses with daily treatments of our foolproof proprietary blend – with minimal effort from you! This organic fertilizer that is specially engineered to improve rosebud size and color while increasing flower set and retention. Moreover, it also has essential micronutrients, kelp meal, and humic acid in it.




Bone Meal is a natural source of phosphorus and calcium that is readily available. The addition of phosphorus to your soil early in the season will encourage good root production, early season growth, and superior blossoms and fruit by harvest time. Bone meal decomposes slowly, producing nitrogen for healthy growth all season long; it won’t burn your plants. Moreover, Burpee’s bone meal is excellent for beginning tomatoes and peppers, as well as promoting safe root and bulb growth. Ultimately, it’s perfect for new bedding plants, preserving the appearance of patio containers, and boosting existing gardens.




This fertilizer is a super plant food specifically structured to cater to all the stages of your plants’ growing processes. With a mix of ingredients from both the earth and sea, it is able to provide a calculated boost of nutrients to your plants. In a drain-to-waste hydroponic setup, we encourage using for your preferred rising media. It should not be used in fertigation systems.




With only one application, this special fertilizer feeds plants for a full six months. It works well in pots, hanging baskets, window boxes, and landscape beds for all Established Winners plants. To start, follow the box instructions to calculate the amount of fertilizer to use, and add it directly to the soil at planting or work it in softly in the spring, being careful not to disturb the roots. Moreover, this unique fertilizer blend was developed by experienced growers for heavy-flowering, fast-growing plants like Established Winners. When blended in water, the fast-acting combination of nutrients readily absorbs and provides the perfect balance of nutrients to your garden plants.




E.B. Stone Rose and Flower Food is a mix of natural ingredients that helps roses, perennials, and other flowering plants grow strong and flower. It’s also a great supply of nitrogen that lasts for a long time and releases slowly. Moreover, it contains essential components such as feather meal, dried chicken manure, bone meal, alfalfa meal, and more!




This will improve your roses’ resistance to dry weather conditions, as well as encouraging strong flowering and increasing the plant’s size and strength. Beginning in early spring, just apply every two weeks, then every 60 days in the growing season. NutriStar provides the best nutrients to your flowering roses at the right time and in the right quantity. Plants receive an instant boost following application, as well as long-term benefits that continue to feed them.




This fertilizer gradually releases nutrients, allowing for up to 4 months of vigorous growth. Plus, it’s also fortified with an enriched micronutrient kit that ensures deep roots and vibrant green foliage. Furthermore, when used as guided, it has the highest protection factor to avoid fire. It also contains a complementary measuring spoon for simple and accurate use.




Organic Planting with Ecoscraps Rose & Flower Plant Food is made up of a variety of materials, including recycled food processing products. Formulated to promote the growth of flowering plants, particularly annuals, perennials, and roses. Its unique all-in-one particle ensures a tidy, even, and straightforward application.




Scotts Rose & Bloom Constant Release Plant Food promotes stunning blooms, whether it’s roses or other flowering plants. Moreover, this recipe provides consistent feeding to your roses, annuals, and perennials, resulting in further blooms. Simply add the easy-to-use plant food to the soil, and it will eat for up to two months. The formula is also effective, so you can be assured that using it as instructed would not harm your plants.




This contains a unique component called the MYKOS Mycorrhizae which is an organic and natural species of the mycorrhizal fungi. What this does is helps strengthen the root system of your plant by creating a symbiotic relationship with 90% of plants. Plus, it’s able to transport nutrients over far distances and directly into the root. Additionally, the ingredients included in this fertilizer are humic acid, kelp, and earthworm castings which all help with creating a more living soil!




Rose Food 4-2-4 is a multi-purpose organic natural plant food that also happens to be the highest natural fertilizer for roses. It’s designed to provide the right mix of readily available nutrients to help the plant get off to a quick and robust start, as well as slow-release nutrients to keep the plant running during the growing season. This formula is widely used in rose gardens throughout the United States.




The components of this fertilizer, such as linoleic acid, a compound present in alfalfa meal, serve as growth stimulants and help achieve higher yields. More of its ingredients include premium organic foods such as alfalfa meal, kelp meal, and humic acid, a naturally occurring organic material produced as organic matter decomposes, to help keep the pH balanced. Additionally, humic acid aids seed germination and can aid in the absorption of essential micronutrients. FoxFarm introduces 20 different types of beneficial microbes that help turn fertilizers into plant food and combat disease. It’s granulated and simple to use for slow-release feedings during the season.




Carl Pool’s Rose Food recipe comprises a rare mix of essential nutrients and minerals that encourages good growth, solid flower branches, more flower buds, and bigger, brighter blooms. This high-phosphorus formula provides essential micronutrients for optimum plant growth, good root production, and new-plant rose establishment.




This Urban Farm fertilizer is a professional, custom-blended fertilizer that has been developed especially for roses. Simply shake and blend one tablespoon  of fertilizer per gallon of water. Whether you use hose-end sprayers or water your roses by hand, you will definitely benefit from usage of this product.




This super-premium, hydroponic-grade bloom booster from Flower Fuel goes on top of your favorite flower’s base nutrient. It’s made with the finest ingredients to give you the greatest and prettiest/most delicious crops you’ve ever seen. This is accomplished using a complex and patented combination of high-end chelating agents and hormones, as well as highly bioavailable phosphorus and potassium forms. Your plants will grow bigger and better, with better harvests yielded overall.

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