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50 Best Exotic Garden Roses You Would Be Surprised To Know Of 50 Best Exotic Garden Roses You Would Be Surprised To Know Of

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50 Best Exotic Garden Roses You Would Be Surprised To Know Of

Written by: Oliver Mitchell

Create a yard filled with blooms that you've nurtured and cared for yourself with these vibrant and beginner-friendly garden roses!

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A garden rose comes in an insane amount of variety. Although the first thing that comes to our mind is a rich red rose, there are over a hundred species and hybrids that are associated with a garden rose. You can actually fill an entire garden with just different types of roses and it wouldn’t even look monotonous. You’re probably thinking that it would all look the same but just with different colors, but you would actually be so surprised to see the different forms that roses can take and this list is all about introducing the different shades and forms of garden roses that you can have right in your very own garden. Especially in these trying times when we have to spend a little bit more time at home, it will bring some comfort to look out into your garden and see a wonderland of blooms that you’ve nurtured and cared for yourself.


Nothing is magical as the colour purple. It’s deep and almost mystical that you would surely love staring at it for hours in your rose garden. This particular species of rose has very subtle but luscious color gradients that exude tonnes of elegance. The purple follows right down to its stem. As for the care instructions, the purple dragon rose requires the same amount of care just as any traditional rose despite its unique and mysterious looks. So make sure you water it daily and provide enough manure while planting them in your garden. If you do so, you are sure to yield results in having the perfect rose garden at home. 




Multicolored roses are really beautiful and the number of roses you find in different colours are plenty. The rose we are reviewing here is a pretty white rose with a pinch of red on its edges. Some say it symbolises newfound love. We also do believe that everyone can symbolise a rose the way they want. The neutral shade that it is in makes everybody attracted to it. Whether you’re going for a French or English garden, this rose will suit everyone and we are sure it will be the centre of attention in your garden amidst those lovely red and pink roses. 




Climbing roses are quite special as they take up more vertical space than your typical rose bush. This particular species has red and yellow blooms and lush green leaves. Imagine walking around in your home garden and seeing beautiful red roses saturating your home and compound walls. That would be such a great sight to behold.  There’s a unique softness that only climbing roses can bring which make them deserve a spot in almost any garden. Climbing roses are also unique, unlike the roses that are seen in a bushy shrub garden. These are spread across the walls and any high surfaces which makes it more attractive and special when compared to the rest.  




This particular rose is really unique up close. It appears as if a few drops of blood have been smeared on pink petals.  It really is a unique hybrid rose with the most special pigmentation. That’s what makes it really attractive and different from the rest. It can immediately catch the attention of people because of it is appearance. When viewed from far, it adds so much beauty to your rose garden and little do you realise then that these pink rose you see from far have shades of dark blood red.  



With all the advancements of plant modification, Rainbow Roses are now one of the best and the most unique rose you can ever have in your garden.  This Rainbow Rose has a rich punch of color that’s almost psychedelic. However, it is best to plant it sparingly since too much of anything may not be the right idea. The colour of the rainbow rose is stunning and pleasing to your eyes. It has pastel colours done the right way. So it can turn out to be the eye candy in your garden since this is such a rare breed of roses that you get to see. 




Another rose which looks mysterious and which is also gonna be a rare addition to your garden is this black rose with elegant red edges. It almost looks unreal but you can actually have this right in your own yard. If you’re looking for a more unconventional approach to your home garden, then this might be the one for you. Although black isn’t necessarily the best color to associate with flowers, your home would certainly look so incredibly chic with these lining your entryway. You can also make your garden unique looking with a bunch of these black roses and how lovely it would be to have the most different garden in your locality. So go for it and make your gardening even more worthwhile and elegant.




If you don’t want to think too much about which roses should go where in your garden, then you might just want to go for this multicolored climbing rose. Your home will be saturated with shades of purple, red, green, and so many other vibrant shades with this genetically modified climbing plant. Going out into your garden will give you a very magical experience making you feel as if you are in a wonderland. Nothing can beat that feeling and hey don’t think much, just grab these seeds and tend them by watering daily. So it’s as simple as it is. The best part is that the care instructions are just the same as any climbing rose plant. See how beautiful your garden would turn out with these climbing roses. 




Desert Roses are known for being more resilient and more tolerant to harsh weather. However, they have the most unique and mystifying look as compared to a traditional rose. They are known to have lovely little gradients of colour that make them appear larger than they really are. They are much stronger than other roses and that’s why some people prefer them in their garden because it isn’t very delicate like the rest of the roses. Appearance-wise you may doubt whether it is a rose, but this is another breed of rose which doesn’t really adorn the shape of a rose. 


If you want your rose garden to look like something out of a movie set, then these black roses won’t disappoint you. There’s something oddly calming and sophisticated about looking at this black or silvery rose. It has a mysterious and innate energy that leaves anyone who sees it wanting for more. Definitely not for the faintest of heart, but imagine passing by a gorgeous spread of these in your garden. Some might even halt and ‘wonder are these really roses?’ This is because it is a different pleasing sight to your eyes and nothing can be more enhancing other than a black rose. 




A lot of people say that tea roses might have it all. They’re beautiful, smell amazing, and are easy to care for. This gorgeous golden color will no doubt bring a lot of hope and happiness to whoever might admire them. They’re fond of slightly acidic soil as well as a ton of sunlight. Caring for them will no doubt be just a breeze for anyone.




Here’s another mystical combination that you would no doubt fall in love with. Blue roses are considered very rare and what more with a mix of a purple tinge coming from its bud. The color combination almost makes it look like a flower that glows. It’s also quite apt that blue roses are considered rare as the color blue in flowers symbolise the impossible and unattainable.




The best thing about hybrid roses are their ability to have deeper pigmentation with subtle combinations of other shades. This particular rose plant grows both violet and red roses but if you look closely, you’ll notice that each has the opposite color incorporated into its body. The colors on this will look deep and sweet especially in contrast to a white rose bush. This is definitely an English rose you won’t want to miss out on.




Pink roses are used to symbolize innocence and sweetness and they’re perfect to have around a home with a lot of children. They will keep your home smelling fantastic and your garden looking absolutely divine. Hybrid roses also tend to have a more resilient life as they combine the best features of different roses and combine into one package. You can also keep pruning them for encouraging growth and keep a couple of blooms around the house as well.




Moss roses are an elegant type of rose that you just want to have in every corner of your home. They bloom more openly with more petals as opposed to a traditional rose. They actually resemble a mix of a peony and a carnation. This pack of flower seeds also have multicolored flowers so you never know what you’re going to get but your garden will certainly look gorgeous with the random array of colors.




Red roses will forever be a classic. No other flower is more associated with romantic love than a richly red rose. It’s honestly so iconic that most people don’t even realize that roses come in so many other colors aside from red. However, this particular rose has a tinge of black mixed into it and further deepening the red shade. It becomes less vibrant and more muted which adds just a dash of sophistication.




The Blue Dragon Rose looks almost surreal and helps carry on the belief that blue roses are some of the rarest roses out there. The transitions on this flower are more abrupt and shocking. Unlike the usual clean gradient that multicolored roses have, this one has sharp jagged lines that separate the electric blue color and the crisp white. You’re bound to shock passers-by with these gorgeous shrubs.




The hibiscus rose is yet another amazing hybrid that you should know about. Hibiscus is incredibly famous for being a part of the food world. It makes a gorgeous tea and some vegans have even turned to make it a viable meat substitute when cooked correctly. However, not all types of hibiscus are safe to eat and this gorgeous rose hybrid adds more petals to the native hibiscus and results in a look that closely resembles a carnation.




Despite having the name of a green rose, this flower actually has a muted pink tone that has an almost green base. Compared to other pink roses, this one has a calming vibe that’s so easy on the eyes. The petals also fold outward and create points that mimic the look of a lotus which makes it an even more unique rose to behold. If that old English garden aesthetic is what you’re looking for, then this might be the perfect one for you.




Here’s another rose variant that’s almost too fashionable and chic to be true. The insides of the petals are a gorgeous deep red while the outer face is pure snow white. There is nothing starker than the combination of red and white as it evokes strange reactions from people who see it. Even in the language of flowers and color, red is associated with fire and passion while white is linked to peace and purity. Your rose bush will definitely be the talk of the town with this option for your rose garden.




A monochrome look can be very fashionable especially in today’s design landscape. If you have tonnes of colors in your garden then maybe you can balance it out by opting for a dark green rose. It’s still a flowering plant but it doesn’t take as much attention as a yellow rose. However, it’s still very much gorgeous all on its own.




When it comes to color combinations, it’s very rare that we think of orange and pink together. However, in this garden rose’s case, it probably should’ve been a color combination we have been playing around with for ages. It almost results in a magical shade of violet that keeps the eyes drawn. Not only will your garden be smelling sweet, but it will also look a million shades of different colors. 




There’s nothing more beautiful than looking up and seeing a cascade of roses coming your way. Climbing roses will definitely give your garden the beauty of a flowery paradise. This particular climbing rose has a much stronger and sweeter scent that fills your home and that may eventually spill onto your neighbours. Lastly, the white and yellow flowers are such a calming treat to the eyes.




Peonies are considered one of the most beautiful flowers in the world so imagine the power when combined with the look of a rose. This results in a rounder and richer bloom that smells sweet and amazing. The colors are solid and consistent and will no doubt breathe a ton of life into any garden. Prune them on a normal basis to encourage blooms and you will have a yard full of these in no time at all.




The Rose Dahlia looks like something that could be out of the Avatar movie. It’s stunning with its blue base and white petals up top. The way the colors are oriented, it looks almost as if it glows in the sunlight. As the icing on top, it has a rich purple center as if calling the bees to have a nice little meal of nectar. Your rose garden would definitely benefit with the rose dahlia as part of the family.




Going back to another undeniable classic, the white rose is a timeless symbol of purity and innocence. It’s also become synonymous to roses you would find for any funersals. It can represent a clean slate or a new beginning which is why this bloom can mean so much to different people. What better flower to have in your new home garden than a crisp white rose?




Probably one of my personal favorites on this list, the Blue Dress Rose is an incredibly sophisticated color that looks good with virtually anything. The muted blue tone that looks almost silver is incredible and would no doubt play nicely in any flower arrangement. Your flower garden might be a sea of vibrant reds, purples, and pinks, but this would also stand out in its own brand of quiet beauty. Even in fashion, this cool gray tone is any wardrobe’s best friend.




Roses tend to be the same size and it can be bothersome when your rose garden is all in one monotonous size. Scale is also very important when it comes to maintaining a beautiful garden. Always be sure to alternate large flowers with smaller ones to create a sense of hierarchy in your garden. In the category of smaller flowers, primrose is a wonderful choice to contrast the large and richly colored roses that you might have in your rose garden.




Rose Mallows earned their name by being adorable with their lesser number of petals but with their iconic soft and cushy look that resembles that of a marshmallow. These will no doubt bring an uncomplicated softness to your garden’s composition. While a traditional rose looks beautiful and complex, these can soften any landscape and bring you a nice balance. They also hang low so they would look quite nice with a climbing rose plant.




Almost like something out of a fantasy book, the Midnight Supreme Rose is a thing of beauty that can’t be matched by anything else. What’s more darkly beautiful than a black rose that turns into a cobalt blue as it extends out into the sun? You can further highlight its beauty by adding artificial lighting to make it glisten in the night. Your family and your neighbours will thank you for bringing such a thing of beauty into your home.




The Confederate Rose has a rich history in the South. It was believed to be used to honour the dead in cemeteries as it was more accessible and widely available than a traditional rose during the time of the civil war in America. However, it’s origins actually trace all the way to China where it actually came from. Today, it’s a gorgeous and delicate flower that you can enjoy in your own home garden.




It’s definitely important to change up the variety of the flowers in your garden so why not try a Rose Sunflower to beat the monotony? If you ever thought that sunflowers only came in their iconic yellow shade, you’d actually be wrong. The Rose Sunflower is a beautiful hybrid that will look amazing against your other blooms and is a delicate nod to the flower that symbolises hope and the sun. Your garden will definitely be the talk of the town with this in your yard.




Tropical flowers often come in colors that are as arm and rich as the sun that shines so brightly above them. This particular desert rose comes in fiery orange and red that’s sure to give your garden a burst of color like never before. The best part is that desert roses are much easier to maintain and are also so resilient. Plant them in spaces that get a lot of sun with slightly acidic soil.




It makes a lot of people wonder why these flowers have the same Monet, but if you look closely, the streaks of white and yellow give them an almost brushed look. As if an artist took some paint and gave it some whimsical strokes. Monet is known as one of the greatest artists of all time and these blooms look like a complete work of art. In contrast to more harshly pigmented flowers, these roses still offer a peaceful spirit despite the strong brushes of color.




Mint green is closely associated with freshness and nature and although these roses might look like they’re not yet ready to bloom, they’re absolutely prepared to grace your garden with their understated beauty. The green tone is sometimes necessary especially if you’ve chosen to go for stronger colors in your garden. They can help balance out the colors while still blooming beautifully all on their own. Be sure to plant these next to your most loud and vibrant roses.




This rose looks almost identical to a hibiscus flower so it can definitely add some variety to your garden roses. Especially since most roses have so many petals, the Impatiens rose only has a few large ones to lessen the visual noise that can occur when too much is happening all at once. The few but large flowers give it an almost tropical vibe that will warm up your garden. This flower is definitely more suited for providing balance and symmetry so plan their location accordingly.




In complete contrast to the Impatiens Rose, the Aster Milady Rose is a shower of petals blooming outward. They’re almost reminiscent of marigolds with their tiny but very many petals. Additionally, these blooms will add a dash of texture and light color to your landscape. There’s truly something magical about flowers with a hundred tiny petals.




If you admire the look of a Rose Mallow but would like to have it in a variant that isn’t dwarfed, then these blooms are perfect for you. It’s odd when you look at some flowers because you tend to imagine the people who they might represent. These particular white rose mallows look so elegant and so innocent that they might conjure an image of a lady who’s about to be wed. They would also suit a debutante who’s about to make her grand entrance into society.




For the longest time, most people have preferred large flowers over small ones. Small flowers have always taken the backseat in the realm of flower arrangements. They tend to be the supporting elements in any bouquet. However, flowers like the Strawflower Silvery Rose beg to differ. They’re quite small but so incredibly elegant that they could easily take center stage in any flower arrangement despite their size.




You can also order your desert roses in pots if you’re afraid that you might not be able to properly grow them from seeds. This particular desert rose almost emulates the beauty of the sunrise with its incredible purity. There’s nothing more radiant than a bright yellow that transitions into a soft white. Everything about this plant speaks of a hopeful day ahead and that’s certainly something we all need during these trying times.




Definitely another contender in the world of small but attention-grabbing flowers, these carnation roses symbolize hope and happiness and their beautiful mix of colors can represent the different facets of life. The blooms on these are more on the conservative side as they are never fully open to form an almost spherical form like most carnations and roses. Instead, they create the shape of an upside-down skirt – like a dress for fairies.




Purple has always been a regal color. Even during the Roman empire, this color was actually reserved only for royalty. Therefore, the flowers that don this color are equally majestic and deserve to be proudly displayed in any garden. These climbing garden roses will no doubt look amazing no matter what finish the wall is. The deep and rich purple will look stunning especially if you remember to give them some light during the night.




The Zephirine Drouhin Rose looks like a mix between a carnation and a rose but it has its own unique look that has a more quiet sense of beauty. It looks so much more delicate than any rose but more robust than the paper-thin carnation. If you’ve ever wondered if there was a middle ground between the two icons, then look no further than this type of rose. It will look like floating colorful cotton balls in your landscape.




Here’s another unconventional member of the rose family. The Swamp Rose is a beautiful small flower that has tons of tiny stems leading to a beautiful bloom. Together, they create a big flower that’s quite reminiscent of a peony but they’re actually small individual buds. It can totally become a symbol of what could happen when people help each other as they can create something that’s uniquely beautiful.




There’s something almost maternal about this particular purple desert rose. For a lot of moms out there, purple is their favorite color and it’s become so commonly associated with the energy of motherhood. In turn, it’s become a comforting flower for a lot of people. It’s sweet, beautiful, and reliable just like our mothers.




Small blooms are so underrated but they are making quite the comeback nowadays thanks to contemporary pop culture. Small flowers are often used as props in fashion photoshoots on magazines like Kinfolk and for good reason. Smaller flowers such as the Rose Campion are beautiful and delicate, however, they don’t steal focus from the models which are considered to the focal point. Similarly, the Rose Campion will have a great place among your garden roses thanks to its unimposing and friendly looks.




Almost like the curves of a dragon’s fin, the snapdragon rose is an exotic family member of this extensive flower family. They tend to face downwards with their delicate colors shying away from whoever lays their eyes on them. The petals are beautifully paper-thin with a soapy slip and they will look beautiful against most flowers that bloom upward.




Definitely, a more aggressive version of a climbing rose, the rambling rose is ready to take over whatever it’s climbing on. It also comes in a ton of beautifully vibrant shades that lean on the neon side. It would be such a joy walking around your garden with these almost glistening in the sun. The bright mint variant is especially eye-catching and unique.




If you thought that the blood rose was a bit too freaky for you then you might enjoy this rare blue rose. This one looks like a velvet blue rose that got spilled on with white paint. It can also resemble snow falling. From afar, your garden composition would look much more unique and interesting with these in the background. It leads the eyes to travel to different spots in your garden thanks to its shocking colors.




The golden hour is considered the best light of the day. It’s that perfect moment just before the sun starts to set and everything is painted with a soft golden tinge. This particular type of rose almost captures the beauty of the golden hour right in its delicate little petals. It definitely lives up to its name as if signifying the end of another glorious day.




Last on the list is this rose that blooms all over its stem. It resembles lavender which is another plant that’s heavily loved worldwide except on a much larger scale. Roses tend to bloom singularly along with a large rose bush. You can alternate those blooms with those that look like magical and beautiful stalks of flowers.



When planning out your rose garden, be sure to consider a few key factors to make the absolute most out of your experience. First, keep a schedule of which types of roses bloom in which season and then arrange them in such a way that they would be able to bloom alternately. This way, you will never have to worry about having a patch of just green shrubs and your garden will have a better visual balance. You’ll also notice that your garden will change in color and layout as the seasons change. Second, play around with planters and plant beds. Give some of the garden roses that higher space so they don’t get overshadowed. This also gives your garden a more whimsical look. And lastly, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Study your roses well and make sure to get the type that you can actually manage yourself without sacrificing your own needs. Gardening can be a strenuous hobby but it’s up to you make it as pleasurable as possible. With all this, your garden roses will be your source of peace and beauty in the home and in your soul.

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