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8 Ways To Integrate Mint Green Color In Your House 8 Ways To Integrate Mint Green Color In Your House

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8 Ways To Integrate Mint Green Color In Your House

Written by: Pavneet Kaur Lobana

Mint Green color is guaranteed to add elegance & charm to your lovely home. From walls to vases, discover DIFFERENT ways to add it in your decor!

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Though a shade on the cool side of the palette, mint green color has quickly become a hot trend. From homes to cars, there are a lot of places where you’ll find mint green ruling the roost. It is also considered as being retro by some, maybe in the sense that it was popular back in the 1990s. This shade of green has turned out to be timeless, with many still embracing it in their home decor choices.



Mint green, also known as seafoam green, further has a number of shades under its cap. So you have the freedom to choose between light and dark shades depending on the place. However, the best shades that go with mint color are white, gold, emerald, black and light beige.



Yet some people find it hard to pick the best spot in their house to add this beautiful color. If you are one of them, I’ve got some great ideas for you to easily incorporate this color into your daily lives.



So whether you are looking for a mint green background or just a tinge of it, you can explore some fantastic ideas here.



8 Best Ways To Use Mint Green Colour In House



1. Mint Colour Wall Paint


Photo by Glidden on HomeDepot


For a minty fresh feel whenever you enter your room, this shade of green is simply cool. It doesn’t allow the room to get dark, besides, it keeps the pop in perfect health.It brilliantly pairs with both neutral and heavy decor.



So depending on your taste, you can either make it look regal, somber or even funky. But without a doubt, this color has the potential to perfectly blend in with antique furniture in all kinds of rooms, from the bedroom, living or to the study. Mint green background goes well with both dark and light furnishings.



2. Seafoam Green Rug

seafoam mint green

Photo by CarpetAndFurniture


For fun and classy addition to your interiors, a mint color rug is a great alternative. Treat your feet to the delicate comforts of a super soft rug. It will easily integrate with any style of home decor – from modern to contemporary. It can add quite a dose of freshness to any room. And if you place it in your living room, it will surely become eye candy for your guests. Though its an unusual color for the floor, you can always move it around to enliven up a dull room.



3. Mint Green Drawers Chest


Photo by Etsy


Is an old chest of drawers gathering dust in your attic? How about refurbishing it into a minty fresh addition to your living room as an extra storage space?



It will surely be a great idea! It will not only look cool but serve as a handy place to store your routine stuff. This seafoam green drawer chest can act as a dresser in your room or charm one of your living room walls. Add hints of silver or gold to make it more appealing and graceful. White ceramic handles are totally attractive.



Make sure to find a good paint and a decent set of vases to decorate it with. It will be best to look for pastel shades, for the decor accessories.



4. Curtains


Yet another cool idea to include this tone in your home – mint green curtains. Whether you pick lighter shade or dark, it will appear quite ambient. And just like in the picture above, you can consider getting the curtains studded with glow in the dark stars.



So while during the day, you’ll enjoy the soothing mint glow in your room, by the nighttime, when you switch off the lights, bright little stars will greet you instead. These curtains will enhance the aura of any nook in your home, making it visually intriguing. Plus the room will get the perfect insulation and privacy, without blocking all the daylight.



5. Mint Green Kitchen


Photo by Surfacemag


If you are quite a fan of green, you’ll surely love covering your kitchen in it. This cool mint green will keep your kitchen light and clean. Though out of the box for a kitchen area, you’ll find it much more soothing for your nerves.



You can choose between adding it on the walls, or the cabinetry. And in fact, you may also add minty green appliances for a perfect luxury culinary experience. However, glossy mint green tiles are my personal favorite for the kitchen area.



You can pair it with shades of white and brown. And with a white countertop, the color will end up charming all eyes.



6. Mint Green Colour Glass Vases


Photo by Shop.magnolia


Add a playful splash of green to your house with these amazing glass vases. This is a good idea, before going large with this off-track shade. These vases bring an exciting aspect to the area where they are placed.



You can also experiment with the color. Plus, you will get to add some fresh flowers from the garden in your living area. Buy one or a bunch of them as per the available space.



7. Mint Green Sofa


Photo by Havertys


The sofa or the couch is one of the best means to bring out the most of this tone of green. Though you’ll have to look in for the best shade of mint green for your home. This is because lighter shades may get dusty or attract stains very quickly.




8. Mint Green Bathroom


Photo by Gemm-int

This is for those of you who would dare to go off the league. Not a usual shade for this part of the house, it is symbolic of a creative mindset. Wall tiles, paint or wallpaper, it is going to be an epic decor for your bathing routines.



Especially, if you see in the image the floor too is painted in the same shade, making it look large and roomy. The best colors to pair it with are white, golden, and other pastel shades.



Apart from what’s mentioned on this page, there are many other ways to integrate mint green in your house interiors. From photo frames to cutlery, exterior paint to beddings, there’s a lot to look out for. But all in all, this color is a smart one and can bring uniqueness to any interior decor.



Planning on painting your room? Here are some more ideas on how you can get creative with it while being a complete beginner.

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