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Trends in Design and Decoration in 2024, According to Pinterest Trends in Design and Decoration in 2024, According to Pinterest

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Trends in Design and Decoration in 2024, According to Pinterest

Written by: Noah Bennett

Pinterest gives us a preview of next year's trends based on the searches of its 400 million users. Will they get it right?

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Pinterest gives us a preview of next year’s trends based on the searches of its 400 million users. Will they get it right? Every year-end, the Pinterest Predicts report arrives. It shows us what will be the most inspiring ideas on the platform. Warning: they tend to get it pretty right. In fact, 8 out of 10 trends in these annual reports came true in the last three years.



Based on an exhaustive analysis, Pinterest gives us its forecasts. Some are already established trends that will continue to grow while others will be born. This planning and inspiration platform has 400 million users worldwide. Therefore, they have plenty of information to probably hit the bull’s eye. These are the design and decoration trends that they anticipate.


Spa-like bathrooms and designer showers


In 2023 the shower will be the star and will evolve to become a perfect corner for your cleansing rituals. The biggest search increase is aesthetics for shower routines (+460%), followed by beautiful walk-in showers (+395%). We also find some design solutions that will surely set the trend in 2023, such as ideas for walk-in showers. This is the same high growth trend as it was a couple of years ago in the field of education when even well-known media outlets such as the Guardian and the New York Times wrote about the creation of thousands of essay writer services.



It is true that, in recent years, the concept of the bathroom has changed from being an aseptic and functional room to becoming a temple in which to enjoy moments of calm, tranquility, and self-care. Spa-like bathrooms and elements that help us enjoy a relaxing time, such as shower pumps, complete this ranking of the most popular searches on Pinterest.


The rise of hydro-architecture


The eco-lifestyle has been on the rise for some time now, and by 2023 water conservation will become a major focus in the home, both in terms of consumption and design, as well as in terms of architecture. According to Pinterest, Boomers and Generation Xers worldwide will invest in water harvesting, rain barrels, and drought-resistant landscaping to promote natural ways to make their homes more sustainable. Architecture designed for rainwater harvesting tops this list of trends with a significant increase in searches (+155%).



Sustainable landscaping is also part of this list of trends. Searches for drought-tolerant landscapes +385%, rain chain drainage, or landscape design with rock drainage show where sustainable landscaping is headed.


Eclectic homes and vintage pieces


In 2023, people will make the most of their heirlooms, hand-me-downs, and antiques. Giving a second life to pieces of decoration or furniture is not only an act of recycling. In fact, it is a trend that revalues the past to put it in dialogue with the contemporary, which is being imposed in interior design. It seems that eclectic and vintage interior design continues to grow among Pinterest searches (+850%) by users looking for inspiration.



Other searches in this line that mark the success of this trend are those ideas to mix modern and antique furniture, reuse old windows and recover the vintage maximalism that has raised so many passions during this 2022.


Fantasy houses


In 2023, generation Z and boomers will make room for weird core design, mushroom decoration, fantasy, and psychedelic art for their sacred spaces. At least, that’s what they say on Pinterest, where they have detected how users are increasingly looking for inspiration on “fantasy art with mushrooms,” “vintage decor with mushrooms,” “funky decor,” “weird core bedroom,” or “freaky wall panel.” From all of this, we deduce that fun is taking precedence over neutral among the younger crowd. And, for some reason, mushrooms.


Better decorated entrances, doors, and facades


The increase in searches shows that we give more and more importance to decorating entrances and lobbies. It is a space that works as the business card of our home. Furthermore, if we take good advantage of it, can help us to maintain order at home.



The facade, the entrance garden, the front door, the entrance porches, and the porches are also protagonists among the most booming searches. It is clear to us that for 2023, we will take more care than ever of these spaces to welcome our visitors as they deserve.

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