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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Small Bedroom 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Small Bedroom

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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Small Bedroom

Written by: Storables Incognito

If you’re renovating a small bedroom, here are six mistakes to avoid and interior design alternatives you can implement.

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A poorly planned tiny bedroom design can make an already small space more cramped and cluttered. If you’re renovating a small bedroom, here are six mistakes to avoid and interior design alternatives you can implement.


Inefficient lighting

Lighting is integral in interior room design, especially in small living spaces. Poor lighting can make a small bedroom more uncomfortable, while efficient lighting improves the bedroom’s overall aesthetic and functionality. Maximize natural light and avoid furnishings that can interfere with sunlight. Identify the amount of light your space needs, as too much artificial lighting can make your small bedroom look tinier. Choose your light fixtures carefully, and ask for professional help if necessary. 


Too many furnishings

One of the biggest interior design mistakes many commit is over-furnishing. Since you have limited space to work with, you need to use save-spacing furniture and functional decor. Refrain from buying trendy furniture and cheap quality furnishings. 


Take proper measurements before heading out to the furniture store, and make sure you allot space for efficient foot traffic flow. Utilizing multipurpose minimal furniture can leave you with more floor space, making your bedroom look more spacious and comfortable. 


Using loud and dark colors

Bold and dark colors can make your small bedroom more tiny and heavy. Avoid using loud paint colors, dark wallpaper, and dark-colored furnishings. Light pastel or muted shades can make small spaces more livelier and cozier. If you want an accent wall, make sure it will be your room’s focal point to prevent your area from looking cluttered and disorganized. Be wise with your color scheme, and choose one that can make your bedroom appear more cohesive and clean. 


Making your bedroom your go-to space

If you work from home, you might also be tempted to make your bedroom your working station. While working in bed may sound comfortable, it is actually inefficient and unproductive. Avoid overusing your small bedroom and dedicate it solely to resting and sleeping. 


Remove non-sleeping-related items from your bedroom and replace them with furnishings that can increase your space’s functionality and comfort. Refrain from installing a television and remove all electronics, gadgets, and other distractions during bedtime to help you sleep more soundly. 


No focal point

Regardless of size, all rooms should have a focal point. If you’re not fond of accent walls, you can make your bed the center of attention. Use an aesthetically pleasing yet functional bed and invest in your mattress. Choose quality bedding options made with durable and breathable fabrics to make sleeping more enjoyable. Establish a bed theme beforehand to help you select bed linens that complement each other.  


Leaving your ceiling empty

A tiny bedroom should not hinder you from designing your ceiling. While a grand chandelier may look overwhelming, light fixtures or pendant lights can make your bedroom more interesting and attractive. Instead of using bedside lamps, you can install ceiling lights to add ambient light and provide more bedside table space. 



Designing a small bedroom can be challenging. Take note of these interior design tips, and don’t hesitate to ask for professional help. 

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