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15 Smart DIY Small Bedroom Storage Ideas 15 Smart DIY Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

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15 Smart DIY Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

Written by: Grace Wilson

Here are some of the most efficient DIY small bedroom storage ideas that will make your tiny bedroom bloom with storage spaces, left, right, and centre.

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Small bedrooms are no excuse for a shortage of storage space. Most of you would be wondering how do you organise a small bedroom on a budget? And did you know? All it needs is a tinge of smartness and creativity, and you will have more space than you had thought possible. So here we are with the top 15 smart DIY small bedroom storage ideas. These clever ideas for small houses will help you create storage space in leaps and bounds. If you’re still not satisfied, take a look at these fantastic storage ideas.



1. Use Over The Door Shoe Racks





Shoes are one of the messiest items to store in a small bedroom. But instead of storing them in the closet or dedicated shoe rack that consumes floor space, use your door. Go for over the door shoe storage solutions that come in both fabrics as well as plastic variants. 



Besides, over the door racks either come with small storage pockets in which you may share one piece of footwear. Or in the form of foldable racks that will hold your shoe in an anti-slip grip. My favorite is the one with shelves (see image above) since they won’t collect extra dirt into the pockets. 




2. Use Stackable Storage 





While small bedrooms face the shortage of storage space, most of us end up stacking one thing on top of another. Following the same suit, albeit smartly, get some neat stackable storage drawers that you can customize on the go. You may get a handful and stack them to implement these smart room organization ideas.



Besides, you will also have the flexibility to shift a few into the closet or another room as and when needed. These storage drawers are readily available in wood as well as plastic materials making it a perfect bedroom storage furniture. Though you must choose one depending on the purpose, you will use them. Wood is generally more durable than plastic ones so that you know! 




3. Install An Open Closet

 Install an Open Closet



If you run out of space in your closet, add a cloth hanging rod along with wall shelves which would be a good storage idea for clothes. Or perhaps you can get rid of the covered cabinet completely, or use a small one for only essential storage. This is the best storage for small bedroom without closet.



An open closet also makes your room look more prominent, and you will not have the issue of banging closet doors with other furniture items. You may place stacking drawer storage on the floor for small essentials like undergarments and makeup. 



Besides, it’s effortless to implement this DIY bedroom storage idea, since you will get all the accessories. Need another plus? You can quickly shift it from one wall to another since the attachments are mostly reusable and portable.




4. Make DIY Fabric Bins For Under Bed Storage

DIY Fabric bins for under bed storage



When a bedroom is small, it is evident that a lot goes under the bed, intentionally or otherwise. Then why not use it correctly with a proper organization strategy at hand? For this, we will give you two ideas. Firstly, you may make DIY fabric storage baskets or bins, fill in, and slide them under the bed.



The steps are easy. You may use an old basket, carton, or even a crate. Wrap it in some old cotton or woolen fabric. And if you are good at sewing, you may stitch one from scratch. Add handles using ropes or by braiding the fabric pieces together. 



Secondly, you may purchase rolling under bed drawers that will slide in and out at your convenience. While buying these, please see that you choose the right size and finish for your bed. 




5. Upcycle Wooden Crates Into Wall Shelves

Upcycle Wooden Crates Into Wall Shelves



Did I mention wooden crates in one of the previous DIY small bedroom storage ideas? That reminds me of another fantastic storage solution! All you will need is access to several crates. And for implementing these room organization ideas, cartons of varying depths and sizes can be put to use. 



As shown in the image above, stack the crates onto the wall, filling spaces, as if a Tetris game. If you are short on a few crates, you may leave empty spaces in between. But ensure that another crate gets support to stay on top of the empty shelf. You may also trim the extra edges of the crates to make the bedroom shelves equidistant from the wall. 



Besides, use metallic or wood paint and paint the crates before installation. For installation, all you need is a nail gun. Keep firing till you nail them all in place and sturdily into cool bedroom shelves. Your wall full of storage spaces is ready, and you may go stacking up to the ceiling.




6. Install Floating Shelves On Walls

If you can’t or do not have the entire wall to spare for storage, hang in a smaller variant. You will need a few sturdy flat boards or wooden slabs and a strong rope. Drill double holes on the sides of the wood slabs. Put these bedroom shelves together using cables, and these room organization ideas will fetch you great complements.



But every time you will also have to make a knot under the wooden slab to mark a stop for the board. By doing so, you may use a leveling scale for better results. And since it will be ready in just a few steps, you may hang it on sturdy nails hammered into the wall. I find it to be one of the smartest DIY small bedroom storage ideas since it also doubles as a beautiful decor.




7. Make DIY Storage Boxes For Shelves

Make DIY Storage Boxes For Shelves



Storage shelves come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for organizing ideas, every time a package is delivered to your home, try and scavenge the carton. Because these cartons are designed to be durable and resistant to damage, they can be converted into DIY storage boxes.



What you will need is a carton. For covering it, you may collect anything from a long rope.



To fabric, or even some paper. If you happen to have a jute rope, simply glue the rope onto the outer side, and you are good to go. The fabric covering is a bit trickier, but not painful.



Lastly, wrapping in the paper is as easy as wrapping a gift. Get old newspapers, gift wrap, or any other durable paper, and cover the box. For decoration, you may use ribbons, laces from old dresses, buttons, from among endless items available in your home. 




8. Make DIY Ottoman With Storage





An ottoman is a piece of furniture meant for rest and leisure. But if properly planned, the base can work as a hidden storage solution. While there are multiple ottomans available on that come with sneaky storage space, you may also make one of your own. 



You will need a secure basket, plastic, wooden, or metal. You may also use a small barrel if you have one. Besides, an old wooden chest or box that is sturdy enough to hold weight may also work. And guests may stay clueless of such hidden storage organizing ideas.



For the DIY Ottoman, use foam to wrap the basket’s exterior before packing it in a piece of fabric. The same goes for upholstering the lid. Use fabric spray adhesive for a firmer grip. For detailed steps, check out our article on DIY Decorative Storage Boxes With Lids




9. Use Old Wicker Baskets For Blanket Storage

Wicker baskets for Blanket Storage



If you have an old wicker basket toiling in your kitchen or garage, it’s time to use it as small DIY bedroom storage ideas for your blankets, sheets, or towels. You will not have to cover it in any sort of fabric or paint though thorough cleaning will be required.



To make the interior gentle to the fabric of your blankets, you may sew or stick some soft cloth to the interior of the wicker basket. Irrespective of the fact that they come with lids or without, they will come in handy for storage. 




10. Stack Old Suitcases To Double As A table

Stack old Suitcases to double as a table



Old suitcases that had sturdy materials can be stacked to double as a cool nightstand beside your bed. You may feel free to fill them with clothes, blankets, or other not so frequently required items. If you are short on them, ask your grandparents for one. They will surely have it!



But when stacked one atop another, you will be able to use the spare space on top as a table. Besides, this will also save you some space in the closet. So that’s another plus. 





If you are out of old suitcases, you may also purchase vintage style metal storage trunks that are also stackable. So while the old suitcases would add a rustic touch to your bedroom’s decor, these will become a contemporary addition. 




11. Use Your Dresser As A Nightstand

DIY colorful commode in pastel girl room



Most people use nightstands that have all but storage space. So how about using a dresser as a nightstand? That’s surely one of the most common DIY small bedroom storage ideas but seldom used. 



The dresser shall have ample drawers to store your clothes, files, jewelry, and daily essentials, as well as you will have a table to keep your cup of coffee every time you read a book or watch TV in your bedroom. 



Plus, with the saved floor space, your room will look bigger and spacious, without compromising on your storage needs. Besides, you may choose a dresser of any size from Amazon that fits beside your bed as per available space. 




12. Install Metal Hooks Behind Doors & On Walls





Here comes more awesome organizing ideas. The back of your doors can also come in handy to store many more items apart from shoes. It is a must that you install metal hangers towards the top. Another one can be nailed at the mid-level as well. Just see that the metal hangers are not too wide to bang with the wall every time you open the door.



Similarly, you may install these on any location on the wall, with a height fitting to hold items. Besides, you may hang additional storage items here like pouches, laundry bags, etc/ or directly hang stuff like your belts, purse, and similar stuff. 



Plus, you may find durable steel to be fancy looking hooks. So even when they are not in use, if you place them creatively, they will function as wall decor.




13. Use A Storage Hammock



Who says hammock is only ideal for outdoor comfort or spacious living rooms? But if you do not have enough space for one in your bedroom, I have a cool DIY storage idea. Use a jumbo version!



Many small size hammocks are available on Amazon that is ideal for storage of stuffed toys, and similar items. However, you may also use these as laundry storage or your blankets, scarves, and whatnot.



You may also make one at home by using a rope. Decide the strength of the rope concerning the weight of the items you plan to store on them. And all you have to do is weave them into a mesh.




14. Use Stuffable Bean Bags





One of the other great DIY small bedroom storage ideas is using a double-duty storage bean bag. For making a storage bean bag, the trick is to replace the bean fillers with soft storable. What you will need for making a DIY bean bag is a durable fabric and zipper. 



To be brief, decide a suitable diameter for the bean bag. You may also choose to make a cubical bean bag, which will be easier to build. One important tip is to stitch one half first and then add the zipper before attaching the other half. 



You may use this bean bag for storing your laundry, soft toys, or seasonal clothes. Since it will be washable, it will also be easy to maintain. Besides, you may fold it when not in use.




15. Use A Ladder As Portable Storage

Ladder as Portable Storage



If you have a spare ladder, you can put it to use as a coat hanger, or simply toss off daily use items like scarves, belts, and ties. However, care must be taken that the feet of the ladder are adequately secured, and it does not slip off. Such a storage solution will also be portable and easy to maintain.





Now that you had a look at the top DIY small bedroom storage ideas, we hope that you will soon adopt at least one of them. Most of these room organization ideas can be DIY, while you may also go the easy route by going to Amazon. The choice is yours. I m just happy to help!


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