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18 Best Nursery Decor Ideas For Your Newborn 18 Best Nursery Decor Ideas For Your Newborn

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18 Best Nursery Decor Ideas For Your Newborn

Written by: Alexander Johnson

These nursery decor ideas that will instantly whisk your kids to a fairytale wonderland! Save time and money today by using our secret hacks.

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Decorating a baby’s nursery can be a whole lot of fun to plan and decorate. This is especially true when you are a first-time parent who is eagerly awaiting your baby’s birth.  



As we all know, the nursery is your baby’s first home; in order for your little one to settle in well, the nursery decor needs to be both functional and comfortable. Apart from that, the ideal nursery should also boast an inviting atmosphere that is full of wonder.



Here at Storables, we present a series of simple nursery decor ideas that all parents can apply to their rooms. Allow the following unique nursery décor ideas, examples, and tips to ease and guide your own decorating process. Expect a lot of classic pastels, unexpected neutrals, and modern interpretations ahead.



Top 18 Simple Yet Gorgeous Nursery Decor Ideas - Infographics



1. Crib Mobile

Nursery mobile

Photo by shaun___palmer on Pixabay


A charming mobile with felt owls, clouds or stars takes center stage here. As bright decoration piece of a crib, it will surely delight your baby for the first few months of their life.


2. Thematic Wall Decorations

Tom & Jerry wall painting

Photo from Flickr


Walls that are decorated with paintings create a fabulous atmosphere in the nursery

You could request an interesting wall design for the nursery from a professional artist or you can make the art yourself using special templates. Some options include (but are not limited to) flowers, cartoon characters, and scenes from a children’s animated movie.


Nursery thematic painting

Photo from Flickr


Another idea is to put simple stickers on the wall that are based on popular cartoon themes. The biggest advantage of this type of nursery decor is that it’s not permanent – should the child grow up and/or grow tired of the decor, these stickers can be easily removed or replaced any time.


3. Window Decals

wall decal

Photo from Amazon


Another spectacular view of the nursery decor is window painting. With the help of special paints or temporary applications, you can decorate the glass with thematic drawings for the kids. 

Depending on your artistic abilities, you can depict a fairy tale or just draw some characters. 


Get AriTan Flexible Reusable No Glue Double sided Window Clings Stickers from Amazon.


4. Toy Figurines

Disney toy figurines

Photo from Amazon


Toys are crucial to childhood growth and development. With the arrival of a child, it is inevitable that toys start appearing more often in the house.

Toy figurines (such as the Disney ones pictured above) can be placed on desks or on shelves to make for a pleasant sight.


Get Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Clubhouse Pals from Amazon. 


5. Birdhouses


Photo by Cori Redus from Pexels


You can decorate the walls of the nursery with the help of charming birdhouses made of colored paper or cardboard.


6. A 2-In-1 Dollhouse

Dollhouse Shelf

Photo from Amazon


How about adding a huge shelf in the form of a dollhouse? Not only is this gorgeous dollhouse shelf practical, but it will also undoubtedly win the heart of your little princess.


Get KidKraft Dollhouse Cottage Bookcase from Amazon. 


7. Starry, Starry Sky

Glow in the dark stickers

Photo from Amazon


You can decorate the ceiling of the nursery with the help of the luminous figures in the form of stars. Consider using simple phosphor stickers, special paint, or halogen projectors mounted in the ceiling.


Get Glow in The Dark Stars Wall Stickers (252 Adhesive Dots and Moon for Starry Sky) from Amazon.


8. Balls And Balloons

Playroom colorful balls

Image by Daniel Reche from Pixabay


Ordinary balls can be turned into fabulous balloons. To create unique nursery room décor elements, you will need acrylic paints, canvas threads, string bags, ribbons, and balloons or small children’s balls. Alternatively, simply buy a bag of these from your local toy store! 



9. A Game Of Shadows

Peter Pan silhouette stickers

Photo from Amazon


Decorate the walls of the nurseries with the shadows of fairy-tale characters that can be painted with water-soluble paint or use special interior stickers.


Get Children’s Room Wall Decor – Peter Pan Scene Silhouettes from Amazon. 


10. Alphabets


Photo from Kaz on Needpix


You can decorate the walls of the nursery with bright letters made of fabric, felt, wood, cardboard, or polystyrene. At first, this room decor will simply please and attract the attention of the baby. In the long run, however, it serves a more meaningful purpose in helping your child learn the alphabet.


11. Nursery Teepee

Nursery teepee

Photo from Amazon


Even the most curious and active children need their downtime. This teepee will serve as the perfect resting spot for your little ones whenever they’re tired. Instantaneously create a cozier environment by throwing in a couple of pillows and stuffed toys in it. 


Get MoonFly Teepee Tent for Kids from Amazon. 


12. Florals Abloom

Floral decorations

Photo from Amazon


Decorate the walls of the nursery with artificial flowers and a decorative fence.


Get Pauwer Floral Hoop Wreath Set of 3 Artificial Peony Flower and Eucalyptus Vine Wreath from Amazon. 



13. Chalkboard Wallpaper

Chalkboard wallpaper

Photo from Amazon


Having chalkboard wallpaper in a nursery will allow your little ones to fully express their imagination. By drawing various images, you can change the interior of the nursery almost daily.


Get Coavas Multifunctional Chalkboard Paper from Amazon.


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14. The Height Chart

Height chart

Photo from Amazon


One of the greatest joys of parenthood would arguably be watching your child grow up – and what better way to track their growth than by using a height chart?

Not only are height meters incredibly useful, but this type of nursery decor can also contribute color and character to the room.


Get Growth Chart, FOVERN1 Height Chart for Child Height Measurement from Amazon. 


15. Cute Pillows

Cloud pillow

Photo from Amazon


Get pillows that are soft, fluffy, and totally adorable. Inject some cuteness into the nursery today by adding accessories no child can resist.


Get Little Love by NoJo Cloud Shaped Pillow, White from Amazon. 


16. Children’s Furniture

Nursery furniture

Photo from Amazon


Ordinary furniture is easy to turn into a nursery room décor if hyou’re creative enough. All you have to do is to decorate it with bright stickers, paintings or decoupage.

You can also use soft pillows on chairs just as shown above (see point 15). 


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17. Beanbags And Puffy Chairs

Snorlax Beanbag

Photo from Amazon


Soft and comfortable, it’s not hard to see why beanbags and puffy chairs are loved by both adults and children alike.

Please the little one with a soft puzzle mat. Add several pillows and a beanbag of a cartoon character on top to complete the look. Do you like this Snorlax bean seat in the picture above? We sure do! 


Get Pokemon Center 18″ Giant Snorlax Stuffed Plush from Amazon.


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18. Stuffed Toys In Every Corner

Nursery Decorations

Photo by KathrinPie from Pixabay


Stuffed toys can not only be beautiful but also useful. Taking into account how to decorate a nursery, consider the option of creating decorative pillow-toys that can be added inside the nursery.


You can also sew fun toys with pockets to store several small things. For younger children, you can place such organizers (for example, in the form of a funny caterpillar) on the wall near the bed.

And the list of ideas goes on…



As you can see, if you try and connect creative thinking, then unique and interesting ideas for a nursery and chilren’s rooms can be born. And viewing such photo collections, as a rule, becomes the starting point for creating creative decor in the rooms of our children.

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