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10 Best Kitchen Wallpaper For A Fresh Look 10 Best Kitchen Wallpaper For A Fresh Look

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10 Best Kitchen Wallpaper For A Fresh Look

Written by: Daniel Carter

These kitchen wallpaper are sure to instantly elevate the look of your kitchen! Give your walls new life using very little money.

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As you know, the kitchen is not only the face and the visiting card of the host, but also the heart of the whole house.



It is the place where the whole family gathers at a large table, therefore, kitchen wallpaper plays an important role in the interior. The assortment of wallpapers today is striking in the variety of color palette and texture, but in order to choose the right option for the kitchen, you need to consider and take into account a lot of nuances. But first, know the kitchen wallpaper type you need to use.



Types Of Kitchen Wallpaper




Vinyl – a coating for walls made of polymer, which is applied to a base made of non-woven or special technical paper. You should definitely choose such wallpapers for a small kitchen, however, in a large kitchen, they will also look harmonious.



Vinyl does not fade, is resistant to moisture, is easily washed with a sponge, allows the use of household products, and does not shrink on the walls due to its high elasticity.



In addition, today there are vinyl kitchen wallpapers with micropores, they are called “breathable” and provide good air circulation, which gives them even greater moisture resistance than standard vinyl analogs. 




Non-woven wallpapers are made of polyester and acrylic with the addition of viscose or cellulose fibers. They are distinguished by good moisture resistance, fireproof, elastic, smooth out all the roughness of the walls, and even have some soundproofing properties.



Non-woven wallpaper for painting is capable of withstanding up to 7 shifts of tones, if you are tired of the previous color and you plan to update the interior.



3. Cullets

Cullets are wallpaper for painting; they give the wall an interesting relief and allow you to repeatedly paint them in the right colors.



Water-resistant and vapor-proof, fireproof, excellent wear resistance, look impressive and stylish, but have one drawback – it is extremely difficult to separate them from the walls.



Liquid wallpaper is a coating of a combination of adhesives, threads and fibers of acetate silk, viscose, cellulose, cotton, etc.



This coating is applied to walls using plastering technology and allows you to create various patterns. Such a finishing material will allow you to adjust any flaws in the walls; any decorative finish is suitable for it. In addition, it does not leave seams.



Liquid wallpapers are distinguished by good sound and thermal insulation, wash well, have a wide selection of color palettes, and if any fragment has deteriorated, it is easy to replace or renew.



Wall murals – they are photowall wallpaper, a special kind of art.



Logically, wall murals is not a type, rather, it a category of wallpaper that can turn any room into a stylish and bold space. Moreover, today there are a large number of various variations of drawings for every taste – you can even find photo wallpapers for the kitchen, expanding the space.



Once you know the type of wallpaper you want to use on your kitchen walls, decide about the wall to apply it.



Uses of Kitchen Wallpaper

We all know that wallpapers are used to decorate the walls, but which walls exactly in the kitchen? Well, kitchen wallpapers can decorate the wall above the table or fill the space between the cabinets. It all depends on the location of the kitchen.


Wallpaper can be only a picture complementing the decor, but also a background for furniture and equipment. When you select canvases with a pattern and impose them only on part of the walls, so as not to introduce chaos into space, it is good to cover the rest of the surface with the color that is present in the print.


Here we show you 10 kitchen wallpaper décor ideas that will inspire you. Have a look!


1. Coffee Cup Kitchen Wallpaper

Coffee cup kitchen wallpaper

Photo taken from Public Domain Pictures


Place this nice coffee cup wallpaper at the back wall of your table area and keep enjoying delicious food!


2. Large Fruits Kitchen Wallpaper

Large fruits kitchen wallpaper

Photo by ZBWBZ on Amazon


Always feel fresh by looking at this pretty wallpaper of large fruits. This wallpaper that can cover one complete wall around your dining area in the kitchen.


Get Large Mural Fruit Wallpaper Self-Adhesive Cafe from Amazon. 


3. Stone Textured Wallpaper For Kitchen

Stone textured wallpaper

Photo from Amazon


Wallpaper simulating stone texture surfaces gives a classy look to the kitchen. So, don’t miss a chance to cover your walls with this simple wallpaper.


Get stone textured wallpaper for kitchen from Amazon. 


4. Floral Vintage Kitchen Wallpaper

Floral vintage kitchen wallpaper

Photo from Amazon


Do not be afraid to bring the mesmerizing look of flowers to your kitchen. Use this pretty wallpaper around your kitchen counter or on the back wall.


Get floral vintage wallpaper for kitchen from Amazon. 


5. Red Brick Kitchen Wallpaper

Red brick kitchen wallpaper

Photo from Amazon


The red brick kitchen is still in fashion. With the use of this simple peel and stick wallpaper, you can create a rustic effect in your kitchen. But mind that any break will kill the effects so, to avoid separations, it is recommended to cover every wall of your kitchen with this same wallpaper.


Get New NextWall Distressed Brick Peel and Stick Wallpaper (Red) from Amazon. 


6. Dishes theme patterned colorful wallpaper for kitchen

Dishes theme pattered colorful wallpaper for Kitchen

Photo from Public Domain Pictures


Let the real theme of kitchen be displayed on the walls by adding this utensils kitchen wallpaper on the wall. Cover the area between counter and cabinets with this simple wallpaper.


7. Photowall Mural On Kitchen Wall

Photowall mural kitchen wallpaper

Photo from Amazon


How about adding scenery onto a wall in the kitchen? The photowall kitchen wallpaper serves the idea best to bring your favorite scene in front of your eyes all the time. Apply any pretty wallpaper behind your dining area and live in the moment you wish to.


Get WSTDSM Custom-Cave Waterfall-3D Stereoscopic Scenery Photo-Wall Paper from Amazon. 


8. Tiles textured wallpaper for kitchen

tic tac tiles wallpaper for kitchen

Photo from Amazon


Don’t want to use tiles but still want to have its look and feel in your kitchen? Cover your walls with tile textured kitchen wallpaper, such as the one shown above.


Get Tic Tac Tiles 5-Sheet Peel and Stick Self Adhesive Removable Stick On Kitchen Backsplash from Amazon. 


9. Vegetable And Fruits Mixed Colorful Wallpaper

vegetable and fruits kitchen wallpaper

Photo from Amazon


Cute and whimsical, it’s hard to resist this delicious fruit-and-vegetable wallpaper combination.


Get Spoonflower Peel and Stick Removable Wallpaper from Amazon. 


10. Mosaic Kitchen wallpaper

Blue and Orange Mosaic Kitchen Wallpaper

Photo from Amazon


The mosaic brings an unchanging classic in the interior of the kitchen. Use this simple wallpaper on the walls around your sink, counter and cabinets.


Get Blue and Orange Mosaic Contact Paper Self-Adhesive Removable Wallpaper from Amazon. 


Looking for your perfect kitchen wallpaper? You can’t go wrong if you opt for one of the gorgeous options listed above!

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