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6 Desk Decor That Help Increase Productivity 6 Desk Decor That Help Increase Productivity

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6 Desk Decor That Help Increase Productivity

Written by: Emily Roberts

These awesome desk accessories help you get more work done in less time! Say yes to higher productivity levels (in a stylish way).

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How does your desk look on an average day? Is it cluttered and messy? Or are things neatly arranged according to their respective sizes and categories?



According to Telegraph UK, a person’s desk reveals their personality. Extroverts tend to have “chaotic” and “colorful” desks while introverts (AKA “Surveyors”) have desks that tend to be barer and more organized in general.



Whatever your personality type may be, here are some desk decors that we think will complete your desk. Not only will they simplify your life, but their addition to your workstation will also make for great #Instagram shots as well.



desk decor infographic


1. Desk Organizer for Instant Access to Supplies

Desk organizers help you get quick access to supplies: whatever stationery, papers, and knick-knacks you might have can be separated into different compartments.



For example, pens and pencils might go together; small notes in one compartment; IT-related stuff in another. This saves you the hassle of rummaging through a mountain of (sometimes) unidentifiable objects. Admit it – we’ve all had clutter on our desks at some point in time!



While desk organizers usually feature a top-to-bottom arrangement, some desk organizers have a flat, left-to-right arrangement.



Then there are those with unique shapes – dog-shaped, even controller-shaped… you’d be surprised by the number of options available.



Whilst we encourage you to go crazy with designs, remember to choose one that suits the size of your desk best.



2. Desk Accessories To Enliven Dull Workspaces

cute desk accessories


There is no shortage of desk accessories in the market: they run the gamut from pencil holders to file racks.



Purchased separately or as part of a set, these accessories can brighten up an otherwise mundane workspace. They also allow you to show off your sense of style (hello, Spongebob and Mickey Mouse) to the rest of the company.



Generally speaking, anything that is placed on your desk can be considered a desk accessory. Even an air humidifier can be considered as one.



While picking out desk accessories, try to keep the following criteria in mind: function, decor, size, and style.


While it’s up to your own discretion, we suggest choosing accessories that fit your work style. Choose ones you truly need, as opposed to ones that are pretty to look at but don’t serve much of a purpose.



3. Office Accessories: Essentials for the 9-To-5 Grind

office essentials




Office accessories refer to items which are needed for work: think pens, calculators, and the like.



Typically purchased in bulk, office accessories are important as they are needed for day-to-day operations.



Although many people these days use their electronic gadgets to jot down notes, it’s always handy to have a pen and paper on standby. There’s nothing more reliable than the good old black and white.



Whilst they serve practical purposes, a dash of color in the forms of glitter pens and cutesy notebooks can make your space more aesthetically appealing as well.



Not your kind of thing? Minimalistic leather-bound notebooks might just tickle your fancy. Yay for desk decors.




4. The Artist Desk: A Must-Have for Creative Minds

artist desks



Artist desks are ideal for people who work in the creative industry. Apart from being space-friendly, their angle can be adjusted according to the needs of the particular individual, and assist them in securing a better grip.



Artist desks come in a variety of materials, amongst them glass (e.g. blue glass) and wood (e.g. oak). In addition to a desk’s usual features, artists desks may have features such as adjustable storage drawers and padded tools.



A good artist desk possesses the following characteristics: ample surface size, a pencil ledge, and easy access to supplies. Other ideal characteristics include a wide range of tilt, as well as the ability to adjust the desk’s height.



The Zeny Art Desk is a perfect example of what an artist desk should be. It’s sturdy and stylish that you’ll definitely love it as much as we do!



It is of excellent workmanship, has plenty of room for storage, and is extremely affordable.



5. Getting Stuff Sorted Using a Desk With Storage

desk with storage



Whether you do your work at home or in an office, a good desk often comes with some storage space.



While working, your focus is of great importance: one way to work better is to store any unnecessary items out of sight. Leave only the items you truly need on your desk.



Desks with storage come with built-in drawers that boast ample space for all of your belongings. On top of that, the drawers are sometimes compartmentalized as well. This makes it a breeze to sort by category and find what you need in next to no time.



While choosing your desk with storage, space constraint and work environment are two factors to take into consideration.



Depending on the nature of your work, you might want to choose a desk specifically designed for computer use. Other options are desks with roomy surfaces and additional compartments like shelving or overhead cabinet space.



6. Cubicle Accessories to Enhance Work Productivity

cubicle accessories



With the number of hours the average person spends working, the office can be considered a second home to most. We reckon an attractive workspace will get you in the mood to work. Why not consider giving your space a makeover using desk decors like cubicle accessories?



Cubicle accessories are not only limited to computer mice, sticky notes, cubicle shelves, and cubicle mirrors. These items give your space a personal touch and make you feel more relaxed and at home. This, in turn, translates to greater productivity in the long run.




Never belittle the transformative power good desk decors can have. Little changes to your cubicle can translate to not just physical benefits, but psychological ones as well.



Research has shown that the state of your desk affects your overall work performance and well-being, so make changes to your workspace today!

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